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“Move your big feet, Potter,” Snape said, tripping. “Snivellus, if you step on my foot one more time...” James growled as they snuck around the corner, leaving behind three unconscious Death Eaters. Lily rolled her eyes. “Honestly, if you two don’t shut up–yes, you too James– I am going to leave you both behind!” Lily breathed irritably, stopping so the two boys could catch up. She gave a rather sly smile. She was much smaller than Snape and James, allowing her to sneak around quieter and easier. Therefore she got to go first, much to the discomfort of James. “Sorry dear,” James mocked, making a face like a beaten child. Lily had to stifle a laugh. The smile was whipped off her face as she heard voices. James froze, snatching Lily’s hand and pulling her back. Lily rolled her eyes at his protectiveness, but a part of her smiled, enjoying the feeling. Snape’s eyes narrowed in disgust, his greasy lip pulled over his teeth in a terrible sneer. Lily saw this and shivered a little. How she hated him. Even though she realized he had been trying to help them, she couldn’t help but be afraid. She mentally kicked herself for feeling so weak. She realized then that James had been watching her emotional struggle the whole time and blushed. James squeezed her tightly, sighing at what they had just been through. “When is he preparing to start?” a deep voice asked, very harsh and strict. Lily was sure that the “he” the Death Eaters were talking about was Lord Voldemort. “Whenever Snape is done with the girl,” another said. James tightened his hold on Lily even more. “It should be soon. What about the others?” “We’ll have to kill them too. They’ve seen too much.” “But...what if we could get them on our side?” the harsh voice said, rather nervously. “Maybe the one...but the other two are hopeless! The one I tortured earlier...the one with longer hair...he has already shown his devotion to that old fool, Dumbledore. The lighter haired one is just as bad!” the other said, as though explaining that two plus two was four. “What about the fat one?” the harsh voice said. There was a silence, and they both started laughing loudly. James didn’t understand this, but held up three fingers to Lily and Snape. Lily nodded. They would attack on the count of three. Lily pulled out her wand as did Snape. The Death Eaters talked on, completely unaware. James put down one of his fingers. Then another, looking at the two to make sure they were ready. Then, at last, he laid down his final finger and they all jumped out. “EXPELLIARMUS!” Lily yelled, as did James. Snape, on the other hand, did a spell neither of them had seen or heard before. The Death Eaters were first slammed against the wall, their wands knocking out of their hands. And then Snape’s spell took effect, turning each of their eyes a deep purple color. Lily stared. “What the hell was that?!” James whispered loudly. Snape shrugged. “Just a spell,” he said, walking over to pick up their discarded wands. “What will it do to them?” Lily asked, rather nervously, looking into the purple depths. “Blind them permanently. And trust me, when they wake up, they will personally want to rip out their own eyeballs. Very painful...” Snape replied with a wicked grin. Lily frowned. “I’ve never heard of a spell that did that, and I’ve read all the textbooks we were assigned...” Lily muttered. “You wouldn’t have read this one. Not unless you frequently visit the restricted section, looking for Dark Arts material,” Snape snickered. “Shut up Snape. Come on, Lily, we need to keep moving,” James said starting to walk ahead. Lily didn’t move. “We can’t just leave them here,” she muttered, and whispered a spell. Both the bodies turned into rocks. James gaped. “They will turn back in about two days,” she explained. James burst out laughing, kicking the small rocks into a corner. “Can you imagine when they wake up, they’ll be blind rocks!” he said. Lily rolled her eyes, and Snape glared, passing up ahead, looking around corners. “Quiet James, we’ll get caught. Snape, do you know where they have Sirius, Remus, and Peter?” Lily asked. Snape nodded, and began leading the way quietly. They got to the room, and again they had to confront some more Death Eaters. Snape sighed in relief as they reached the door. James wrenched it open, peering inside. They all sat dumbstruck for a few seconds. “Where...where are they? SNAPE?!” James roared as he looked into the empty room. Lily put a hand on his shoulder. “Please be quiet James,” she pleaded. James sighed, calming himself, but still glaring expectantly at Snape, who was looking quite uncertain. “I don’t know...I guess they started without us...but that means...” Snape began but was interrupted. “That means that we realized you had helped them escape...” the voice of Lucius Malfoy said right behind them. Snape spun around to see four wands pointed in each of their directions. Lily inhaled sharply as Malfoy’s wand was pressed to her throat. Lucius saw James’ reaction and smiled. “One move, Potter, and I’ll kill her.” James remained frozen. Lily’s heart thumped painfully, her brain struggling for an idea. Anything that would help them out of this! She could think of none, and could see by the look on James’ and Snape’s face that they couldn’t either. “Where are our friends?” James asked. “They are being taken to their deaths as we speak. You shall join them,” Malfoy said. Then he turned to Snape.“You, my friend, will undoubtable receive a special treat from the Dark Lord himself. I can’t wait to watch...” Snape spat at him, and Malfoy received it right in the face. Lily grinned triumphantly. Wiping his face off with the front of his robes, Malfoy motioned to one of the men behind him. They moved forward and yelled, “CRUCIO!” “Really, Malfoy. You can’t even torture him yourself?” Lily said mockingly. “I didn’t know you were such a softy.” “Shut up!” Malfoy yelled, digging his wand into Lily’s throat. She chocked, grabbing at the wand. Malfoy pulled her wrists away however, pushing her into the wall. James grabbed Malfoy, shoving him off of her, and she grabbed at her neck, feeling as though her throat was on fire. Soon all four Death Eaters were leaping on Lily, James, and Snape. Lily was rather proud of herself as she managed to take down one of the Death Eaters by shoving the heel of her hand into his nose. She heard James yelp in pain and turned to see Malfoy had him in a head lock. She grabbed up her wand. “Stupify!” she yelled, but missed. “Damn,” she muttered. Malfoy then threw James from him and focused his attention on Lily. He grabbed a handful of her hair, slamming her head into the wall. Spots danced before her eyes, and she saw James struggling madly to get to her through another Death Eater. Malfoy raised his wand, as blood from Lily’s injured head seeped into her eyes. “CRUCIO!” Malfoy yelled. Lily raised her wand to defend herself. “Protego!!” somebody yelled, and it took a few minutes for Lily to realize that it hadn’t been her. It had been James. She struggled to stay conscious, the gash in her head bleeding freely. She saw Death Eaters fighting with everybody else, and was dimly aware of being jostled around. But then, very suddenly, the three moving Death Eaters stopped moving. Lily’s eyes widened and she wiped the blood out of them. At first she thought she was hallucinating, but then she saw somebody running towards them all. It was Sirius. “Merlin! Are you alright?!” he yelled, looking around. James didn’t acknowledge his presence at all, but rushed towards Lily, shoving frozen Death Eaters out of his way. His heart pounded in terror as he saw the gash on her forehead. It looked extremely serious. He remembered all the times he had been in the hospital wing for Quidditch injuries and such. He cursed himself a hundred times. If only he had paid a bit of attention when Madam Pomfrey had mended him up. If only he could remember some of those spells! “James,” Lily said, her throat slightly raspy. “I’m here honey. I’m sure somebody here knows a healing spell,” he whispered, running a hand through her hair. “Get me my wand,” she said. James stared. “Lily, the Death Eaters are gone now. It’s alright, it’s going to be alright,” he said, terrified now. He had never seen Lily this injured before. “James!” Lily said irritated. “Give me my wand! I hit my head, it doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly become an idiot. I know the spell for stitches,” she said exasperated, smiling slightly as she realized that he was so much more worried than she was, yet he was still trying to comfort her. James scrambled to get her wand. He gave it to her. “Thanks,” she muttered, trying to aim her own wand at the wound, but couldn’t quite see where it was. James saw her struggling. “You want me to do it?” he asked anxiously. She grinned. “I love you,” she said, shaking her head. It wasn’t so much as a reassurance to him, but a funny realization to her. He noticed her face and smiled. “Yeah, and I love Snape, now can we get on with it? Wait...SNAPE?!?!” Sirius said, as though just realizing he was standing there. He raised his wand immediately, pointing it at Snape. “Shut up Sirius,” James muttered, “now what’s the spell?” he said to Lily. She grinned. “It’s not that I don’t trust you to point a wand at my face and say a spell that you’ve never even heard of before but...I don’t,” she concluded. James laughed. “Just aim my wand for me.” James held her hand softly, pointing it at the cut. “Amendio,” she muttered. The spell did wonders. The blood was cleared away, and all that was left of her injury was the stitches in her forehead. James sighed in relief, embracing her in a hug, “Alright, love is great, but you two are D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G!” Sirius said. “And just to let you know, while you two are making with the lovey-dovey on cloud nine, REMUS AND PETER ARE BEING LED TO THEIR DEATHS!!!” James and Lily stopped immediately. James stood, pulling Lily with him. “You’re right, sorry Sirius,” Lily muttered. Sirius grinned, shaking his hair out of his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Okay, now does anybody mind telling me why we like Snivellus again?!” he said. “He was just faking it. Look, it’s a long story, and Peter and Remus need our help,” James said. Sirius pretended to be shocked. “What gave you that idea?!” he said. “How did you get free?” Lily asked, stopping the two boys from arguing further. Sirius’ face went solemn. “I wouldn’t have if not for Remus. He bit the girl that was holding me at wand point...” he said. Snape snorted. “He bit her?” Lily asked, and James suddenly went very cold, realizing that she still didn’t know Remus was a werewolf. “Remus is a werewolf, and the rest of us are Animagi,” James said uncomfortably. “Yeah, I know,” she said. “YOU WHAT?!” Sirius roared. Lily rolled her eyes. “I’ve known about it for ages. Do you honestly think I couldn’t notice how he goes to visit his sick mum every full moon? Now, what I meant was, I didn’t know a werewolf could still effectively bite a person unless it was full moon,” she explained. “Yeah, well when it gets close to full moon, like now it’s in two weeks, he starts to get some of the venom in his teeth,” James supplied. Lily nodded. “That’s not all!” Sirius said. “Haven’t you guys ever noticed how his knuckles get like a hundred times hairier?! And he has to shave like every three hours, unless he wants to look like Dumbledore!” he said starting to laugh. There was silence as the others took in his immense stupidity. “You’re an idiot,” Snape said. Sirius growled, literally. “Come on, before Sirius hurts himself from thinking too much,” James said sardonically, and he, Snape, and Lily started walking away. Sirius frowned, crossing his arms in indignation. “You guys can’t tell me you haven’t noticed his hairy knuckles!” Sirius said in exasperation. Nobody answered so he hurried on, sprinting to catch up. As they walked further, with Sirius in the lead, they began to hear loud voices. “YOU LET THEM ESCAPE?!” somebody was yelling. Lily shivered as she recognized the poison voice as Voldemort. “I’m...I’m sorry, My Lord. I sent Malfoy and the others to find them...they haven’t returned yet!” somebody whimpered. “They had better, Knott. For your sake...” “Yes, they will, of course, My Lord,” the relieved voice said. Lily peered into the room, and saw that it was a very simple room. It had no furniture, but bare stone floor. It was very large, however, and gave her the creeps. “Well, we might as well start now, with what we’ve got. We’ll kill the two Muggle-Lovers, and if Potter and Evans are not brought to me by that time, you will pay...” Voldemort said. “What about the other one?” another voice asked. “He is not as important,” Voldemort said. James had to kick Sirius as he scoffed in indignation. “Now. Let us begin with this one.” he said, grabbing Remus by the scruff of his neck and throwing him onto the ground. He raised his wand high, preparing to bring it down on Remus. Lily, James, Sirius and Snape looked at each other. The Avada Kedavra Curse could not be blocked by a protecting charm... but maybe it could be stopped by four? a/n: The more reviews I get the faster I'll update!! SO PLEASE REVIEW!!

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