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The Boy Who Lives Again By Harlequin Hero DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN THIS STUFF!!! IT'S NOT MINE!!! GET OFF MY CASE!!! THIS IS ALL J.K. ROWLING'S!!! SHE'S A BRITISH WOMAN!!! I'M NOT BRITISH NOR AM I A WOMAN!!! Thank you. CHAPTER 5: The Visit Harry woke up with a jolt. He looked around, freezing from the sweat that dripped down his face and breathing deeply. “Are you okay?” he heard a sweet voice say. “Hermione,” he gasped in relief, lying back down on the couch. Hermione gulped. She’d heard him muttering something in his sleep. It turned into cries and pleas. Eventually he was screaming. “Are you okay, Harry?” she repeated. He looked at her. He just nodded, busy calming down. She was afraid to ask, but she did anyway. “What were you dreaming about?” Harry just shrugged. “What was I saying?” “You mean you don’t know?” Hermione asked. He shook his head. “No. What was I saying?” “You were saying someone’s name. It didn’t sound like you were very fond of them. You were begging them to stop. It started with a ‘B’.” Harry closed his eyes and let out another deep breath. “Barandorf.” “Who’s that?” He opened his eyes and turned his head to her. “A very big and very bad demon.” Hermione didn’t say anything. She just looked at him. She began stroking his sweat covered head. “What time is it?” he asked, just beginning to breathe normally. “3:30 in the morning. Do you want a glass of water?” He nodded. “That would be nice.” She went and got him a glass of water. Upon her return, she saw him sitting up on the couch, running his hand along a particularly large scar on his chest. Hermione didn’t need to ask. “Yeah. He was responsible for this one.” He grabbed the glass of water with a quick “thank you” and took a drink. “How many of the others was he responsible for?” Hermione asked. Harry laughed in an ironic fashion. “It’d be easier just to ask how many he wasn’t responsible for. It was one big fucking blade that guy carried.” He stopped smiling all together. His face became one of anger as the glass of water shattered in his hands and he let a breath out. He looked at his bloodied hand. “Sorry bout that,” he said. Hermione just stared, shocked. “I’ll, uh, just clean this up,” Harry said awkwardly. Before he knew it, Hermione had pulled out her wand and muttered some spell and the mess was gone. “Or you can do it,” Harry said. Hermione grabbed him by the hand. “You mean to tell me you’re a medical wizard, too?” Harry asked, smirking. “I know a thing or two,” she replied, concentrating on Harry’s mess of a hand. Again, she said a spell that Harry didn’t recognize and his hand was good as new. He opened and closed his hand. “Damn! Got something for the scars, too?” he asked. “Sorry,” Hermione replied with a shrug. Harry returned to his laying position on the couch and closed his eyes. “I’ll see you in the morning.” “Okay,” Hermione said. “I love you,” she added. “I love you, too,” he muttered as he fell back to sleep. The rest of the night was dreamless for Harry. He woke up at 8 to the smell of eggs and bacon. He walked to the kitchen. Hermione already had plates set, eating her own and reading the Daily Prophet. “When did you learn to cook?” Harry asked. “I didn’t,” Hermione said, finishing a mouthful of eggs. She held up and shook her wand, grinning. “Cheater,” Harry said with a smile. “Where do you want to go today?” Hermione asked. “The Burrow,” Harry replied. “I have a family to visit.” Hermione rolled her eyes. Molly was going to be ecstatic. That meant a lot of tears and a lot of hugs. Harry ate his breakfast quickly and went to get dressed. Picking out some of his favorite muggle clothes, he was ready long before Hermione. Eventually, Hermione came out of her bedroom. “It took you THAT long to get dressed,” Harry asked. “No,” Hermione said, defending herself. “I had to brush my hair too.” Harry rolled his eyes. “Let’s go.” Hermione giggled. “You know you love me despite my waste of time on such things as getting dressed and hair.” “Does that make me stupid?” he asked. She punched as hard as she could on his arm. It hurt her hand more than it did his arm. They laughed and carried on the entire way to the Burrow. Hermione lived within walking distance of the Weasley’s home. Harry knocked on the door. When it was opened, he was instantly crushed with the tightest hug he’d ever received. “OhHarryIthoughtyouweredeadandI’dneverseeyouagainandyou’relikeasontomeandIloveyousomuchandI’msogladyou’reok!!!!!!!” Molly Weasley was talking very fast and very loud. “Nice to see you to,” Harry replied. “Can I breathe now?” He was let go and instantly met with more hugs from the rest of the family. All but two family members, that is. Ron was the obvious one. There was one more. “Where’s Ginny?” Harry asked. “Still up in bed,” Molly said, stopping her excited talking and rolling her eyes. “That girl sleeps in for so long every day now.” “I’ll go wake her up. It’ll be a hell of surprise for her,” Harry said with sly grin. Going up the stairs, he went through the map of the Burrow in his head. He eventually remembered which one was Ginny’s room. He opened to door and creeped in. He approached the bed and almost got sick at what he saw. “Oh fuck no!” Draco Malfoy woke up quickly and jumped. He was naked. Ginny shot awake too, covering her naked body. “What the hell is he doing here?” Harry asked. “He’s- HARRY?!” Ginny exclaimed. “Oh… Hi, Ginny. Now what’s he doing here?!” Ginny instantly forgot all confusion about her dead friend in her room. There was something bigger going on. “Would you be quiet?!” she whispered. Draco pulled on his clothes fast. “Nice to see you’re alive. Bye!” POP! He apparated away. Harry looked as if he was going to be sick. “Mind explaining that?” “Don’t tell anyone,” Ginny said. “They would kill me.” “Going to be sick. Ginny’s fucking Malfoy. I walked in on naked Malfoy. No clue why Ginny’s fucking Malfoy.” Harry was going crazy. “Just don’t tell anyone!” Ginny said. “Please.” Harry sighed, shuddering. “Fine.” Ginny let out a sigh of relief. Then she remembered that Harry was dead. She stood up, forgetting she was naked. “You were dead! Oh my God! You’re alive!” Without thinking, she jumped in to Harry and hugged him. Harry gulped. “Um, Ginny.” She looked at his face and frowned. She jumped back and covered herself with her sheets. Harry nodded awkwardly. “That’s p-probably a good idea.” Ginny’s face was almost as red as her hair. “I’m just gonna, um, go down and, uh, see everyone, er, else,” Harry managed to get out as he stepped out of the door. “Okay,” she managed to say. Harry spent his entire trip down the stairs trying to purify himself mentally. It wasn’t working very well. He felt like he was going to be sick. Hermione smiled at him. “Well she sounded excited. I’m guessing the surprise worked.” Harry nodded, still looking a little pale. “Yeah. Excited. That’s an understatement.” (A/N I hope you all enjoyed. Please review. I love reviews. They are good. And no, this isn’t at all a HP/GW fic. It was just an over-excited girl forgetting she was naked. So review. And don’t flame me because Ginny might be a little bit thick headed.)

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