I was walking through the corridors with my friends when I noticed James Potter and Sirius Black ahead of us. “Oh please don’t let him talk to me,” I sighed. “Why not, he’s the most popular guy and school, he’s cute, and he’s an amazing quidditch player, you should atleast give him a chance,” Alexandra asked me. I rolled her eyes and kept walking. I didn’t even look in James’s direction. “Evans, Evans,” James called. “I prefer not to be called by my last name,” I said stopping and turning towards him. I didn’t know why I stopped. “I’m sorry, Lily. Now how about a date,” he said. “I told you before I wouldn’t date you if it were a choice between you and the squid,” I said not moving from where I stood. “Come on why don’t you give him a chance,” Sirius said. “I mean he has settled down a bit. James glared at him. “And why should I listen to you Sirius. Half the time you’re the one that influences him.” “See, its not all his fault.” “Well I’d rather date someone who didn’t get so easily influenced by people,” I said turning away. “Lily Sirius is right, he has settled a bit,” Kaitlyn said. “Kaitlyn, save your breath I’m not going out with Potter,” I said. “Look you guys go on, I’ll meet you in the Great Hall for dinner,” without waiting for a reply I walked away. ‘Why isn’t I can’t stop thinking about him. I mean I can’t stand him’ I thought to myself. I walked to what seemed like a wall but I walked past it three times thinking really hard on a comfortable spot. Then a door appeared. I opened it and walked it. Inside was a big, comfy red and gold couch and some books. I lied down on the couch and tried to push all of the thoughts out of my head. I lied there for a few minutes when I heard the door opening I shot up. Then James Potter walked in. “I thought I’d find you here,” he said. “Just get out. If you’ve come to ask me out again you know the answer so you’re wasting your time,” I said. James sat down next to me. “Can’t you just give me a chance, I mean, how much could it hurt just to give me a chance,” he asked. “Why do you want to go out with me so bad, I mean you ask me a million times every year and I always say no. I know for a fact that there are plenty of other girls who would gladly go out with you.” “Because, they just like me because of the fact I play quidditch or because I’m popular, or because they think I’m cute. You’re different,” he said. “Wait a minute I don’t like you. Thats rediculous!” “Well maybe this will change your mind,” James said leaning in towards me. My heart beat faster and then his lips finally met mine. I started to kiss back. ‘What am I doing,” I thought. I broke away from the kiss. “Um.. I’ve gotta go, um.. I’ll uh see you later,” I said rushing towards the door. “So is that a ‘yes you’ll go out with me,’” James said with a smirk. “Um, yeah , sure, I’ll see you later,” I said and left. ‘Wait a minute did I just agree to go out with him? More importantly did I just kiss him? What was I thinking?’ I thought. Then my friends came up. “There you are Lily, its time for dinner, you ready,” Kaitlyn asked. “Huh, oh uh yeah. Lets go,” I said distractedly. “You ok,” Alexandra asked. “Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just a little hungry I guess.” Ok thats all for now hope you liked it!

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