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It was almost midnight as Harry looked up at the night sky. It was raining slightly telling Harry to close his eyes and fall asleep. He hadn’t slept much since Hermione was gone and he worried about her.

“What else could I have done?” He whispered to himself. “It was the best choice to make. But am I actually preventing her from danger or causing more of it?” Ron sent continuous letters over the last week. Mostly about his family but occasionally talked about Hermione.

'She’s worried about you. She can’t stop thinking about you.' Ron would write. 'She stays locked up in her room all day.'

At least Harry knew she was safe. But why was she already at the Burrow? Ron wouldn’t say why and neither would Lupin or Sirius. Sirius would write the same things over and over.

'How are they treating you? We’ll see you soon.'

But not actually telling him when he would be leaving the Dursley’s for the last time. But Harry didn’t know he would be leaving within the next two weeks. He usually spent his time in his room, outside, or watching the news when Vernon would let him. He tried to find any hint of muggle killings on TV and in the Daily Prophet. He felt very lonely as he sat in his room.

One morning he was walking outside after breakfast when he spotted Mrs. Figg. She waved and walked back to her house. He slowly made his way to the park and sat on the first swing he saw. Just then Harry saw Hedwig fly towards him in a hurry. She landed next to him with a piece of parchment on her leg.

“What is it girl?” Harry asked taking the parchment.

Stay inside! Do not go outside! Danger is coming your way!! We will come get you as soon as we can!”

“What?” Harry said rereading the parchment. Then Hedwig nipped at his finger in an urgent way. Dark clouds started settling in. She nipped at his finger again and then flew away. Rain started falling as Harry decided that whatever was going to happen was about to happen. He started running towards the house when he stopped dead as a laugh erupted through the air.

“Running away Potter?” That ice cold voice said. Harry turned around to face his biggest enemy. “Are we scared? Are you ready for this?”

“You spend too much time talking.” Harry taunted.

“Crucio!” Voldemort screamed. Harry was caught off guard and it hit him square in the chest. He fell to the ground screaming. “Can’t take the pain Potter?”

“Why don’t you just get it over with?” Harry said as Voldemort released him from the curse.

“You want to die so quickly?” Voldemort said circling him as Harry stood up. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” He screamed aiming towards Harry. Harry quickly ducked and it missed him. Harry reached in his pocket and realized he didn’t have his wand. How stupid, Harry thought. He raised his hand and only thought what he could.

“Expelliarmus!” Harry yelled, pointing his palm towards Voldemort. Voldemort laughed but instantly stopped when his wand flung out of his hands.

“It’s not possible.” Voldemort said. “Accio wand!” He said before Harry could catch it. “Avada Kedavra!”

“Protego!” Harry said instantly. But the shield wasn’t strong enough and once the spell hit it, it broke apart. Harry fell to the ground after hearing a few pops.

“Harry?” A woman screamed racing towards him. Then thinking thing’s were safe he fell into a deep sleep.


”Is he going to be okay?” Hermione asked worryingly.

“I don’t know. His breathing is low and his heart beat is faint.” Lupin said. Sirius was sitting next to Harry with his face in his hands. “He needs rest.”

“Didn’t he get the warning?”

“He did.” Sirius said. He reached down into Harry’s pocket and found a piece of parchment. “He was outside trying to get back.”

“I hope he’s okay.” Hermione started to cry when Ron came into the room. “Oh Ron, how could this happen? How did he know where Harry was?” Just then Dumbledore walked in the room after a long discussion with Madam Pomfrey.

“Let’s give Harry some space. I’d like to have a meeting.” Dumbledore said nodding for everyone to leave the room. Hermione was the last one to leave. They all followed Dumbledore down to the dining room. “Good morning everyone.” He said sitting down. Hermione and Ron sat together. She held onto his hand for support. “I realize that this is a very difficult time for us. Harry is well close to death but because of his recent powers he was able to give him somewhat of a shield. Luckily we came just in time so that Voldemort could not have caused any more damage.”

“Like kill him or get his blood for the potion?” Kingsley asked.


“What about his new powers. Was it wandless magic?”

“Yes. As we have figured out, Harry did not have his wand and used wandless magic. Though it is not strong enough, it was very effective.”

“Will he live?” Tonks said almost in tears.

“We are very sure that he will, but it is too early to tell. We are making sure we can get him everything. I do not know if he will gain consciousness every once in a while. It really is a guess.”

“What about Voldemort?” Moody asked.

“He disappeared once he saw us. The Dursley’s have been put under protection for the time being.” Dumbledore replied. “However I’ve just learned of a deep tragedy. Hermione, will you please come with me?” He asked. Hermione nodded and followed him out of the dining room.

“What is it Professor?” Hermione asked.

“Follow me.” He said leading her to the living room.

“Mum!” Hermione yelled seeing her mom on the couch. She ran towards her and saw her crying. “Mum, what’s the matter?” Then she looked up and didn’t see her dad. “Mum, where’s dad?” She turned towards Dumbledore who didn’t have the usual sparkle in his eyes.

“Voldemort was coming after you.” Dumbledore said not looking her in the eyes.

“No.” Hermione denied it.

“He did not have a chance to kill your father because Moody and Remus were there. However, your father was put into St. Mungo's for the time being. I’m very sorry.” Tears started streaming down her cheeks.

“No! What will happen to him?” She yelled.

"We're not sure yet. He's very hurt. I'm going to send you to visit him whenever you want to." Dumbledore said. She pulled away from her mother's hug and ran past Dumbledore towards Harry’s room. She fell to the ground in front of his bed and cried even harder. “Harry, wake up. Please wake up.” She grabbed his hand and kissed it. She slowly got up and got on the bed with him. She pulled the covers over them and wrapped her arm around his waste. “Please wake up.” She said closing her eyes tightly before falling asleep.


“She’s just received the bad news.” Dumbledore said returning to the dining room.

“How did she take it?” Lupin asked.

“Like we expected. She’s in Harry’s room right now. I think we should give her time alone. She’s been through a rough day.” He said sadly.

“What do we do?” Lupin asked.

“We wait, and hope that Harry will wake up.”


Ron slowly made his way towards Harry’s room with a plate of food for Hermione. “Hermione?” He asked. When she didn’t answer he opened the door. He smiled a little as he walked towards the bed. “Hermione?” He whispered. She moved slightly and opened her eyes. “I brought you some food.” He said quietly.

“Thank you.” She replied sitting up a little.

“I’m really sorry Hermione.” He said setting the plate down on the table. "He'll be okay, I know he will."

“Thanks.” She smiled slightly but then started to cry again. He sat down next to her and gave her a hug. She cried into his chest as he held her. “First Harry and now my dad. I can’t take this anymore.”

He didn’t know what to say so he rubbed her back until she stopped crying. “Harry is going to be fine. I promise.” He said holding her shoulders. “You should eat and then get some more rest.” She nodded and whipped her tears away. He handed her the plate and then left the room. She ate her sandwich and milk quietly and then leaned back down on the bed.

“I wish you were here Harry.” She whispered before kissing his cheek and then cuddling up next to him. “I love you.” She fell back into a deep sleep.


Harry’s eyes fluttered open slowly. He felt something pushed up against him. He looked down to see Hermione lying next to him.

“Hermione?” He whispered softly. Her eyes stopped moving and opened slowly to see Harry looking at her.

“Harry?” She said loudly. “You’re awake!” She was smiling for the first time all summer. “Are you feeling okay?”

“I love you.” He said leaning back down and falling back into unconsciousness. Hermione got up in a hurry and ran downstairs. “He woke up!” She yelled hoping someone would hear her. Then she ran right into Lupin. “He woke up!” She said gaining her balance again.

“What?” He said seriously.

“I was sleeping and he said my name. Then he went unconscious again.” Hermione said.

Sirius came into the hallway. “He fell back asleep?” He asked.


“Did he say anything else?” Lupin asked.

“No.” She said hiding the fact that he said I love you.

“We’ve got to tell Dumbledore.” Sirius said.

“I’ll go tell him.” Lupin replied walking into the dining room where he was going to use the floo network.

“This is a good sign. Stay with him in case he gains consciousness again.” She nodded and made her way back up to his room hugging Ron on the way.

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