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“Time to get up scum of the earth!!!” The first shift Worden said as she banged her wand against the cold ugly bars of her cell. Samara awoke, used to her antics, and retired from her bed. She looked at her and gave her the same wicked evil grin she gave her every morning. “Shower time.” She said as she opened the door. “Oh joy.” She exclaimed sarcastically. The Worden looked astounded, since the girl had never spoken to her. Samara walked down the familiar halls. She heard screaming and whimpering, begging and pleading. Everyone is a scared child here… she thought, Even the workers. They reached the shower room, the Worden handed her a towel and a clean uniform. She opened the door to a large room full of women who were showering as well. She walked up to an empty stall, removed the uniform she was wearing and got under the cascading water. It was lukewarm, but that’s all it ever was. She hadn’t had a steaming hot shower in a long time; she hadn’t had a shower alone in a long time either. As she ‘washed away her past transgressions’ as they call it, she could feel that something was going to happen today. The water rolled over her ivory skin. She was exceptionally pale, but everyone in Azkaban was, since they never saw the light of day. Her blonde hair looked darker now that it was wet. Her hair had natural high lights in it. Her crystal blue eyes that once held so much happiness, now showed nothing but emptiness. She couldn’t tell if it was just water flowing down her face, or if it was water and tears. When she was done, she dried off and put on the clean uniform. She walked back towards the Worden of her cellblock. “Have fun dear?” she asked like she did every morning, evil smile still glued to her face. “Oh yeah, just a barrel of monkeys.” Samara announced, her reply dripping with mockery. The Worden’s smile was wiped away and became a smirk. “You know they way dear, lead it.” Samara walked cautiously around the woman and headed to the main cafeteria. She sat in her usual spot, alone. Her tray was set in front of her by one of the kitchen helpers named Terri. She was a nice woman with curly brown hair tied back in a long ponytail and brown eyes. She was about five foot three, and was pleasantly plump. Samara liked her; she was the only person other than Sirius who wasn’t afraid of her. That’s just because she doesn’t believe the rumors… “Good morning dear, how are you today?” Terri asked. Her voice was always pleasant and comforting. Samara paid attention to her after Sirius left, and she came to love her like a mother. Even though Samara never spoke to her, she always asked how she was, even though the girl only gave a nod to acknowledge that she heard her. She came up with a playful comeback. “Oh, can’t complain. Yourself?” Terri faltered, not thinking she heard right, but then she saw her smiling. She smiled back and expressed a comment she thought only the girl would get. “Oh, I’m alright. My job sucks, I’m stuck working with criminals, murderers and other people that I hate, but other than that, I’m good.” Terri chuckled. Samara was the only one who got her unusual banters, which weren’t unusual to her. After all, she was an American too. She plastered on a fake half-smile. “Surprised?” “Very. Never heard you speak before. Enjoy your breakfast, and I’ll see you at lunch.” Terri said. Samara waved at her as she departed. Before she was even finished with her meal, everyone in the prison knew of her speaking again. She went back to her chamber and focused outside again. Her barred window faced southeast. She could see the sun hanging in the sky as if by an invisible thread. She could tell it was around ten o’clock, even without a watch. Her Worden came by the cage and said, “After lunch you’ll have visitors… from Hogworts, a bunch of students doing a project… be ready.” Then she stalked off. Samara just stared at were the woman was before. She couldn’t believe it. The only people to ever visit her were her parents the first year she was in there, and they never visited her again. I knew something would happen today… whether it be good or bad, I have yet to know…
Harry stared at his breakfast, unable to shake a feeling he had. He had a feeling that something was going to happen today, something unexpected. He didn’t sleep well the night before. Nightmares of that day at the Ministry clung to his mind like a small child to his or her mother, even in his dormancy. Hermione, Ron and the other prefects were handing out the schedules for classes this year. Ron handed him his as he sat down beside him, and Hermione sat down across from him moments later. His schedule read: Mondays and Wednesdays - Double Advanced Potions Lunch History of Magic Ancient Ruins Tuesdays and Thursdays - Advanced Herbology Divination Lunch Double Defense Against The Dark Arts Fridays - Double Advanced Charms Lunch Double Wizard Studies As he read his schedule, he groaned at the fact he had Snape first thing every Monday morning twice as long as the years before. He didn’t mind Ancient Ruins, because Hermione already had taken it. He didn’t want to take Divination anymore, but he was stuck with it for now. He would grin and bear it, well, not grin. He also wondered who would be this year’s new DADA teacher, and then he noticed something different on his schedule than the years before. “Wizard Studies?” The trio asked at the same time. “You two as well?” Ron asked. They all provide confused glances. Hermione looked around and asked some of their peer’s about their schedules. “Quite a few sixth years and seventh years have this class as well.” She said as she got up. “Where are you going?” Ron asked, still a look of bewilderment on his face. “To ask Professor McGonagall what this class is and who teaches it.” She promptly stated as she walked toward the Professors table. Harry and Ron exchanged knowing glanced. “Good old Hermione.” They said as one, and then turned back to their schedules and breakfast. Harry wonder what this new class was about, but his thoughts were interrupted by Hermione’s presence being detected and her motioning to the table she had just been at. Dumbledore was raising his hands to silence people, and just as the night before, it only took a moment for it to take affect. “It seems that a great many students have come to myself or their teachers to ask about a new class on their schedule for this year. It is called Wizard Studies. For all of you that have taken Muggle Studies, grew up or live in the muggle world, you know of a college class called Women’s Studies. The students visit women in prison and do a biography on that prisoner’s life. That is basically what the select sixth and seventh years students here at Hogworts will do, only you will travel to Azkaban and visit with the wizards there. Any questions, feel free to ask them. Now, breakfast is over, please depart to your first class of the day.” He responded, and then stepped out of the Great Hall. All Harry could do was stare. He couldn’t believe it, now he was going to Azkaban. The place his godfather Sirius had stayed for thirteen years. Now he had to be face to face with someone who possibly knew him, or knew of him. He didn’t want to think about it. “Harry, are you alright?” Hermione sounded distressed. He looked at her and nodded. “Yeah, just… puzzled. Why would the Ministry give him permission to let us go to Azkaban every Friday to visit known criminals? Why would he even want us to go there?” He asked, desperately seeking an answer like he would seek the snitch at a Quidditch game against Slytherin. “I don’t know Harry, but we better hurry. Double Advanced Charms starts in five minutes, and it takes fifteen minutes to get there.” Ron stated as he grabbed his things, flew them over his shoulder and made a break for the door, Hermione hot on his trail. As Harry followed suite, he remembered. Today is Friday… today we meet our new teacher and our criminal to dissect… this ought to be interesting, very interesting in deed… he thought as the sound of his heels echoed actively through the empty halls.

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