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“You killed him Sirius…” Harry shot up from the bed and had joined Hermione at the doorway in seconds. His mind was racing. Had he slept in? Was Lupin already in the hospital? Questions shot through his mind like bullets. He needed to know more. "Who's home now?" he asked Hermione desperately. Hermione took a moment to think, "Everyone" she said, but after a second she looked at Harry once more, "Everyone except Sirius..." Harry watched as a horrified look spread across Hermione's pretty face, and he knew exactly what she was thinking. "Oh no..." she looked as if she was thinking frantically, and Harry couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked when she did it, but he quickly snapped out of it. "Harry..." she said, panicking, "what if he and Sirius already fought? What if Lupin stopped breathing and, and, and Sirius didn't know what to do... What if they forgot Lupin's registration card again and they refuse to treat him? Oh Harry we have to find him!" Hermione was close to tears by the time she had finished, but Harry felt just like he looked, panicked. Harry and Hermione flew down the stairs making an incredible amount of noise, and the other occupants of twelve Grimmauld place couldn't help but notice. "What is it you two?" Mrs. Weasley asked curiously, Harry saw she had her apron on, and knew not to upset her when she was cooking. Harry was about to speak when he felt a sharp poke in the middle of his back, he did his best not to flinch before starting over. "Oh, nothing... we were just wondering where Lupin was." Harry finished, bracing himself just in case Hermione felt violent again. "I haven't seen him dear, but if I do I'll let him know you're looking for him." she smiled and went back into the kitchen. As soon as she had disappeared into the kitchen Harry turned to Hermione. "What was that for?" he asked her. "I'm sorry" she said honestly, "I just didn't want you to sound to panicked or Mrs. Weasley would have thought there was something wrong." Harry knew she was right, so he didn't pursue the subject. Harry stretched and walked towards the kitchen, where the delicious smells of Mrs. Weasley's eggs and toast were coming from. Harry yawned hugely as he entered the kitchen. There he could see Bill and Mr. Weasley talking about the problems within the ministry, and Fred and George were busy trying to convince Ron he had had dirt between his eyes. Ginny sat reading the paper silently at the far end of the table. Harry and Hermione sat down at the table quietly and within moments they were served a delicious breakfast, but Harry's appetite had vanished, his thoughts were stuck on Lupin and his whereabouts. He could see that Hermione was having the same problem. They ate slowly, it was almost a tedious job, which was quite unusual considering it was Mrs. Weasleys food in front of them. Every now and then their eyes would meet but no words were needed, the worry was mutual. With every moment that passed, Harry felt more anxious about Lupin, or more accurately the lack thereof. Harry felt that his anxiety was going to overcome him if this continued. Harry's thought were all he could concentrate on, he was so completely immersed in his own mind that when the door opened and Mrs. Black began her chorus of half-breeds and mudbloods, Harry nearly jumped out of his skin. It took both Harry and Hermione a moment to realize what had just happened, it was Lupin's voice that finally brought them out of their daze. Harry and Hermione shot up in unison making those still at the table jump, poor Ginny spilled her pumpkin juice all over the paper she was still reading. Harry ran to the front hall, and for the first time in an alarmingly long time his mind had gone completely blank. Harry turned the final corner, and at that moment his satisfaction was overwhelming. His eyes came to rest on the thin frame of Lupin, he shivered slightly and Harry saw a few stray snow flakes fall to the floor. His light brown hair was also flecked with large snow flakes, which he didn't bother to shake off. Harry let out a huge sigh of relief, all was well. Harry received a second surprise when Sirius walked in through the door behind Lupin. Harry finally was urged into speech. "Where were you?" he asked in the most casual voice he could muster after the ordeal he had just been through. It was Sirius who answered, "Oh, we just went for a walk to discuss things" Sirius said in a light tone, but Harry saw right through him, he knew that they had been having a very serious discussion, and it most likely wasn't over. At that moment Mrs. Weasley walked in, "Alright" she said in a business like manner, "We have to go to Diagon alley for new robes and school things, and I know that Charlie wanted to visit Gringott's, so we are off." and with her words the troop of Weasley's went off upstairs to get ready to leave by floo. Harry was standing still when Hermione yanked into the living room and sat him down on the nearest sofa. "Harry" she said seriously, "I don't know if this is exactly what happened the first time around, but we have to keep Lupin safe until 9:15." Harry nodded, but then a thought struck him, "Why don't we just leave with him now?" he said. "Because Harry, the Dark Mark was conjured near here, there were probably Death Eaters all over the place. There was probably something else going on." Harry didn't know what to do, so many things could go wrong, and Lupin's life was the price to pay. At this point the only thing keeping Harry sane was that he knew what time the fire started at. After a few silent moments Hermione got up and crept towards the entrance to the kitchen, making no noise at all. A few seconds later Harry realized what she was up to. He could hear voice in the kitchen, and by the sound of it the discussion being had wasn't a very happy one. Harry got as close as he could to the door without being able to be seen through it, he recognized the voices immediately as those of Lupin and Sirius. "I know you aren't fine Remus" Sirius said in a hoarse voice, abandoning the old school nick name. "I am fine" Lupin said defiantly, "I am not weak." "Not being fine doesn't make you weak Moony, it makes you human." "You know just as well as I do that I'm only human to a certain extent." "Cut the crap Remus!" Harry knew what was going on, he had heard it all before. Now that Harry heard it all for a second time, it was easy to see that something was going to happen to Lupin. Harry could hear Lupin's breathing becoming more and more labored, and he realized that those long pauses between the exchange of harmful words weren't for effect, but for Lupin to catch his breath. It was apparent that Hermione had now caught on as well. "No... we can't let this happen" Hermione whispered desperately. In that moment something happened, something changed in Harry. His will to save Lupin became anger. He didn't want to have to do this anymore, not if he thought he could end it. It only took Harry a split second to make his decision. "We won't let this happen" he said fiercely. "What if Sirius thinks he's the reason Lupin died? Wouldn't they think it was all over if we stopped him?" "Harry no! It would break Sirius' heart to know he killed Lupin! We can't lie to him!" Without a second thought Harry walked straight into the kitchen. Both men looked at him, and without a thought Harry came between them. Hermione took a few quick steps towards them, but she knew she was too late. "Stop!" Harry yelled, his frustration boiling over. "What is it?" Sirius said, still sounding edgy. Harry found himself yelling. "Do not have this argument!" he shouted. "Harry people have disagreements sometimes." Sirius said fairly calmly, but his own anger was easily detected. "FINE!" Harry yelled, "But you should know that if you don't stop it will be the last argument you ever have!" The look on Sirius’ face in that moment made Harry instantly regret what he had just said, but he knew that what was done was done. Hermione stepped in and spoke, she knew what had to be done. “You killed him Sirius…” “How?” Sirius said in a choked voice. Harry didn’t answer, he truly didn’t know what to say anymore, but he took a few steps back to reveal to Sirius the struggling Lupin, and he immediately understood. The look on Sirius' face went from anger to shock, and after a moment of extremely tense silence Sirius lowered his head in shame. "I...I didn't know." he said quietly. As he spoke, Harry heard gasps coming from behind him. He turned just in time to see Lupin fall to his knees. "No!" Sirius yelled as he ran to Lupin's side. Lupin was shaking, his breathing was becoming more and more difficult, his eyes were red with unshed tears. "Moony I'm so sorry..." Sirius said, embracing Lupin. His breathing steadily became better, but it appeared that Sirius was only becoming worse. "Moony I didn't know..." Sirius said. "It's alright Sirius, I'm fine." Remus huffed. "Didn't we just have this discussion?" Sirius said gruffly. Sirius slung one of Lupin's arms over his shoulder, and Harry rose to help. Together they helped Lupin towards the couch. "Does this remind you of old times Harry?" Lupin said quietly. Harry couldn't help but laugh, at least Lupin still had his sense of humor. As they laid him on the couch, Hermione came to their side. She looked at Harry and smiled sadly, Harry had no idea what she was thinking. She began to go up the stairs and Harry followed. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Harry" she began. "I really hope you know what you're doing" she said softly. "Don't worry" Harry replied. "We've already lost Lupin once... It won't happen again." YAY! No cliffie guys! Aren't you proud!?! I have to stop and thank you for all of your wonderful reviews! I was wondering if you guys have figured out what's going to happen? I'll give you one clue... you should be thinking about that disjointed phrase Lupin spoke when they were under attack. A few MAJOR things have happened that you guys most likely overlooked. Please tell me what you think!

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