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Hermione and Draco were still in shock when they arrived at Hogsmeade Station. Hermione was about to leave the compartment, when Malfoy pushed her. “Out of my way Granger,” he smirked. “Arrogant ass...” Hermione said under her breath. Hermione finally made her way to the Great Hall. She sat down, next to Ron, and across from Harry and Ginny. She was about to tell them all about Malfoy, and her true identity, when Professor McGonagall strolled in, leading a bunch of first years into the Hall behind her. “They’re probably scared shitless that they will be sorted into Slytherin” Ron whispered, trying to hold back laughter. Hermione was about to tell him to shut-up, when the Sorting Hat started its song. Welcome to another year At the finest school of them all. Hogwarts open its doors again, And welcomes everyone, big and small... That was all Hermione had heard. She felt as if someone were watching her. She snapped her head up, and looked around the Great Hall. She had felt correctly. To her surprise, a certain blonde-haired Slytherin was staring and smiling at her. She gave him a small smile back, and felt herself blush. Hermione’s mind started to drift. She thought about turning 18, leaving Hogwarts, and Draco. Wait. she thought. I can’t be thinking about Dra...Malf...him! I just can’t be! He’s my enemy. He hates me. Snap out of it Hermione! she said to herself. As soon as Dumbledore’s voice echoed throughout the Hall, she forgot about her thought, and focused her attention on what her Headmaster was saying. “Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. Before we begin our excellent feast, I have some start of term rules and announcements. First off, the Third Floor Corridor, on the West Side of the castle, and the Dark Forest are strictly forbidden to all students. Also, our caretaker, Mr. Filch, has a list posted on his office door, of all items not allowed in the castle. This list includes all of the Weasley Twins’ products.” Dumbledore chuckled, and looked at Ron and Ginny, who were turning slightly red. Harry snaked his arm around Ginny’s waist and gave her a reassuring squeeze. Dumbledore smiled, and continued. “We have a new, well, to this year, Defense Against Dark Arts teacher. He will be familiar to most of you. Please welcome the return of Professor R.J. Lupin. Good luck, professor.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled and he smiled, as Remus Lupin stood, and the Great Hall burst into applause and cheers. “All right. Now settle down. Only one more announcement. We have two new Head’s this year. Our new Head Boy and Girl are Mr. Draco Malfoy from Slytherin, and Miss Hermione Turner from Gryffindor. Congratulations to the both of you.” The Great Hall once again burst into applause, and murmurs. They were buzzing about Hermione’s sudden name change. She rest her head in her hands and sighed. So many questions were running through her mind. How did Dumbledore know? Why did he announce this to the whole school? How would Harry, Ginny, and Ron react? More so, how would the whole school react? Why was Malfoy staring at her? What the hell was going on in her life? All of this was way too much for Hermione to handle. She hadn’t expected her true identity to be revealed so soon. She lifted her head from her hands. She realized everyone was eating. She took this as an opportunity. Because everyone was too busy stuffing their faces, nobody noticed her slip out of the Great Hall and out of the castle into the cool, refreshing night. Nobody, except a blonde-haired, blue eyed Slytherin.
A/N: I am SO sorry for taking so long to update! I had serious writer’s block, but now I’m back! Also, sorry the chpater is so short! Please R/R!

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