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Chapter 2. Faking fanisim Last time…… A figure came out after a flash of white light. I had frozen with terror, I knew what was going on now. Only two words flashed threw my mind. ‘Oh Shit’ I had to be dreaming, please let it be a dream, I want to wake up, now. I thought I pinched myself hard. Nothing except a sore arm. I was going to die, no way was I going to get out of this alive, no way. You are proabbly wondering why I am panicing. I’ll tell you why. Voldermort. That’s right Voldermort. Lord Voldermort aka Tom Marvarlo Riddle is 7 feet away from me. No joke. Believe me I wish it was a joke, one hell of a sick twisted joke. But it wasn’t. You know why? “Well what do we have here” It just got worse. I looked up to see a death eater staring at me. “What are you doing here?” he sneered. “Err, star-g..gazeing” “Nice try kid” he laughed. I should of run while had the chance. He grabbed my wrist and held on tight. I was a gonner, why me I’m 14 I haven’t even had my first kiss yet, and I was going to die, at the hands of a dark wizard, after being tortured, of course why not I was a muggle and death eaters would just love to have fun with some muggle girl who stubbled across their little get together. Dragging me with him, he took me…yep you guess it straight to the big idiot with red gleaming eyes. Okay he wasn’t an idiot but I’m trying to think possitive here. His eyes bored into mine, they were fildd with ammusement. Yep I was going to die, not doubt about it. No Megan focus think happy thoughts, concerntae, it’s all a dream, Voldermort is a ficional charater in an international famous book . It didn’t work. Damn why did I have to have such a crazy imagination I had a freakin nightmare after reading this chapter, the first time. (Believe me you don’t how scary it is to wake up froma nigthmare and think you see Voldermort grinning evily at you as an after-math of a dream like that) “What do we have here?” he hissed. Man I was getting sick of people saying that, that line is so over-used. “I’m a 14 year old you nit-wit that’s what you have here” I yelled. I get angry when I’m annoyed, and when I get angry I yell, loud. “My, My you are fisty” “Well aren’t you a fucking dickhead” When I yell I usally swear my head off.. Some of the Death Eaters murumered about my remark. Harry looked shocked yet impressed at the same time, although he wsa gagged so I couldn’t really tell. I was definatly gonna die now, mabye if I make him angry enough he will kill me quickly intead of the slow way where they listen to me scream as they cast the Critius curse on me. Nobody had said a word after my remark. “What are you guys all bloody mutes or something haven’t you heard a teen swear before” I shouted, I was pushing my luck really pushing it. But strangley I didn’t feel scared any more, mabye it was cause I was doing that I always dreamed of. Having a go at Voldermort and redering him speechless. This was starting to get fun. I had a lot of things I wanted to say to that guy, oh man did I have some things I wanted to say, and do to him. (Read 101 ways to annoy, harass, confuse of generaly scare Lord Voldermort, i'll post copy in last chapter) “Who are you?” he asked. He seemed to be trying not to lose it. “None of you’re business Snake-face” I said. As scareing as this was, it was really fun. “But if you must know its Megan Forrester” He binked once, and started to grin. “I see so you’re a muggle” I decided to have a bit of fun. “No, I’m not” “Then why aren’t you at school?” “Got expelled, for jinxing someone” and as an aftherthought. “Baddly they ended up in a critical condition, I lost my temper” “I’ve never heard of anything like that happening at hogwarts” “That’s cause I’m not from Hogwarts I’m from Austaila” “Really, and what school is that?” “Modifyied my memeory so I couldn’t sneak back in, I threatened the headmistress” “We’ll I impressed for someon at you’re age doing something like this” ‘Good he’s an idiot, even Harry could tell I was lieing you could tell by the look of disbeilf on his face. “Where’s you wand?” asked one death eater. “They destroyed it” I said simply. “I’m not aloud to practice magic any more, they were afraid I was going to become the next Voldermort or something with my attitude problems” I said simply. “So who are you?” I asked preteneding not to know him. “I amd Lord Voldermort” Preteneding to be shocked. “NO WAY” I paused. “Seriously you’re not joking, I am so sorry for insulting you habit,I have a go at adults a lot, I would ask for you auto-graph but I haven’t got any patchment on me” I said pretenid to be disapointed. I did Drama as well. “Auto-graph?” questioned one death eater. “Yeah, I mean come on he is one of the powerful guys on the whole darn planet, I mean not everyone was happy about you’re down fall.” “Really?” said Voldermort looking surprised. “Yeah, fight the system, the way the ministry’s have got it going absoutly suck, come on I mean whats the point in having muggleborns going to a wizard school the teachers spend most of the fisrt year telling them what the heck quiddich is, I mean I’m pure blood and I don’t undersatnd it then again my parents were killed in a muggle terroist attack” I added, glaring into space, hopeing he would take pity on me. Voldermort stared. Was he going to buy it? “Release her” he said simply. I don’t belive it. All bad guys are stupid. Better keep sucking up. “Can I still have an auto-graph?” I asked. “It’s my friend’s birthday next week and you’re her idol, she was expelled with me, with the jinxing” “Let me guess a muggleborn” he said. “Well duh, we aren’t going to jinx respectful wizards” I said. “I must apoligize again for having a go at you, you can critius me once if you like” I said. “No, I’m saving my energy for him” he said pointing to Harry, as he got out a quill. “Who’s he?” “Harry Potter” “Oh Him” I said bitterly. (I’m still preteneding) “He kindly joined my rebirthing party” he laughed. “Yeah no offence but he must be a pain in the butt if you want to kill him this baddly, I bet this took months of planning and time” “You have no idea.” He muttered. ‘You can watch me kill him if you want” “You mean it?” I said actting flattered. “Seeing you Lord Voldermort in action?” He nodded still slightly freaked at my fake fanisim(yes I know it’s not a word). “Wicked” I sat down on a gravestone, and just watched. I felt rotten, I was aprasing Voldermort, argh, I was going to have to wash my mouth out with soap after this…..if I got out alive. After Volderort recovered from shock and I had his auto-graph saftly in my pocket. The paper felt contaminated now, let me tell you. He told Wormatail to untie Harry and well they dueled can’t say I apied attention that much I already knew what was going to happen, when the Prio-Incantartim thing happened I had an idea. I snuck away and dragged Cedric all the wal to the cup. Man was he heavy, but it was the only way, I waited for Harry to start running towards me, I held onto Cedric’s arm good and tight. Harry seized the other arm and garbbed the cup. Everything went sprilling in a wirrel of colour. Chapter 3. Hogwarts.(This chapter is really short so i just put it on the end of this, one) I landed next to Harry on the grass, I sat up my head spinning, I felt like I was going to puck. I had admired Voldermort, even though I was just acting I was disgusted. I couldn’t help my self, I got up and ran a few feet and pucked. People around me watched in disgust. I noticed Dumbeldore coming towards Harry. it’s hard not to notice an old guy with a long silvery beard, the size of a bee-hive. He noticed me, covered in mud and now puck. Man I need to have a long bath. “And you are?” he asked. “Megan Forrester, sir, I’m a muggle” I said. Harry stared at me. “But you said you were a pureblood. “Harry what would Voldermort of done if he knew I was a muggle?” “Killed you probally” “Exactly” poor guy must be still in shock, so was I. Fudge heard every word. “Impossible, how could a muggle know about You-Know –who, and get to Howgarts, besides You-Know-Who is dead.” “Alive” I corrected. “Dead” I had enough of this dick-head already, from what he did in the books I exploded. “HE”S ALIVE YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD, HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH A NIT-WIT IF YOU THINK FOR A SEC YOU MINISCULE BRAIN MIFGHT RELISE THAT HARRY IS THE ONE PERSON VOLDERMORT WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KILL, NOW YOU BETTER BE A GOOD BOY A LISTEN TO WHAT HARRY HAS TO TELL YOU, AND DO EXACTLY WHAT PROFFESER DUMBLEDORE SAYS” Everyone was staring at ,me, I didn’y give a rats’ ass what the though of me. I took a deep breath. “And if you don’t belive that, here:” I pulled out a piece of paper, from my pocket, holding it like it was contminated. “I got Voldermort to sign this, to stay alive I had to pretend he was my idol..” those horrible words. “Excuse me” I said and pucked in the bushes again. “I’m guessing she didn’t enjoy it” said Dumbeldore mildly to Harry. “Nope, I didn’t enjoy it either” he said. “How’s this going to help a piece of paper with his name on it anyone could of written this” said Fudge. “Well use his NEWT test Dumbeldore can help you find it and then compare it with the handwriting, muggle techniquies can be useful.” After about several hours, Fudge came back admitted he waswroung Voldermort was caught, stopped and sentanced to the Dementor’s Kiss, and…………. I woke up. Life sucks doesn’t it. Elanna-this was a real dream i had, serioulsy. Well anyway thanks for the reviews, i may edit this story again one day but i have alot of stuff to do, like finish my other storys, its' getting difficult cause new plots keep poping into my, head, i have about 50 different story's on my computer.... Big Hello, to anyone from Antiworld, from my brother Dambier.

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