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Harry knocked on the door on the third floor and upon hearing a muttered call of ‘Enter’ from within, he opened the door and stepped inside the room of Severus Snape. It had been two days since he had returned and he was still bedridden. Shockingly enough he seemed slightly nicer, even to Harry which had everyone in a state of mild confusion. Tonks had even gone as far as to suggest that Molly had been putting illegal potions in his food, although she strongly resented that allegation and chased Tonks from the kitchen after she suggested it. “Tea for you.” Harry said as he carefully put the cup of tea down on the coaster which lay on Snape’s bedside table. The man himself was sat up in bed reading The Daily Prophet which Harry shot a dark look at before picking up the plate and the cup which were already there. “Thank you.” Snape said almost grudgingly to Harry when he set the tea down. “And thank Molly for lunch.” He said to Harry. “Will do.” He replied before leaving the room. It was certainly strange for Snape to be in such reasonable spirits, even though he had been tortured only forty eight hours ago. He had finally stopped shaking from the Cruciatus curse that morning but he was still far too weak to leave his bed. Harry had put his oddly nice behaviour towards him down to his being confined to his bed and the same strange alteration which came from living in the same house as each other, mixed with the knowledge of the prophecy. He thought it was the same thing with Minerva, although she was not stuck in bed all day and she went as far as to use his first name and to converse with him when she could have far more interesting talks with Mad Eye. Once the idea of the prophecy entered his mind Harry felt his thoughts returning to Remus and their viewing of his past. He hadn’t mentioned that at all recently and Harry was beginning to wonder why. He had seemed pretty keen to see the rest of his life even after seeing his second year and yet he hadn’t so much as mentioned it. Harry walked into the kitchen where Molly was cleaning up after lunch and he set the plate and the cup down in the sink, taking care not to break anything (which Ron had successfully done earlier). He turned around carefully, just to make sure that Remus wasn’t there and wasn’t wanting a duel with him. Thankfully he wasn’t. Irritatingly enough Tonks was there, and she did want to duel with him. “So I hear you’ve got really good at this duelling malarkey recently.” Tonks grinned as they walked though the garden to the field beyond. “Depends who said it.” Harry said, “So far I can only beat Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Fred and George.” “That’s pretty good; Fred and George are two years older than you.” She said to him. She had made a full recovery over the past few days and had been her usual immature self. “So did you get your belly button pierced then?” Harry asked her when they passed the middle of the garden. Tonks looked at him for a moment, not knowing what he was talking about. “Oh no, I didn’t.” She replied. “What happened? Did you chicken out of it?” Harry asked, a smile on his face. Tonks grinned sheepishly and said that she had. “Weird, you seemed so keen to get it done before as well.” “I just got there and decided that I didn’t want one after all.” She smiled and shot a curse at a daring hedge snake which had been following them. “What’s your tongue like now then?” Harry asked her and she stuck it out to reveal the silver stud on it. The swelling had gone down a great deal since he had last seen her. “Cool, huh?” She grinned, “I think you should have yours done.” “No, I think I’ll pass.” Harry said before leaping over the wall and into the field beyond. They got into their ready positions and glanced at each other. “Ready?” Harry called across the field. “You bet I am!” Tonks shouted back. What followed was a fierce duel, wherein Tonks managed to trip over her own feet a number of times whilst attempting to escape from the giant snake that Harry had summoned which then proceeded to chase her around the field whilst she shot spells at Harry. Eventually she managed to vanish the snake before hitting Harry hard with the freezing spell and then left him frozen on the field for around half an hour until the ice which encased him had melted enough to enable him to use his wand. He was lucky that it was only half an hour he had to wait, had it not been the sunny day that it was he could have been waiting a lot longer. He was definitely getting better at duelling though and had come quite close to beating Tonks, despite the fact that he had still lost spectacularly in the end. The day was Friday, which meant that Harry had no lessons in either apparition or becoming an Animagus. Normally he would have had occlumency at the end of the day but with Snape still in bed he was free to do whatever he wanted. Unfortunately there was nothing that he really wanted to do at all so he made to walk back up to the house, defeated and thinking of something to do but Tonks stopped him. “I hear you’re also getting pretty good at this apparition thing.” Tonks grinned, “Care to demonstrate?” “Sure.” Harry said. He was tired but he thought he had enough energy to apparate back into the kitchen from the field; it wasn’t that far after all. “I’ll see you in the kitchen.” Tonks stuck her tongue out at him and they both disappeared… And reappeared in the kitchen a moment later with a crack. Harry stumbled slightly but it wasn’t particularly noticeable. Mad Eye smiled lopsidedly at his student for apparition and pulled a face at Charlie and Fred and George who were talking about their joke shop. “So how do we know which one of them apparated first?” Charlie asked. “Because technically Harry apparated in his first lesson before the other two had even tried.” “True.” Mad Eye said and thought for a moment. “Well it’s the first one who can apparate to the Leaky Cauldron and back, without getting splinched and without landing on someone else or ending up somewhere else, no matter how close it may be.” “Deal.” Charlie said and Fred and George nodded beside him. “Well I would love to stay and listen to you argue about which of your students is the best.” George said, “But we’ve got a joke shop to run!” “And besides you all know that Ron is the best.” Fred grinned as he finished for his brother before the two of them apparated out of the kitchen and presumably to their joke shop in Diagon Alley before either Mad Eye or Charlie had time to retort. “Did you win?” Remus asked Harry as they met in the hallway as Harry left the kitchen. He pulled a face at the question. “Did I hell.” Harry replied, “Like I can beat an auror.” “I don’t see why not.” Remus said, “Duelling’s not her specialism anyway, I hear she did pretty badly in that one. She’s a master of disguise and deception apparently.” He told Harry before stopping and looking at Harry for a moment before wondering whether or not he should ask… “What’s up?” Harry asked, knowing that the next answer was likely to hold something to do with his past. He knew that Remus had been thinking about it more often recently, what with little happening during the previous day it had come back to his thoughts. “When can I see your fourth year?” He asked and Harry looked at him for a moment, thinking of when he would most like to show his guardian (who was generally worried for his wellbeing anyway) the year in which he saw Voldemort’s rebirth, saw Cedric Diggory die, was tortured, subjected to the Imperious curse and forced to take part in the Triwizard Tournament against his will. He decided that the answer was never, but he couldn’t just avoid the subject forever. He sighed inwardly. “Whenever you like. You can see it now if you really want to.” Harry said, unhappily. Remus smiled slightly, although Dumbledore had told him that his year had been something close to hell he could only hope that he had been exaggerating. A lot. “Yeah, alright. If you don’t mind, that is.” Remus replied and looked to Harry who didn’t look particularly pleased at seeing his life, but then again he never had done. “Of course I mind.” Harry muttered as they ascended the stairs. A few minutes later Harry was sat on Remus’ bed and had just finished putting the last of his fourth year memories into his pensieve and looked at Remus who was watching the silvery material in the pensieve move. Every now and again an image of a memory would reach the surface and he would see a face or an argument or once he even saw a dragon, which had set his stomach twisting in anxiety but he knew that what was done was done. If Harry had needed him to be there for him to talk about his past it was after it had happened, not years after. He bit his lip slightly as he realised just how much of Harry’s life he had missed and wondered what kind of a difference he could have made to it if he had been there for him as a child and been there for support when things got tough at school. He knew it wasn’t his fault. He had never asked to be bitten by that werewolf all those years ago but that night had successfully ruined his life. If he hadn’t have been bitten then he could have adopted Harry when Sirius had gone to gaol, he could have prevented years of his misery in the hands of the Dursleys. He supposed that had he not been a werewolf then James and Sirius would have trusted him more and made him the secret keeper instead of Peter. If he never had been bitten then perhaps the Potters would still have been alive and Harry would have had the family that he desired so much. Perhaps he had ruined Harry’s own life, without meaning to and without realising that he had done so when he strayed into the forest on that full moon almost thirty years ago. No, that was madness. Utter madness to presume such a thing. It wasn’t his fault, he had never meant to be bitten. He had never known Peter was a spy. He had never wanted Harry to be looked after by his hateful relatives but nonetheless all that had happened. His lycanthropy hadn’t made it his fault though, right? “Hey!” Harry said loudly and Remus jumped slightly causing Harry to smile. “Ready?” He asked and reached out his hand to him. Remus held it in his own and a second later he found himself back in that most horrid house: number 4, Privet Drive. He smiled when he watched Harry threatening the Dursleys with Sirius, although it appeared that he had conveniently forgotten to tell them that he was innocent of the murders he had committed. He then saw the letter that he had received from Ron, inviting him to come and see the Quidditch world cup with them. The next thing that Remus knew he was watching the fireplace being blasted across the room and half the Weasleys fall out of it. Arthur had tried to apologise to Vernon but he didn’t appear to be too pleased. Soon he was watching Dudley eat a Ton-Tongue Toffee which one of the twins had ‘accidentally’ left lying around on the floor and was laughing hysterically as the Dursleys began to panic. Sadly Arthur managed to shrink his tongue back to a normal size, but not before Remus had been doubled over with laughter and Harry had to hold onto the chair besides him to stop himself from falling over. Remus smiled as they went through the floo network with the memories of Arthur and Harry and found the rest of the Weasleys laughing in the kitchen of the Burrow. Harry was introduced to Bill and Charlie and the rest of the summer commenced. This time Remus didn’t see that much of the activity in the house but instead the memory moved to the Quidditch world cup. He left Harry and Ron’s room at the Burrow with his hand on Harry’s shoulder as he followed them all down into the kitchen. He remembered that as he glanced around Ron’s room he saw a single letter on the floor by Harry’s things, in handwriting that he had known all too well. He knew that Harry and Sirius had been writing to one another and he felt a pang of unhappiness inside him at the loss of his old friend. That was soon forgotten as he found himself at the Quidditch world cup which he hadn’t attended himself. He was as amazed as Harry was at the incredible speed and skill of the players but soon the match itself was driven out of his mind as he saw Death Eaters levitating three muggles high up in the air and spinning them around. His mouth opened in horror and indignation at them, knowing that Malfoy was almost certainly one of them. This was almost proven when Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny met Draco in the woods who then left them with a sneer at Hermione. “How on earth can they accuse you of summoning the dark mark?!” Remus asked in disbelief as he watched Harry being questioned upon the subject and Barty Crouch sticking up for him. Harry only shrugged in response to his outraged question as the memories changed again and soon the two of them were stepping off the Hogwarts express and making their way to the horseless carriages which were still horseless to the two of them, being in Harry’s memory of course. Remus listened with interest when Dumbledore announced at the start of the year that there would be no Quidditch that year and many people stared at each other in horror at the idea across the room, until he finished by explaining to them that two other schools would be joining them for the Triwizard tournament. He watched sadly as Harry was talking to Ron about the coming year and most likely thinking about how amazing it would be to watch three daring students completing task after task in the dangerous tournament for the honour of their school and 1000 galleons of course. He smiled as he watched the two Weasley twins attempting to get over the age line and then growing two large beards and he looked at the other two schools, fascinated by them. He even thought he spotted someone who looked like the Bulgarian seeker in the crowd but he knew that he was surely mistaken. Some time later he was stood at the back of the hall as Dumbledore took names out of the goblet of fire. He watched as the names of Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour and Viktor Krum were taken from the goblet and then another name came out of the goblet. It was Harry’s. He felt shocked by this, although he wasn’t sure why, after all; he had known that Harry took part in the tournament. He felt rather self conscious as he walked through the hall to the headmaster with the memory of Harry and the real Harry at his side. Even though he knew that no one in that room was real and could see him, he still felt as if their imaginary eyes were burning into him. He watched as the heads of the schools argued and Mad Eye put forward his belief that someone had put his name into the goblet under a false fourth school to try and get him into the tournament in order to have him killed. He watched with his arms folded across his chest as Snape publicly put him down in the presence of Barty Crouch, Ludo Bagman and the other heads of the schools. “I can’t believe not even Ron believed you didn’t put your name in the goblet.” Remus said as he watched Ron’s scepticism of Harry’s denial before they both went into bed. Things only seemed to get worse and worse for Harry as the Slytherins took to wearing badges that said ‘Support Cedric Diggory, The Real Hogwarts Champion’ that added to Rita Skeeter who seemed determined to write complete and utter lies about Harry, as well as make out that he was the only champion worth writing about. Remus scowled darkly at the woman as he noticed her in Harry’s memories before things fast forwarded through his thoughts and soon it was the middle of November. He had listened to Harry and Sirius talk through the fire and saw how much better Sirius looked by then although he didn’t approve of his breaking into a house to use the fire. Then soon he was being lead along by Harry who was following the memory of himself under the invisibility cloak as he in turn followed Hagrid to Charlie Weasley who was looking after four dragons for the Triwizard tournament entrants. Remus’ mouth dropped open as he saw the giant beasts. “No way…” Remus murmured as the scene changed and soon Harry was telling Cedric about the dragons for the first task and then he was dragged off into Moody’s office where the impostor told him that he had just done a very decent thing in telling Cedric about the task. Remus hated to admit it but he was an excellent actor and he didn’t think that he could tell the difference between him and the real Mad Eye if he tried. “Hermione, I need to learn how to do a Summoning Charm properly by tomorrow afternoon.” The memory of Harry said to Hermione who stared at him in disbelief after Moody had told Harry pretty much everything he needed to beat the dragons in the first task. Things sped up once more and Remus caught a glimpse of Harry being frustrated with the summoning charm and then the day had passed and it was the morning of the first task. Remus felt oddly nervous about it, not knowing what he was about to see. Harry moved quickly and put his arm around Remus to stop him from collapsing when he saw the Horntail infront of the memory of Harry who was boldly walking out across the pitch to it. “Accio Firebolt!” Harry cried and for a moment there was nothing until his broom flew through the sky and landed in his hand. He leapt onto it and after performing a few dangerous manoeuvres on the thing he eventually got the egg. Once he had got it, Remus sank down onto the floor, shaking slightly at what he had just seen. Harry had almost been burnt, knocked from his broom, sliced by the spikes on the Horntail’s tail and after all that he had finished faster than any of the other contestants with a higher score. The scene swirled suddenly and Harry was holding the golden egg. Everyone around him was clamouring for him to open it, and open it he did. There was an awful screeching sound from within and Harry shut it quickly. “I thought it sounded like Percy singing… maybe you’ve got to attack him whilst he’s in the shower, Harry.” George said and Harry looked rather sceptical. Remus was already in thought about what on earth was in that egg and why it only seemed to screech hideously. Things twisted once more and Remus found himself stifling laughter at Ron’s dress robes as Ron and Harry entered the common room together. Harry looked rather impressive in green dress robes which went well with his eyes and Hermione was just leaving the common room in a beautiful sky blue dress robe. A few minutes later and Parvati Patil was walking along with her arm linked with Harry’s and a rather unhappy looking Padma Patil was walking with Ron. Hermione was entering the hall with Viktor Krum to Ron’s horror. Remus smiled as he watched Harry rotating around on the dance floor with Parvati with absolutely no skill whatsoever whilst Ron glared at Harry and Hermione from the side. They stood outside by the lake as the months raced by and Remus watched the weather change from rain to snow and then back to rain and sun as crowds gathered by the lake. The doors of the castle opened and everyone watched as the four champions walked towards them. “Tell me you’re not going for a swim in February.” Remus said to Harry as the four of them stood by the lake and were informed of what they had to do. Remus watched as Harry ate the gillyweed and then plunged into the icy waters. Harry shook his head in disbelief at himself when he watched himself attempting to save Hermione as well as Ron underneath the lake. “I still can’t believe I did that.” He muttered and Remus smiled as he rested his hand on his shoulder. “And I managed to gain points for it as well.” “Don’t complain then.” Remus said lightly as their surroundings changed. He had to admit that had not been the most difficult of tasks and was nowhere near as close to giving him a heart attack as the first. He could only hope that the last task wasn’t going to be that bad. Time wore on and Remus began to dread what was coming as he walked along with Harry towards the maze upon the Quidditch pitch. There was a large crowd assembled there and the Weasleys had come to watch Harry, in the same way that Cedric’s parents had come to watch him as well. Soon Remus and Harry walked into the maze after Cedric and Harry who had both entered on the first whistle. They watched as the two separated and went their own ways through the maze. “It’s a bit quiet in here, isn’t it?” Remus asked Harry as they followed his memory, “You’d have thought it would be a bit more challenging.” “It should be but the impostor’s on the outside cursing things out of my way to try and get me to the centre first.” Harry explained and Remus watched as Krum suddenly turned upon Cedric and put him under the Cruciatus curse. Harry quickly stunned him and helped Cedric back to his feet before going their separate ways once more. “Impressive Harry.” Remus smiled as he watched Harry figure out the clues of the Sphinx and answer the riddle correctly before walking past unscathed. Next they were almost running after Harry as he made his way closer and closer to the middle of the maze and then they could see it: the cup was standing on a plinth in the middle of the maze but Cedric was running there and was going to get there first. That was until a giant spider was about to attack him. “Cedric! On your left!” Harry yelled and Cedric span round just in time to avoid being attacked by the giant spider. There was a minute during which Harry was picked up in the spider’s giant pincers and then dropped twelve feet onto his already injured leg when Cedric hexed it. It took a joint stunner from the both of them before they knocked it out. What followed was a bizarre battle between the two remaining champions as to who was to take the cup. Oddly enough, neither of them really wanted to take it. Eventually they agreed to take the cup together. “You’re both ridiculously noble, you know that?’ Remus asked with a smile. Harry didn’t smile in return though and just watched the scene infront of him, unhappiness clearly evident in his features. Remus didn’t understand what was wrong with him, but he supposed that he would get his answer. And he did. A moment later they were transported out of Hogwarts completely. They were both completely baffled as to what had just happened and Remus was the same. Harry stood by him, not confused but unwilling to watch the scene infront of him. A figure emerged from nowhere and Remus felt the hairs on the back of his neck tingling as they stood on end. There was a strange sense of terror surrounding them and he had no idea as to why. All of a sudden the memory of Harry dropped to the ground, clutching his scar with his hands. There was laughter which he remembered only too well and then in a high cold voice: “Kill the spare.” Remus felt his blood run cold and beside him, Harry turned away as suddenly someone spoke the terrible killing curse. There was a flash of green light and Cedric dropped dead. Remus gasped in horror and then suddenly the figure that had emerged from darkness grabbed Harry and dragged him away. “Wormtail!” Remus growled as he noticed who the man was. Wormtail pushed a giant stone cauldron into Harry’s field of vision, it was filled with water. Remus watched, biting his lip, as he wondered what was going to happen next. His attention was drawn to a strange bundle on the floor in which, from what he could tell, was a baby, or so he thought. When Wormtail opened the bundle he yelled out in shock and horror, realising suddenly that that was Lord Voldemort and he was incredibly weak. Wormtail put the baby-like creature into the cauldron and then began the ancient ritual. “Bone of the father, unknowingly give, you will renew your son!” Remus felt revulsion rise in him as he saw some white powder rise up on Wormtail’s command and enter the cauldron. Then Wormtail was whimpering as he pulled a dagger from inside his robes. He began to sob as he spoke the next line: “Flesh - of the servant – w-willingly given - you will – revive - your master.” He stretched out his right hand infront of him and gripped the dagger tightly and chopped off his hand. Remus felt his eyes wide open and felt as if they were stuck to the scene; he couldn’t look away for the life in him. Wormtail crawled to Harry and with the same dagger he cut his arm. “B-blood of the enemy… forcibly taken… you will… resurrect your foe.” He let some of the blood from his arm fall into a glass vial before adding it into the cauldron. Wormtail collapsed onto the floor, cradling the stump of his right arm and sobbing uncontrollably. A figure rose from the cauldron and Remus felt his breath catch in his throat. “Robe me.” Demanded an icy voice and Wormtail instantly did so, sobbing all the while. Voldemort spun around and fixed his awful gaze on the memory of Harry. The real Harry meanwhile, felt Remus holding onto him as if he was to be taken away from him. Voldemort went along, naming those Death Eaters that apparated into their midst, noticing those that were gone. Explaining his story to the Death Eaters around him and then he moved on to Harry. Remus felt numb as he watched Voldemort draw out his wand and point it at Harry. “Crucio. He said and Remus stumbled backwards slightly but Harry caught hold of him, not wanting him to fall over any gravestones. No, this can’t be real… it can’t! Remus thought desperately as he watched Harry tortured. Then it stopped. Remus was shaking madly beside Harry who put an arm around him. “Now untie him, Wormtail, and give him back his wand.” He said softly and the man complied. He told Harry to bow, and after a strange pressure on his back which had made him bow Voldemort spoke again. “Now you face me like a man… straight backed and proud, the way your father died…” Remus felt that awful feeling of terror, mingled with nausea fighting its way back inside him. “And now – we duel.” He was incredibly quick and a second later, before Harry had had the chance to do anything he was hit again by the Cruciatus curse. This time it was held on for longer and Remus could hear Harry’s screams he could almost feel his agony as he tried in vain to tear his eyes from his godson that was being tortured at the age of fourteen. “That didn’t hurt, did it Harry?” Voldemort asked but when he received no reply he yelled “Answer me! Imperio!” Remus watched, horrified and amazed as Harry fought the curse. “I WON’T!” Harry shouted through the graveyard. Voldemort sent a curse at him and Harry flung himself behind the gravestone of Tom Riddle. Voldemort stuck his head around the side of the gravestone ready to cast the one curse that could be prevented by nothing but Harry had already risen to his feet, ready to die fighting. “Expelliarmus!” “Avada Kedavra!” A golden thread connected the two wands and Remus felt utterly stunned as he then watched beats of light moving up and down. An intense battle of minds ensued and surprisingly enough, Harry won. One of the beads entered Voldemort’s wand and there were echoing sounds of screams emitted from it. “Oh dear god.” Remus murmured as Cedric Diggory came out of his wand. Then an old man, then Bertha Jorkins and finally Remus sank to his knees as tears sprang to his eyes as the beautiful form of Lily emerged from his wand. She told him that his father was coming and Harry clung onto his wand ever more tightly as his father emerged from the wand after Lily. He listened to their instructions and after one last fleeting look at Voldemort Harry sprinted through the graveyard, knocking two Death Eaters out of his way. Remus couldn’t move. He was lying on the floor, his eyes fixed on Lily and James. He didn’t need to move though, he moved along at the same speed as Harry ran. Finally he watched as Harry grabbed Cedric’s wrist and summoned the Cup to him. The world dissolved. And reassembled itself a moment later. Remus found himself lying on the floor with Harry, Cedric’s body and the cup. Dumbledore and Fudge were there and the news quickly spread through the crowd that Cedric was dead. Mad Eye appeared in the crowd and quickly took Harry away, half carrying him and half pulling him to his office. Mad Eye spoke of being a Death Eater and how he would kill Harry. Remus watched in the foe-glass as three figures became clearer and clearer until Dumbledore blasted the door down and Mad Eye was thrown across the floor and knocked unconscious. Remus felt stunned as he then listened to the account of Barty Crouch Jr. under the effects of Veritaserum, which he vaguely remembered Snape threatening Harry with earlier in the year. After they had listened to his explanation then the scene greyed and a moment later Remus and Harry were lying in Remus’ room on his bed. “Merlin.” Remus murmured softly.

A/N: I hope that was alright, I didn't want him to completely overreact but I hope he didn't underreact either. Anyway, the next chapter should be the one with Snape's story of what happened at Azkaban in it and the chapter after they go back to Hogwarts :o)

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