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Thursday, breakfast **REASONS WHY PARVATI IS EVIL** 1.) She’s plotting against my Ron 2.) She constantly criticizes my hair, which isn’t THAT BAD. All right, a couple years ago it was kind-of…alarming, but now it’s calmed down. 3.) She took the last piece of toast. I wanted that toast. 4.) She is PLOTTING against MY RON 5.) She keeps pulling Lavender aside and talking about me. I know they are talking about me, as they keep looking my way and pointing. Seriously though, if you’re going to talk about me, at least TRY to be inconspicuous 6.) There is a smudge on my Transfiguration homework. All right, this is not Parvati’s fault, but it is not making my mood any better. 7.) I have detention because of her. Filch had NO REASON to give me detention. This is so unfair. 8.) She is…EVIL! True, this makes absolutely no sense, “Parvati is evil because she is evil,” but I am not a happy person right there and therefore have an excuse. 9.) Her hair is so…ugh! It is so freakishly straight today…Ok, now I’m just looking for reasons to not like her. I should probably stop now. 10.) There is a suspicious cluster of chickens wandering around the hall, and though no one has been able to provide a reason for their existence, I BLAME PARVATI! History of Magic, 9:39 It’s funny, I’m always writing in this class… Anyway, Parvati has made it incredibly clear that she is going to do something to Ron. How, you may ask, do I know this? Well, it became somewhat obvious to me after she said this: “I’m going to do SOMETHING to Ron,” she hissed in my ear right before I took my seat. I would’ve said something back, but Professor Binns began to speak. I mean, it’s bad enough that I write in my journal throughout his entire class; I would feel bad causing an incident. Not that he would’ve noticed… But what, I have to wonder, is the evil one planning on doing? The girl gave me antlers – what else could she possibly do? Giving me antlers was pretty low – though creative, I must admit – so I’m worried about what else she’ll do. Maybe Ron and I could just avoid her… Won’t work. We have detention with her tonight. I can’t imagine she’d try anything at detention. Thought…it depends on what teacher we’re serving detention with, and what we have to do. Please, oh please, let it be something quiet and normal…writing lines? Cleaning a classroom? Detention is not something you should be creative with. Ugh…those eggs I ate this morning are not agreeing with me… 10:00 **WAYS TO BORE A PERSON TO DEATH** 1.) Make them sit through this class. 2.) Wow, that was a short list. Wait…essay? He definitely just assigned us an essay…ugh, no! I always tend to go a little overboard when it comes to essays. Hopefully that’ll be the only homework I get for the day. After class, 3:14 **HERMIONE’S IMPOSSIBLE HOMEWORK LOAD** 1.) History of Magic essay – 12 inches 2.) Potions discussion questions…50 of them…each requiring a 100 word answer. Or, as the wonderful Snape has put it, “100 words. Do you understand? 99 is not enough. 101 is too many. I want exactly 100.” Thank you, professor, for that little math lesson. I am very glad to know that he can count. 3.) Arithmancy equations…all 109. 4.) Potions essay which I have put off until tonight because I thought I would have time to do it, as I was not anticipating getting thwarted with homework. I did not know homework could thwart…wow, I’m really out of it… 5.) Drawings for Hagrid They’re trying to kill us! When am I going to get the time to do all this? I HAVE DETENTION AT 7! The detention, might I remind you, that I was UNJUSTLY given. You know, I probably should stop spending time writing in this journal and instead, start working on my homework… 3:30 I am really working, honestly I am. This is just a break… 3:50 Another break…I need to get to work. 9:32 Almost done my homework, but I have to write about what happened at detention. Nothing. Professor Flitwick made Ron, Parvati, and I cleaned his classroom (which didn’t take very long, as we could use magic. The only reason it took as long as it did was because he wanted us to clean EVERYTHING.) Parvati did not say or do anything to either Ron or me. Flitwick even left us alone for a little while and she acted civilized. Maybe she’s reconsidered. Why do I have a feeling that’s not the case? ** Friday morning; I have no idea what time. She dies. That’s it! She dies! First of all she destroyed my History of Magic essay, which was finished and VERY well done, if I do say so myself. I re-wrote half of it, and should be finishing it now, but if I don’t write down everything now I’m afraid I might explode. I got to breakfast before Ron this morning, which is unusual. Ron typically wakes up before me and takes much less time to get ready, so he usually arrives in the great hall before I do. I wasn’t immediately suspicious though; he could’ve just woken up late or something. After fifteen minutes passed however, I figured something might be wrong. Parvati looked happy, so I decided to go to the hospital wing. I mean, that’s where I ended up the day after Parvati decided to do something to me. Ron was there. His feet had been reversed. For those of you who have no idea what this means (who am I WRITING to anyway?), it means that she hexed him so his left foot was on his right leg and his right foot was on his left leg. Not only does this make you look ridiculous, it also makes your knees hurt because you can’t walk right. That is A COMPLETELY EVIL AND MALICIOUS THING TO DO TO A PERSON! I hardly ever get mad. Sure, I get incredibly annoyed, or perhaps very, VERY upset, but it takes something big to get me as infuriated as I am right now. I don’t like to retaliate…but this time, I just might to seek revenge of my own. I am livid. LIVID! I need to think of something horrible to do to her…or just something annoying. Something that no one will be able to trace back to me so I won’t get in trouble… Evil thoughts… **MORE REASONS WHY PARVATI IS EVIL** 1.) She has reversed Ron’s feet 2.) She is horrible to me 3.) She thinks she is just the greatest thing that ever…HAPPENED! 4.) She adores Professor Trelawny, who is an idiot 5.) She is an idiot 6.) She always has a comment to make about my hair, outfit, makeup, or whatever, and half the time I ACTUALLY look pretty good. 7.) She formerly liked my boyfriend and now is doing everything possible to make his life (and mine) miserable. 8.) I HAVE A HEADACHE! Yes, I am blaming this on her. To be continued…

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