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Disclaimer: See the other chapters ”You look just like your father…” Chapter 8 “Remus!! I mean Professor Lupin.” The addressed man rose from the chair and hugged Harry. Harry was a bit surprised by this but didn’t mind it. After all Remus was the last of the true Marauders. “Call me Remus, OK? You’re looking good.” He said smiling, but Harry noticed the smile didn’t quite reach the werewolf’s eyes. 'He must be mourning just like I am.' “What are you doing here?” Harry asked sitting down. “Remus is here to teach you duelling and other extra curriculum subjects.” The Headmaster answered. “Oh yeah. Snape mentioned something about that.” Harry said remembering his conversation with the Potions master in the infirmary. “Professor Snape, Harry.” Dumbledore corrected absent-mindedly. “Yes, Harry. I will teach you how to duel and also some extra DADA.” Lupin said. “Great! When do we start?” Harry asked enthusiastically. “Whoa! Slow down. We’ll start this weekend. Saturday morning.” Lupin answered. “Will Ron and Hermione join us too?” “Erm… No. Wait, let me explain.” Lupin said hurriedly when Harry started to protest. “As much as I hate to say this; you need to learn as much as you can, because of Voldemort and I need to concentrate solely on you. I promise I’ll teach Ron and Hermione too as soon as you have learned the most essential things.” Harry seemed to understand the reasons and Remus continued. “Besides I think your friends will be quite busy with their prefect duties and Quidditch.” “Oh, I wanted to ask you something about that, Headmaster.” Harry said to Dumbledore who had remained mostly silent during the conversation. “Yes, Harry?” “I was wondering about my Quidditch ban. That is, am I allowed to play this year?” Harry said quickly. Dumbledore looked at Harry for a moment before answering. “The ban is of course lifted, but I would like you to consider not playing this year.” “But why?” Harry said sounding baffled. “I’m sorry Harry but Remus’ lessons will take a lot of your time and the NEWT classes are also quite demanding.” Dumbledore said sounding apologetic. “I can take care of them! I promise.” Harry said pleadingly. “Hmm. I can’t really tell you what to do…” The Headmaster said looking a bit disappointed. “I’m sure Harry knows what he’s capable of and will drop Quidditch if he doesn’t have time for it.” Remus said and earned a grateful look from Harry. “Well, I believe that is all then. Go have some lunch.” Dumbledore said to Harry. As Harry was leaving Remus stopped him for a moment to mouth “See me after dinner at the Room of Requirement.” ********* Harry was having quite mixed feelings when he walked towards the Great Hall. It was great having Remus at Hogwarts to teach him things, but at the same time it felt oddly wrong.' Why can’t I just be normal and get to play Quidditch like everyone else? Why do these things always happen to me?' Harry slumped beside Ron and began nibbling some food. “So how did it go, mate?” Ron asked obviously not seeing how depressed Harry was. Harry told Hermione and Ron what had been discussed at the Headmaster’s office. As Harry had guessed, Ron didn’t even consider that Harry shouldn’t play and was already talking how Gryffindor would win the Cup for sure while Hermione agreed with the Headmaster. “How can you agree with him, Hermione? Harry has to play!” Ron argued with her. “Harry doesn’t have time to play Quidditch and he knows that. Don’t you, Harry?” “Well, actually I think I can manage it.” Harry said airily though wondering if that was really true. Ron gave Hermione a victorious smirk and started to discuss their Quidditch prospects with Harry. ********* Harry was walking towards the Room of Requirement to see Remus. He had seen Adel on the way there and Harry had stopped to talk to her and because of that he was now running late. He walked quickly around a corner and nearly ran into Malfoy. “Watch it, Potter!” The blond Slytherin sneered. “Move, Malfoy. You’re blocking my way.” When Draco didn’t move Harry continued. “What do you want?” “So you have a new girlfriend now.” Draco said smiling menacingly. “What are you talking about?” Harry said. 'He must mean Adel, but she’s not my girlfriend. And how does Malfoy know about her anyways?' “I bet she’s a mudblood, why else would she want you?” “Don’t call Adel a mudblood!” Harry shouted angrily. “Adel? So that’s her name. I’ll need to inform my father. He will be most pleased.” Draco said and smirked. Harry took his wand out without even thinking about it and pointed it at Malfoy. Draco also had his wand out. They stood glaring at each other waiting for the right moment to throw a curse. No curses were shot though, as Snape’s cold voice came from behind Harry. “15 points from Gryffindor, for attempting to hex another student.” Snape said evenly. “But…” Harry started. “Move, Potter or I will take another 15 points.” Harry walked seething away from a grinning Draco and the Potions master. 'And here I was thinking Snape had actually changed!' ********** Remus nearly fell from his chair when Harry slammed the door to the Room of Requirement shut. “What’s with you?” He asked the dark haired boy. “Snape. He just… Never mind. You wanted to see me?” Harry said sitting also. “Yes. I… um… Have you talked to anyone about what happened at the Department of Mysteries?” Remus said looking Harry straight in the eyes. Harry held the gaze for a while and then turned his head away. “If you’re talking about S-Sirius, then no… But I’m okay!” He added hurriedly after seeing the look on Remus’ face. “It’s alright to grieve, Harry.” Remus said gently and continued “I know you’ve been blaming yourself, but it’s not your fault Harry. It’s nobody’s fault.” “But I could have stayed here, or maybe if I’d studied Occlumency better..” Harry said in a small voice, but Remus interrupted him. “It’s not your fault.” Remus said firmly. “Look at me Harry. Do you think Sirius would have wanted you to grieve for him and be miserably all the time?” Harry looked at Remus a long time before answering. “No. You’re right. He would want me to be happy… Thank you, Remus.” “You’re welcome. And if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. Well I’ll see you on Saturday, for our first lesson.” He said and placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder. Harry nodded and left the room feeling much better. ********* AN: We really can’t apologize enough, it’s taken us ages to update and the chapter is quite short too… We’re sorry!! But we still posted this to let you know we’re still here. And many thanks to our reviewers!

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