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Warning: Harry/Draco slash, if you don't like it then please leave. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything Harry Potter related. Also, I do not own parts of this plot and story line, parts of that which you recognize are from William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. So basically, anything you recognize is not mine. Lastly, I am not making any money off of this. Summary: Hate. It’s such a funny word isn’t it? I mean, we use it every day, but do we ever really mean it? What happens when two supposed rivals bump into each other at a masquerade and feelings are revealed? Was there ever any hate there or was it all a misconception brought on by family hatred and school ties? *moo* Someone’s thoughts. +roar+ Someones conscious/objecting thoughts. Thank you to my wonderful Beta Pri! *+*+*+* The oak doors opened to reveal a lavishly decorated hall. The center was clear to allow for a dance floor and the perimeter consisted of small tables, like those in the Yule Ball, for students to eat at. The room was decorated in colors from each house. The lanterns were silver and gave off a blue glow. There was a center piece on each table which held a statue of a badger, eagle, snake and lion all intertwined together. The floor was scattered with scarlet rose petals and streamers of all the house colors soared fluently through the air. The decorations screamed house unity and it gave many of the students a sense of comfort. Draco Malfoy entered the Great Hall alone, he decided that for the night he wanted to be Draco, not Malfoy, and so he decided to go goonless. The solo blonde walked swiftly across the hall where he poured himself a glass of green punch. The hall was silent which was odd for Hogwarts, and Draco felt somewhat uneasy. He looked around the hall and saw that nothing was amiss, however, practically everyone was standing alone and no one that wasn’t already in a small group would approach others. “Welcome students, to Hogwarts first ever Masquerade!” A voice suddenly broke out through the silence. All of the students turned quickly to see a smiling Albus Dumbledore looking around the hall rather excitedly. “Now, this is most definitely not the time for speech making, so let the festivities begin!” As Dumbledore finished the Weird Sisters began to play and almost immediately the students began to loosen up. The younger students were avoiding the opposite sex (or same sex in a few cases) like wild fire but the older students all mingled easily. It didn’t take more than five minutes for the dance floor to be filled and all that could be heard was music and laughter.
* + * + * + *
Harry, Ron and Hermione entered the hall just in time to hear Dumbledore speak before the music began. They made their way to a table right away as Ron was complaining of how he was starving. The group ordered their meals with ease and dug in. “So, Harry do you think you’ll dance much tonight?” Hermione asked. “I don’t think so, you know I’m not big on dancing.” Harry said with a slight blush. “Well, even if you can’t it’s not like it will matter, the girl won’t know who you are anyways.” Hermione said thoughtfully. “Yeah, tonight we can do whatever we want and have no consequences the next day! This was a bloody brilliant idea of Dumbledore’s.” Ron said happily. Harry picked at his food more than ate it and his friends were talking shyly to one another. Harry stopped paying attention to his food and let his eyes wonder the crowd. They landed on a tall male wearing black robes with blue embroidery and his stomach filled with a flittering feeling at the sight of the boy. He watched as the boy moved and noticed he seemed like a liquid his movements were so fluid and elegant. “Harry mate, me and Hermione are going to er, dance.” Ron said with a blush. Harry’s eyes flew to his friends and saw both of them with identical blushes as they nervously made their way onto the dance floor. Well, it was about damn time. Harry’s eyes scanned over the crowd, searching for that boy again, only to find that he had disappeared. Harry sighed and turned back to stare down at his plate. He poked his mashed potatoes with his fork and as he heard all the laughing and saw all the smiling faces he wished more than anything to be back in his dormitory. As Harry continued to sit he wondered how it was possibly to feel so alone while being surrounded by people.
* + * + * + *
Draco was enjoying himself. Shortly after arriving he had felt as if someone was watching him, but instead of feeling paranoid and creeped out he felt comforted and wanted badly to find the eyes that were watching him. He had scanned the crowd but before he could find who the source the feeling left him and after another moment he gave up. Since then he had danced with five boys, five boys who like himself preferred their own sex and liked the fact that they could be themselves tonight and not have to worry about being hated for it later. Each boy was a good dancer and each had asked Draco if he’d like to leave and get to know each other better, but Draco had declined each offer. Sure, he would have loved to have a nice shag in an empty classroom, but something in his gut kept him for doing so. He was currently dancing with boy number six, a short boy who seemed to be a year or two younger than Draco who was clad in deep green robes with silver lining. The boy seemed somewhat timid and had his hands firmly on Draco’s shoulders while Draco led the slow dance. The song came to an end and the two parted. “Thank you for the dance.” The boy said shyly. “You're more than welcome.” Draco said and with a slight bow left the boy on the dance floor. Draco walked casually to the punch bowl and poured himself yet another drink. His eyes scanned the crowd and he took in all the happy couples. The dancing partners were mostly boy and girl but as the dance progressed more same-sex dancing couples emerged. His eyes fell upon the exit leading to the court yard just in time to see a young man dressed in black and green robes. The boys hair was messy and black as night but also held green streaks throughout. As he watched the boy his heart stopped and so did his breathing. He was frozen in the spot as he was over come with emotion. His mind was screaming to chase after him but his legs couldn’t register the thought. Then the boy stopped and turned to reveal a black and green mask. Although the boy was quite a distance away the green of his eyes shone brightly at Draco. The boy turned again and continued outside. Draco released his breath and in an instant was off after the boy.
* + * + * + *
Harry continued to sit at his table and as he did his resentment towards Ron grew for forcing him to come here. As he sat his mind drifted and he felt as if the walls were closing in around him. Suddenly the noise became too much and he felt that if he didn’t get out now he was going to be crushed. He stood abruptly and made his way towards the closest exit, the one that lead outside. He was almost to the door, almost to his escape, when he felt eyes boring into his back. He stopped and turned, his eyes scanning the crowd. He thought he saw a glimpse of silver staring back at him but he couldn’t be sure and continued on his way outside. He walked outside as quickly as possible and his breathing was irregular and panicky for an unknown reason. He walked straight to a crystal fountain and sat down on it. He then put his face in his hands, breathing deeply.
* + * + * + *
Draco followed the boy outside and was lead to a fountain just outside of the ball. The boy seemed to be in some sort of panic and Draco wondered if maybe it was because he was being followed. He almost turned back but the urge to be with him was far too great and he stayed. The boy dropped down upon the fountain and he put his face in his hands and was breathing deeply. He slowed his pace and approached the boy cautiously. As if the boy had sensed his presence he looked up just as Draco stopped, only a few feet before the boy. Harry looked up suddenly and saw silver orbs staring back at him. He suddenly felt calmed by the presence of the other boy and his breathing relaxed instantly. The boy smiled at him and it was the most beautiful thing Harry had ever seen. He couldn’t help it and his lips broke out into a shy grin as well. He quickly looked over the young man before him and recognized him as the boy he had been watching earlier and was glad to have been followed out by him. “I saw you leaving, and I just had to follow. I hope you don’t mind.” Draco spoke softly. “No, I don’t mind.” Harry said in a near whisper. Draco’s heart began to race as he heard the boys voice. He knew instantly that he felt for this boy and he wanted nothing more than to just pounce of the beauty before him and snog him senseless. “Would you like to dance?” Draco asked in a smooth voice and held out his hand. Harry wanted badly to take his hand and dance the night away with the boy before him- wait, boy? Suddenly all of the thoughts from earlier that day returned full force and his eyes grew wide. “I’m sorry, but I’m not gay.” Harry said quickly. Draco rose a perfectly shaped eyebrow at the boy before him. “I beg to differ.” Draco challenged. “If you’re not gay than why did you just check me out just then?” “I, er, I wasn’t! I was just looking at your robes.” Harry replied shortly. “Uh huh.” Draco said as he stepped towards the boy. Harry responded by standing quickly and backing away from the boy who continued to step towards him. Harry felt the stone wall of Hogwarts against his back and further backing away was halted immediately. The blonde boy continued to step towards him and stopped when there was barely a foot between them. He put his hands on either side of Harry’s head to stop him from escaping. He leaned in so his mouth was right beside Harry’s ear. Draco blew gently on the boys ear and grinned in satisfaction when the boy let his head drop back against the stone wall. “If your not gay then why are you enjoying this?” Draco whispered against the boys ear, causing him to shiver. *Oh Merlin. Why am I enjoying this? I am not gay! I am not! I am- oh Merlin!* Harry’s protesting thoughts were cut short when a wet tongue dashed out to lick his ear shortly followed by a hot mouth which began to suck on it. Harry moaned out loud dispite himself and leaned his head to the side to give the boy more access. “It doesn’t matter tonight, whatever happens won’t get out to the school, we can do whatever we want and no one has to know who we are or what we did.” Draco whispered to the boy. Harry’s mind quickly registered what the boy said and he made up his mind in an instant. His arm shot out and grabbed the boy by the hips and drew him closer. Harry had never imagined that the feel of another body against his own could feel so good. Draco was very pleased when he felt strong hands grip his hips and he didn’t fight when the boy drew him closer. Draco had never felt so good as he felt at that instant. “Oh God.” Harry moaned as the boy continued to suck and gently bite his neck. Harry’s right hand released the boy and drew up to run through blonde hair. The other boy moaned lightly at the touch and the sound made Harry grab the boys head with both hands and in an instant his lips met with the blonde’s. Draco was shocked at the kiss but didn’t protest. One hand ran through messy green and black hair and he nibbled gently on the other boys lip. The boy gasped at the sensation and Draco took full advantage of the opportunity and slipped his velvet tongue into the other boys hot mouth. Tongue’s battled together in an ancient dance and the kiss quickly heated up. Neither boy had ever experienced a kiss so intense, so loving, in all of their short lives. They both knew the instant that their lips touched that they cared deeply for the other, the fact that they didn’t know who the other was, was the last thought on either boys mind as they gave into their desires and made out heatedly against the cold stone walls of Hogwarts. *+*+*+* Author's Note: Soo, this is thenew chapter. What did you think? Thanks to everyone who's reviewed! I have replied to you all individually, so if you haven't already go check that out. Please review, I PROMOSE to reply to everyone!

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