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**Notes Passed in History of Magic** 10:05 Ron: What’s Professor Binns TALKING about? Hermione: The trial of Hildegard C. Coddlesworther – you know, that Seer that everyone thought was crazy. Ron: Right. Of course. How could I have missed that. Hermione: You have no idea what’s going on, do you? Ron: Oh what do you think? Hermione: Nothing too complicated happens...everyone thinks she's crazy because she kept making prophecies about these cows invading the towns, and in the particular community she lived in, cows were considered to be more intelligent than people, so there were all these laws against saying things against them. Ron: Professor Binns said all this? WHEN? Hermione: Don’t worry; I’ll explain it to you after class. Ron: You are amazing **Reasons Why I am Ecstatic Right now** 1.) I, apparently, am amazing 2.) I have to explain this trial to Ron, meaning MORE ALONE TIME FOR US! (no offense Harry…not that he’ll be reading this…I hope...) 3.) I am only slightly hungry (normally at this time I am very hungry) 4.) Ron looks ADORABLE right now. I don't know why, but he's especially cute today... 5.) Parvati is obviously not planning anything against me. It was COMPLETELY idiotic of me to even think that she was. 6.) I REALLY STUDIED for my test next period, so no matter what she asks us, I’LL KNOW THE ANSWER! 8:45 Today was such a good day. Tuesday, 7:14, The Hospital Wing I have one thing to say. AAAAAARRRAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I was so incredibly wrong. SO INCREDIBLY WRONG! Why am I always wrong about everything? Parvati obviously did want revenge, as I am now in the hospital wing with antlers. ANTLERS! The woman hexed me in my sleep! SHE GAVE ME ANTLERS! That is just plain wrong. Not only is it completely embarrassing to have antlers sprouting out of my head, it is also incredibly painful, as they add a ridiculous amount of extra weight to my head. Madam Pomfrey is currently running around now, trying to find a potion that’ll make these things fall off. She is not happy. Honestly, she might be just as angry as I am. “…don’t know what’s gotten into students these days…incredibly dangerous, someone could’ve gotten seriously hurt…horrible, no consideration for each other…Dumbledore’ll be hearing about this one…” **REASONS WHY I AM ENRAGED RIGHT NOW** 1.) The few people that are here are staring at me 2.) I have antlers sprouting out of my head. 3.) My neck is killing me 4.) My hair is getting tangled in these horrible things 5.) I’ll probably have to miss classes today, and therefore will have to get my notes from Harry or Ron. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and everything, but they take the WORST notes 6.) The entire school will know about this little incident by the end of breakfast 7.) Ron will have to see me this way. I DO NOT look very attractive right now...not that I ever look very attractive...but now things are ESPECIALLY bad 8.) People I hate, like Malfoy and Pansy, will see me this way. 9.) I had such a good day yesterday…and now this… 8:02 Madam Pomfrey just gave me a potion that’ll make my antlers fall off. She did warn me that I might start acting a little strange though…how bad could it be? **TERRIBLE, AWFUL THINGS I COULD DO TO PARVATI** 1.) Turn her into a flobberworm 2.) Slip her a potion that would turn her hair white 3.) Bewitch a herd of llamas to follow her around all day (wow, that was random…) 4.) Hex her quill so that it sings show tunes whenever she writes 5.) Haha…..llamas….. 6.) Get a bunch of monkeys…haha monkeys are funny! …and have them chase her throughout the halls….monkeys are so funny…they just ARE, y’know?… 7.) Make her wear a REALLY UGLY OUTFIT! Haha…she’d go mad…it’d be sooooo ugly……..and she'd be WEARING IT! 8.) Put ferrets in her shoes! FERRET SHOES! 9.) Wow, I feel sooooooo much better now. I need more potion… 10.) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 8:12 FUSCHIA IS A FUNNY COLOR! HAHAHAHAHA! 8-something! Dunno what time it is…. Wow, my head feels funny…really funny…monkeys are soooo funny…. BANANA! 8:45 Wow, this day just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it? If you read my past couple of entries (you know, the bizarre ones that make no sense) you’ll see that I clearly was not in my right mind. While I was in this state of…insanity, who should enter the room but…VERNON DURSLEY! Kidding (not sure if that potion has completely worn off yet). It was none other than Parvati. McGonnagall apparently thought it would be a good idea to have Parvati apologize to me. Unfortunately when she did, I was not in my right mind. From what I have been told, this is what happened. Parvati, in mock apology: Sorry about your antlers. It was really terrible of me. Me: These antlers are crazy! CRAZY! Parvati: *gives weird look* What is wrong with you? Me: You gave me antlers! I’M TURNING YOU INTO A FLOBBERWORM! Madam Pomfrey assured me that after my, erm, “odd” behavior she tried to explain to Parvati that I had taken a potion that messed with my mind. This isn’t my day, is it? She did get a week’s worth of detention though. That makes things a little better… 11:48, Lunch Ron came to visit me. He looked really worried (it was so cute!) Thankfully I hadn't taken any of that potion, so I wasn't completely out of it. Anyway, he told me everything that happened. “A lot of people were really mad at Parvati,” he explained to me. “They thought what she did was awful.” “And what about the others?” Ron paused. “Well…a LOT of people were mad…” I smiled. “Did you take notes for me?” I asked hopefully. He grimaced and pulled some crumpled pieces of parchment out of his pocket. “This was the best I could do.” It was so cute though. He ACTUALLY took notes...for me! Right before he left, something a little…interesting happened. ALASTOR MOODY STORMED INTO THE ROOM AND BURST INTO FLAMES! Not serious – potion still hasn’t completely worn off apparently – Ron said something odd. “I think she’s awful,” he spat. “I’ll find a way to get back at her for this.” Was he serious about getting her back? Is he really going to do something? Or was he just getting his anger out? **RAMBLING HERMIONE LIST** 1.) Find out what I missed in all of my classes 2.) Make up work that I missed in all of my classes 3.) Find out if Ron is seriously thinking of seeking revenge on Parvati 4.) Give Parvati the cold shoulder and the evil eye whenever possible 5.) Oww…my antlers are falling off… 6.) Find a way to look somewhat attractive even with antlers 7.) My head hurts. To be continued…

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