Chapter 7: You must be blind “What about Ginny?” Harry asked as though he could put Ron off, by trying to sound off hand about the whole thing, while at the same time fighting a very worried sensation in his stomach. It was the only thing that he could think of to say. “Don’t fool with me Harry, I know you to well by now. What’s going on? Why were you sounding all worried, if there is something that I should know…” “Nothings going on, honest, it’s just …” “You like her, don’t you?” Silence. “Come on Harry for God’s sake, answer me and you had better tell me the truth cause if something has happened, if you’ve hurt her, if…” Harry decided that it was well past the time for him to interrupt Ron, because the way Ron was going he might end up by decided that killing him might be for Ginny’s own good. The only problem now was what to tell him, sure there was nothing going on but that feeling inside him when he was near her or even thinking of her, told him that he didn’t want it to stay that way and he thought and hoped that Ginny was feeling the same way. Well he could tell him the first part at least; “Ron there’s nothing going on, mate…” “But you want...” “Look I like her o.k., but there is nothing going on and as for hurting her, I’d do everything in my power to stop anything or anyone from hurting her.” Harry couldn’t believe that he had just come out with it like that, while maybe it was for the better, maybe. Watching Ron’s face for his reaction to this bit of honesty that he hadn’t been able to stop, Harry noticed that he did feel some what better for admitting to this much at least, if he continued to feel better after Ron decided how he felt was another question all together. The surge of relief that went flying through his body when he saw that Ron was smiling was enough to cause a grin to break out over his own face. The two of them grinned stupidly at each other for a minute until Ron clapped Harry on the shoulder. “Always knew you’d be best for her, can’t believe it has taken you so bloody long to work it out! I knew you were slow and all when it comes to this stuff mate, but for a while there I though that you where going backwards, I mean you must have been blind for the last few years not to notice that the two of you will be great together.” Harry just gaped at him, after all that was the most insightful thing he had every heard Ron come out with and he was happy. ***** “You must be blind, Hermione not to have noticed over the last few years that the two of you would be great together” “Look Ginny I really don’t have a clue what you are babbling on about, so just drop it o.k.” Ginny thought that for something Hermione said she didn’t have a clue about she was getting a bit over the top annoyed about. But before Ginny had the chance to respond to that, Dean announced that everyone should now be getting back into their groups. The curtains and cushion’s had been summoned and round two was about to commence. As Harry and Ron walked over to the group, Harry grab Ron’s arm and before sitting down said quietly to him, “Don’t worry bout the Cho thing, I don’t care who snogs her. I must say though that was one hell of a kiss you gave her” “Okay everyone, hope you are all enjoying yourselves” Dean said as everyone began to stop talking, “Fred and George here had a suggestion during the break, so let’s see what you think of it. Okay boys, you explain it to everyone.” “Well, we began thinking that not everyone is having as many turns as others” Fred began. “And that really didn’t seem all that fair. Even the people who have had turns might have wished it was a bit longer” added George with a grin aimed at Ginny. “So what we propose is that all the guys’ spin the bottle until everyone has a partner, and then it’s basically like that game ‘seven minutes in heaven’” “So, what say you?” they both said together, with a look around at the whole group. When everyone seemed to be in agreement, the bottle spinning began. George spun the bottle, and when it stopped at a very pretty looking girl, he looked up and said, “My, my Miss Granger, you do seem to be rather popular with the Weasley's tonight” “While I guess you could hardly let Fred have all the fun.” Hermione answered, with a grin at George, who returned the grin, while handing the bottle to Fred. Fred took it and spun and was very glad when the bottle stopped at Angelina, he had never actually gone out with her but they had always been good friends and even better friends since the Yule Ball, a few years back. Ron took the bottle next and got Katie. Harry watched as the couples were being paired off and was coming to realize something, and it was going to be either really really good or real bad. Himself and Dean where the only guys left and Ginny and Cho the only girls, what was it going to feel like if he got Cho and Dean got Ginny? He took a deep breath as he took the bottle from Ron and sent the bottle spinning. While the bottle spun he looked round quickly at the rest of the group and it seemed to him that he was not the only who watching the result of this spin real carefully. He heard a small gasp from someone in the group and looked down at the bottle and felt his stomach tighten as he heard Fred say, “Well everyone, enjoy the next seven minutes” A/N: Soooo, what you all think?

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