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Draco Who?
~Chapter 1: “Watch out!”~

The game was pretty much settled…Slytherin had 120 points and Hufflepuff…well, they had just about none. Now all Draco had to do was catch the Snitch, and it was over…

Hufflepuff was trying…they really were, but to no avail. The Slytherin Chasers zoomed in and out of the Hufflepuffs with amazing speed, while Crabbe and Goyle took turns hitting the other team’s Beaters in the back as hard as they could. “Stop it!” one of the Beaters, a second year, had yelled at Goyle after receiving a particularly violent Bludger to his lower back. Goyle had only laughed, then flew past the kid and shoved him, almost knocking him off his broom.

The game was being dragged out, but Draco couldn’t help it. There was absolutely no sign of the Snitch today, and the other Seeker wasn’t serving as much of a help. Draco, getting frustrated now, began flying all over the place looking up and down to every inch of the pitch, and still nothing. “Bloody hell, where is the damn Snitch already?” he asked himself.

As if answering him, the little golden ball suddenly flew straight in front of the blond boy’s face, and hovered there for a couple of seconds. Draco, caught by surprise, didn’t do anything, until the Snitch shot upward and headed straight for the skies. Draco followed it as quickly as possible, grasping onto his Nimbus with all of his might, trying not to fall off; it was a long way down.

The other Seeker must have seen him, because in a matter of seconds, the two were locked in a heated, vertical race to the Snitch. They both had the same brooms, so it was anyone’s guess to what the outcome would be.

Suddenly, Draco heard something from far below, and it sounded like Crabbe.

“Draco, watch out!”

Everything went black.

* * *


Hermione looked over at the girl who had screamed. She was holding a pair of binoculars and staring wide-eyed at the sky, pointing.

Hermione looked up.

There were two figures, so high up that she had to squint to see either of them. One was zooming extremely high up, almost completely out of sight, and the other was falling in the opposite direction, very, very fast. She couldn’t make out who it was, but she could tell what had happened…he had probably been hit by a Bludger or something. Either way, he was falling from about 400 feet up, along with his broom. There was no way could ever survive that.

Hermione couldn’t think. All she could do was helplessly stare at him, open-mouthed and wide eyed. The entire pitch was silent; everyone was just staring at the person falling from the sky.

Apparently, no one but Dumbledore was currently capable of remembering their magical status, because he was the only one who attempted to save the falling Quidditch player. He whipped out his wand and bellowed something, and instantly, a net wove itself out of thin air in-between the two Quidditch poles, very much resembling a hammock. He then pointed his wand at the person in the air and shouted another spell. The person slowed down a bit, but unfortunately, not enough to keep him from breaking clean through the conjured net and preceding to crash straight into the ground. Hermione, along with everyone else, could now make out who the person was, and it was none other than Draco Malfoy.

The realization of what had happened quickly set in with the audience, and the entire pitch erupted in horrified screams. The entire Slytherin area ran to where Draco was, along with all of the professors. The Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws each stood up, peering into the stadium. Soon, Hermione saw a break in the crowd of robes, and a floating Draco emerged, levitating above McGonnagal’s wand.

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