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You wiggled your nose, dimly aware of the fact that you in a state of an inbetween. Inbetween dreams and reality that is. A sly finger was tracing the bridge of your nose at the moment you allowed your eyes to flutter open. This movement led you to the sight of your husband laying beside you.

"Morning, Seul," he murmured down at you. A dim smile graced your features. You slowly pulled yourself up, not really enjoying the feeling from it.

"Loup, have Sale and Poivre already left?" You questioned, groggily changing your shirt.

"Yes, Etoile, I believe they have," he replied, watching you as you finished getting dressed, "Lune's waiting downstairs though, I believe, dear." You began to brush you long, silk like hair. You stared at your empty face in the mirror, your straight black hair gently let itself fall in front of your green eyes. Your husband walked up behind you, carefully kissing the right parts of your neck.

"Remus, love," you started, "Lune must be wondering why we're taking so long. Besides, I do want to see Cerf before they're off to school again."

"You've a week to do that, Etoile," Remus replied, placing another kiss upon the bridge of your nose he'd been so carefully tracing earlier.

"Not if the Prophet makes me go to France," you answered.

"I think you should get a new job, Seul," he stated simply. You laughed lightly.

"If I had another passion," you remarked, "But I think I'm quite content with three, hm?"

"And what would those be?" he questioned.

"Photography, my children, and my husband," you smiled, glancing at yourself once more in the mirror. Your eyes, you noticed, refused to reflect your feelings at the moment, but that was nothing unnatural.


"Sale? Poivre?" You questioned, upon entrance to the old house. Remus took your coat, before wandering into the kitchen.

"Mum?" Lune asked from your side, "Should I go find them?"

"If you'd like, Lune," you stated with a sigh, "Though I should really like to see Cerf if you can find him." You watched Lune run off before taking a seat on a moth eaten couch. You pulled your knees to your chest. You knew this house well, though the majority of the inhabitants knew nothing of your knowledge. There was only one who did, and he was now gone.

"Mum," a boy nodded in your direction, turning into the kitchen. No doubt he was going to find his father.

Yes, you were a mother of three. Your oldest was decidedly Sale, by about a minute over Poivre. Though, upon first glance, anyone would say Poivre was older. Lune was your baby, by two years of the formers. And Harry, you had adopted Harry, but he fit right in. He was right in the middle, between the twins and Lune in age.

Sale, your technically first born, was turning seventeen in a month. She had sandy hair that matched her father's, but it was clean, straight, and silky, just like yours. Her eyes were a deep chocolate that were often hidden from imposing eyes. She was a brillant child, a seventh year Ravenclaw, and the new Head Girl at Hogwarts. Your biggest regret for her, however, was that you feared she wasn't really living. She kept to her books, but you knew she could do much more than that.

Poivre was also to turn seventeen in a month, but a Gryffindor instead. He had messy black hair, and hazel eyes. Glancing at he and Harry, one wouldn't know they really had no relation. Closer inspection, however, led them to notice that there were flecks of brown throughout his eyes. That, and he didn't have glasses. Poivre was a bit of a reckless lad, but he was a good kid all the same. His claim to fame, however, was greater than most likely anyone in his year. He was already a proffesional quidditch player, and he loved it. As far as you were concerned, if he was happy and kept up his grades, you were alright by it. He was a beater, and his body reflected that.

Lune was only fifteen, and going into her fifth year at Hogwarts. Unlike her brother and sister, however, she was in Slytherin. It took you a while to get Poivre to open back up to her after her sorting, but he had grown more mature over the years. In fact, most everyone she knows had taken a while to open themselves up to her, but that was partly her fault. The shy, quiet girl that she was, everyone always mentioned how she shouldn't have been sorted into Slytherin. Lune was also graced with her father's sandy hair, only it was wildly curly, a trait, you'd asured Remus, that had come from your family. Her eyes were a bright green, rivaling only your's and Harry's in color.

But when you got right down to it, you didn't find it all that suprising that Lune was in Slytherin. In fact, the house that suprised you most was Ravenclaw. Sure, Remus was brillant, but he was a Gryffindor, tried and true, and you were a Slytherin, though you didn't take much pride in that anymore. For being a Slytherin, you'd been a bit of a bookworm, however. You'd taken to learning some French in your spare time, hence the naming of your children. Though, you still weren't quite sure how you'd managed to get Remus to let you name your children such obsurd things.

"You look terrible, Mum," Harry commented, entering the room, flanked by Mrs. Weasley. She laughed.

"You try being a mother of four teenagers," she stated, "No, Seul here looks wonderful for that."

Well, I'm attempting a story here. :) I'm not sure how she'll turn out, as I started it on a whim. Anyone know the translations for everyone's names? ;) Ah, nah, they may just come into play later on. But have no fear, I'll let you know what they all mean at some point in time (if you don't already know, that is), though you already know about Seul. Sorry I've been so neglectful lately. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with a chapter or two for Proposals since I'm going to be out of town. :)

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-Riddle Wood Lupin

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