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Chapter 29 The Moral Law of Cause and Effect Alright, I know this chapter is somewhat shorter than my last few, but I felt that this particular occurrence deserved it’s own little space. Even though this chapter is only like 4,000 words or something along those lines, it took me about as long to write as a 10,000+ word chapter…hope it can live up to expectations, thanks for all the reviews, keep them coming. So I’m going to answer a few general questions that I have been receiving a lot of lately. 1. This is not the last chapter, there is still more to go…remember there is still around three months until Harry graduates. No, I do not know when the last chapter will be, I plan this all out as I go…I am as daft to the ending as all of you. 2. We will see Brooke and Neville shortly. 3. As far as a sequel is concerned I have not officially made up my mind on if I want to continue. I have about five plots plaguing me at the moment, and they refuse to leave me be, so I may be forced to toy around with them, before I contemplate writing a sequel, maybe not. Some of these plots are…Harry is transported into an alternate universe where he and Voldemort both disappeared that fateful Halloween night, leaving everyone to believe he was dead….A lily and James fic, only the idea I’m toying with has a slightly darker edge to it, which involves a very unhappy James (I’m tired of it always being Lily who needs saving)…Harry develops a terminal disease, his struggles with that…a super power fic…or a sequel, so as you can see I have quite a bit of creative juices clouding my senses at the moment. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * “Shhh, hush up now you’ll wake him, he needs his rest.” “You’re the one who was talking.” “Would you both shut up, I think he’s waking up now.” Harry cracked one eye open, immediately noticing that Ginny was no longer with him, but he heard someone elses voices. Slowly he reached one hand up to rub the sleep out of his eyes, his vision blurry…someone must have removed his contacts. He blinked a few times trying to clear his vision, before someone slipped his old glasses back onto his face, he could feel his eyes widening as he met the gaze of…his father. “You know I always hated mine,” Said James pointing to his own glasses on his face. “Dad?” Harry whispered. “It’s me,” Said James laughing lightly, “It’s me.” “How?” He mumbled. “There’s time for the hows later, right now I’m just glad you’re okay, how you feeling?” James asked, surveying Harry over his glasses. “I thought I was dreaming,” Said Harry still in awe. “It’s okay honey,” Said a soothing voice from Harry’s other side, he felt his eyes grow wide again as he looked into the eyes of his mother, the same piercing green as his own. “Mum?” He asked in a low whisper, wanting to confirm that she too was real. “It’s me Harry, do you need anything?” She asked, surveying him with a critical eye, “You’re looking a bit peaky.” Harry couldn’t help but laugh at this, she sounded just like Mrs. Weasley. “What?” She asked, not knowing why her son had started laughing. “You just reminded me of a friend.” He said quietly. “So I wasn’t dreaming then?” He said one more time, looking straight ahead, a bit startled to see the smiling face of his godfather. “Nope, you weren’t dreaming.” Said Sirius still grinning broadly. “It feels like I am,” Said Harry, smiling back, before his expression turned pained, and he lowered his head to look into his lap, curling his knees up against his chest. “You okay?” Asked James, putting a hand on Harry’s shoulder, which Harry quickly shrugged off. “I’m sorry,” Said Harry quietly. “What did you say sweetie?” asked Lily. “I’m sorry,” Harry repeated a little louder. “Why?” Asked Sirius knitting his eyebrows together in confusion. “In fifth year, when you fell…if I hadn’t been so stupid then you wouldn’t have fallen, it’s my fault.” He said not looking into his godfathers face. “And then when Voldemort came when I was a baby it was my fault for what happened to you guys,” He said looking at the frowning faces of his parents. “No Harry,” Said Sirius coming to sit next to his godson. “Look at me.” He ordered. Slowly Harry lifted his head off his knees just enough to look at Sirius. “This was all planned, I knew it was going to happen, it was all staged. If I hadn’t of gone through the veil nothing would have worked out.” Sirius insisted. “Same with us, we staged it all too.” Said James, with Lily nodding her head fervently from his other side. “Really?” Harry asked disbelievingly. “Really.” Sirius confirmed, “Now no more feeling guilty for stuff you didn’t do, okay?” “Okay,” Said Harry smiling again, “You have no idea…” He started to say looking around at the people he loved the most, but thought he had lost forever, but found he couldn’t finish. “We know, and believe me we feel the same way.” James said, smiling brightly at his son, “It’s all going to be the way it should have been.” “We’re here for you now Harry, we love you, and we know you’ve had some troubles, but we’re here for you now and you can talk to us whenever you need to, never hesitate.” Said Lily, before her eyes filled with tears and she leapt up and wrapped her arms around Harry, “I love you so much Harry, so much.” She murmured against him, as Harry too began to cry a little, James and Sirius watching their face bright with smiles. “I love you too mum,” Harry whispered. “Oh, you’re just so grown up now, I remember you when you were just a little baby, and you look so much like your father, which must mean you have all the girls after you. I’m so proud of you, you know, I watched you grow up, and I can’t believe my horrible sister. I know she hated me, but she was so awful to you, I’m sorry I left you with them Harry, I’m so sorry Harry. And this year you were so torn apart, and when you got hurt playing Quidditch, I never liked James playing it, I was always so afraid he would get hurt, but then seeing my own son, and oh Harry when your heart stopped, I thought I would never see you again. Oh merlin Harry, look at me I’m a blubbering idiot, I’m sorry.” Said Lily weakly as James gently pried her away from Harry, who had been turning slightly blue due to lack of air from her embrace. “It’s okay mum.” Assured Harry, smiling despite the tears that he was allowing to fall in front of his parents and Sirius, he liked being mothered, and in all actuality wished she had held on a bit longer, despite his now sore ribs. “Yeah Harry, speaking of females, you never told me you were such a ladies man.” Said Sirius grinning mischievously. “Oh that,” Said Harry slightly uncomfortable, he shot his hand up to run his hand through his hair, and didn’t miss the look of slight shock and pride on his fathers face. “Yeah that.” Said Sirius, teasing his godson slightly. “Well it’s nothing really.” Harry tried to push it aside, but knew it was useless. “Well one thing I’ve always told you Prongs, he looks like you, but he acts like Lily.” Said Sirius smiling over at James, who was looking at Harry with a look of pride no one could miss now. “The perfect combo.” Said James, smiling at his son. “Still as cocky as ever,” said Lily sighing. “You know you love it,” James teased. “Hardly,” Replied Lily, although her tone was also light and teasing. Harry couldn’t help but smile at his parents, this was his greatest wish come true. “Stop trying to change the subject, I want to know about Harry’s love life.” Sirius huffed, although he was not in the least bit angry. Harry could feel the blush rising in his cheeks, “So Harry where were we?” Asked Sirius turning back to examine Harry’s increasingly reddening face. “Ah yes, tell me about Ginny.” “Is that girl you were in the common room with?” Asked Lily. “What?” Harry gasped, “How would you know about that?” He looked at his mother disbelievingly. “Well it was the night we came out of the veil and I wanted to see you so I transformed into my animagus form and flew up to the common room, and you were sleeping with a girl in your arms.” Lily explained. “Oh,” Harry breathed a sigh of relief knowing that his mother hadn’t seen him kissing Ginny, “Yeah that’s her.” He said with a smile. “She’s pretty.” Said Lily, “And she seems really nice, I’ve talked to her while you were sleeping, I approve.” “Uh, thanks.” Said Harry not really knowing how to respond. “Well to tell you the truth I had a bet going with Molly Weasley on how long it would take you two to get together.” Said Sirius grinning. “What?” Harry asked incredulously. “Well everyone knew that Ginny had been infatuated with you when you were younger and Molly figured she never got over it, and that you had feelings for her too, even though you hadn’t realized it yet. She told me once that she didn’t see her daughter being with anyone else but you. Me on the other hand I knew you two were friends, and then there was the fact that Ginny’s a red head, it was bound to happen, the last four generations of Potter men have wound up marrying a red head, and I didn’t see you going to school with any other red heads than Ginny.” Sirius explained as if it were the simplest thing in the world. “Attracted to the temper.” Said James smiling at Lily, “It was all red heads too before my great, great, great grandpa, or whoever he was married a blonde.” Said James turning back to look at Harry, who was smiling at this recent revelation. “She owes me ten galleons too, she said it was going to happen in sixth year, I said middle of seventh, just like Lily and James.” Said Sirius looking quite pleased with himself, “I was counting on history to repeat itself, and it looks like it did.” “Wow.” Said Harry, not knowing that so many people had been vested in his and Ginny’s relationship even before they started dating, or even admitted their feelings to each other. “Don’t mind him, I’m happy for you. She’s a good girl, she was terribly worried about you too.” Said Lily, looking reproachfully at Sirius for patronizing her son. “You feeling okay about everything that’s happened?” Said James suddenly changing the subject, examining his son closely. “I’ll be okay. It’s gonna take some time for it all to really sink in, it still hasn’t. I just can’t believe that he’s really gone, or that you all are back, or…well I can barely believe anything anymore, parts of it are all screwed up.” Said Harry, looking between the three faces as he spoke. “What’s screwed up?” Asked James, watching Harry carefully. “I was betrayed by two people who I thought for sure I could trust, hell I even had a love triangle with one of them, and they took Ginny to Voldemort, and have been feeding him information about me for Merlin knows how long.” Said Harry venomously. “You mean Brooke and Neville?” Said Sirius. “Yeah, them.” Said Harry coldly. “They were caught with the rest of the death eaters, they’re being held in the castle, along with a handful of Slytherins, and a few students from other houses who appeared to have been working for Voldemort. It seems the ministry doesn’t want to send minors to Azkaban to await the trial, not until they’re convicted.” Explained James. “I want to talk to them at some point.” Said Harry. “I understand, hell once Pete is taken out of solitary confinement, we’re planning on having a little talk with him as well.” Said Sirius, gesturing around to himself, James, and Lily. “So is it true that there’s no classes for a week?” Asked Harry trying to change the subject to a bit more of a pleasant one. “Yes, but all the students are still in the castle, everyone just need the time to put everything back together in perspective.” Answered Lily. “Yeah, we’ve talked to Dumbledore and the three of us are going to live in the castle for the rest of term. He seems to think it’s a good idea, while we get everything back in order, let they hype calm down a bit before we step back out into the world.” Said James, looking at Harry anxious for his reaction. Harry just smiled, and nodded letting everyone in the room know that he approved of the idea, but suddenly his face clouded over. “My inheritance.” He said quickly, looking up at his father. “What about it?” Asked James. “Well you need it back now that you’re not…well you know.” Said Harry nervously. “Oh don’t worry about that we have plenty, keep it.” Said James. “You must be kidding, there’s so much in there how could you have anything else? And you too Sirius I have your account too.” Said Harry looking over at his godfather. “Calm down there buddy. As you know now, we knew in advance what was going to happen, so we divided our accounts and gave you half, we don’t want it back, think of it as…a very large trust fund.” Said James. “How could you have that much though, and I have stuff from the Dawson’s and Gryffindor.” He said looking at his father in shock. “Well as you probably know by now, the Black and Potter families are two of the oldest and most influential families in the wizarding world. What we gave you was the excess, what we didn’t need, nor want. It’s yours Harry. It has been since you were born, we just instructed the goblins of when to notify you of it, so it looked like an inheritance from your dear deceased parents and godfather. We kept a couple of old wizarding families that we’re related to vaults as well. No need to worry, like I said before.” James reassured Harry. “Oh.” Harry replied lamely. “So when is Poppy letting you out of here?” Asked Sirius, turning to look around for the witch in question. “I don’t know, she’s normally not too pleased to let patients go.” Said Harry, casting a glance at the IV still sticking out of his arm. “I’m gonna go look for her.” Announced Sirius, as he went over to the back of the ward, everyone laughed when they heard him over near her office sweetly yelling, “OH POPPY DEAREST.” “Harry, about the IV.” Said Lily slowly. Harry gave an inward gulp, he knew this was coming, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t have liked to push it off for a bit longer. “What about it?” He asked, playing with the hospital sheets, trying to keep his voice even. “Honey, we know why you have it, and how it came to be there, we just want to know why you haven’t been taking care of yourself..” Said Lily softly. “It’s been a hard year.” Whispered Harry. “I know sweetheart, but please just promise me that you’ll eat and get healthy again.” Said Lily, looking at her son pleadingly. “You know we love you, and we just want you to be happy now.” Said James, too looking at his son, begging him to answer. Finally Harry tilted his head up to look at his parents. “I can’t.” He said quietly. “Can’t what?” Asked Lily, her voice raising an octave. “Eat.” Said Harry simply. “Why not?” Asked James, looking between his son and his wife with worry. “Well, it’s not that I don’t want to, I just can’t. When I stopped…drinking, and I started to try to eat again I couldn’t, I can’t hold it down.” Said Harry, his cheeks turning red, feeling quite ashamed of himself. “Have you told anybody?” Asked James. “Well Ginny knows I’ve lost weight, and she’s always force feeding me, but I don’t think she knows the extent of it.” Said Harry still twirling the bed sheets between his fingers. “And I don’t really want her to know.” He admitted. “Why not?” Asked James. “Well I don’t want her to worry about me, or get all upset, and I guess I’m just…ashamed.” He divulged. “Why would you feel ashamed?” Asked Lily, smoothing back some of his hair from his eyes. “That I couldn’t take better care of myself, that I let myself get like this.” Said Harry, raising the arm containing the IV slowly and then letting it fall back to his side with a soft thump. “I understand how you feel.” James finally said. “How?” Asked Harry, still not looking up. “Well when I got back to the past, after learning about my not so positive future, and leaving you behind in a coma, I was feeling like things couldn’t possibly be any worse, so I fell into depression. Sirius, Remus, and your mum helped me out of it, but I remember feeling helpless and just wishing that I wasn’t the way I had let myself slip into being. That’s when we decided to change it, the future that is.” Said James. “That’s different though, you knew what you had to do, I don’t know where to go from here, it’s all so different.” Said Harry sighing. “I don’t think it’s that different actually.” Said James leaning back in his chair ignoring Harry’s puzzled expression, “I think it’s very much the same.” “How?” Asked Harry. “Well I was sent back to the past knowing that my future was bleak, so I did something about it. I took some risks, and I didn’t dwell on the fact that my life was different, but that I was changing it for the better. As soon as I realized that I couldn’t just sit back and drown my sorrows in self-pity that is. The same relates to you. You’re at a cross roads right now, and no denying you’ve been through more than anyone could ever imagine, and I don’t pretend to. What I think you need to do now is stop, take a moment, and just think for yourself, ignore the fact that your life is different, but that it’s changing. Change rips everything apart, but if you embrace it, change can put everything back together, better than it was before. Do what you need to do for you, just make yourself happy for once, concentrate on you.” He finished with a small sigh, and looked back at Harry smiling, who was deep in thought at his father’s words. “When did you become such a philosopher?” Asked Lily, shooting James a look that clearly signified that this was not normal behavior, ignoring Harry’s face screwed up in thought. “We’ve been over this Lils, it’s beauty and brains.” Said James giving her a cheeky grin. “I knew it wouldn’t last.” Said Lily, giving him a knowing smile. “Come on Lils, would you prefer I walk around with a pipe, and a book full of classic literature talking about how corrupt our society is and quoting dead people.” James teased. “It would be a nice change.” Replied Lily, pretending to be quite interested in the idea. “Fine, deride your poor husband.” James said raising a dramatic hand to his chest, and his other hand up to his forehead, in mock sadness. “Men,” Lily grumbled before looking back at Harry, who had snapped out of his reverie and was watching his parents friendly banter with a look of amusement. “Good news, dearest Poppy said we could get Harry out of here tomorrow morning, that is if he’s a good boy tonight.” Announced Sirius bounding back over to Harry’s bedside, wearing a triumphant grin. “So be a good boy tonight.” Sirius told Harry, before laughing at his own joke. “I’ll try my best.” Harry replied smiling at his godfather, and leaning back into the mass of pillows behind him. Harry continued to watch his family, his real family, tease and joke with each other. His parents were as great as everyone had always told him they were. Kind hearted, funny, intelligent, and just good people, he could tell even after the short amount of time he had known them. He let out a small laugh as he watched his mother toss a pillow at his father’s head and make contact. The one thought he couldn’t shake from his mind was that he had a family, a family that wouldn’t tell him he was worthless, or who he felt like he always inconvenienced like he did with the Weasleys, these three people were his. They appeared to be having the same thoughts he was, as they kept glancing over and smiling at him throughout their antics. Finally they ended their ‘war’, and directed all of their attention back to Harry. “I still can’t believe it’s all done, finally over.” Sirius mused out loud. “It’s not over Padfoot, it’s just beginning.” Corrected James. Harry smiled at his father and watched as they fell back into conversation telling him stories about their time at school. “Oi Prongs, do you remember that one time we snuck into the Slytherin dorms in fifth year in the middle of the night, but when we got up their Snape woke up and didn’t go back to bed so we were hiding in the wardrobe until he left for classes in the morning.” Wheezed out Sirius, clutching his stomach in laughter. “Yeah, and we were late for McGonagall and she gave us detention for our ‘blatant disregard for school guidelines’.” James laughed back. “And then in History of Magic you fell asleep on your desk and I noticed that you had Malfoy’s sock stuck to your back all day.” Sirius continued, bracing his chair with a tight grip so he didn’t slide off. “I remember that, that was the day that Sirius fell asleep into his plate at dinner.” Lily added laughing along with the two men. “Well we were up all night, we were tired.” Sirius defended himself. “Yeah but I didn’t fall asleep into my mashed potatoes did I?” James asked Sirius raising a questioning eyebrow, trying to suppress his laughter. “Yeah, but in fourth year I didn’t trip into that Ravenclaw girl who had a pitcher of pumpkin juice and sent it flying onto the head boys head.” Laughed Sirius. “That was not my fault, she ran into me, she even said so.” James contradicted. “She only said that because she was in your little ‘fan club’.” Lily said James, looking slightly annoyed. “Still, wasn’t my fault.” James protested. “Whatever keeps you asleep at night.” Sirius continued to goad. “Yeah, well what about in sixth year when you and Jonathon nicked a quaffle and were playing catch out by the lake and you went running after it and fell into the lake, where you started shrieking like a little girl that the grindylows were trying to kill you.” James said with a triumphant smirk. “I am forever scarred by that James.” Said Sirius suddenly serious. (no pun intended) “You still shrieked like a girl.” James said raising his shoulders, “You have to admit it was rather humorous.” “was not.” “Was.” “Was not.” “Was.” “Was totally not.” “Was not.” “Was.” “HA,” Shrieked James, “See you even admit it. “damn,” Sirius grumbled, “I always fall for that one.” “And that is why they call me the master.” James announced giving a small bow. “The master of being what…STUPID!” Screeched Sirius, clearly growing flustered. “Case in point, do you remember in third year when I got a hold of Kettleburn’s case of bowtruckles and let them loose in the Great Hall and they started going after Sprout, and then you…” James started, but Harry’s attention was soon drawn over to his mother who had moved herself closer to him and was now whispering into his ear. “It’s like they never grew up.” “Are they always like that?” Harry asked his mother while he turned slightly to look at Sirius who was flaying his arms around obviously trying to make a point, while his father was laughing so hard his face had turned red. “Yeah, that’s how they’ve always been when they remember when they were kids it starts out as just sharing stories, and then they start competing with each other. I think it’s the Quidditch mentality.” She told him. “Maybe, it’s funny though.” Harry laughed as he heard James shout, ‘That was first year!’ “They have their moments, one thing is for sure they’re never boring to be around, even when they’re trying to be serious, it’s like they’re incapable of it or something.” She said while smiling fondly at the two screeching men, where Sirius had his hands covering his ears while humming and James was ticking off his fingers while making various points about some event that took place at the beginning of seventh year. “I saw a memory in a pensieve in fifth year and I always thought you and dad hated each other, for a while I even thought he had cursed you or something to get you to marry him.” Said Harry smiling sheepishly. “Nah, I never hated your father or any of the marauders, they just got on my nerves, what memory was it?” She questioned. “Out by the lake after the written defense against the dark arts OWL, and he and Sirius were hanging Snape upside down.” Harry told her. “I think that was the maddest I had ever been at them, I contribute a lot of it to post exam stress, but that morning they had turned my hair pink and vanished my history of magic notes, so I wasn’t feeling all that amiable on top of that. We were actually pretty good friends, even if he took up the annoying habit of always asking me out…of course when he got back from his ‘little expedition’ into the future in the middle of seventh year he told me that he was serious about asking me out. He seemed so much more mature that I gave him a shot, but I learned soon enough that I had already fallen in love with James, the James who had an annoyingly large ego and a million idiosyncrasies.” She explained. Harry smiled while he stifled a large yawn, noticing for the first time that the sky had turned pitch black. “You should get to sleep, especially if you’re being released tomorrow, there’s a lot of people who want to talk to you.” Lily admonished, pulling the thin hospital blankets up around Harry. “Mum, do you think I could talk to Neville and Brooke tomorrow, I don’t think I’m going to be able to put the past behind me until I found out why they did what they did, especially Neville.” Said Harry, allowing himself to be tucked in for the first time he could ever remember. “I think we could manage that, I can feel karma in effect.” Lily whispered kissing him on the forehead. “What exactly is the definition of karma, no one ever really told me.” Asked Harry as he shut his eyes and burrowed further into the blankets. “It’s the moral law of cause and effect.” Lily explained, as Harry gave a slight nod and drifted off into his dreams the last word he heard before fully losing consciousness was his father yelling, “But what about that time when we raided the trophy room in first year…” * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * As far as this chapters quote(s) I stumbled across this in one of my many collections of quotes, and just found it incredibly funny, you be the judge. ^^^^ ”Attention to health is life’s greatest hindrance.” -Plato (427-347 B.C.) ^^^^ “Plato was a bore.” -Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) ^^^^ “Nietzsche was stupid and abnormal.” -Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) (I actually agree with this one, Nietzsche in my opinion is a male shovanistic should see some of his other quotes) ^^^^ “I’m not going to get into the ring with Tolstoy.” -Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) ^^^^ “Hemingway was a jerk.” -Harold Robbins ^^^^ I just found it humorous to see some of the ages greatest minds belittle each other, my idea of amusing…PLEASE REVIEW!

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