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Harry groaned and buried himself underneath his duvet as someone pulled the curtains open. “Come on, Harry!” Ron was shouting at him as he only tried to hide further down under his duvet, hoping to be left alone, “Breakfast is in five minutes, get up!” Harry sighed as he reluctantly got out of bed. Seamus, Dean and Neville had already left the dorm and there was only himself and Ron left in the room as the bright sunlight streamed in through the window, dazzling his eyes which weren’t used to the light. “I’ll leave you a minute to get changed.” Ron said and made for the door. “Don’t bother,” Harry said, quickly whipping out his wand and touching the tip of his wand to his sleeve and murmuring something under his breath. A second later he was wearing his school robes and Ron scowled slightly before the two of them walked down into the common room where Hermione was waiting for them to come down to breakfast with her. “What took you so long?” Hermione asked them as they left the common room. “Harry just wasn’t going to get up.” Ron said as he blushed walking past some Ravenclaws on the seventh floor as they started down the staircase onto the sixth. His robes were still not there and he had to make do with wearing Seamus’ which were a lot bigger than Harry’s, Neville’s or Dean’s but still not big enough for him. “So you spent the whole of the holidays getting up early and then on the first day back at Hogwarts you decide to sleep in?” Hermione asked, raising an eyebrow and Harry nodded sheepishly. “That’s about right.” Harry said as they walked into a passageway on the fifth floor. “I hate this passageway; I don’t know how you can take it so often.” Hermione said as they walked along. The passageway was one which went in a spiral between the second and fifth floor and Harry often found himself using it, although it was quite creepy at times since the only light in there was from burning torches on the wall which some of the meaner portraits along the wall would attempt to blow out. Ron rarely used it, since Sir Cadogan’s portrait had recently been moved here and each time he walked passed he asked about the condition of his spattergroit. It was apparent that the portraits had a large social background that no one had been aware of since the healers which had at first diagnosed Ron with the affliction had managed to talk to the mad knight who was forever challenging students. But since Cadogan had started asking about his nonexistent affliction Ron had stopped walking down this passageway altogether and that had been since around May. It was for this reason that Hermione and Harry were puzzled at his walking along there with them, despite the fact that he had sworn never to do so again upon pain of waxed legs. “So when are you having your legs waxed?” Hermione asked him conversationally as they walked along and Ron stared at her for a moment, almost falling down the steps as he tried to think what on earth she could be talking about. “Last year you said that you’d never walk down here again because Sir Cadogan kept asking you how your spattergroit was.” Harry explained and Ron looked as if he knew what he was talking about but carried on walking in silence. Harry raised an eyebrow at Hermione who just shrugged. “So how come you are walking here again then?” “I’m hoping Sir Whatsit’s gone.” Ron said as he grabbed onto the side of the wall in an attempt to prevent himself from falling down the stairs as he had tied his shoelaces with a spell he discovered earlier on but it wasn’t particularly effective for longer than a few minutes. He managed to stay on his feet and Hermione laughed at him as she carried on down the stairs with Harry next to her. “Spattergroit can often bring upon moments where the afflicted suffers from poor balance.” Came the voice of Sir Cadogan to the left of him and Ron scowled darkly as he walked quickly down the stairs to catch up with Hermione. “Shut up.” Ron muttered to him before they reached the third floor and after Sir Cadogan had followed them all the way down the stairs explaining that the aforementioned disease could also bring about the reddening of the hair and the face Ron was ready either to set the portrait on fire or simply to run as fast as he could. Wisely he chose the latter and ran out of the passageway as fast as he could and straight into Terry Boot and Anthony Goldstein who didn’t look particularly impressed as Ron sent all Terry’s books flying onto the floor. Harry and Hermione stepped forwards and instantly started to help him gather his belongings back together along with Anthony who scowled up at Ron but didn’t comment as the five of them carried on down the stairs onto the ground floor to breakfast. Terry took the opportunity to ask Harry whether or not he would be running the D.A. again and to his disappointment he confirmed that he would not be running the defence club again that year. “We’ve got Lupin again; it’s not as if you need it anymore.” Harry explained and although Terry and Anthony nodded, he could tell that they were not particularly pleased by it. They parted ways as they entered the Great Hall and Terry and Anthony made their way over to the Ravenclaw table as Harry, Ron and Hermione sat down at the Gryffindor table with Neville, Seamus and Dean who were talking idly about the upcoming Quidditch trials for their house and who were likely candidates. “I think that tall one in the seventh year’s meant to be good.” Dean was saying, “What’s he called?” “Lewis Roberts?” Seamus asked and Dean nodded, “My dad knows his dad, apparently Lewis is a pretty good Beater but I dunno just how good he is. Maybe he’ll go to the tryouts.” “I hope so, we need a new Quidditch team and they need to be good as well. Malfoy’s just got people who can hex well and knock people off their brooms.” Dean said. “Brilliant.” Harry muttered as he sat down at the table and Dean and Seamus looked over to him. “Well it’s nothing you can’t handle, is it?” Dean said, “Heard you got the highest defence against the dark arts marks in our year.” He grinned at Harry who smiled slightly in return as Seamus and Neville looked at him with something akin to awe on their faces – he had beaten even Hermione and all the Ravenclaws and that was no small feat. “How did you all do in defence against the dark arts?” Harry asked the three of them and they smiled. “We all got O’s” Neville smiled and Harry’s eyes widened slightly. “Really?” He asked and the three of them nodded. “Everyone in the D.A. did.” Neville explained and Harry was rather amazed to say the least. “Timetables.” Professor McGonagall said as she walked along the table handing out each student’s timetable as she walked along the row. She reached Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dean, Neville and Seamus after what seemed like an age and Harry felt slightly disappointed that he had Transfiguration first instead of defence against the dark arts or charms but it could have been worse – he could have had potions. After Transfiguration he noticed that he had charms which was always an interesting lesson, even if he did struggle with some of the charms. Charms was followed by potions and then defence against the dark arts was his last lesson of the day, something that he was already looking forwards to and just the thought of that was likely to drag him through potions alone. “Don’t make me go!” Seamus said as Dean and Ron attempted to drag him out of the great hall and to Transfiguration. “You didn’t have to take it!” Dean argued with him as they pulled him from the room, to the amusement of Harry and Hermione. “Come on, Neville!” Harry called back to his friend who was lagging behind after dropping his books all over the floor. He sighed and quickly turned back to help him when he saw that he would be some time retrieving all his papers which had also scattered everywhere. He waved his wand over all the books and muttered the summoning spell so that all the books flew towards him and landed in an orderly pile in his arms. “Thanks, Harry!” Neville smiled thankfully as he took his books back from Harry before the two of them quickened their pace and caught up with Seamus, Dean, Ron and Hermione. “I cannot believe I had the chance to escape McGonagall for good and I didn’t take it!” Seamus moaned and it appeared that he was close to tears as he walked along with Ron and Dean still pulling him along in case he tried to escape and ran off somewhere else. “Still inspiring terror in the students then, Minerva.” Remus smiled as they walked along the corridor behind the five sixth year students. “Of course, what good is being a teacher if you can’t terrorise those you teach?” She asked with a smile and Remus couldn’t help but smile back. “Try terrorising students when you’re four feet tall!” Filius squeaked from beside them as they made their way through the ground floor of the castle. “I prefer not to intimidate them anyway.” Remus said, “Students who are close to tears from fear tend not to learn well.” “Oh yes?” Minerva said to Remus, glaring at him. “I seem to remember that I taught you exactly the same way as I teach the students now and you achieved Exceeds Expectations in your NEWT for Transfiguration so don’t give me that, Lupin.” She said and Remus smiled. The three teachers followed Harry, Hermione, Dean, Neville, Seamus and Ron up onto the first floor and the six students entered a classroom. “See you later.” Filius said to her and Remus nodded as Minerva turned from them and walked into the room to see her entire class was already assembled there before her, which was unusual to say the least. It appeared that the NEWT students wanted to make a good impression, that or she was rather late. They definitely want to make a good impression. She decided as she walked to her desk and turned it into a pig. “I did this in your first lesson in your first year.” She said calmly and then turned the desk back. “By the end of the next two years I expect you all to be able to do the same.” There were a few dubious looks around the room and Neville looked as if he was about to cry. “I am perfectly serious; there is no reason why any of you shouldn’t be able to transfigure objects in this manner once your NEWT years are over. You can and will learn a lot in two years time.” There was silence in the room as she waved her wand over the pig and a second later it was replaced with her desk which didn’t so much as oink. She glanced round the room and saw only silent students with one or two of them looking horrified at the idea that they would have to learn to transfigure things like desks into pigs. “I trust you all did your homework?” Minerva asked the class coolly and some of them looked rather awkward and it wasn’t difficult for her to guess who had and who hadn’t done their work. She ordered that they all place their work on their desks and she summoned it all to her in a moment where it landed in a neat and orderly pile on her desk before she turned back to them. “Since you all did your homework,” she looked hard at some individuals here who had dared to leave their work undone over the summer, “then you should have no problem with your task for this lesson. You will each come to the front and take a pincushion and transfigure it into a hedgehog.” Neville raised his hand and opened his mouth to ask something but she cut him off before he so much as had chance to speak, “Yes, the hedgehog must be alive, Mr Longbottom.” She said and Neville blushed slightly and lowered his hand, his question answered. “What are you waiting for? Begin.” Harry and Hermione summoned a pincushion to them easily and then Ron and Seamus did the same but rather more cautiously. Dean grinned confidently. “Accio Pincushion.” Dean said loudly and Minerva glanced up from her desk when there was a rush past her ear. She sighed inwardly when she saw Dean Thomas open his mouth in horror as the box of pincushions flew straight at his face. A moment later he was sprawled on the floor covered in the small cushions with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Seamus and Neville all laughing at him as he tried to pick himself up. “Pincushions have now been relocated to Mr Thomas. Anyone who has not already got one will need to go to him.” Minerva said, her eyes going back to her work on her desk. She was amazed by the fact that it was her first day back and already she had work to do, she was beginning to regret having set homework over the summer because although it ruined the students’ summers somewhat, it also ruined her first day back. “Why the hell doesn’t it have any spikes?” Ron demanded as he looked down at his ‘hedgehog’ which looked as if he had taken a real hedgehog and removed all it’s spikes and then killed it. “Because your transfiguration is laughably poor, Mr Weasley.” Minerva said and waved her wand without looking up which caused his ‘hedgehog’ to turn back into a pincushion. Next to him, Hermione was concentrating hard on her pincushion which she successfully turned into a hedgehog, it just wasn’t alive. This was in direct contrast to Harry, who managed to bring his pincushion to life, it just wasn’t any more of a hedgehog than it was a koala. “At least yours is alive.” Neville said to Harry as his pincushion walked proudly around the table on it’s pins and examined it’s surroundings. “I have no idea how you managed to bring a pincushion to life, Mr Potter, but I suggest you change it back and start again.” Minerva said to him and he dutifully did as he was told. Minerva glanced up from her work and looked hard at Harry who was putting on an extremely good act of having trouble transfiguring his pincushion. She knew that he was acting because she had spent an hour with him whilst they had still resided at Grimmauld Place teaching him to transfigure things to life on his request. He had managed in around half an hour and the rest of the time was spent improving his method and transfiguring larger and larger things to life. She had not taught Hermione though, Minerva presumed that the girl thought she possessed enough knowledge to transfigure to life from the extensive homework which she had done. Clearly, that was not the case. “Stupid hedgehog.” Hermione muttered and a small fireball shot out of her wand at the hedgehog which Harry quickly levitated out of the way. The fireball shot forwards and Minerva extinguished it in an instant before telling them to get back on with their work. “Seriously, why can’t I make it get spikes?” Ron demanded as he looked down at his pitiful hedgehog which was still rather more dead than it should have been. Next to him Seamus leapt backwards away from his hedgehog as it grew spikes which were a foot long. Minerva glanced up to look at the bizarre creature he had made and wondered how he had managed to give it extra long spikes before waving her wand and he had a pincushion once more. Next to him Dean was struggling along with a pincushion which after many wand wavings just had lots and lots of pins sticking out of it and two things which looked as if they could be eyes on it’s face. Neville was doing better than Minerva had expected he would though, his hedgehog was actually looking something like a hedgehog should and as of yet he had not set anything on fire. The only problems were that his hedgehog wasn’t alive and it was also an interesting shade of magenta. Just as Hermione finally managed to bring her hedgehog successfully to life, a bell rang somewhere in the school and was magically amplified so that the sound filled the castle. They all instantly rose to their feet and packed their things away into their bags. Professor McGonagall shouted at them all to leave their hedgehog, pincushion or whatever else they had successfully turned it into on their desks as they filed out of the room and to their next lesson which was charms. The six Gryffindors walked along the corridor and up the stairs onto the second floor where they passed Remus who smiled slightly at them as he passed. They walked along until they reached a tapestry hanging from the wall. Harry went first and walked behind it and into the spiral staircase on the other side. “Oh no, I’m not going in there again!” Ron scowled as he realised that was the passageway which housed Sir Cadogan. “I’ll see you in charms.” He muttered and turned from the other five and walked as quickly as he could to the staircase up to the third floor. Dean raised an eyebrow at this but didn’t comment as the five remaining people quickly entered the passageway and walked up to the fifth floor and stepped out onto the corridor in which their charms lesson was situated. “Welcome to NEWT charms.” Professor Flitwick said to the class as Harry sat down in the lesson. The room was pretty full and it appeared that charms had been a popular choice with all the students as there was all the D.A. and quite a few other people present as well. “Over the next two years you will learn to charm objects, creatures and even people to a degree which you will never yet have experienced. As well as this we will be covering domestic charms which is a mandatory part of this course,” he looked pointedly at Malfoy at this point who looked as if he was about to complain about having to learn such things, “are there any questions?” He asked the group but there were none. “Today you will learn to freeze objects with a mild freezing charm. Does anyone know of any incantations for freezing charms?” Flitwick asked the group and immediately Hermione’s arm shot into the air. Harry knew the answer – he had been practicing it over and over during the summer and he had managed it, eventually, but he had never really bothered to demonstrate his small knowledge of charms to the class and instead preferred to stay quiet and let Hermione answer the questions. “Yes, Miss Granger?” “Gelotrium.” She said and Filius smiled and gave her ten points for Gryffindor. “Excellent.” Filius said to the class, “That is precisely the spell you will be learning today.” He pointed his wand at his desk and muttered the spell. A blue spell shot out of his wand and struck the desk, instantly covering it with a thin layer of ice which cause a few murmurs to pass through the class. He murmured something else and a second later all the ice was gone without a trace, leaving not so much as a small puddle on the floor. “You will be practicing on your quills.” Filius informed them. “You will have this lesson and the next to perfect the charm and in the third lesson I will test each of you on the spell.” Neville audibly groaned and sank down in his chair next to Hermione who smiled at him and assured him that he would be okay as they all took out their quills and their wands and placed the former on the table and held the latter tightly, concentrating on the feather quills before them. Filius summoned their homeworks to him during the lesson but found that he didn’t want to mark them. Instead he watched the students carefully attempting to freeze their quills mostly with little success. At the front of the class he watched as Hermione performed a near perfect freezing spell and Harry and Ron also did a moment later before all three of them attempted to thaw them out. “Incendio.” Ron muttered and his wand became like a small blowtorch as fire came from it. He pointed it at his quill and it defrosted it effectively until all the water had gone. Filius sighed as he waved his wand and turned the ashes that had been Mr Weasley’s quill a moment before back into the feathered pen. Next to Ron Harry was attempting also to defrost his quill. He had a little more luck than Ron as he used a mild heating charm which quickly caused it to thaw but he was left with a small puddle on the table which he then had to vanish. Sadly, Neville knocked into him as he passed, trying to catch his quill which had flown across the room for some mysterious reason, and Harry’s wand was knocked from where he pointed it. Filius shook his head as he looked at Harry who was sat in the front row with no desk and a puddle of water in midair for no apparent reason. He waved his wand once and the water disappeared, he waved it again and the desk reappeared and once more caused his quill to appear on top of it. “Thanks, Professor.” Harry smiled before glancing at Neville who came close to falling out of the open window trying to catch his quill which Filius quickly froze for him so that he would not follow it out of the fifth floor window. “Evanescadia.” Hermione said quietly and drew a small circle over her desk. Harry watched, intrigued as a small black hole appeared above the desk. “Wingardium Leviosa.” And a second later her quill was levitating carefully over the mysterious hole. She then used the same mild heating charm that Harry had used as she rotated her quill round, melting the water which dripped into the hole and vanished. “Evanescadia Finite.” She said when she was done and had one defrosted quill sat infront of her. She glanced up to see Harry looking thoughtful about the spell she had just used and Filius looking rather impressed. He was so impressed with her charm work that he gave her another twenty house points for Gryffindor which made her smile slightly. Her smile literally vanished a moment later as Neville attempted to freeze his quill once more and somehow vanished her mouth altogether. “Mr Weasley, please escort Miss Granger to the hospital wing for her mouth to be replaced.” Filius said calmly and Ron and Hermione got to their feet, Hermione’s hand pressed over the place where her mouth should be. “Sorry Hermione!” Neville said, looking very worried for her as she walked out of the room. She nodded and tried to smile but remembered she had no mouth and had to quickly leave the room in case she burst into tears. “Get a new set of teeth as well, Granger!” Malfoy shouted at her as she left, causing many eyes to turn upon him coldly. “Ten points from Slytherin, Mr Malfoy.” Filius said calmly before setting them some homework. Harry scrawled down his homework on a piece of parchment before packing up all his things into his bag with the same spell which Tonks had used on his trunk in his fifth year and which Remus had used with more skill before he left the Dursleys that summer. Filius smiled slightly when he noticed the spell he used but didn’t comment as he watched the sixth years leave their lesson for a short but well needed and deserved break before their lessons would resume afterwards. A/N: My chapters are catching up with me! Nooooo! So I took some time out this afternoon and wrote another one. There should be three chapters until Remus sees Harry's fifth year and a couple of chapters with quite a bit of Snape in them as well because I like him. If I don't update tomorrow then I will on Monday :o) Next chapter called Snape's Change Of Heart? which I just realised that I finished this afternoon so my chapters really have caught up. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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