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Chapter 28 Only A Memory Hokay so, I know I said no double updates, but I just popped in home really quick with a bunch of my buddies, and while Mark went and broke my moms garden gnome (please just don’t ask) and Ben decided it would be a good time to test his reflexes when Jamie threw her lacrosse net at him…my friends are muy violent (like you care), I popped in to read my reviews and was floored to see how many I got in such a short amount of time, so because you were all so good I felt my resolve ebbing away and decided to give you all another dose of my story…hope it’s good Glad to see lots of new reviewers, keep it up guys, if I keep seeing new people along with old it will just inspire me more to know it’s not always two or three people reviewing (even though I love everyone who’s been updating since square one…you all hold a special place in my heart) * ** *** ** * The members of the DA, the assorted Hogwarts students, and the aurors and Order members who stayed standing battled for a good two more hours, before the remaining death eaters surrendered. Now the once green sprawling lawns of the Hogwarts ground were littered with bodies and debris, blood and spell damage replacing the green. The remaining aurors and Order members still had the momentous task of gathering together and transporting all of Voldemort’s supporters to Azkaban to await trial; the night was far from over. “Have you seen them yet?” Ron asked Dean Thomas, who was nursing what appeared to be a broken arm and a fat lip. “No, none of them. No Brooke, No Neville, No Ginny, and No Harry.” Replied Dean sadly, “I’ll keep looking though, can’t give up hope right?” He added with a weak smile. “Yeah mate, can’t give up hope.” Ron said clapping him on the shoulder, not noticing the wince of pain this caused from Dean. “Thanks for everything, you didn’t have to come out, but you did.” “I know I didn’t have to, but I wanted to, besides he’s my friend too, I wasn’t just going to sit back and watch him go to the slaughter.” Dean said, speaking of Harry. “Yeah, we’re not out of the woods yet though.” Ron said sadly, “I’m going to go see if Hermione’s seen them, take care of that arm.” He left with a quick wave running over to where Hermione was trying to talk to a slightly hysterical Lavender Brown, who was helping support Parvati Patil, who looked to have broken an ankle. *** Tonks being the only adult left in Hagrid’s cabin who was even capable of rational thought at the moment, had been pacing the small cabin for two long hours. Lily, James, Sirius, and Remus had gone into somewhat of a trance. Not focusing on anything in particular mumbling some incoherent statement under their breaths from time to time, still yet to acknowledge that a battle was raging outside the doors. Ginny hadn’t re-awoken since she had fallen asleep in Tonks arms, clearly emotionally drained after being the one to find Harry in his condition. Harry on the other hand hadn’t moved from the position he had been put in upon entrance of the cabin, it was starting to look like he might be doing more than just sleeping. Taking a break from her pacing she carefully made her way over to one of the small glass windows that littered the walls, and pulled back the faded curtain, taking a peep at the condition outside. She smiled at what she saw; Dumbledore had prevailed. Looking back anxiously at the inhabitants of the cabin, she knew that she had to get them into the castle and to Madam Pomfrey sooner or later. It was obvious that everyone was suffering from shock, and Harry without a doubt would be much better off in a hospital bed. Making her decision she called back to the room. “I’m going to find Dumbledore, the fighting is finally over, I’ll bring back help.” Although she was sure no one was listening, and they wouldn’t notice that she was gone. After searching around several aurors and Order members, she at last found Dumbledore conversing in low tones with a few of the head aurors. “Albus, this is very important, I hate to interrupt, but we need your help.” She said anxiously, causing Dumbledore to stop what he was saying to the aurors and look at Tonks, befuddled. “Can I help you Nymphadora?” He asked politely. “I have Harry, Ginny Weasley, James and Lily Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin over in Hagrid’s hut and they are all in need of some medical attention, Harry especially.” She said hurriedly, not even bothering to correct Dumbledore for calling her Nymphadora. “Very well, alert Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, along with the rest of the Weasley family and have them meet me up in the hospital wing.” Dumbledore ordered. “Of course Albus,” Tonks agreed, before rushing off behind Dumbledore to find the Weasleys and Hermione. *** About half an hour later the Hogwarts hospital waiting room was crowded by the entire Weasley clan, along with Hermione. They of course had been briefed on Harry’s condition, and were frantically awaiting news. When Dumbledore had brought an unconscious Harry along with a very shaken pack of other witches and wizards to the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey had announced that Harry was not dead, but that his body was under very severe stress from the amount of magic he had exerted, and that he was suffering from exhaustion. She had also confirmed that he would have to be monitored to make sure that his heart did not give way, after it’s weak condition from his Quidditch accident earlier in the year, and now being blasted with the after affects of the killing curse. One more slightly unnerving discovery she had made was that he was severely mal-nourished, and that he would have to be put on an IV, to ensure that he recovered properly, his body was lacking so many essential nutrients. Ginny, Sirius, James, Remus, and Lily had all been administered a liberal amount of calming draught and after being declared perfectly healthy, besides their shock, were sent to wait outside in the waiting room while Madam Pomfrey worked on Harry and the other injured members of the light side. There they sat, jumping at any person who left the ward demanding to know Harry’s condition, trying desperately to ignore the shouts of reporters and other assembled media personnel from down the hall, where they were being forcibly restrained by Dumbledore, who needless to say was not in a very benign state of mind at the moment. “Hey Ginny how you holding up?” Asked Hermione, who had moved over to sit near Ginny, who had removed herself from the rest of the group and was sitting in the back corner of the waiting room, her arms wrapped around her knees, staring into space. “Okay,” She muttered. Hermione smiled sympathetically at her, she knew she would be reacting in the exact same way if it was Ron inside of the hospital wing. “Madam Pomfrey says he’s going to pull through, he’s just suffering from exhaustion, it took a lot of power to accomplish what he did.” Hermione said, trying her best to put Ginny’s mind at ease. “I know, but when I found him laying on his front like that in the middle of that blast zone, and then when he wouldn’t even respond the slightest when I was talking to him, and he looked so…lifeless, I couldn’t help but think that he was…you know.” She said quietly, tilting her head slightly to face Hermione. “I know,” Hermione agreed. “And then his parents and Sirius came in, and I didn’t really register it, I mean if I had been in any way aware of my surroundings I probably would have thought I was seeing ghosts, but after Remus explained what happened…I wonder if he knows?” Ginny pondered out loud. “He does know, Dumbledore told me that he found out before he went out to face Voldemort.” Hermione answered. “Oh,” She replied lamely. “It’s going to be okay Gin, Madam Pomfrey says it may take a few days for him to fully regain consciousness, but once he does it’s all going to be alright. We’ll have the old Harry back, better than before even. And just think how happy he’ll be. He’ll have you, his parents, and Sirius. He won’t be alone anymore.” Hermione soothed. “Yeah, I’m happy for him. He told me once that if he could wish for anything, he would wish to not have gone to the Department of Mysteries that night, not to defeat Voldemort, or to get money or anything, just to have the closest thing to a parent he’s ever had back.” Ginny said with a small smile. “That sounds like Harry to me.” Said Hermione putting an arm around Ginny’s shoulders. “Hey guys, you all alright,” Said Ron quietly, as he approached Hermione and Ginny. “Yeah Ron we’re alright, how are you?” Answered Hermione. “Well my chest feels a little tight after Madam Pomfrey mended my cut, but other than that I’m as fit as a fiddle.” He said brightly, but immediately sobered as he caught a glimpse of his little sister, “Don’t worry Ginny he’s alright, I had a long talk with Madam Pomfrey and she explained everything, it’s all going to be okay in the end.” He assured her. “It was Brooke and Neville you know?” She said quietly, so quietly that Ron and Hermione almost missed it. “Brooke and Neville what?” Asked Ron, a confused look on his face. “They’re the ones who took me to Voldemort, they’ve been working for him all this time, they were spies.” She clarified. “WHAT!” Shrieked Ron. “Does Dumbledore know?” Asked Hermione quickly. “No, I haven’t talked to anyone really.” Ginny replied simply. “I’ll go talk to him Gin.” Said Ron, leaping off and rushing over to where Dumbledore was restraining the reporters, using quite a bit of force, as some of them bounced off an invisible shield he had placed up around the hall leading to the hospital wing. Meanwhile the marauders and Lily had huddled themselves in an opposite end of the ward, talking in hushed voices about what had just happened, “You know I really thought he was gone,” Said Sirius quietly, “It felt like my heart got ripped out.” “I know what you mean.” Said Remus, as James gave a nervous laugh. “God, all I could think of was how we had gone wrong, you know how we went to all that trouble to change the past, and then as soon as we come back and everything looks like it’s gonna be peachy keen, and I finally get a chance to know my son, and then he was just ripped away from me. I’ve only been around that kid for around a grand total of one year and he’s already given me enough headaches to last a lifetime.” Joked James. “Honestly James, he’s your son, that’s his job.” Admonished Lily. “I know, I’m just glad I get to finally be his dad, not just by blood, but I can actually be a father, be there for him.” Replied James with a smile. “If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have agreed to go to all that trouble to change the past, it was just when I was standing there, seventeen years old, staring at my seventeen year old son on the brim of death after being pitched off his broom, I knew I needed to protect him. It was weird really, like my paternal instinct and my maturity levels all shot through the roof like a bullet, at seventeen years old. My focus shifted entirely.” He said with a sigh. “Well we all know you didn’t have an ounce of that before your little time travel escapade.” Said Lily with a smug smile. “Oh ha ha Lils, real funny, making fun of us now are you? I’d say that’s not being very mature yourself.” Teased Sirius, Lily merely rolled her eyes. “It’s still weird thinking of you all being back after I’ve been living for seventeen years thinking you were gone.” Said Remus quietly. “I know Remus,” Said Lily sympathetically, as she placed a hand on his knee. “You really have no idea how hard it was losing the both of you, thinking Sirius betrayed you, and that Peter had been killed by him, then finding out Sirius had been innocent all along, that Peter had been living as a rat for thirteen years, and then have Sirius taken away two years later, then have you all come back another two years after that.” Remus said in a voice barely above a whisper. “I’m sorry Moony, trust me it was hard seeing you so miserable.” Said James seriously. “Well it is never quite boring being a marauder is it, always a surprise around every corner.” Said Remus with a weak smile. “Cheers to that.” Said Sirius with a grin. “What ever happened to Peter by the way?” Lily asked suddenly. “An auror told me that he was captured and sent to a holding cell in Azkaban, I convinced him to let us have a little chat with him once we’ve been interviewed by the proper authorities, I think they’re going to make us talk to the press too, people are going to be wondering what we’re doing here when we’re supposed to be six feet under, although I really hate the media, especially after today, no respect for something as sacred as a life lost in a battle, they just pick it up as the next front page story.” Sirius said with a look of disgust, “and I’ll make sure I’ll tell them what I think of them as well,” He added with an impish grin.” “I’m just glad to finally be out from behind that blasted veil.” Said James with a relieved smile.” “I second that,” Added Lily, leaning her head back to rest against James. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * Exactly one week later Harry James Potter cracked his eyes open only to find a very empty hospital wing. Slowly he sat up, rubbing his head with the palm of his head, trying to remember what had transpired to land him under Madam Pomfrey’s care. He didn’t have long to sit in silence however, as Professor Dumbledore entered the ward, as if on cue, knowing that Harry was awake. “Welcome back Harry,” said Dumbledore, the benign smile back on his face. “Uh…Professor, what happened?” Harry asked weakly still rubbing his head. “You won Harry.” Dumbledore said simply. “You mean I beat Voldemort?” Harry asked in slight astonishment, as his memories from that night began speeding back, one memory stood out in particular. “How’s Ginny?” He asked hurriedly. “Relax Harry, Ms. Weasley is absolutely fine, she’s been in a right state waiting for you to wake up however.” “Good,” Said Harry clearly relieved, “And Ron and Hermione?” “They’re fine as well, although I think Mr. Weasley may have a slight scar remaining from his little escape attempt.” Said Dumbledore with a light chuckle. “Escape attempt?” “I’ll let him explain it to you.” “Did anyone else get hurt?” Harry asked suddenly, the uneasy look back on his face. “Surprisingly our side suffered very few casualties during the battle, although we did lose a few.” Said Dumbledore with a small sigh.” “Who?” Asked Harry nervously, not knowing for sure if he really wanted to know. “Mundungus Fletcher was hit by a severing charm that proved fatal whilst he tried to sell information to a media member. Some other members of the order were lost, who I do not assume you were acquainted with, along with around a dozen aurors. Others were injured, but beside that we held strong.” The old professor said sadly. “You call that a few, that must have been twenty people?” “In a war Harry, twenty is as few as anyone could pray for, it is unfortunate yes, but it is the sad reality of the world we live in. Yet, that reality has changed as you Harry have fulfilled the prophecy, leaving us what was once a world full of terror, into what we can now mold into a world of peace. I do believe the respite from war activities will be welcomed by all.” Dumbledore explained. “Right,” Harry said, as he began to wonder if he should ask Dumbledore the question that had been weighing on his mind most heavily since he had regained consciousness, finally he decided it needed to be asked. “Professor?” “Yes Harry.” “Well I was just wondering, you might not know anything about this, but I had a dream.” “A dream?” “Yeah, at least I think it was a dream, it seemed almost too real, but there is no way it could be real, I mean unless I missed something along the way, but I would have had to have missed something pretty big, well I dreamt that my parents and Sirius were back, but that has to be wrong right, they’re dead.” He said quietly, looking down at his lap. “Ah, yes that is a matter I know something about.” “Really?” Asked Harry, looking eagerly up into his Professor’s lined face. “Indeed, it seems that your parents and Sirius were merely lurking out of sight for the past years, apparently your father did do something with the information he gained on his little excursion through time.” “I think I remember that,” Said Harry screwing up his face in concentration, “Are they here, can I see them?” He asked excitedly, his nerves clenching in his stomach, at the thought of seeing the three people he missed most. “You will be able to see them soon, however at the moment they are filling out more paperwork at the ministry, they’ve been there or here almost all week trying to get everything back in order.” “Oh.” “But Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley, and Ms. Weasley, are waiting outside, and I must say they are chomping at the bit to see you, Ms. Weasley especially.” “I want to see them.” Harry said automatically. “I assumed so, however, I have a few letters for you from the Ministry that I think you should read, I’ll leave you to them, and send in your friends after you have a chance to look them over.” Said Dumbledore, pulling out a small stack of letters from his robes and handing them to Harry. “Thanks Professor,” Said Harry accepting the letters. “My pleasure Harry, I will take my leave now, but remember if you need to talk to me my door is always open.” Said Dumbledore. “I’ll remember,” Said Harry sending him a smile. Harry watched as Dumbledore stood up and made his way over to the hospital door, placed his hand on the door, and turned back suddenly before letting himself out. “Oh Harry, feel free to call me Albus, of all people I think you have earned that right.” “Okay, Albus,” Harry said with a goofy smile as Albus let himself out of the ward. Harry stared after him for a few seconds before turning back to the small stack of letters in his lap. Wondering what they might possibly be about, he opened the first to reveal the crest of the minister of magic, and read it with a small smile on his face. Harry, Well it looks like you did it, I couldn’t be prouder. Of course I’ve read about your exploit in all of the papers, although I’m sure you’re telling of things might be a bit different, a but more accurate to boot. I must say that I am impressed, and I want you to know that at any point you will always have a place waiting for you at the ministry as long as I have anything to say about it. I am not sure if Albus has informed you or not, but the entire country has been placed on somewhat of a two week hiatus to recover their lives, and adjust to this new world free of fear. (all thanks to you of course) That also means that classes have been suspended for two weeks, I hope that you can use that time to spend with your loved ones, and you of all people I would assume need to learn to adjust to a Voldemort free world. A little birdy told me that some members of your family have returned, and just know that I couldn’t be happier for you. In all actuality the story isn’t all that hard to miss, it’s almost as large a media hot spot as your triumph. Once again, all of my congratulations, and I hope you are recovering nicely. I consider you a friend, and if you ever need a favor don’t hesitate to ask. Sincerely, Michael Kinsella Minister of Magic Harry gave a chuckle as he placed the letter down on his bedside table, as he thought of what Fudge was doing at the moment. He figured it involved something containing ripping out most of his hair, and wallowing in self pity. Still smiling he opened the next letter, and read. Harry James Potter, This note is to inform you that you have been granted early entrance to the Auror Academy, pending completion of your final year of schooling and NEWT exams. We offer you our congratulations on your recent victory against the dark side, and our positive that upon the necessary requirements listed above that you will be a veritable asset to the team. We will be in further contact with you late in the Summer, pleasant recovery. Gregory Stevens Head Auror The smile on Harry’s face faltered a bit as he read the letter. True he had wanted to be an auror, but was that what he really wanted now? He had always wanted to take down Voldemort, but now that he had, now that he had Ginny, his parents, and Sirius back did he really want to take any more chances? Did he really want to voluntarily submit himself to a career that would constantly place him in life threatening situations? He didn’t have the answer for that anymore, what he really needed was time, but then it hit him that he still had a good three months before school ended, he did have time. He picked up the last letter that Dumbledore had given him, noting that it was the longest yet, and read. Harry,” Listen mate, I heard what you did and I have to say, good for you, I knew you could do it. This, however, is not the purpose for writing this letter. The last time we spoke I informed you that I had been recruited as keeper for Puddlemore United, anyways I’ve been bumped up to take the place of the keeper for England’s International team, pretty exciting. Our coach is off his rocker, however, because his seeker decided to retire after last season, and well he’s having a bit of trouble finding a new one. I hope you don’t mind, but I told him about you, and he seemed pretty excited to hear that I knew you personally. He says he’s read about you in Quidditch Weekly, and has been following your Quidditch career pretty intensely, waiting for you to become legal, I think he’s hesitant to take people on who are still in school onto an International professional team, but that will change in a few months once you graduate. To make a long story short he wants to recruit you, says he doesn’t even need to see you try out. Apparently he’s gone to a few of your games, and likes what he’s seen. This is a great opportunity Harry, and even though I’ve heard from a few people, one being Professor McGonagall, that you’re set to become an auror, I however hope you’ll consider the offer, it would be great to have a fellow Gryffindor with me on the team. Please write me back as soon as you get the chance, I of course understand if that isn’t for a while considering everything that’s been going on recently. Congrats on your parents too, if anyone deserves it, it’s definitely you. Stay healthy, and don’t hurt yourself, especially if you’re considering this offer. The last thing you want is to start off inured. Oliver Wood P.S- Bring the cup to Gryffindor this year, if I can get away I’m hoping to come to the final game. A large smile broke onto his face as he finished the letter. He had never really considered playing professional Quidditch before, although now that the possibility had been brought up, he thought he had been a bit daft to not even consider it. He started reading through it again, and got about half way through, when the door flew open, before he could protest he was engulfed in a bone crushing hug. He opened his eyes slightly to note a large amount of curly brown hair smothering him, and Ron’s voice say, “Get off him Hermione he can’t breathe.” “Oh My God Harry, I’m sorry, I didn’t hurt you did I, I was just so excited.” Hermione said nervously, quickly lifting herself from Harry. “I’m totally fine.” Harry assured Hermione with a placating smile, as he set the letter from Oliver on the bedside table, he would have to review it again later. “Hey Ron,” He said turning to his best friend. “Hey mate, how you feeling?” Asked Ron, surveying Harry as if trying to determine if he would break. “Kind of stiff, and a little tired, but pretty good besides that.” Said Harry. “That’s Good,” Said Ron, giving Harry a quick brotherly hug, “You had me scared shitless you know?” He scolded lightly, as he lifted himself off of Harry. “Sorry bout that.” “Nah, forget about it, I’m just happy you’re okay.” Ron said with a wave of his hand, closing the matter. “You guys okay?” Harry asked. “Yeah, one hundred percent perfect.” Said Hermione smiling down on her best friend. “Albus said something about you having a scar because of an escape attempt, what was all that about?” Harry asked, turning to face Ron. “Albus?” Hermione asked. “Yeah, Dumbledore said I could call him that, now answer the question Ron.” Said Harry, brushing off Hermione’s question. “Oh that?” Said Ron a bit apprehensively. “Ronald here made me cast a severing charm on him, then he threw himself off of the teachers seats in the Great Hall, then we stunned a bunch of teachers and aurors, got out of the hall, and came down to join the battle, along with the DA and some other seventh and sixth year students of course, they weren’t about to let us leave them behind.” Hermione explained casually, although she cast a patronizing look at Ron as she described how he had thrown himself off of the stage. “By the time we got there though there wasn’t that much of a heated battle going on, more just finishing up on the last of the standing death eaters.” She added after a moment. “Right,” Said Harry, looking at Ron before he started laughing, “You threw yourself off of the teachers podium?” He asked still laughing. “You would have done it for me.” Said Ron with a shrug. “Uh huh sure Ron,” Said Harry still shaking with mirth. “Oh like you could have come up with a better way to get out of there?” Ron challenged. “Probably, or at least one that didn’t include being tossed off the teachers podium,” Said Harry as he calmed himself down. “Hey where’s Ginny?” He asked, noticing for the first time that she too wasn’t in the room, even though Albus had said she was waiting outside. “She wanted to see you alone.” Said Hermione. “Is she out in the waiting room?” Asked Harry. “Yeah, we came in first, because she figured we’d take shorter, she was really scared, she was the one who found you, she thought you were…dead.” Said Ron quietly. “Oh.” Said Harry, with a small look of understanding, he moved his hand up to scratch his nose but realized for the first time that it was connected to an IV, “Why do I have this thing in me?” he asked. “Harry, when you were brought in Madam Pomfrey said that you were suffering from severe mal-nutrition, and Ginny told her you hadn’t been eating properly. That’s to help you regain some of your strength so that you can begun eating normally, and to help ensure that your heart stays stable.” Hermione explained gently. “Stable?” He asked. “With everything you’ve had going on recently from Quidditch accidents to getting hit with the after effects of the killing curse, not to mention Crucio, you were at kind of a risk point, Ginny’s been really bad.” Said Ron. “We should probably leave and let her come in, she’s been having the hardest time of it out of all of us.” Said Hermione, before leaning down and giving him a small hug. “Yeah I want to see her, I’m glad you guys are okay.” Said Harry sincerely, feeling slightly awkward that his friends knew he hadn’t been eating right. “Same to you mate,” Ron said clapping him on the shoulder, following Hermione out of the room. Harry only had to wait for a few seconds before the door was pushed open again, only this time slower. He felt his breath catch in his throat as he looked at Ginny. He couldn’t remember her looking more beautiful, even if she was just wearing a pair of faded jeans with an old hooded sweatshirt, her hair up in a ponytail. He figured after thinking that you were going to die, seeing the woman you love again for the first time, would help constitute for some of his feelings. He watched in horror as her large brown eyes filled with unshed tears, and she slowly began walking towards him. He felt his heart wrench, the last thing he wanted was for her to be upset. “Come Here Gin,” He whispered, holding his arms out for her. She ran forward then and threw herself into his arms, collapsing into sobs against his shoulder. He held her for a few minutes, just rubbing comforting circles on her back, kissing the top of her head from time to time. “Shhh, it’s okay Gin, it’s all alright now, I’m fine.” He said, trying to ease her sobs. “I thought…I thought I lost you,” She choked out. “But you didn’t, you didn’t, sweetie look at me,” She lifted her head slightly to meet his gaze, “You didn’t,” He whispered again. “I could have though, it’s my fault you had to go and face Voldemort, if I hadn’t been so stupid.” She mumbled into his chest as he tightened his hold on her. “Listen to me when I tell you this wasn’t your fault, besides you have nothing to be sorry for Voldemort’s gone and I’m right here, you really don’t have to worry.” He whispered to her. “I know, it’s just when I saw you, and you weren’t moving, and no matter what I said to you…you didn’t respond.” She sobbed still against his chest, and he could now feel her tears leak through his flannel pajamas, he could care less though, all he was concentrating on was the small girl in his arms. “It’s all going to be like it should have been, Voldemort’s only a memory, and we have the future.” He said trying to soothe her. She nodded softly against his chest, and let her tears run out. Harry still had his arms wrapped around her when he spoke again. “Do you ever question your plans for the future?” He asked. “What do you mean?” She asked, perking her head up a bit to look at him. “Well, I don’t know if I want to be an auror anymore,” He confided in her. “Why? That’s your dream job.” She asked, slightly taken aback, all she had heard from Harry about his future, was that for certain he was going to clear out the Potter Estate and become an auror. “No, I don’t want to hunt dark wizards anymore, I’ve done enough of that to last me a lifetime.” Ginny laughed lightly at this, which made him feel a bit better that at least she wasn’t so sad anymore. “I killed two people Gin, two people,” He said quietly. She didn’t respond just tightened her grip around him, letting him know that she was there for him. “I don’t want to take anyone else’s life, no matter if they’re as evil as Voldemort, or as good as Dumbledore, I’m really just not cut out for it.” “That’s your decision Harry, you need to do what makes you happy.” “I got some letters today, one of them got me thinking.” He said warily. “Thinking about what?” Ginny asked. Harry didn’t answer, but carefully removed one arm from around her and picked up the letter from Oliver Wood on the bedside table and handed it to her. He watched her intently as she read, her expression never changing. “Well one thing is for sure if you did that I would definitely sleep better at night, knowing that you weren’t out there throwing yourself in front of a bunch of curses.” She finally said handing the letter back. “Are you okay with it?” He asked nervously. “Of course I’m okay with it, besides it doesn’t matter what I think, this is your career, you should do something you enjoy. If you don’t want to be an auror, then you shouldn’t be an auror, to tell you the truth I was never too keen on the idea from the first place. Too dangerous for my liking.” She answered hugging up against Harry again, “I’m proud of you, you know. You defeat Voldemort, and you’ve been recruited to play for England, Ron’s going to be really jealous even if he pretends he isn’t” She said with a giggle. “Yeah,” He said quietly, pulling her closer, just enjoying having her near. “Do you ever have that feeling that you’ve just realized how much you have, only that it’s too late, that it’s gone?” She asked carefully. “Yeah, all the time, ever since that night in fifth year.” He answered. “Promise me we’ll never do that.” “What brought this on?” He asked curiously. She took a deep breath before looking him straight on in the eyes. “When I found you I realized all too suddenly how much I really needed you, how much I rely on you, how much I love you, how much I’ve always loved you even when we were fighting, and the one thought that kept at me through that time was that I would never be able to tell you what I felt, that you would leave without letting me tell you, and that was scary Harry. It wasn’t just scary it was terrifying.” She said in an undertone, letting out a small tremble afterwards. “I had the same thought Gin.” “Really?” She asked, keeping her gaze fixed with his. “Yep, how much I care for you was the emotion that finally pushed my power over the edge and finished off Voldemort, I guess you could say you helped defeat him too.” He told her with a smile. “That was all you, no one else can take credit.” She contradicted. “Nah, you helped whether you want to admit it or not, you were my happy thought. But in all honesty I was scared too, scared that I would die and you wouldn’t know how much I cared about you, or how much you meant to me, and you’re right it is a terrifying thought.” “So you promise me.” “Definitely,” He answered looking down at her with a large smile. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you too.” She replied, before they both fell asleep in each others arms, completely and utterly worn out. * ** *** ** * The most likely moment for something incredible to happen to me was the moment I was most certain nothing ever would. JANE PAULEY, Skywriting (Random House)

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