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[A/N] Hi! This is my first attempt at a Lily/James story, and I hope it turns out okay!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, or any of JK Rowling's wonderful ideas. I only own the plot, and the few characters that I made up myself =D

Chapter 1 - The First Day of Summer

Lily stared out of the window of the car that was steadily moving closer to her home. She drummed her fingers on the door along with the music from the radio, and listened to the family within the car talk to one another. Lily was very anxious to get home to see her own parents, who she hadn't seen since Christmas vacation. They hadn't been able to pick her up from the train station because they were working late, so Lily had gotten a ride home with her next-door neighbours, the Potters.

"Jamesy, when we get home can you take me out on your broom?" came the sweet voice of 9 year old Sarah Potter. Lily looked at her. She was an adorable little kid with long raven hair and bright hazel eyes. She was sitting between Lily and James, and at the moment looking up at her older brother with a pleading look in her eyes.

He just laughed and said, "Sure sweetie." in a tone that Lily hadn't heard in a very long time. He only talked to his family and people who he truly cared about like that.

"Hey Evans, care to join us?"

There was that oh so annoying tone of voice he used with her. Lily glared at him. James just smiled his egotistic smile. She rolled her eyes at the messy haired, hazel eyed, immature prat. "No thanks." Lily answered, trying to be as civil as she could.

"Aww, please come fly with us?! Please?" begged Sarah.

Lily looked down into her hopeful eyes and couldn't help but smile. "Aww, Sarah you know how much I hate to fly."

Sarah pouted, but soon perked up again. "Well... tomorrow can you come over and bake cookies with me?" Lily's smile widened. She loved James' little sister, and whenever she babysat, they would make something together.

"Of course I will!" Lily told her. Sarah started to hop around in her seat. "Yay! Are we there yet?" she whined. Lily laughed, but soon caught sight of James staring at her.

She rolled her eyes, and looked away, trying to ignore him. She couldn't very well tell him off while his parents were sitting right there could she? Why did the annoying prat have to pester her anyway?

For the past few years, James had been asking Lily out to bug her, or thats what she figured anyway. He couldn't actually like her, he was too conceited to like anybody besides himself for too long.

Finally, they reached their destination. Lily quickly jumped out of the car, glad to get away from James' stare. Mr. Potter, a friendly man who looked a lot like James, especially with the hair, unloaded her trunk and as Lily started to drag it across the lawn, she called out "Thanks for the ride!"

Ms. Potter was a kind, red haired lady. She just smiled and responded "Anytime Hun!"

Lily grinned and kept dragging her trunk towards her house. James had disappeared inside his house, and Sarah had waved and then followed her big brother inside. The Potters had an enormous house. It was the biggest and nicest on the street. Lily sometimes wondered why they even lived close to her. It wasn't a classy neighbourhood, just normal, with big and small houses, and Lily knew that the Potters were a rich family.

Lily's own house was fairly sized, with 2 stories, and it had a nice yard in the front and back. There was a big oak tree in the middle of the front lawn with a wooden swing attached to it. Lily smiled to herself and soon realized that she had reached the door. She turned the doorknob and let herself in, dragging her heavy trunk behind her.

"Hello!?" she called out to the seemingly empty house. There was a small shriek and before Lily knew it, her mother had rushed into the parlor to greet her and had pulled her into a hug. "Lily! I missed you sweetheart! How was everything? Did you do well?" Lily grinned and returned her mother's embrace. "It was great mum."

Lily's mother had golden blonde hair and bright green eyes, just like Lily's. Her father on the other hand had red hair and blue eyes, and Petunia, Lily's older sister was tall, bony, blonde, blue eyed, and intensely disliked Lily. "Wheres dad?" Lily asked excitedly, "... and Petunia?" she added as an afterthought.

"Your father is still at work. We're all going out for supper at Metropolitan with a few families from the neighbourhood, and he's meeting us there. Petunia's upstairs getting ready, so why don't you go and do the same? I bought you an outfit that I think you'll like." She smiled with a twinkle in her eye and Lily shrugged. "Okay then." and then she dragged her trunk up into her room.

Lily closed the door and looked around at her room. She sighed in contentment and walked over to her bed where she let herself fall onto the bed. "Finally home." she muttered and smiled to herself.

Lily lay there for a few moments before she figured she should get ready to go out for supper with whoever her parents had invited. Suddenly she realized who was most likely going to be there and she groaned. They were probably going with the Stone's. Lily walked past her mirror and made a face at it. The Stone's were rich, and while Mr. and Mrs. Stone were nice, their son Brandon was incredibly conceited, and snobbish. He was even worse than Potter, and that was saying something.

She opened her closet and immediately saw the outfit her mother bought her. Lily's jaw dropped as she saw the dress and shoes. They were gorgeous! Lily took it off the hanger and layed it on the bed. She went to take off her shirt before her eyes narrowed and she looked towards the window in her room, which coincidently was straight across from the window in James' room. Lily closed the blinds and got dressed just in case anybody was watching.

In his room, James swore out loud and pulled his invisbility cloak off with a scowl. He knew he was being a pervert by watching Lily, but he couldn't help it. She was just so beautiful. With a sigh, he turned to get dressed for supper.

Lily did her makeup, put on jewelry and put her long hair half up with slight curls at the end. Lily stood back and examined herself in the mirror. She was wearing a light green spaghetti strap dress with a gathered midriff. With it, she was wearing silver high heels, a silver bracelet, and a silver locket-necklace that her mother had given her for her birthday a few years ago. Lily thought she looked all right, so she grabbed her silver purse and headed downstairs.

"Oh Lily, you look beautiful!" gushed her mother. Lily blushed. "Nah, but I do love the dress and shoes! Thank you!" Lily saw her mum roll her eyes and she smirked. "So who are we going out with anyway?" Lily asked. "Oh, we're meeting the Stones, the Potters and the Dursleys at the restaurant, and we better be going! Where is Petunia?"

Lily supressed a groan. A whole night with Brandon, Potter, Petunia and those horrible Dursleys?! This night was going to be agonizing. "I don't know where Petunia is, I haven't seen her at all."

At that moment, Petunia came down the steps. Lily bit her lip to keep from laughing. Her sister was wearing a hideous, purple flowered sundress that came up to her knees and was pretty low cut, her blonde hair was up into a bun at the top of her head, and she was wearing ugly white pumps. She looked really slutty and ugly.

Lily forced a smile, but it actually turned out to be a grimmace. "Oh your home are you?" Petunia sneered at her, and said nothing else. Lily didn't answer, she just rolled her eyes. "Where's dad?" she asked her mom. "He's meeting us there as well, he had to work so he's going to be a bit late."

"Oh, okay then." Lily said, looking at her mother. She looked really nice and done up this evening with a long black dress and her make-up done. Ms. Evans usually didn't wear any kind of makeup, so this was a nice change.

"Let's go shall we?" Lily's mother said, leading her two daughters out to the car.

A half hour later, Lily found herself sitting at a long table trying to look like she was enjoying herself. Unfortunately, Brandon had sat on her right, and was busy trying to flirt with her, while Lily tried not to be rude. James was sitting across from her, and glared at Brandon every time he opened his mouth, and Sarah sat on the other side of Lily, much to her delight. Lily loved the 9 year old to peaces, and with Sarah sitting there, it meant that neither Petunia, her ugly husband-to-be Vernon, or Vernon's sister Marge could sit there. Petunia and Vernon were at the far end of the table, and Marge was sitting next to James, flirting with him as much as Brandon flirted with Lily. It was quite funny really.

"So... James ... your so muscular... do you work out often?" Marge purred, placing her fat hand on James' arm. Lily tried her hardest not to laugh at James' impression. He looked torn between disgust and fear. He moved away slightly and gave a slight nod before turning to pretend to talk to his father, who was sitting on his other side.

Lily watched him for a moment. James was wearing black pants, a white, clean cut shirt, and a tie, which happened to be pink. 'He looks adorable.' Lily thought for a moment before realizing what she had thought. Of course, James Potter was good looking, she couldn't say otherwise because it would be a lie. But apart from the fact that he wasn't hard on the eyes, he was so immature, childish, and arrogant that it completely overruled the good looking factor.

Brandon turned to her again and started to talk, snapping Lily out of her reverie. "Lily, I've been thinking about you lately. I knew you'd be coming home from that boarding school. You've got to stop this charade you've got going on. You know you like me." Lily stared at him with disgust, as did James. Before Lily could say anything, James cut in.

"You really think she likes you? Get a grip on yourself. If she liked you she wouldn't be looking so horrified right now. Now back off."

Lily felt her temper rising as she looked at James, but Brandon shot back. "How would you know you loser?! She can speak for herself!"

"No I am dead serious! She obviously doesn't like you so just bugger off!"

Brandon opened his mouth to talk again, but Lily shot both of them death glares. "Brandon, James is right, I don't like you, I never will... Sorry." she added as an afterthought to be less rude.

James had a triumphant smirk on his face, but Lily turned to him and it died. She looked angry enough to kill. "And you, James Potter. You take those words you just spoke to heart you hypocrite! I know you don't even really like me, so just leave me alone!"

With that, she excused herself and stormed off to the bathroom.

James stared after the beautiful Lily Evans. What was it that she had said? He was a hypocrite? But that prat Brandon was trying to hit on her! 'Nobody's allowed to hit on her except for me!' James thought angrily. When he had calmed down somewhat, he realized that she had said that she didn't think he really liked her.

Right...James thought sarcastically. Does she really think that I, James Potter, one of the infamous Marauders, would spend so much time on her when I could have any other girl at school? He scoffed to himself. She was blind, thats all. He'd get her to see what she was missing.

Lily entered the room once again, and James was floored by her beauty. Of course, he was nearly always left speechless whenever he saw her, and he always got nervous and that was the main reason he was allways so conceited when he was around her. Of course, James didn't realize this, he was allways just too busy staring at her. However, the main reason he liked her wasn't her looks, even though that was a good part of it. He also admired her, although he would never admit it to Sirius or Remus. She was her own person, and she worked hard to get what she wanted. She had a fiery personality, and she had been the first, and last to ever turn him down. It made him want her more.

Lily slid back into her seat and just concentrated on ignoring Brandon and James. They were both so infuriating. She just wanted to go home and go to bed. Suddenly something caught her eye and her face lit up. Her father had finally made it!

She ran over to him and engulfed her father in a hug. "Hi honey! How are you?! Wow, you look some pretty. I'm gonna have to fight the boys off with a stick!" Lily laughed and led him over to the table where she had to go back to her seat, away from her father, but he promised that they'd catch up later.

After the main course, nearly all the adults got up to dance. Lily groaned. She didn't want to dance. Especially not with any of the choices she had at the moment. Lily just sat in her seat watching her parents, and everybody else dancing. Lily, James, Brandon, and Marge were left at the table. Sarah had run off to dance with her father.

'Please don't ask me to dance. Please don't ask me to dance. Please, please, please ... " Lily thought desperately.

"Lily, dance with me. Please?" came Brandon's demanding voice. She really really didn't want to, but he dragged her across the room and made her dance. She just openly glared at him. A little while away, Lily saw Marge threatening James to dance with her, and then she dragged him over to near herself and Brandon. James looked absolutely horrified with his dancing partner, which made Lily laugh slightly.

"Ah ha! So you are having a good time with me! I knew it." Brandon said, smirking at her. Lily rolled her eyes. "I'm not having a good time, I was laughing at James."


Suddenly, Brandon's hands seemed to be moving downward, away from her waist. "Brandon..." she said warningly.

"What?" he asked, smirking and tightening his grip on her, his hand still wandering lower. She glared at him. "Stop it right now." she said forcefully.

He just smirked. All of a sudden, he smashed his face against Lily's and kissed her. She tried to pull back, but he had her pushed up against a wall. Finally, she managed to free one of her hands and smack his head. He immediately let go. Lily was sending him death glares and she slapped him, hard. In a matter of seconds, somebody hit Brandon from behind, bringing him down to the floor, but Lily didn't notice this, as she was allready walking brisquely away, wiping her mouth.

She walked out into the fresh air and sat down on the sidewalk. She really just wanted to go home and go to bed.

About 10 minutes later, the door behind her opened, and people poured out of it. Lily heard some yelling, and spun around to see what the commotion was all about. Mr. and Mrs. Potter were telling off James, Mr. and Mrs. Stone were telling off Brandon, and the Evans and the Dursley's were shaking their heads and heading to their cars.

Once Lily was in her car with her parents, she asked what all the yelling was about.

"James and Brandon got into a fight over something. I didn't catch what though. Apparantly James attacked Brandon after seeing something that disturbed him. That's pretty much what I gathered." said Lily's dad, scowling.

"Oh." said Lily, lost in thought. What had James seen? Certainly it hadn't been Brandon kissing her. It couldn't be, could it? No, that was impossible, why would he care so much? Lily was really confused. When she got home, she went straight to her room, and to bed.

James was in his room, fuming. Damn that Brandon, kissing Lily. Nobody was allowed to do that! HE hadn't even kissed her yet. And now his mother was mad at him for trying to kill Brandon when he had kissed her. Well he was only defending her! She obviously didn't want to be kissed by that prat! James paced around his room, wanting somebody to talk to, but there was nobody. He wished Sirius or Remus was there. James fell on top of his bed and thought for a long time. He finally fell asleep and had wonderful dreams about a girl with long, red hair and emerald eyes.

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