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“Where are Ron and Hermione?” Molly asked, noticing three spare places at the table when she looked up to check that Harry was eating enough and noticed a spare seat next to him. “In the lounge, arguing.” Bill said to her and Molly stared at him for a second and the room was still until: “BILL! WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR EYEBROW?!” She cried when she looked at him and saw the ring in it. “That’s not all he’s had done.” Tonks said, appearing in the fireplace a second later. Molly turned to Bill furiously who stuck out his tongue and smiled apologetically. His mother’s face went crimson with rage and for a strange moment everyone thought that she was going to hex him but that never happened as Ron and Hermione marched into the room, clearly still infuriated with each other and glanced around the table for somewhere to sit. Ron immediately looked to sit next to Harry or somewhere near him but there appeared to be nowhere since Tonks and Remus were on either side of him and Mad Eye, Filius and Minerva were opposite. Harry would previously have felt quite intimidated by being sat so close to two of his teachers and a man supposedly the best auror ever but now, after living with them all for almost a week he wasn’t particularly bothered and even went as far as to participate in some of their conversations and without Snape there then his general ignorance was less likely to be exposed. “Are you ready for your first lesson tomorrow on becoming an Animagi, Harry?” Minerva asked him. Of late she had dropped the formality she normally withheld between herself and the younger people in the house and had taken to using his first name. Of course they both knew that this formality would be reinstated once they got back into the school or were out in a place such as Diagon Alley but Harry didn’t mind that. “Hopefully so.” Harry replied as he levitated the roast potatoes down the table to Snape and glanced back at her. “You are fully aware that it can take up to five or six years to become an Animagus, I presume?” Minerva said to him and he nodded. “I doubt it will take him that long.” Tonks said. “Yes, James, Sirius and Peter managed it in around four and they had no help.” Remus said, “Harry, Ron and Hermione should be much faster.” “I agree, and they’ll have your help as well.” Mad Eye said to Minerva. “How do you find out what someone’s Animagus form is going to be?” Harry asked her before seeing how much Yorkshire pudding he could get into his mouth at once, to Remus’ disgust and amusement. “There’s a spell which can be used. It will show you your exact form and transform you into it for a moment. I would show you but I don’t fancy having the whole room clamouring for me to show them their form.” Minerva said, lowering her voice slightly so that only those few sat around herself and Harry could hear what was said. “So you could show us all what we’d be if we became Animagi?” Tonks asked, intrigued. “And you let everyone argue for all this time?!” “It was quite amusing, especially now that Severus almost has Ron convinced that he’s going to be a snake.” Minerva explained and sure enough at the bottom of the table they could hear Ron complaining to Hermione and Ginny about how he was probably going to be a snake when he transformed. “But I don’t want to transform into a stupid snake!” Ron moaned and let his head loll forwards onto the table where it landed in some gravy. Ginny patted him on the back as he rested his head on the table. “I’m sure you won’t be a snake, Ron.” Ginny said to him. “If you are do you think you would speak parseltongue and Harry could understand you?” Hermione asked interestedly. “I don’t know and I don’t care, I’m not going to be a snake!” Ron argued. At the other end of the table Mad Eye rolled his eyes, which looked odd to all who watched him but no one said anything. After Harry had daringly (and stupidly) asked Mad Eye his age and Dumbledore had calmed him down somehow afterwards he had been no different to Harry than he had been before, although Harry regarded him with caution and was unwilling to mention age at all in his presence now. “I’d laugh for a long time if he was a snake.” Tonks said. “Me too.” Harry said to her. “Do you know what you would have been?” Harry asked Remus. “I never had the spell put on me but I can only presume that I’d be a wolf.” Remus said to him. “Why did you never learn to become an Animagus? It could have been quite useful to be able to become a wolf at any time.” Harry said. “True, but I hate the full moon and each time I transformed it would remind me of those nights. In the end I’d rather not learn to.” Remus said to him and took some more carrots from the dish in front of him. “I would have been a chameleon.” Tonks said and Harry smiled. “No shock there.” Mad Eye said to her. “I never had the spell put on me so I don’t know what I would have been. I didn’t even know that there was a spell until you just mentioned it now Minerva.” “Me neither.” Harry said. “Well if you’d been reading the book on Animagi like I previously instructed you to, Harry, then you’d have known already that you discover your form using a spell and what the spell was.” Minerva said to him. “Yeah, but Hermione’s got the book so I can’t read it until she’s finished.” Harry said. “Well take it back off her.” Filius said, “You’ll be learning before her anyway and you need to read it just as much as she does.” “As well as that, it is yours.” Tonks pointed out. “Why will I be learning before she does?” Harry asked no one in particular. “Because she hasn’t finished her homework yet, nor has Mr Weasley.” Minerva explained to him, “And I will not teach anyone who has not yet completed their work. You have completed all your homework, correct?” She asked him, giving him a piercing gaze. “Yep.” Harry said. “And you got more than an A in each?” She asked, not taking her eyes from his. Harry nodded in reply and she settled for that. It was true: he had managed more than an A in each of his subjects. He had managed an O in both defence against the dark arts and charms and an E in potions and transfiguration which he was pleased with, since transfiguration was quite difficult for him. “Very well then, your first lesson will be tomorrow after lunch.” She said to him. “Pass the Yorkshire puddings, please.” Filius nodded and a second later she took two puddings from the dish that was hovering next to her before the dish hovered back to where it came from. Remus was reasonably quiet over dinner and wasn’t speaking much unless someone spoke to him first. His mind had wandered back to Harry’s past, something which it hadn’t done all day but he couldn’t stop thinking about Harry racing through the obstacles on the third floor with Ron and Hermione and watching him risk his life as he tried to get to the other side where he knew that there was a man who would most likely kill him when he found him. ”Now why don’t you give me that stone in your pocket?” Voldemort asked Harry in his mind and a slight shiver passed through him at the thought and then his yells of “KILL HIM! KILL HIM!” whilst Harry hung onto his arm, keeping him in as much pain as possible. He had almost died that night, although it was not the first time he had been in mortal peril, he knew that but at the same time he had seen him risking his life. He could almost see what could have happened to Harry, how he could have been lain on the floor, the effects of Avada Kedavra ending his life. He blinked and found himself under the gaze of those sat around him, either looking concerned or amused. He wondered how long he had been staring into space and not eating, it must have been quite a few minutes because everyone’s plates were nearly empty now. There were five more minutes of idle conversation and laughter as people finished their meals although Remus didn’t eat another bite. Molly eventually waved her wand and all the plates made an orderly queue around the bin and poured whatever was left on them into it before flying into the sink to be washed. Everyone else left the room, knowing that to hang around was to assist in the cleaning process, although Harry knew that even if he did hang around or offered to help that Molly wouldn’t allow it. “Are you alright?” Harry asked Remus as he followed him up the stairs. “You were just staring into space for ages back there.” “I’m fine.” Remus said to him, trying to appear it, even though now echoes of Harry’s past kept coming back to haunt him. “No you’re not, you always say that and you never are.” Harry said, “So tell me what’s wrong with you.” “Nothing… I mean I…” Remus tried to speak but found it difficult. “At a loss for words at Potter’s incredible ignorance are we, Lupin?” Snape asked him as he walked past, smirking as he went. “Shut it, Snape.” Remus snapped at him and Harry looked up at him; it was rare for Remus to lower himself to Snape’s level and snap back at him and yet he just had done. They walked together up another set of stairs onto the second floor and Harry allowed himself to be lead into Remus’ room. “So…?” Harry asked him, hoping that now they were alone he was more likely to get an answer as to what was wrong with him, or what was keeping him permanently preoccupied at any rate. “It’s your past!” Remus said suddenly, “It’s driving me mad! All I can think about is you walking through those stupid obstacles and trying to get to the stone and you almost died so many times, you should be dead and you managed to beat a fully grown wizard somehow and…” Remus said very quickly before collapsing back onto the bed. Harry sat besides him, looking down at him. How on earth was he going to react when he saw his second year? That had been so much worse than his first, and considering how badly he had reacted to just the first year which seemed relatively normal compared to the rest he didn’t think he could take seeing the rest of his life. “Your first year was the worst, wasn’t it?” Remus asked him, hoping that he was going to reply with a ‘yes’. Harry smiled sadly at him and shook his head. Remus felt an odd sense of dread fill him at the thought of his years being any worse than they already were. “Can I see?” Remus asked him softly and Harry bit his lip slightly as he looked down at him, he didn’t know whether or not he could take seeing it. He hadn’t reacted well to his first year and if images of that were still haunting him then he wasn’t going to take a basilisk in his stride. Harry sighed; he knew that he couldn’t resist Remus’ pleas to show him, it would only make him more nervous and fearful of what his past had held. “Now?” Harry asked him. “No time like the present.” Remus said, sitting up to face him. He looked worried and exhausted Harry noticed as he summoned his pensieve to him and wondered how odd it looked to people on the landing to see a pensieve flying past them from one room to another. The door opened of it’s own accord, despite the mild locking charm Remus had put on it and the bowl flew in and landed infront of Harry who glanced down at it and reached for his wand. He concentrated hard on the events of his second year at school and just before but his mind began to wander as he took memory after memory and placed it into his pensieve and he found that things went right through into his third year. Not seeing how things could hurt Remus to see him in his memory and observe the year from his point of view he let them stay and now the bowl had become rather full from two years worth of memories inside it. Remus looked down at it with interest as he moved slightly on the bed and some of Harry’s memories stirred to the surface. He heard cheering and could almost feel the wind and knew instinctively that he was in a Quidditch match in that particular memory. Tearing his gaze from the pensieve, he looked up at his godson who offered him his hand which he took before he put his other hand into the bowl. Remus found himself standing in the kitchen of number 4 Privet Drive and a younger version of Harry was sat at the kitchen table along with the rest of the family and Remus narrowed his eyes ever so slightly as he noticed that whilst Dudley ate copious amounts of bacon, Harry only ate a slice of toast. They were in the middle of a conversation about Dudley and whether or not the students at Dudley’s school got enough to eat. “Pass the frying pan.” Dudley said to Harry who scowled at him. “You’ve forgotten the magic word,” Said Harry irritably. Remus laughed aloud as Dudley fell off his chair, Petunia screamed and clapped her hands to her mouth whilst Vernon leapt to his feet, looking furious. “WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT SAYING THE M WORD IN OUR HOUSE?!” He roared at him before following that up by demanding how he dared to threaten Dudley. “I just –” Harry tried but Vernon cut across him. “I WARNED YOU! I WILL NOT TOLERATE MENTION OF YOUR ABNORMALITY UNDER THIS ROOF!” Vernon shouted at him causing Remus to glower at him. “How dare he call you abnormal?” Remus said indignantly. “All right,” said Harry, “all right…” and eventually Vernon appeared to calm down. There was silence for some time as everyone finished their breakfast and then when everyone was finished Vernon ran through the schedule of their whereabouts that evening when Mr and Mrs Mason were to be coming round for Vernon to make what could be the biggest business deal of his life. “I’ll be in my room making no noise and pretending I’m not there,” Harry said tonelessly responding to Vernon. “I cannot believe him!” Remus cried, “Making you pretend that you don’t even exist!” Harry just looked up at him and shrugged. He took Remus’ arm and led him outside after the twelve year old Harry who was softly singing Happy Birthday to himself. “Did they even acknowledge that it’s your birthday?” Remus demanded of Harry who laughed. “Yeah right, they’re pretending I don’t exist, Remus, how likely are they to celebrate my birthday?” Harry asked him but Remus didn’t respond. He crossed his arms over his chest and scowled darkly at the hedge which looked back at him. Remus jumped slightly as he stared back at the hedge but the eyes were gone. Remus felt his irritation with the Dursleys increasing as he watched Harry being mocked by Dudley and eventually resorting to pretending to set the hedge on fire with nonsense words. “I hate her.” Remus said vehemently as he watched Harry cleaning the house and doing countless chores under the promise from his aunt that he wouldn’t eat again until he’d finished. Dudley sat around watching him, eating ice-cream and mocking him occasionally. He seemed to spend the entire day doing chores until he finally re-entered the house and ate his tea: two slices of bread and a lump of cheese whilst a joint of pork for the Dursleys and their company that night sizzled away in the oven. Remus growled slightly at seeing the food that he ate compared to his detestable relatives but didn’t comment as Harry was told to get upstairs and dutifully did so. What followed was a strange scenario wherein Harry entered his room only to discover Dobby the house-elf. Remus watched as Harry attempted to speak to a creature he had never encountered before and tried in vain to stop Dobby from punishing himself repeatedly whilst complementing him. “Give me my friends’ letters!” Harry said as he raced down the stairs after Dobby, leaping down over the last six and racing silently into the kitchen where Dobby was hovering the dessert for that evening high up on the ceiling. Dobby begged Harry not to return to Hogwarts but Harry refused, resulting in the pudding dropping to the floor with a crash. Dobby disappeared and cream splattered the walls and all over Harry. There were screams from the next room and after Vernon threatening to flay him within an inch of his life Harry was left cleaning the kitchen, that was until a ministry owl flew through the window inciting chaos once more as Mrs Mason ran from the house, Mr Mason following soon after. “Go on, read it.” Vernon hissed at him and unhappily Harry read out the letter, explaining that they had received intelligence that he had used a hover charm in their place of residence. It would appear that by Vernon’s reaction (which was to drag Harry upstairs and to lock him in his room, having bars fitted on his window and a small flap for food fitted on the bottom of the door) that Harry had conveniently forgotten to inform them that he wasn’t allowed to use magic outside the school. “He imprisoned you in your room?!” Remus cried in disbelief as he watched Harry in his room sped up for three days as he was fed barely anything and treated like a prisoner. He muttered something indistinctly under his breath but Harry moved closer to him to try and comfort him as they watched the rest of his memory. Remus laughed as he watched Ron, Fred and George come to rescue him. The twins pulled the bars off the window with the car before getting into the room with him and taking his trunk and all the things he needed and putting them into the back of the car. He watched as there was a strange fight for Harry as Ron and the twins held onto Harry’s arms and Vernon had hold of his leg, trying to hold him back from the flying car that had Remus staring in disbelief. Soon Remus watched Harry’s summer fly past him with the Weasley family where he saw Harry actually happy for a change, he watched as they visited Diagon Alley and felt Harry’s slight embarrassment at his amount of money compared to the Weasleys and then his rather more humiliating experience with Lockheart in Flourish and Blotts after he got lost using floo powder and ended up in Knockturn Alley and then there was Arthur and Malfoy fighting in the bookshop. Eventually his summer had ended though and he watched the Weasley family and Harry make their way to Kings Cross and then watched Harry and Ron get locked out of the train station. “That was the most ridiculous idea I think anyone’s ever had!” Remus said as Ron flew Arthur’s flying ford Anglia to the school and then watched as they were almost expelled. “What would you have done if you were expelled?!” Remus demanded of him. “Calm down!” Harry laughed, “It wasn’t as if I actually was expelled, just almost.” Remus looked at him and shook his head before glancing back at the scene around him as he watched unbelieving as Lockheart talked to Harry outside about Harry’s apparent taste for fame and raised an eyebrow at Colin Creevey, a boy he had taught himself and who seemed to chase Harry around the school with a camera. Things then changed to Harry’s first defence lesson with aforementioned moron: Gilderoy Lockheart whose idea of a lesson was a quiz about himself and Cornish pixies which he failed to control. “He is the most pathetic teacher I have ever seen!” Remus said in disbelief, “He’s awful! Did you learn anything from him at all?!” “Not to my recollection.” Harry said to him with a slight smile as they found themselves at Nearly Headless Nick’s 500th deathday party which Ron, Hermione and Harry eventually managed to escape from only to find themselves up in a corridor whilst the rest of the school was at the feast as Harry chased a bodiless voice that Remus could also hear although Ron and Hermione were completely mystified. They found themselves underneath Mrs Norris who had been petrified with a message written in huge red letters on the wall. THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED. ENEMIES OF THE HEIR, BEWARE. Remus stared at it, his eyes opening wide. “The chamber of secrets doesn’t exist!” He said suddenly, “It’s a myth!” He looked desperately to Harry for confirmation but he only smiled and shook his head. “I’d like to think that, I really would.” Harry sighed. The memories past them and Remus watched as the trio were questioned by Dumbledore, Minerva, Severus, Lockheart and Filch who revealed that he was a squib and blamed Harry wholeheartedly for the petrifying of his cat. Eventually they were allowed to leave and Remus then saw the Gryffindors learning about the chamber of secrets from Professor Binns of all people (well, ghosts) and in Harry’s mind he heard the sorting hat telling him that he could be great if he were to be in Slytherin. Remus felt a slight twist of unease in his stomach but followed Harry through his memories. “You made a polyjuice potion?!” Remus demanded of him, “You were twelve! You don’t do anything nearly as complex as that until sixth year and even then it’s very simplified…” He stared at Hermione who was stirring a cauldron before the scene changed again and the Gryffindor Quidditch team were in the middle of a discussion about the rogue bludger attempting to kill Harry, repeated, during the game. The scene changed and Harry was lying in a bed in the hospital wing in agony whilst he talked to Dobby who explained that it had been he who tried to get him injured enough to be sent home away from Hogwarts with his rogue bludger and locking him out of the train station to the school. He was under the effects of the Skele-Gro potion and was trying not to cry out from pain as he threatened Dobby. “I cannot believe this.” Remus muttered as he watched as Harry was discovered to be a parselmouth infront of the duelling club and then went on to watch Hagrid removed from the school, the effects of the Polyjuice potion on the Harry, Ron and Hermione, the people who were petrified and their trip into the forest to discover Aragog and be saved by the ford Anglia. “This is even more bizarre than your last year.” “I know, and I’d like to think that it gets better…” Harry smiled at him as they looked down at Hermione who was petrified in the hospital wing. Slowly Harry and Ron began to figure things out and they eventually realised where the entrance to the chamber of secrets was when Ginny was taken into the chamber. “Oh god, Harry, no!” Remus said as he followed Ron, Harry and Lockheart to the girls’ bathroom and watched Harry speak parseltongue, effectively opening the entrance to the chamber of secrets. “I don’t want to watch this.” Remus groaned as they watched as Lockheart removed his own memory with Ron’s faulty wand and Harry was trapped on the other side of the rubble. “Why? You know I’m going to be fine…” Harry said to Remus and hugged him lightly before walking further into the chamber. What followed was Riddle’s appearance and his proving himself to be the heir of Slytherin and the sixteen year old Voldemort at which Harry thought Remus was about to faint. He managed to stay on his feet however, until the basilisk appeared when he sank to the floor, Harry beside him. “It can’t be…” Remus moaned softly, “I mean he… you… basilisk…” He had gone an interesting shade of green by now and a moment later his eyes closed and he slumped backwards onto the cool stone floor. Harry sighed and revived him quickly. “Are you alright?” Harry asked him as he awoke his guardian who sat up and looked around at the suspended scene around him. Harry was staring in horror at the giant snake and Riddle looked rather insane as he stood near to Ginny. “Oh god…” Remus said softly as he stared around at the chamber. “You don’t have to watch this.” Harry told Remus who shook his head. “I need to.” He murmured in reply. “If you’re sure…” Harry said and with a wave of his wand the scene began to move again. He had watched as Harry had somehow taken the sword from inside the sorting hat and as Fawkes gauged out the eyes of the basilisk but the basilisk went for Harry again. Remus made a choking noise on the floor as he watched the fang of the basilisk bury itself in Harry’s arm whilst the sword was embedded in the roof of the serpent’s mouth. The giant snake fell but Remus knew that the venom of a basilisk was poisonous and could only stare in mute horror as Riddle sauntered over to him and told him that he was going to watch him die. Harry felt Remus’ warm arms holding onto him as he stared numbly at Harry who was slumped against the wall of the chamber, drenched in blood. “Get away from him bird!” Riddle commanded Fawkes who was crying against his arm. The tears of a phoenix can heal almost any wound from anything as minor as a scratch to even something as serious as a cut jugular vein… Remus remembered learning about phoenixes a long time ago and the words drifted back to him as he watched Fawkes drop the diary into Harry’s lap. Riddle writhed in agony as Harry plunged the venomous fang of the gigantic snake into the diary, spurting blood everywhere. Remus felt himself flying as he glanced to the side and saw that he was quite high in the air whilst Harry was holding onto Fawkes whilst the sorting hat and the sword were tucked into his belt. Ron held onto the back of his robes, Ginny held onto his hand and Lockheart held onto hers, looking utterly bemused as they flew higher and higher out of the chamber. Soon Harry was explaining the entire ordeal to the Weasleys, Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore whilst Harry sat on the floor in Remus’ arms, who seemed reluctant to let him go. He smiled when Harry released Dobby from Malfoy’s servitude but didn’t let go of him. “You could have died!” Remus choked. “That happens to me a lot.” Harry said lightly and Remus could only stare at the boy. “Do you want to leave the pensieve now?” “No, I want to see more.” Remus murmured. “Very well.” Harry said and the scene changed again to show Harry saying goodbye to his friends at the train station and returning home with the Dursleys. Now Remus was in too strong a state of shock to even comment upon the actions of the Dursleys as they treated him like vermin once more although Ron’s telephone call amused him slightly. He smiled when Harry received presents on his birthday for once although he was rather intrigued by Hagrid’s present to him. He already knew that Harry didn’t go to Hogsmeade during the school year since that had been when he had allowed him in his office for tea once although he was close to certain that he had snuck in through one of many passageways from the school. It would be interesting to see that. He scowled darkly at Vernon who informed Harry that he had told his sister Harry attended St. Brutus’ Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys. Harry managed to blackmail Vernon into agreeing that he would sign the permission slip for him to go to Hogsmeade if he stuck to the story and surprisingly enough Harry did. Well, for quite some time anyway. Remus watched Harry accidentally perform magic upon his ‘aunt’ Marge, blowing her up and then running away. “Sirius!” Remus gasped when they saw him in the bushes before Harry boarded the Knight Bus. He was utterly amazed when Harry met Cornelius Fudge and wasn’t expelled for all the magic he had performed, instead he found Harry stayed at the Leaky Cauldron for the rest of the summer where he spent his time doing homework at the ice-cream parlour and goggling at the Firebolt which had just come out in Quality Quidditch Supplies. The scene changed and Remus found himself listening outside a door in the Leaky Cauldron the night before they would all be going back to school to an argument between Arthur and Molly about Harry’s right to know that Sirius was after him and then at the train station he made Harry swear to him that he wouldn’t go looking for him no matter what he might hear to which Harry agreed in confusion before quickly boarding the train in the same compartment as himself. Remus smiled at seeing himself asleep in the compartment and was interested to see what they had talked about whilst he slept next to them. He smiled when Ron asked them if they thought he was dead but his smile vanished when the Dementor drifted into their compartment and he heard Lily screaming. He felt extremely ill when he realised that he was going to hear everything that Harry heard when the Dementors and boggarts got near him that year. He watched the events on the train and then followed Harry off it and into the horseless carriages to the school. When they reached the school Harry had to endure Malfoy’s taunting which he could imagine went on for some time. He watched him wandering through his year and it felt like a great relief to him to be watching something which he had already seen, something in which he already knew the outcome. He watched as Harry rode Buckbeak around the school in care of magical creatures and as Trelawney predicted his death repeatedly. Harry sped things up somehow and he saw much less of this year than he had of the previous one although he saw the moments where he saw Sirius, and Quidditch. He smiled when the Weasley twins handed him the marauders’ map and he watched his antics in Hogsmeade and more death predictions. Then to his surprise he found himself listening to Minerva, Filius, Hagrid and Cornelius Fudge discussing Sirius with Rosemerta in the Leaky Cauldron. He had never know that was how Harry had discovered that Sirius was his godfather, he had always assumed that someone had told him, but it would appear that had not been the case. Then came Christmas day and the full moon had been the night before, much to his disappointment. He watched Ron and Harry trying to guess who sent him the Firebolt and was as amused as Harry was at Ron’s suggestion that it had been he. He watched them at dinner and was intrigued that the subject of himself had come up at dinner and then he watched Minerva confiscate the Firebolt. The worst came and Remus realised that he was still sat on the floor with his arm around Harry who was leant against him as they sat on the floor of the history of magic classroom. They were both there and so was a boggart. Remus felt his insides tense as he watched himself teaching Harry the charm for the patronus and then he faced the boggart. He heard screaming and Lily pleading for Harry’s life as Voldemort told her to stand aside. A second later and the memory of Harry was on the floor whilst Remus was trying to wake him up. Next to him Harry realised that Remus was shaking slightly. Harry nuzzled up to him and Remus held on to him tighter, knowing that it was going to get worse. The next time he heard James and the realisation that he had probably just heard his last words to Lily hit him hard and he felt tears in his eyes as he bit his lip and held Harry. Thankfully things changed for the better and he watched as Harry received his Firebolt back from Minerva and then watched Ron’s reaction to Peter faking his own death again. Then he watched as things came together as Harry and Hermione ran after Sirius, Ron and Scabbers through the Whomping Willow and from there Harry sped things up until the point where they travelled back in time although he caught a glimpse of Harry’s first corporeal patronus chasing down what seemed like hundreds of Dementors by the lake. “I can’t believe you went back in time, Harry!” Remus said, his mind back on the ridiculous things his godson did. “You could really have messed things up!” “Dumbledore sent us and we saved Sirius and Buckbeak!” Harry argued back. Remus considered this and knowing he was beaten settled to look at Harry disapprovingly as he watched Sirius fly off on Buckbeak and then Harry and Hermione race back to the hospital wing where Ron looked completely confused. The last thing that he saw was Harry on the train reading Sirius’ letter to him and Ron looking suspiciously at Pig before everything faded out and Harry and Remus were thrown out of the pensieve and onto the bed. “How long were we in there for?” Harry asked Remus who looked a little distracted but replied that the time was almost six o’clock and Harry looked rather shocked; they had been in there for around three or four hours. He supposed that he had seen two years of his life, but still four hours was a long time to spend looking at the past with someone. “Are you alright?” He asked Remus, moving closer to him. “Yeah… I’m alright I suppose.” Remus said and managed a slight smile. Seeing so much of Sirius hadn’t been easy for either of them but they had each other he supposed, and he was more than grateful for Harry’s presence in his life. “Come on; let’s go get something to eat.” He said and Harry nodded. A/N: Soooo, what did you think? The third year was pretty short but that's to be expected, Remus was in it after all. The next chapter will be coming soon and I think I can say that they'll be returning to Hogwarts at around chapter twenty unless I got something really wrong somewhere. Next chapter coming soon :o)

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