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Hermione was returning to her hotel room. It was going to be about another week before she is with her friends again. She met with her parents, with bags in tow, ready to leave to go back to England. While in the car, a song caught her attention. She listened intently. The radio announcer talked rather enthusiastically. “We have a special request from a troop in Afghanistan who writes,”

“Dear Bill, I was wondering if you can play this song at about 10 am today,” Hermione looked at her watch, it was 9:57. “It’s George Strait’s classic, Check Yes or No. I wanted to ask my girlfriend of over 6 years if she will Marry me, so baby Will you marry me, to answer send me a note, and check Yes or No. Signed, SPC. Daniel Radcliffe. O.k. Danny, we will honor your request and play it for your proposal. Hope she checks yes, so here it is, Check Yes or No, B100.5, all your favorite classics.”

The song began to play. Hermione began tapping her feet as the man began to sing.

It started way back in 3rd grade.
I used to sit beside Emmylou Haines.
Pink dress, matching bow, in her ponytail.
She kissed me on the school bus,
But told me not to tell.

Next day I chased her ‘round the playground,
‘cross the monkey bars to the merry go-round.
‘nd Emmylou got caught passing me a note.
Before the teacher took it, I read what she wrote.

Do you love me? Do you wanna be my friend? And if you do,
Well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand. If you want to,
I think this is how love goes, Check Yes or No.

Now we’re grown up and she’s my wife.
Still like two kids, with stars in our eyes.
Ain’t much changed,
I still chase Emmylou.
Up around the hall,
around the bed in our room.

Next night I took her out,
In a white limousine,
20 years together she still gets to me.
I can’t believe it’s been that long ago.
When we got started with just a little note.

(Chorus repeats until fades)

Hermione smiled at the song, her parents saw this and her mother leaned in. “Thinking about Harry?” Hermione looked at her mother in shock, before saying another word, she whispered. “I don’t have to be a witch to figure out your heart, Hermione.” Hermione smiled as a idea struck her. “Mum, when we get home, is it possible to get a copy of that song?” Her mother smiled. “Sure, baby. You can put a piece of paper with it, just say Check Yes or No.” Hermione was excited about this. “This is going to be great!” she thought.

Upon arriving to England, Mrs. Granger came home with a burned CD, handing it to Hermione she had already written the letter on the way home. Hermione, had just received a letter from Harry earlier that day, so she kept Hedwig around, long enough to send Harry the letter. Hermione placed the CD and a CD player with batteries in the small box with the note. She also considered this his birthday present from her. She wrapped it nice and neat with velvet red wrapping paper.

Upon arriving to her room, Hedwig was still there, sleeping. She tied the parcel to the snow owls legs. “Go to Harry, Hedwig.” With that, Hedwig flew away, with Hermione praying Harry felt the same as she. After the snow owl was out of sight, she closed her window, turned off the lights and went to bed.

Harry was up all night. His nightmares got the best of him. For the fourth night in a row, he had been waking up at night, sweating so badly, the sheets became soaked. He was dozing off after hearing a familiar tap at his window. He places his glasses on his face. Walks over to his window, he fights with the window and finally opens it. Hedwig comes in and lands the parcel on his bed.

Harry catches the sight of the parcel and smiles. The box was a shimmering red, with gold ribbons. He opened it. Inside was the CD player with batteries, a CD, and a note. It said. “Play the player and check one. Hermione.”

With that he places the headphones over his ears, and hits play. The song begins to play. The words were coming to him. He smiles, as he listened he took the note, made his selection and places it in his trunk. The rest of the night and everyday that week, he played it over and over again.

Upon going to King’s Cross, he arrived early to catch sight of Hermione. As normal, she was the first on the train. “Hey, ‘Mione!” She looked up, startled from her book. “Harry! It’s so good to see you!” “Same here, ‘Mione” He reached into the pocket of his blue jeans. Pulling out a piece of paper. “Thanks for the gift!” He hands her the paper. Shaking, she receives it and opens it. On the paper, the word “Yes” was checked. She folded the paper, places it in her pocket and smiled. He takes his hands and places it around her face and kisses her. “That’s my present from me to you!” Hermione smiles then laughs. “This is nice!” Harry retorted. “You think that is nice, wait until Christmas!” With that, they got on the train, finding an empty compartment, waiting for the third member of the Gryffindor Trio.

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