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The Boy Who Lives Again By Harlequin Hero DISCLAIMER: (Figured I better throw one in for ignorant people) I DON'T OWN THIS STUFF!!! IT'S NOT MINE!!! GET OFF MY CASE!!! THIS IS ALL J.K. ROWLING'S!!! SHE'S A BRITISH WOMAN!!! I'M NOT BRITISH NOR AM I A WOMAN!!! Thank you. CHAPTER 2: The Reunion So many questions ran through Hermione's mind. Where has he been? How is he here? WHY is he here? She opened her mouth to speak and could say nothing. A tear came to one of those eyes as he said, "Hermione." Again, she wanted to speak and couldn't. She didn't have to. He bounded across the room, grabbed her in his arms and pulled her into a kiss. To say the least, this caught Hermione off guard. Almost instantly, though, she relaxed and wrapped her arms around him, returning the kiss with equal passion. He pulled away and looked at her face, memorizing every little detail about it and running it through his mind. He started laughing happily. "It's really you!" he exclaimed. With that, he pulled her into another kiss. When this one was over, Hermione finally thought of something to say. "Hi." Harry's smile faded as he looked at her. Hermione cursed herself. Hi? HI?! As she continued to scold herself for her poor choice of words, his smile returned in the form of a laugh. "I NEVER thought I'd see the day you couldn't think of anything to say!" he shouted. She did something she hadn't sincerely done in a year: She smiled. "It's you!" she exclaimed, diving into his arms and hugging him. "I'd sure hope so," Harry said, "or else I'm totally confused." She looked at his face, letting out a small laugh while tears came down her face. "It's really you," she said. Harry nodded, beaming at her. "But how..." she began to ask. He put his hand over her mouth and shook his head. "I don't want to talk about it." He removed his hand and she automatically said, "But you were d..." The hand was back. "Not now. And this is definitely the Hermione I remember." She muffled a response through his hand. He removed it. "What was that?" he asked. "I said that you stink, you're absolutely filthy, and I doubt you've finished that Potions essay that was due 5 years ago." He laughed. Hermione couldn't believe it. Not more than 15 minutes earlier, she thought this man was dead. And here was, showing off his wonderful smile. "I know that recently deceased men don't usually come into your house and ask to use your shower, but can I use your shower?" he asked. Hermione smiled. Harry loved that smile. "I'd be rather upset if you didn't take a shower soon," she responded. He walked off to where he could remember there was a bathroom. As he stepped in, he peaked his head out the door. "Hermione?" She turned to him. "Yes?" "It's nice to see you." This was not the smiling dialogue of earlier. This was deep from the heart. She grinned. "It's wonderful to see you." He smiled and shut the door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ron stood outside of Hermione's door. He'd knocked a few times now. He was getting worried. The door opened and Hermione glanced at him. She seemed to be in a dreamy state. "I came to check on you," Ron said. "I was worried when the phone disconnected. At first, I thought I broke it. Then I tried calling over and over again and it wouldn't work. So I apparated over here." He looked inside and saw a floor covered in soot. "What happened here?" Hermione motioned him in. As she was about to say something, the bathroom door and a man that Ron had given hope on ever seeing again showed up and stopped when he saw Ron. "Bloody HELL!" Ron exclaimed. He then fainted. Harry watched him fall to the floor. He looked up at Hermione. "I would have expected THAT out of YOU." Harry was wet and clean and... back in his dirty clothes. Hermione looked at him questionably. Harry looked back. What? he asked her with his expression. He looked down. He grabbed his shirt. "This? It's all I've got." She just stared. He stared back. "FINE! I'll go get new clothes. But you can't make me brush my hair!" (A/N MORE REVIEWS PLEEEEEEEEEASE! Another relatively short chapter. I'll make em longer soon enough. Review!)

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