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She couldn’t breathe. She felt like the walls were closing in on her, her heart was beating so fast, she thought it would explode inside her chest. Her eyes burned and her hands where shaking. Her face was coated in a glaze of sweat and her eyes were glowing gold. She snapped them shut and tried to stop what was happening right outside her window in the night sky. Not now… not now… stop this. Stop this… you can stop this… she repeated in her head. She couldn’t lose control, not now. She focused on her breathing and her heart beat. She willed her heavy breathing to ease to a regular pace, and her heart to quiet inside her chest. She felt her eyes relax, so she opened them. Her concoction that was in the sky a moment ago was no longer there, but there was no trace of clouds in the area. It was as if the contraption had swallowed them. The stars could be clearly seen. She recognized the constellations. Andromeda, The Big Dipper, Canis Major, Cygnus, Gemini, and Orion. She remembered, back before all this, when her life was simple. At the time, she thought she had it rough. She did miss her old life, but she thought it was better not to dwell on what she couldn’t change. The truth was, she missed her parents, her school, and her friends. But mostly, she missed Sirius. When she first came to Azkaban, she was eleven years old, alone and vulnerable. She knew nothing of the powers the Ministry was talking of and didn’t know that they wouldn’t emerge till her thirteenth birthday. She had been in her cell for about half an hour, Dementors surrounding her. As she screamed, reliving her worst memory, she heard a man yelling and banging on the bars of his cell. The Dementors left her and went to him. She looked at him as she fainted, and he was smiling at her. That’s when she first met Sirius Black. He was accused of the same crime as her. He claimed to be innocent as well. She had found someone to confide in, someone to look after her. They told each other about theirs lives, and comforted each other when they needed it. He became her father figure the three years they spent there together, and she was grateful. He wasn’t frightened away by her, and she thought he would have been; after all, she was a monster. One night, after her thirteenth birthday, Sirius called to her. He said he had found a way out, and was going after Peter Pettigrew, the real traitor to the Potters. She begged him to take her with him. He said it wouldn’t be safe for her to leave now that her true powers where forming, but he would come for her soon. And with that, he was gone, and now he was gone for good, and was never coming for her. She brushed away a stray tear from her crystal blue eyes, and ran her hands through her shoulder length blonde hair. She didn’t want to think about this now, she might have another fit, and god knows what will happen then. She turned her attention to her now cold food. She grabbed the tray and nibbled on it as she stared out at the water. What I wouldn’t give just to be outside again… She thought as the voices returned with their monotone incoherent words. She pushed away her half eaten food, got under the covers of her bed, got situated and placed the pillow over her head. She wanted to block the voices out, not knowing they were warning her of what was to come.
Harry got off the train, followed by Luna, Ron and Hermione. The two lovebirds where quarreling, again. Harry went to get into the first carriage he saw, but not before glancing at the skeleton-like horses called Thestrals. He got into the carriage, Ron, Hermione and Ginny following suite. He smiled at Ginny. “Hey Ginny.” He said “Hi Harry.” She replied. He hadn’t spoken to her since he left for the Dursley’s at the end of last year. She was in the Ministry as well when Voldemort had lured him into the vicious trap he fell for. She had suffered a broken ankle and was stunned. He wished that he could say something to her, but no words would come out. They all sat in silence as the carriages came to the castle. They got out and walked into the school to the Great Hall. They took their seats at the Gryffindor table, waiting impatiently for the first years to come through to be sorted. As they entered, Harry glanced at them. Some of them looked excited, some absolutely terrified, and some look impressed. Ron looked up and said, “Finally, I’m starving. If they had taken any longer I would have jinxed them all-” Hermione cut him off. “Ronald you’ll do no such thing, you are a prefect-” “Yeah, I bloody well know I’m a prefect. You can’t take a joke can you?” “Well, if I could tell you where joking, I wouldn’t have-” “Oh, don’t go there. Yes you would have, and you know it.” Harry covered his ears and placed his head on the table. Damn… they will never realize it, will they? As soon as one argument ends, another one begins… welcome home… He thought sarcastically. He turned his gaze to the Ravenclaw table, and saw Cho. He immediately turned away before he was caught staring. He needed to forget about her. She only wanted to talk about Cedric, and was always crying. He couldn’t handle that on top of everything else. The hat sang the same song as the year before, and then Professor McGonagall began reading off names. As each first year went up, he could see the apprehension in their eyes. He would applaud if one of them happened to be placed into his house. Hermione made it her job to welcome each and every one of the new students to the house. Soon the sorting was over, and it was time for Professor Dumbledore’s yearly speech. The old wizard got up to the podium and held up his hands, the hall was silenced in seconds. Even though Dumbledore had lied to him, kept vital information from him, he still had respect for him as an authority figure. “Welcome to another year at Hogworts. As a review for the older students, but fresh information for the new students, The Dark Forest is strictly forbidden. During the course of this year, your achievements will win your house points, and any rule breaking will cause you to lose points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points will receive the House Cup. Curfew is nine o’clock on weekdays, and ten o’clock on weekends. And now, without further a dew, let the feast begin.” He said. The plates in front of them filled up with food. Ron, as usual, stuffed his face in. Harry wasn’t all that hungry, but tried to eat so no one would ask any questions. When everyone had their fill, they headed up to Gryffindor Tower. Hermione took this time to point out that the stairs change, just in time for a first year to nearly fall when one of them moved as he stepped onto it. They reached the Fat Lady, and like every year before, she was trying to sing, key word being trying. “Devilsnare!” yelled Hermione, getting extremely flustered by the ignorance of the painting. “Wait a minute… AHHHHHHHHH!” The Fat Lady belted out what was supposed to be a high A flat, but turned out to be a high pitched screech. They all covered their ears; afraid she would cause their eardrums to burst. “DEVILSNARE!” Hermione looked likes she would tear the painting into bits. “OH ALL RIGHT! You just can’t appreciate good opera music…” the Fat Lady complained as the portrait opened up to the common room. “Oh that wench thinks she’s an opera singer now, what next? Rap? Hip-hop? Pop?” Lavender said with a laugh as she headed up the girls stairs. Ginny followed her up. Ron and Hermione where giving the first years the tour of the common room, so Harry decided to turn in early. He climbed the boy’s stairs and went to the sixth year room. He found his things and Hedwig by his bed, nearest the window. He let his beautiful white owl out of her cage, went to the window and opened it. “Go stretch your wings girl, you’ve been caged up all day.” She flied out the window into the cold night air. The breeze stung his face, but he didn’t care, he sat at the window for a good hour before closing it and getting under the covers. It’s good to be home… was his last though as sleep overtook him.

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