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It was a sunny day as Hermione Granger walked onto Platform 9 ¾. It was her last year attending Hogwarts. She saw many familiar faces, like Parvati and Lavender's... but nobody seemed to recognize her. Who could blame them? She didn’t look like the Hermione she was in 6th year. Over the summer, Hermione had done a lot to herself. She got her hair cut, to just a little below her clevage, and had it straightened and highlighted with streaks of blonde. She had filled out in all the right places. Her breasts got larger, her hips were wider, and she grew about 4 inches, standing at 5’6”. She was toned, and had a nice stomach. She also got some piercings over the summer. Her ears were double pierced, and so was her right cartlidge. She had also been brave, and gotten her belly-button pierced. She got a sense of good style too. This morning, she was wearing a white halter, and denim flares, with black stilettos. Needless to say, Hermione Granger had become a hottie.

She decided to go find Harry and Ron. She haden’t talked to them all summer, since she was so busy. She found her way onto the train, and into their usual compartment. The door swung open, and there sat Harry, with his arm around Ginny, and Ron in the seat opposite the couple. They all stared at Hermione. Ron’s jaw even dropped.

“Hermione… is that really you?” Ginny questioned.

“Who else would it be?” Hermione grinned.

She sat down next to Ron, and said “hi” to all of them.

“Her-Hermione…wh-what… ha-happened?” Harry questioned. He was obviously taken aback by his best-friends’ new appearance.

“What do you mean ‘what happened’ Harry? Nothing happened. I just changed my appearance." She was getting uncomfortable with her friends gawking at her.

It wasn’t that much of a transformation she thought to herself, when she heard Ginny clear her throat.

“I think you look absolutely stunning Hermione.” Ginny smiled. Hermione smiled back, and gave Ginny a hug. She was happy that at least someone understood.

Harry and Ron just stared at her.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the Head’s compartment, seeing as I am Head Girl. I will talk to you all at dinner.” she said, and left the room.


Hermione made her way to the back of the train. She plopped into the Head’s compartment, and was just about to close her eyes, when the door flew open. She snapped her head towards the door, and saw none other than…

Her arch enemy… Draco Malfoy. He smirked at her, and she rolled her eyes.

“What do you want ferret?” she snapped.

“What’s it to you filthy mudblood?” he retorted.

Hermione laughed. She remembered what she had discovered over the summer. She wasn’t a mudblood. She was in fact a pureblood.


“Hermione…” her mother said. “We have something we need to discuss with you.

Hermione looked puzzled at her mother and father. “OK… what is it?”

Her mother started saying, “Well… we have been keeping something from you…”

Hermione looked worried.

“You are not our daughter.” her father, well, father figure, said.

Hermione’s jaw dropped open. “Well… then… who are m-my parents?” she managed to mutter.

Her mother, well, mother figure, well… the woman in front of her, sighed.

“Your parents are Rachael and Jordan Turner. They are pure-blood wizards. Very wealthy.”

"You have your own vault filled with money in Gringotts." her adoptive mother said, handing her a key.

"And a mansion." her adoptive father said before handing her another key, and a piece of paper with the address.

Hermione’s jaw dropped another 2 inches. She was shocked. She wasn’t Hermione the mudblood. She was Hermione, the rich pureblood. She couldn’t wait to rub that in Malfoy’s face.

*End Flashback *

“What are you laughing at mudblood?” Draco snapped.

“You’ll find out soon enough ferret. Now what the hell are you doing in my compartment?” she said.

Your compartment? I’ll have you know, Granger, that I am head boy.” he sneered.

Hermione’s eyes grew big, and her jaw dropped.

How the hell did that happen? she thought to herself. I’m in for quite a year

A/N: So? What did you think? Hate It? Love It? Please let me know!!

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