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Hogwarts Idol: Round 2: Hip Hop
A/N: Hey everyone! We’re back for Round two of Hogwarts Idol! Enjoy! And my first reviewer was Roxychick_89, so she’s on the judging panel! As the lights dimmed on the set of Hogwarts Idol, the audience buzzed in anticipation. Suddenly, the sound of The Black Eyed Peas singing “Hey Mama” burst out of the speakers, and the spotlight hit SDC and Erin. ‘Ouch! That hurt!’ they shouted, before breaking into a stunning hip hop routine. As they ended, the crowd erupted into cheers (and tables), a slightly out of breath SDC faced her audience and above the cheering, shouted ‘Word up homies! Welcome back to Hogwarts Idol, y’all! I’m ya host, SDC-’ ‘And I’m ya other host, Erin!’ gasped a profusely perspiring Erin. SDC grinned and went on ‘This round, all nine remaining peeps must sing in hip hop style!’ SDC explained. ‘Yo, respect to Nev, who crashed and burned in last night’s Opera round! Yo, without further ado, let’s give it up for our first homeboy, Harry Potter!’ Erin and SDC pulled out their big polystyrene hands again. The spotlight swung onto Harry, standing to one side of the stage wearing his black hoodie up and as the lights caught and flared on his bling, he began to sing: Guess who's back Back again Harry's back Tell a friend Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back.. *Harry ripped off his hoodie to reveal his Pizzaman outfit (A/N: You knew I’d get pizza in there somehow!)* Now this looks like a job for me So everybody, just follow me Cause we need a little, controversy Hogwarts feels so empty, without me I said this looks like a job for me So everybody, just follow me Cause we need a little, controversy Hogwarts feels so empty, without me Erin turned to the judges, Dumbledore, Lee Jordan and Roxychick_89, who were already on their feet, dancing and waving the nine point score cards above their heads. ‘Sweet as, homeboy! Next up, we got Prof. Snape! Give it up, homies!’ Erin boomed. Snape walked on stage, wearing a suit and horn-rimmed glasses, with his hair slicked back. A murmur of curiosity ran through the crowd and Snape stepped up to the microphone and began to sing: Be bop a lu la She's my baby Be bop a lu la I don't mean mayb-’ ‘What? That ain’t hip hop!’ SDC exclaimed. ‘What do you mean it’s not hip hop?!’ Snape retorted. ‘Well, it’s like, NOT!’ Erin sighed exasperatedly. ‘Okay, who told him this was hip hop?’ she questioned the crowd. The Gryffindor Quidditch team all stared innocently at the ceiling. ‘Well? Oh, we don’t have time for this! Next!’ SDC cried. ‘Oh, it’s you Professor McGonagall! I hope you’ve researched your song a little better than um, SOMEONE I could mention.’ SDC stared pointedly at Snape. As she walked on stage with her baseball cap on backwards, she called out ‘Yo, homegirl, it ain’t McGonagall, M.C. Gonagall is in da house! And you can’t touch this.’ As she broke into the old M.C. Hammer song, the students looked rather disturbed at the sight of their Transfiguration teacher break dancing. Dumbledore led Lee and Roxychick_89 holding up his 8 point card and yelling ‘Yo, Minerva, ya sure know how to busta move girl!’ The performances of the other contestants passed in a blur of excitement. Everyone obeyed when Hermione blasted out the Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Shut up’. Ginny brought the house down with another top score, singing ‘Trick Me’ by Kelis. And once again, Lily weirded the place out by singing ‘Crazy In Love’ and staring fixedly at Harry. Pansy stunned everyone with an amazing freestyle rap version of ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’. The hall was really amped up, with Draco on next. SDC danced to the front of the stage. ‘Yo! The next phat contestant up is…Draco Malfoy?! Not that crazy little gangsta again! Okay, take it way, Draco!’ Draco shuffled in, looking moodier than Snoop Doggy Dog. He fixed the audience with an evil glare and began to rap….. ‘ Word up! Which homie lives in a pineapple unda tha sea? (SpongeBob Squarepants!) Absorbent and yellow and phat is this brotha! (SpongeBob SquarePants!) If nautical nonsense be something you wish... (SpongeBob SquarePants!) Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish! *Draco breaks into mad break dance* (SpongeBob SquarePants!) SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob.... SquarePants!' As he finished, Draco looked around the hall, and said ‘Yo! Remember, homies, what I told u about my father!’ The crowd broke into slightly panicked applause, and once again the judges held up surprisingly high scores. (i.e. Something more than 0). ‘Thank you, thank you!’ Draco yelled as he conjured up flowers for himself. SDC danced up again and said ‘Okay, that’s quite enough from Draco. And now, to end our evening, our last contestant, Rappin’ Ron Weasley!’ In this context, there's no disrespect, so, when I bust my rhyme, you break your necks. We got five minutes for us to disconnect, from all intellect collect the rhythm effect. Obstacles are inefficient, follow your intuition, free your inner soul and break away from tradition. Coz when we beat out, girl it's pullin without. You wouldn't believe how we wow stuff out. Burn it till it's burned out. Turn it till it's turned out. Act up from north, west, east, south. Come on everybody, join in with me on the chorus! Everybody, everybody, let's get into it. Get stupid. He’s retarded, he’s retarded, he’s retarded. Draco’s retarded (ha), Draco’s retarded in here. Draco’s retarded (ha), Draco’s retarded in here. Draco’s retarded (ha), Draco’s retarded in here. Draco’s retarded (ha), Draco’s retarded in here. Yeah. The crowd went wild! Everybody stood up cheering madly. Above the incredible noise, SDC and Erin managed to yell ‘Okay, we think we have a winner for tonight’s round! Sing it again rap it again, Ron!’ Everybody except Draco chanted the chorus twenty times until they were hoarse. As Draco stalked off, SDC called out ‘Thank you all for coming, stay tuned for tomorrow night’s show!’ A/N: Yo peeps! Please leave a review!!!!!! And suggestions for other styles of song are very much appreciated!!!! Hint, hint, hint….homies!

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