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The Boy Who Lives Again By Harlequin Hero DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN THIS STUFF!!! IT'S NOT MINE!!! GET OFF MY CASE!!! THIS IS ALL J.K. ROWLING'S!!! SHE'S A BRITISH WOMAN!!! I'M NOT BRITISH NOR AM I A WOMAN!!! Thank you. CHAPTER 4: The Story The walk home held a tense silence. Ron never knew what to say, but even Hermione couldn’t think of the right question to ask. That’s not to say she didn’t have a lot of questions. She had a lot from the moment he hit her floor. She tried asking at first, but he turned it away. And then there was the subject of Peter Pettigrew. Peter Pettigrew was dead. He died the same night that Harry and Voldemort died. Why does Harry have to kill him? Ron just left. He muttered a good bye, which Hermione responded with a small wave and Harry didn’t respond at all. They go to Hermione’s house and Harry walked through the door and stopped. Without turning around, he said, “Ask away.” Hermione shut the door and walked around him to stand in front of him. She asked the first and most obvious question. “Where have you been?” Harry sighed. He didn’t want to recall it. “I thought I was dead. I thought I had died and gone to hell,” he said, his eyes begin to shine. Hermione sat down and Harry took a seat across from her on the couch. “I hit Voldemort with my curse and he was dying. At about that point, I let out my sigh of relief. I’d forgotten about Pettigrew.” Hermione was hanging on his every word. “I forgot he was Animagus. He had been the rat, hiding from me. He reappeared and saw his dead master. He then pulled out his wand. I was too slow. Too weak. He muttered something quickly as he approached me with his wand and the next thing I knew, the world around me was black.” Now a tear ran down his face. “Things weren’t black for long enough. Soon, they were green. The same color of the spell that haunts my dreams. The one that killed my parents.” “Where were you?” Hermione asked. She scolded herself for saying anything. He was obviously getting to that point. “Pettigrew’s spell had thrown me into what is referred to by Auror’s as a ‘space slit’. We didn’t actually think they existed. Just outlandish tales about a place that you can get lost in. Like a hell. Pettigrew threw me into one of them. The worst part was what awaited me at the other end.” He took a breath. This was getting harder for him. “Voldemort’s own personal demons. There specially waiting for me.” He didn’t want to get into detail. He gritted his teeth. “This place was designed to be my hell.” He stood up. He took off his coat and pulled off his shirt. At first, Hermione didn’t know what to think. Then she looked at the skin on his body. Scars. Everywhere, there were scars. Along his chest. His back. Everywhere. She now understood why he had the scars on his face. “The tortured you,” she said through soft sobs. He didn’t even nod in response. He just looked down. Hermione felt bad about asking him the question. He sat down and looked at an empty space on the floor. Hermione approached him and sat down next to him. He began to cry. She brought his head down onto her shoulder and held him. As soon as his sobbing stopped, Hermione decided she had to know one more thing. Without letting him go, she asked, “What about Pettigrew?” Harry tensed. She felt anger building up in him. “He sent himself there with me. Intentionally. He wanted to make sure the job was done right. He did too good a job. He left that hell a month ago. Figured I could just suffer and die down there.” Harry sat up. “Well I’m back, and there’s hell to pay.” Hermione stood. “How did you get back?” Harry looked at her. “I don’t know. Somehow I was sucked out and flew through blackness. Then I’m dusting myself off on your living room floor.” Hermione just stared at him. “How can I help you?” Harry shook his head. “I don’t want you involved in this.” She cut him off quickly. “He hurt you. I now have my own personal vendetta with Pettigrew.” Harry stared at her, his eyes soft, like she remembered them. She stared back. “Why did you kiss me? Before you left and when you got here.” She already knew the logical answer. She just wanted to hear it from him. Harry looked deep into her eyes. “I love you.” She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He responded automatically. He pulled her closer as the kiss became more passionate. Soon, he pulled away softly. “I need a place to stay.” She looked at him and looked at the couch. He looked at the couch too. “I have to sleep on the couch?” he asked, a little disappointed. She grinned at him. “There’s not enough room on my bed for you… yet.” He sat back down. “Home sweet couch,” he said. She looked at the time. It was getting late. She yawned. He looked up at her. “Good night.” She looked at his scars. She loved Harry too much to let Pettigrew get away with this. “I love you,” she said softly. Harry nodded. He relaxed on the couch. “Sure you don’t want to stay. Maybe there’s room for two on this couch.” She laughed and rolled her eyes. “You’re impossible,” she said. “I love you,” he stated. “I love you too,” she responded. “Good night. I’ll be all alone. Here on the couch.” She smiled. “That’s where you’re staying for the night. So get comfortable. With that, she walked to her bedroom. She took one last look at him before closing her door. (A/N: I hope that cleared some things up for ya’ll. HOPEFULLY, you will all remain satisfied with what I have here. Until later, keep reading and peace out!)

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