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The Boy Who Lives Again By Harlequin Hero CHAPTER 1: The Return Hermione Granger cried every day for a year. How couldn't she? He'd died. He was her best friend, and maybe even something more. She remembered the day he'd left: "The prophecy has to be completed," he tried to explain. As usual, Hermione wasn't taking it well. "Why do you have to go now? Why not next week? Or next month? Year? Do you have to go at all?" Harry had to smile. The smile didn't last long. A tear slipped down her face. Switching back to serious mode, Harry said, "We know where he is. It's now or possibly never. He's killed too many people. I'm the only one that can stop him." More tears. He reached up to her face and wiped some of them away. He pulled her into a hug. "You better not die," she sobbed. "I'll come back," he whispered. He pulled back only slightly and looked her in the face. He then did the unexpected. He kissed her. Soft. Simple. Caring. He pulled back and smiled. "I'll come back." With that he left. That was the last Hermione saw of Harry James Potter. That had been a year ago, on that very day. A week later, it was on the news everywhere. The Infamous Lord Voldemort was finally brought down by Harry James Potter, who unfortunatly also lost his life. Hermione eventually learned how to hide her depression. She'd smile and go about her normal life like everyone else. In her home, however, she'd cry. It wasn't fair. How could he leave her? It was like a broken promise. Her phone ringing broke her chain of thought. She picked it up. "Hello?" she inquired. "Guess who!" a familiar voice said. She smiled. "Finally got one, Ron?" She'd spent the last month phone-training Ron. She couldn't adjust to the floo way of communication, so she stuck to muggle customs. She dragged Ron down with her. "This things amazing!" he said. He was still talking to loud. At least he wasn't shouting. "I suppose their alright," Hermione giggled, hiding her depressing mood. At least she thought she was hiding it. Ron, even over the phone, could see through her disquise. "It was a year ago, wasn't it?" Hermione instantly dropped in mood. "Do you mean when he left or when he died?" "I know it's hard, Hermione. He was my best friend too?" He was so much more to me, she wanted to shout. She didn't. "I just wish so much that he were here right now," she said shakily. "I know what you mean," Ron responded. Hermione didn't say anything. She just thought. His face. His voice. His kiss... The phone cut off all of the sudden. Her lights started to flicker. "Ron..." she said into the phone. Nothing. The lights were now actually out and her fireplace emitted a green flame. Scared she covered her eyes. She heard something come out of the fireplace and all of the lights returned to normal. She opened her eyes and looked at the man dusting himself off. "Harry?" she said, not believing it could be him. The man turned to her. Emerald green eyes. Jet black hair, though it was much longer than she remembered it. And that face. Scarred and dirty, but the same face. Harry Potter smiled at her for the first time in a year. (A/N Review if you love me as much as I hope you do.)

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