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“Right, you all ready?” Mad Eye asked and the group nodded. “In you go then, you have five minutes until we come looking for you.” Harry, Hermione, Ron, George and Fred all ran into the garden. Time had flown by over the last couple of weeks and now Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were all getting ready to go back to Hogwarts. Fred and George were doing brilliantly with their joke shop and the fact that Ron had new clothes was evidently because of this. The teachers living in the house were busier than ever getting things ready for the next year but some of them had spared part of their morning to chase the younger ones around the garden, attempting to stun them. Minerva, Tonks, Filius, Remus, Mad Eye and Bill watched the six other people race into the garden before them. “So, how long do you think they’ll last?” Mad Eye asked them. “A while.” Minerva said with a slight smile. “So you think we’re going to win then?” Remus grinned. “What are the chances of three teachers, two aurors and Bill being outsmarted by five children?” Mad Eye asked him and Bill scowled slightly at being singled out. “We already outnumber them.” The new idea was that they were to work in teams as Kingsley had mentioned some time ago. It was the young against the old (although Remus was highly offended at being on the side of the ‘old’) in the garden and although Harry, Ron and Hermione had all greatly improved on their duelling in the past month, they were still no match for their opponents. As well as that they knew that they were likely to be caught out with some bizarre scheme of Mad Eye’s. “I can’t believe how quickly the holidays have gone.” Bill said, sounding quite disappointed as he was due back at work for Gringotts during the next week. Things were definitely much more exciting and interesting when they were all together in one large house. “I know, school tomorrow.” Minerva sighed. “Ready to go back, Remus?” She asked him and he looked slightly hesitant. “I’m not sure… the closer school gets the more I don’t want to go back.” He said quietly. That was true in many respects and he was quite afraid of what kind of treatment he was likely to get from the students now that they all knew what he was. Still, he supposed he would be close to Harry and to Filius and Minerva as well. He glanced across over the garden and an image of the maze in the Triwizard Tournament flashed into his mind but he pushed it away; he shouldn’t think about that, once he started he wouldn’t be able to stop. “You’ll be fine.” Filius said to him, “Any hassle from the Slytherins and you can put them all in detention with Minerva.” “Thanks, Filius.” Minerva muttered. “Right, we’re off in then!” Mad Eye said and a shrill whistle filled the garden, alerting the young ones that they were entering. Minerva glanced up at the house and saw that Severus was watching them out of the window. He was much more recovered now and was fully able to leave his room; he just chose to spend a lot of his time in his own company. It was evident that he was much better than before though, and for the past few days he had yelled at Ron each time he walked past the door, just because he had regained the full power of his lungs. He had wanted to take part in the goings on outside, just so that he could have been part of the team to put Potter in his place. Sadly he didn’t think his health that much recovered yet so that he could go running around the garden with many of his contemporaries. Instead he watched with something close to amusement as the elders walked into the garden. Severus felt it was a shame that he couldn’t take part in the activity; it was the last one that they would have for what could be a very long time. It was the 31st of August that day, and the morning would bring chaos around the house as everyone attempted to leave and get to the train station on time. He would miss the house though: the chaos which almost always ensued when the twins were about, the mindless conversations, Potter attempting to discover Mad Eye’s age, Tonks and those god awful holes in her body. It was like being part of a large and completely insane family. Not that Severus was becoming attached to those he lived with, most certainly not! As if he cared what happened to Potter and Lupin and all their stupid friends. He wanted Potter alive to kill the Dark Lord and that was all, otherwise he would have poisoned him himself many years ago. But it brought back awful memories when his mind so much as touched on the Dark Lord. He felt a slight shudder pass through him as he thought of the events which had occurred less than a fortnight ago. He had been summoned to Voldemort for what he assumed was a routine meeting. However, Voldemort had finally realised just what his role was in the Order and had subjected him to torture. Severus had feared that his time was up, but he had been left to die just on the very outside of Azkaban. Voldemort had wanted one of the Order to turn up and find him but none did. He thought at one point he had seen Tonks but he must clearly have been mistaken. He had closed his eyes and had prepared himself to die. Then, to his utmost surprise, he had awoken alive the next morning. He didn’t have even the power in him enough to rise from the floor, but he didn’t need to rise, he needed to Apparate. He had found the broken pieces of his wand in his pocket and taking a big risk, he used the pieces to summon a branch from a nearby tree to him. The last of his energy went into turning it into a Portkey. He held onto it gratefully as he felt the familiar tug of a portkey and he remembered nothing more. Severus shook his head, trying to keep such thoughts from his mind, and instead watched Potter’s interesting tactics against those older and infinitely more experienced than he. “Are you ready?” Harry asked the other four people who stood around him. They nodded. “We only get one shot at this and we want to win.” There was a murmur of agreement until Hermione silenced them all. “They’re over there.” She muttered, spotting Remus over one of the hedges. “Let’s go.” Harry grinned and a moment later they had all vanished from the spot they had been on a second earlier. “Where the hell are they?” Filius asked and Mad Eye shrugged. He had taken his magical eye out at the request of the twins, who had said quite vehemently that it was completely unfair for him to be able to use it. “We’ve been looking for quite some time now and we’ve not come any closer to finding them than we have to kicking Sybil Trelawney in the face.” Minerva said and Remus grinned. Most of her comparisons for the last few days had involved some act of violence against Sybil. Everyone’s guess was that it was due to their returning to school soon. “There.” Filius said suddenly and they glanced ahead to see Harry cautiously walking into the centre of the maze. Mad Eye watched him with interest but felt that there was something not quite right about this. Harry froze when he saw them and then turned to run. “After him!” Severus couldn’t hide a smile as he watched out of his bedroom window as Potter sprinted around the garden, Minerva, Remus, Filius, Bill, Tonks and Mad Eye on his trail in that order. Hermione watched as they sprinted past her. “Stupefy.” She muttered, her wand pointed at Tonks, who fell over unconscious and Mad Eye proceeded to fall over her. “Stupefy.” She muttered again and Mad Eye was unconscious also. Hermione couldn’t hide her glee as she vanished the two of them onto the steps leading out from the back door. “Unbelievable.” Severus muttered upstairs. “I quite agree.” Dumbledore said beside him as he glanced out of the window and watched the four remaining people running after Harry. “Headmaster!” Severus said, feeling quite shocked by his sudden appearance. “Good to see you so recovered.” Albus said to him with a smile. “Although it looks like your days as a spy for the Order are numbered.” “Pity.” Severus muttered and glanced out of the window once more. “Bloody hell!” Harry gasped as he raced into the garden, knowing that Minerva, Remus, Filius and Bill ran after him still. A grin split Ron’s face as he shot a quick stunner at Bill, who crumpled to the ground and he vanished him quickly so that none of the others would notice. “I cannot believe this.” Mad Eye growled as he watched the remaining three people on their team running after Harry around the garden still. “Ennervate.” He said, his wand pointed at Bill who had just appeared in their midst. “Depressing, huh?” Tonks asked him as she glanced down into the garden to see Harry running as fast as he could and trying to lose Minerva, Remus and Filius who weren’t going to be lost that easily. Harry raced around the side of one of the hedges and Remus, Minerva and Remus cut round using a shortcut trying to beat him to wherever it was he was running to. Harry quickly noticed this and turned around, sprinting back through the garden to Fred and George who were in hiding some way back. “Brilliant Harry!” Whispered the twins, sounding very impressed. “Now there are only three of them left.” Fred said “At least Mad Eye’s out.” George said. “True.” Harry agreed. “Come on, we don’t want to stay here.” The three of them started to move, Harry walking at the front and Fred and George following behind. “I cannot believe we fell for that!” Minerva muttered to Remus and Filius as they slowly made their way along the outside of the garden. “There are only three of us left now.” Filius sighed, glancing up at the steps where Tonks, Mad Eye and Bill were sat watching them with interest. “We could have done with Mad Eye as well.” Remus said, feeling quite irritated that they were now losing but pleased as well; he knew that all this had been the workings of Harry’s mind and most likely no one else’s, after all, who else would be mad enough to put themself in as a decoy? “So what now?” Filius asked them. “We find them and stun them.” Minerva said confidently. “That was our plan before, remember?” Remus said to her and she scowled slightly. “I think we may need a new plan.” Filius said. “Well… maybe we should split up.” Minerva said thoughtfully and Remus raised an eyebrow. “But if they pick us off one by one then we’re rather buggered.” Remus said, “Sorry.” He apologised to Minerva for his mild language who shot him a stern look. “We shouldn’t be hiding from them here, they’re children!” Minerva said. “Very true.” Filius said. “But there are more of them than us.” Remus said, “And they seem to have a vague idea as to what they’re doing…” “I take it this was Harry’s idea…” Albus said to Severus up in his room. “Most likely. As if any of the others have enough brains to make up such a ridiculous plan together anyway.” Severus said coolly, not taking his eyes away from the window to see Dumbledore watching him with his laughing eyes. “You know as well as I do that was a rather good plan, Severus.” Albus smiled and glanced back down at the figures in the garden. “Right… Ron, Hermione – go around that side of the garden.” Harry said, pointing to his left. “Fred and George – you two go that way.” He pointed to his right, “And I’ll stay on the middle. We’re going to find them sooner or later.” “And what if they’re all together?” Hermione asked him. “Then you run away as fast as you can and find someone else to help you.” Harry said to her. Everyone nodded and a second later Harry found himself walking slowly through the centre of the garden, warily walking amongst the hedge snakes as he listened out for any footsteps or any sounds at all that were made by his enemy. “Splitting up was a little unwise, wasn’t it?” Filius asked Harry, as he appeared infront of him. Harry glanced around quickly and saw that Minerva had blocked the way out behind him and Remus was blocking the other exit to his left, making him rather trapped in the middle of the garden and highly likely to be hexed. “Stupefy!” Filius said and a red jet of light shot at Harry, who leapt out of the way and it skimmed past Remus who had jumped out of its path just in time. “Stupefy!” George yelled from behind Filius and a second later he dropped to the floor and was vanished away. “Stupefy!” The cry echoed through the garden as Ron attempted to attack Minerva but she was much too quick for him and he appeared on the garden steps a minute later, not looking particularly pleased with himself. This was all the time it had taken for Harry to get into hiding in the garden and watch Remus through a small gap in the hedging. “What now?” Fred asked from behind him, almost giving Harry a heart attack. “Right… you two go after McGonagall and me and Hermione’ll follow Remus.” Harry said and everyone nodded silently. It struck him as rather eerie that they all just obeyed his commands but he didn’t question it as he watched Fred and George disappear into the garden. “Come on, let’s get this over with.” Hermione muttered to Harry and the two of them slowly walked through the garden after Remus who had been separated from Minerva. Remus didn’t like the fact that he was now alone and matching his wits against Harry’s. The fact of the matter appeared to be that Harry was a lot more intelligent when it came to plotting out unusual and unexpected ways to capture people than he had given him credit for, than anyone had given him credit for. A rustling noise on the other side of the hedges to the side instantly alerted him to the fact that someone was slowly and almost silently walking along at the side of him. Knowing that it was probably Harry he raised his wand and sent a stunner straight through the hedge. Someone cried out on the other side but it wasn’t Harry. He walked slowly over to the hole and saw Hermione lying on the floor, unconscious from his stunner. He half stepped through the hole to help her and then “Stupefy!” Someone cried on the other side of the hedge and he leapt backwards, just as a stunner skimmed past him. Remus knew if he had gone through the hedge any faster he would have been knocked out by then. Irritated with his hastiness when attempting to stun Remus, Harry quickly vanished Hermione and stepped through the hedge. “Aha, we meet again Harry.” Remus grinned at him. “Stupefy!” Harry leapt out of the way as the stunner streaked past him and made another hole in the hedge. “Impedimenta!” The spell hit him and Remus felt himself slowing down as the spell’s effects took a hold of him. “Gelotrium!” The blue spell shot forwards towards Remus but he was not so slow that he allowed the spell to hit him. “Protegium!” And the spell bounced back towards Harry who leapt out of it’s way and it froze a hole through the weak hedge and hit Fred on the other side. George cried out at seeing his twin suddenly frozen and Minerva, who they had been following span around and stunned him. “It would appear you are a little outnumbered.” Minerva said to Harry as she walked through the other side of the hedge. “Stupefy.” Remus said and Harry glanced around wearily to see the bolt of red light, just in time before it struck him and he, in turn, struck the ground. “I think we did rather well there.” Minerva said to Remus as she vanished Harry to the steps and the two of them made their way back through the garden. “Aw, Harry!” George said when he awoke on the steps a second later. “We almost won!” “Almost.” Mad Eye grinned as Minerva and Remus arrived on the scene. “That was a dirty trick!” Tonks scowled at them, “Making us chase you like that.” “What was wrong with it?” Harry asked her, “We got you, didn’t we?” “Exactly.” She muttered and stuck her tongue out at him. “I thought it was rather a good tactic.” Remus said mildly as they all re-entered the house. “As did I.” Mad Eye said, “Not a good idea to use yourself as the decoy though.” “Very impressive, nonetheless.” Minerva said to him, “Catching half of us out with one tactic. You appear to have learnt a lot, Harry.” “And what makes you think it was all Harry’s doing?” Ron demanded of them and Mad Eye, Minerva, Remus, Tonks, Bill and Filius all looked slightly uneasy for a moment. “Oh shut up, Ron!” Hermione said to him, “It was all Harry’s idea!” Ron scowled at them all before shooting a nasty look in Harry’s direction as he attempted to march huffily out of the room. Unfortunately for him he marched straight into the open door and staggered backwards to show everyone stood behind him the red line down his forehead from it. “What are you looking at?! HUH?!” He shouted at them before successfully marching out of the room and up the stairs. Harry was left standing quite shocked at his friend’s behaviour in the kitchen. “Don’t let him bother you, Harry.” Hermione said to him. “Yeah, he’s just jealous that you’re better than him, that’s all.” George said, taking Harry by surprise, owing to the fact that he was Ron’s brother. “Mind you, Harry’s always been better than him and he never really minded before.” Fred said offhandedly. “Unless you count those major arguments during the Triwizard Tournament, of course.” George pointed out. “Oh yeah…” Fred grinned. “Blood of the enemy… forcibly taken… you will resurrect your foe!” Wormtail’s shaky voice, punctuated with sobs broke thought Remus’ barrier against all thought of Harry’s past and in his mind he could see Harry tied to the tombstone and the large stone cauldron as clearly as if he were back in the pensieve again. A slight shudder passed through him as he tore his thoughts from Harry’s past into his present.
“Dinner’s ready!” Molly called from the kitchen and her voice echoed though the house. For a moment there was silence and then the door of the lounge was thrown open to reveal Fred, George and Charlie all fighting in the doorway until Bill barged past them all and the four of them scrambled into the kitchen. Harry and Hermione came running quickly down the stairs, quickly followed by Ron and Ginny, who had spent their afternoon away from Harry and Hermione. Mad Eye, Tonks, Remus and Minerva walked out of the lounge after the Weasley boys had fought their way through the door at once and then came Severus and Albus with Kingsley and Filius. “My last dinner not punctuated with death omens.” Minerva sighed as her mind wandered to Sybil who was probably predicting Harry’s death somewhere in Hogwarts as she thought of her. She sat down at the end of the table between Remus and Severus whilst Mad Eye, Filius and Harry sat opposite her, Hermione on Harry’s left side. She glanced across the table at Ron who was scowling darkly in Harry’s direction, waiting for him to turn around and look at him but it didn’t look like he was going to. “Since this is our last dinner altogether I thought I would make something nice for you all.” Molly said. “Brilliant Mum!” “Thank you, Molly.” “Thanks Mrs Weasley.” “Cheers Ma!” “I suggest we all tuck in then.” Dumbledore smiled at the end of the table next to Severus and Filius and everyone dutifully complied. Molly and Dobby appeared to have made everything you could ever want to eat and it was all spread out over one very large table around which around fifteen hungry people sat, taking as much food as they desired. Remus watched Harry critically as he took a little food and put it on his plate, arranging it so that it appeared that he had a lot of food but really did not. Remus also knew from past experience that Harry would likely as not leave quite a lot of it and then claim to be full towards the end of the meal after eating relatively little. “You better actually eat today, Harry.” Remus said across the table to him who looked innocently confused by his words but didn’t comment. “I always eat, Remus.” Harry said, raising an eyebrow. “You eat, but not enough.” Minerva commented and it became apparent to Harry that not just Remus and Molly had been noticing his eating patterns. “But you must eat, Mr Potter.” Snape said coolly, “For the sake of the very world you must!” Harry shot him a cold look before helping himself to more roast potatoes. Glancing up he saw that Remus was no longer watching him but taking some broccoli from the bowl which floated past him. How he could eat broccoli by his own choosing, Harry just didn’t know. “So, have you managed to apparate or become an Animagus yet, Harry?” Dumbledore asked him. “I can apparate a bit.” Harry replied, “But I can’t see myself becoming an Animagus soon, if ever.” “I’m sure you’ll manage.” Dumbledore said, “Perseverance is the key.” “But being under possession of a brain would also help.” Severus muttered and Remus unsubtly flicked a carrot at him which smacked him on the side of the head. Minerva attempted to cast him a cool look but she ended up half laughing instead. “I think that we should see if the three of you can apparate to the Leaky Cauldron and back tonight.” Mad Eye said, eager to see whether or not his student was the better of the three at apparition. Next to him Snape also looked quite interested to see if Harry was the best of the three, considering that he had put money on him, no one was particularly surprised at this. “Alright then, but not too late.” Minerva said and Harry and Hermione nodded in assent. “So what animal is it that you are to become, Miss Granger?” Dumbledore asked her and she glanced up at him to reply. “A black Kneazle, Professor.” She replied and Dumbledore thought for a moment, nodding as he did so. “Yes, I can quite understand why.” He said cryptically, causing those sat near him to look at him, awaiting an end to that explanation but none came. Remus shrugged his shoulders at Harry who looked reasonably puzzled by this but all went back to the task at hand: eating the magnificent feast before them. “Good Lord, is that a hole in Miss Tonks’ tongue?” Dumbledore asked at the other end of the table and Severus told him that it was. “I still don’t understand why she had that done.” Minerva said. “Nor do I.” Filius said. “Are we all ready to go back to Hogwarts tomorrow?” Dumbledore asked, changing the conversation away from holes people willingly made in themselves as he helped himself to more pork. “Yes, I suppose so.” Severus said, although he didn’t sound particularly pleased at going. “More first years that can’t turn matches into needles – fantastic.” Minerva muttered and everyone smiled. “What about you, Remus?” Albus asked him, fixing him with his usual bright eyes. Remus made a sort of noncommittal noise by means of a reply and Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. “Everything will be fine,” He assured him. “It’s only the Slytherins who’ll care.” Harry said and Snape glared at him across the table. “Don’t glare at me, this is your fault. If you hadn’t gone blabbing to the Slytherins saying he was a werewolf then this wouldn’t have happened, just because you lost the Order of Merlin for the capture of Sirius Black the infamous mass murderer didn’t mean that you could take it out on everyone else.” Harry snapped at him and for a moment Snape looked surprised and there was silence at their end of the table whilst they waited for Snape to make some kind of response to this but he didn’t appear to want to do so. Harry daringly glanced up from his food and looked across the table at Severus who was stabbing at his chicken on his plate, imagining it to have Potter’s stupid face on it. Harry raised an eyebrow slightly and glanced around, his eyes met those of Dumbledore who winked at him and Harry couldn’t resist a slight smile in return. He glanced at Minerva who was silently trying not to laugh as she looked down at the toad in the hole on her plate and next to her Remus glanced up at him and grinned. “You shouldn’t have done that, Harry.” Hermione muttered next to him, “He’ll have his revenge.” “All beware the terrible vengeance of Snape.” Harry muttered in return and Hermione grinned although Harry must have been louder than he thought because Snape was scowling darkly at him and Minerva suddenly burst out laughing. “You appear to have forgotten that you will be in my potions class, Potter.” Snape spat, “And things will not be easy.” “Do you suggest that you will be against Harry more so than any other student?” Remus asked him, “Because that’s not very fair, is it?” “Excellent dinner, Molly.” Dumbledore called down to the other end of the table, choosing to ignore the argument which was arising around him completely. After the sumptuous dinner came a sumptuous field of desserts, spread out across the table. “More food!” George yelled in delight and Molly whacked him around the head with her spoon to shut him up. Then after the dessert came the apparition contest. Harry, Ron and Hermione all stood in the kitchen together with Mad Eye, Fred, George and Charlie – their apparition mentors. “You have to apparate to the Leaky Cauldron and back, where Minerva, Filius and Remus are currently stationed and then return, without splinching yourself and without ending up somewhere completely different altogether.” Mad Eye said. The three of them nodded. “Go!” Harry, Ron and Hermione disappeared with a joint crack, which echoed throughout the kitchen. Harry staggered slightly as he appeared in the Leaky Cauldron next to Filius. “Excellent, Harry!” He said to the boy, “Now back to Grimmauld Place!” Hermione fell forwards onto the floor as she apparated into Diagon Alley. “Hard luck, Hermione,” Bill said as he helped her up, “Better luck next time!” Hermione inwardly cursed herself as she apparated back to Grimmauld Place. “Well done, Mr Weasley.” Minerva said to him in the Leaky Cauldron, “Now see if you can get back to Grimmauld Place.” There was a crack in the kitchen as Remus, Filius, Minerva and Harry appeared in the room as one and although Harry landed on the floor, he got up to see Mad Eye and Snape smiling. Another crack followed and Hermione landed in the room with more grace than Harry, although she had not made it to the Leaky Cauldron and then came Bill. “So where’s Ron?” Fred asked. There was a crack outside in the garden and a second later Ron opened the backdoor and walked in, cheeks ablaze. “Well?” Snape asked. “Harry and Ron made it to the Leaky Cauldron.” Filius said. “Hermione ended up outside.” Bill grinned and Hermione blushed at this. “And since Weasley ended up in the garden then that looks like Potter managed it first.” Snape said. “Looks like you owe me ten galleons Shacklebolt.” Kingsley cursed under his breath as he paid Severus the money which Snape pocketed with something close to a grin. There was quite a lot of exchanging of money which had Harry, Ron and Hermione watching with displeasure on their faces before they left the room and went to sit down in the lounge. They were soon joined by everyone else as they all sat down and talked about their holiday that year. It seemed almost as if everyone had enjoyed it to the point where they didn’t want to go back to the bustling buildings where they would have to learn or teach. “Now that we’re going back tomorrow I don’t really want to go.” Hermione said. “Yeah, I don’t want you all to go either.” Fred said, “It’ll be dead boring with all you at school again.” “Let’s just hope we have a nice event-free year.” Harry said. “I most sincerely hope so.” Minerva said to him, “After all, you’ll have enough to worry about with NEWT classes without any bizarre happenings and dangerous adventures.” “That added to the fact that you have to save the world, of course.” Severus said to Harry, although his voice seemed to be lacking it’s usual sneering tone. “There’s nothing planned for this year at school, right?” Ron asked. “Yeah, no killer tournaments.” Harry said and Remus fought back the images that threatened to invade his mind successfully. “No High Inquisitors.” Hermione said. “Or an Inquisitorial Squad.” Ginny added. “Or the hiding of highly valuable items somewhere in the school.” Fred grinned. “And with no more divination then you won’t be watching your back every minute.” Hermione said to Harry. “Not that it wouldn’t hurt to do so.” Mad Eye added. “And with no innocent mass murderers on the loose you have nothing to worry about!” George said. “Yeah, except that whole prophecy thing…” Ron said and quite a number of people scowled at him. “So basically all you have to worry about is being assassinated by Voldemort and all his followers.” Tonks smiled brightly. “Just like every other year.” Dumbledore said. “Not forgetting that it is your job to ensure that Gryffindor not only has an excellent Quidditch team but that they also beat Slytherin.” Minerva said and then glancing at Filius she added, “And everyone else, of course.” “As if they’re going to beat Slytherin!” Snape argued. “Please! From what I’ve heard Malfoy’s getting the biggest people he can and seeing if they can fly! How is that a good Quidditch team!?” Filius said and everyone but Snape grinned; it was clear that he would be having words with Mr Malfoy. Remus leant back against the corner of the sofa. He had Harry leant against the side of him and it felt nice for the summer to be drawing to a close with them all just sat around in the lounge laughing and talking about nothing in particular whilst the night wore on. He didn’t know how often he would be able to be alone with only the people whose company he enjoyed the most when they were back at school so he just simply enjoyed the atmosphere of general happiness and friendliness, despite Snape’s occasional comments and arguments with Minerva, but that was all part of their bizarre ‘family’. Considering the way Harry’s other years had been he could see things easily turning out badly for them both but at the moment everything seemed so far from the chamber of secrets, the Triwizard tournament or the department of mysteries and there was nothing hidden in the school and no mass murderers on the loose and after Harry… What on earth could possibly happen this year? A/N: They're finally going back to school, three cheers! Anyway... I was wondering about who you reckon should be on the Gryffindor Quidditch team this year. A few OCs? Dean, Seamus? I have no idea who I'm going to have yet and a few suggestions would be nice since when I asked about the whole animagi thing I got a lot of unexpected and previously unconsidered suggestions. Thanks for reading a ridiculously large 19 chapters before they so much as go anywhere near King's Cross. Next chapter coming on Tuesday, I think :o) Oh yeah, and before I forget. I've stopped emailing people when I update since if you put the story on your favourites then you get an email saying 'Your favourite story has been updated...' or at least I get emails like that anyway. And away I go to write chapter twenty three!

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