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"Jules! Finally you're here!" Julie smiled back at the grinning redhead who was sitting in the train compartment with her best friends in the entire world, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. "I've missed you too, Ronnie!" Julie teased, ruffling Ron Weasley's messy hair. "Hey! Easy with the 'do," Ron protested, shielding his head with his hands. "I just made it look nice!" Julie rolled her eyes. "When did it ever look nice, Ron?" she asked, smirking. "All the time," was Ron's indignant reply. "Did you cut your hair or something? It looks different." Julie ran her hand through her long, brown hair. It was such an boring color, and she was very self-concious when it came to looks. She disliked the boring, long cut, so she decided to visit the hairdresser's to spice it up a notch. It was now an eye-catching shoulder-length cut with uneven ends, and the hair near the bottom of the skull had been layered until it was thin. She loved using her favorite hairspray to make the short bits of hair at the crown of her head stand. "Yeah," she said, and knitted her brows. "Does it look horrible?" "Nah," chirped Hermione helpfully. "You're still the same Julie!" Darn she thought. I'd hoped she had said that I looked better... Oh well. "Anyways," Julie said. "Anyone want to run up to the dining compartment to grab some food? I'm a little starved." "I'll go with you," Ron volunteered immediately, springing up from his seat. "Bring food back!" Hermione called out from behind. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Ron and Julie walked along in silence, and Julie gazed down at her feet. Stupid feet, she thought bitterly. Why did they have to grow so big? Oh yeah, they had to be big in order to support this long body of mine! She gazed at her tall body frame and immediately, resentment flooded her. She hated being so tall. She hated looming over the rest of the students like some tree. What's more, some of the guys she fancied were slightly shorter than her, and she felt almost certain that they would be unlikely to ask her out. Julie also harboured a secret that she was too ashamed to tell others: she stammered. She had a speech problem that she had developed since young, where her words would come out in a rush so that they sounded unclear, and sometimes she would stammer and stutter. Because of this problem, she was sometimes too shy to speak to strangers, for fear that they might laugh at her way of speaking. Why can't I speak like a normal person?! she scolded herself inwardly. It's not so hard! Lost in her thought, she crashed into another person, who seemed equally dazed when he saw her. "Chance," came the familar sneer she knew so well for the last 6 years. "Malfoy," she spat, as though it were some disease. Draco Malfoy, a tall, good-looking boy, was considered to be one of the popular kids at school. He was in the worst house Julie thought anyone could get into : Slytherin. She disliked Malfoy for his arrogance, snobbishness, and dominating personality. She stuttered many times before him, and Malfoy thought that it was hilarious. He had often called her evil names, and enjoyed taunting her for no apparent reason at all! Julie could only feel loathe for him and his kind. "I see you've gotten a new haircut," he said, smirking his infamous smirk that made Julie want to punch his face in. "Too bad, it doesn't hide away that awful stammer of yours." "Hey, get off her case, Malfoy!" Ron said defensively, coming to the rescue. "Nobody's perfect, you know!" Malfoy laughed. "You're looking at the being of perfection," he jeered. "I'm living proof that perfection does exist in the world." "What rubbish," Julie muttered under her breath, feeling herself grow hot with anger at Malfoy's stab at her stuttering. "He's just an overblown, conceited dolt." Malfoy tilted his head toward her. "What was that, Chance? Don't tell me that you can't speak loudly enough now?" he said, with an evil smirk. "Jeez, and I thought you were loser enough." Hot tears pricked the ends of Julie's hazel eyes, and she felt herself wanting to cry. No, she told herself, determined. Not in front of Malfoy. She willed her face to look normal, cheerful, and 'I-don't-give-a-hoot-what-you-think', and although on the exterior she looked strong, on the inside, she was crumbling. ________________________________________________________________________________ Note : Hey just wanted to start a new story because I have all the details ironned out. (: I didn't really think about the plot for A Life Unforetold, so it's kind of on hiatus for me to think everything out.

This story is actually inspired by my own daily life events, so I can really relate to all that I'm writing. :)

Please read and review! I'd really want to know what you guys think about it. Thanks, and take care!

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