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The Boy Who Lives Again By Harlequin Hero DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN THIS STUFF!!! IT'S NOT MINE!!! GET OFF MY CASE!!! THIS IS ALL J.K. ROWLING'S!!! SHE'S A BRITISH WOMAN!!! I'M NOT BRITISH NOR AM I A WOMAN!!! Thank you. CHAPTER 6: The Woods The questions seemed unrelenting. Everyone around him seemed to have a new question. Unfortunately, Harry didn’t have an answer for them all. I need to breathe, Harry thought. “I’m, uh, stepping out for a walk,” Harry announced, standing up from the middle of a circle of red-heads. Everyone got quiet. “Okay,” Molly said. “I’ll come with you,” Hermione said, standing up. “Ron?” Harry said, looking at his friend. “No,” Ron responded. “I have, er, something to do.” Harry shrugged and stepped out of the room. As he left, he heard Molly say, “I could’ve told you we were asking to many questions. The poor dear.” They stepped outside. It was cool, but not cold, and cloudy. Harry raked both hands through his hair and sighed. Hermione grabbed one of his hands as it fell to his side. He looked at his hand in hers and looked at her. She smiled reassuringly at him. He smirked. “That wasn’t easy back there. Not as easy as explaining it to you. It was getting kind of hard to breathe. Too many questions.” She gave his hand a soft squeeze. “Things will get better.” They walked into the woods behind the Burrow. Harry didn’t say much. Hermione begged silently for something to talk about. “Um… Ginny was pretty quiet back there,” she said. Harry instantly paled. Good job, Hermione scolded herself. “Uh, yeah. She was,” Harry awkwardly responded. He wasn’t fooling Hermione. “What happened?” she said. He gave her a pleading look. “Do I have to recount that monstrosity of an event I witnessed?” Hermione stopped and let go of his hand. Crossing her arms, she nodded. Harry rolled his eyes. “I walked in on her and Draco Malfoy… naked.” Hermione stopped. Harry knew! Noting her reaction, Harry pointed. “You knew!” She blushed. “You knew!” Harry said, half upset, half teasing. “And you didn’t tell me!” “I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone,” Hermione said. “No one!” “How long has it been going-“ Harry said, stopping as a sound cut him off. A low growl. Hermione looked around. “What is it?” she asked quietly. Harry put a finger to his lips, scanning the area around him. He then saw something move in the bushes. “Shit!” he yelled, grabbing Hermione by the wrist and running. “Harry!” she exclaimed, surprised. “What’s going on?” “Just run!” Harry shouted. Hermione heard something come out of the bushes and start running after them. She looked back and screamed. It was big, ugly, and kind of looked like it’d been hit by a few trucks. It snarled at her. “We can’t fucking out run this thing!” Harry said, mostly to himself. Thinking, he got one solid idea. He clumsily grabbed his wand out of his pocket and yelled the first useful spell that came to mind. “Accio Firebolt!” Todd Efflehart was a 12 year old wizard at Hogwarts. He was just going to bed holding his most prized possession in his hand. His firebolt. His dad had gotten it for him as a gift. Apparently, he had bought it at an auction. Rumors were that it had belonged to the great Harry Potter. And it was all Todd’s now. “I’m the luckiest boy in the-“ Todd said. He stopped talking when the Firebolt left his hand and flew through the window. Todd’s mouth gaped open as he took a look at the broken window and his empty hand. The beast was catching up with them, Hermione doing more screaming than running. Even Harry couldn’t keep running for long. They had a good start on the beast, but it was catching up. Harry heard something whistling in the sky. He put his hand up and felt his trusty old broomstick hit it. He hopped on, flinging Hermione on as fast as possible, and kicked off the ground just as the beast reached the spot. They left it snarling and drooling on the ground. Harry sighed with relief as he raised higher and higher. Hermione gripped him tightly. She hated heights. “What the fuck was that?” she gasped. Harry almost smiled. It was the first time he’d heard Hermione ever use the word “fuck”. The situation was too grim for smiling, though. “Barandorf’s hound,” Harry said. “That was a hound?” Hermione asked. Harry heard a growl as he saw the hound fly past him. It had wings! “Yeah,” Harry responded. “And puppy just learned a new fucking trick!” Harry now pulled his broomstick the other way. “Hold on,” he said. “This is gonna get bumpy.” The clouds were now turning into heavy rain. Harry couldn’t see a thing. “Hermione!” he yelled. “Yeah?” she responded. “Do that thing with my glasses,” he said as the snarling beast took a close dip at them, barely missing. “I can’t! I’d have to let go,” she complained. “Hermione!” Harry pleaded. “Do it or we die. Which one?” She sighed in frustration. With a shaky hand, she grabbed her wand out of her pocket. She performed the spell that made Harry’s glasses practically water proof. It helped, but not much. The hound got another close dip. “Now drive,” Harry said. “What?!” Hermione asked like he was crazy. “I have a plan,” he replied. “Just drive.” “Harry, I don’t think this is a good-“ “Drive,” he said. He stood up, balancing himself on the broom, giving her no choice but to take control of the broom. She was not good at this. Harry reached into his shoe and pulled out what looked like a small 6 inch stick. “Reylus,” he said quickly. The hound was right behind them. “What?” Hermione shouted. “Keep it steady,” Harry said. His word had made the stick shift into something different. He threw it at the beast. In mid-air, it finished its transformation into a two foot sword. The hound let out a last yelp as the blade was buried in it’s skull. It fell. Harry sighed. Hermione lost control of the broom. Harry looked at the ground as it approached fast. A branch knocked him backwards. Hermione looked back and was about to shout his name before a branch hit her. She fell and landed on something softer than she was expecting. She opened her eyes and saw Harry’s eyes looking back at her. She had landed on his chest. “As enjoyable as this is, I think I have a few ribs where they shouldn’t be, so do you mind rolling off?” he asked painfully. “Oh!” she exclaimed. Harry sat up, holding his chest. “Nope… Feels like everything’s where it should be.” He gave her a look. “You need to learn how to use a broom properly.” “I wasn’t that bad, was I?” Hermione said. Harry pointed at where the Firebolt was. It had bulleted like an arrow straight into a tree. “I don’t think my broomstick OR the tree deserved that.” Hermione blushed. Harry stood up and looked into a clearing. There was the dead beast. He walked over to it and observed it. “Yeah. This is definitely Barandorf’s fluffy best friend.” He looked up at Hermione, who had followed him. “This isn’t good,” he stated. “What does it mean?” Hermione asked. Harry sighed. “It means that Barandorf knows where I am. And if he knows where I am, then Pettigrew knows where I am. And if Pettigrew knows where I am, we could all be in a lot of trouble.” (A/N REVIEW! That is all I have to say. Peace out…)

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