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Lifestyles of The Witch and Famous Chapter 35 **Previous Chapter** As soon as they were out, Hermione hugged Draco for all it was worth. “Couldn’t you have waited just a bit longer ‘Mione?” Draco asked, hugging her back, a huge grin on his face. Tears of relief were rolling down her cheeks, “No.” she mumbled. Letting him go a bit she kissed him like there was no tomorrow. It had been so long since she had done this that she nearly fainted from the excitement within her. “Come on Hermione. I’m here now, you don’t need to cry.” He said, a little awkward with the icky love stuff. Hermione nodded, letting go so she could recompose her self. “I know, but it’s just been so long! I missed you so much and…and you don’t know how it felt being here alone with only classes and Harry and Ron to occupy me.” Draco smiled, “But that’s how you spent you life before this year.” Hermione shrugged, “Well…I was a boring person back then.” Draco laughed, “Whatever. Now come on, we can’t leave this lot by themselves for long. I’m sure they’re DYING to know what’s going on.” Hermione shook her head, “Nah, only Ernie is. The rest of them are probably talking about Quidditch or something.” Draco nodded, “You know what? You’re probably right.” Hermione took hold of his hand, leading him to the door once again, “Okay I’m good.” She took in a deep breath, wiping away all traces of tears before opening the door and going in once again. (A/N – Hey everyone. I’m terribly sorry that I havent been able to update! But I hope you like this story. Near the finish…I have a good idea for a story and I hope you like it! I don’t think anyone has done it b4 so….yer. Anyways I betta stop blabbering so you can read! Okay here we go….) “Shut up everyone! They’re back!” cried Harry as he spotted the pair enter the room once again. The room immediately silenced as Hermione and Draco breezed through the door, grinning from ear to ear although Draco, at least seemed to be making an effort to become serious. “So…have you figured out why we’re here yet or are you just going to slip out of the room again?” Ernie asked in his cold voice. Hermione’s grin slipped off her face as she glared at the Hufflepuff prefect. “Well that really depends if you can shut your big mouth up.” Draco smiled, “Okay, so everybody’s here? Good.” He received nods from all directions. Draco thought it rather amusing how so many people were waiting with anticipation just to hear what HE had to say. “You have been called here because Professor Dumbledore has been informed that Voldemort and his death eaters have an attack planned on our school.” Draco stated bluntly to them. Mouths dropped open in shock, gasps were heard from around the room and those who were too startled to make a noise, stared with their eyes boggling in their sockets. “But what are WE supposed to be doing? I mean, shouldn’t the Order be handling something like this?” Ron asked curiously, giving Draco suspicious glares now and then as he addressed Hermione. The group fell quiet instantly to hear Hermione’s answer. Hermione sighed, “The order are handling it of course, but as Dumbledore knows we would have helped anyway, he has given us permission to start our own order.” Harry laughed aloud, “Our own order? So we’re the Order of Dumbledore’s Army?” Draco smiled, “No…we’re the Young Order.” He just knew they would not approve of such a dull name. Everyone shouted out their disapproval and even Hermione could understand. “So what shall we be called then?” she decided to ask. “Why can’t we just be called Dumbledore’s Army?” Cho asked sadly, her beautiful dark eyes glancing around for someone to back her up. Harry looked over the room to her, “I think Cho’s idea is a good one.” Hermione rolled her eyes as did Ron and Ginny. “What a surprise.” Draco mumbled with a small smile. “Listen can’t we think of a name later? We have more important things to think about!” Hermione stressed, surprised at how they could be fighting over a name when they had just been informed of Voldemort’s upcoming attack. Ginny nodded, “Yeah, like how the hell we’re gonna beat this son of a bitch!” she shouted with gusto. Hermione laughed, “Exactly! Now what I think we should do is practice everything we know. Every spell, every enchantment, every potion, every charm…Everything!” Draco frowned, “Er…Hermione? I don’t think we have time to practice everything!” Neville’s eyes widened, “When is this attack going to happen anyway?” “We’re not sure when, just very, very soon.” Draco answered looking to Hermione who was thinking of another plan. “Well, we’ll just have to practice the one’s we’ll most likely need to use. Harry?” Hermione looked to her good friend. “Yeah?” Harry asked. “When you faced Voldemort back in fourth year, what spells did you use?” Hermione asked, quickly glancing over to Cho, whose eyes began to water instantly. Harry passed for a minute while he thought and then answered, “Well…I used Expelliarmus and Impedimenta.” Hermione stared back at him with a blank expression, “That’s it?” Harry nodded, “Yeah, but I’m sure we’ll need a few more.” Hermione nodded, “Definitely need more. Maybe some of those that we used when we met him back in fifth year?” Harry did not respond and everyone stayed silent as Hermioen though over her plans. “Okay! We’ll do it just like in fifth year when we practiced our spells. In partners then use disarming and stunning spells. These are the most important ones of all so stay focused!” Immediately there was chatter and scrambling, people grabbing people and standing in a line, facing each other. Draco smiled, “Doing a wonderful job yet again Hermione.” He winked at her as he went about the room to see how everyone was doing. Hermione’s heart went fluttering yet again. “Hermione, hey HERMIONE!” screamed Harry, waving his hand in front of Hermione face as she was in lala land. “What?” she snapped to attention. “Can I speak to you for a minute? Outside?” he asked, the sadness in his eyes clear as day. Hermione nodded, “What’s wrong?” Harry shook his head, “Wait.” Once the door was shut he began to speak in a hurry. “Listen I know you won’t agree with what I’m about to say, but well I’m not asking you to. I just want to tell you so don’t hold it against me and well…shit I’m so scared!” Hermione who had barely caught a word of that stared at him and said, “Huh?” Harry sighed, “Hermione, this is it. This is the fight between me and Voldemort.” Hermione nodded, “Yes I know, that’s why Dumbledore wants you to be there and ready. Draco told me.” She added as Harry gave her a questioning look. “But Hermione…I know I’m going to die this time round.” He said, staring at the ground, his heart growing heavier every second. Hermione shook her head, “No Harry. You’re going to live. You know you’re stronger than him, how can you even contemplate such a scenario?” Harry shook his head, looking up at her, “I JUST KNOW HERMIONE OKAY? HE’S GOT THE DARK ARTS ON HIS SIDE!” he took a deep breath, calming slightly as Hermione had moved back with a frightened look upon her face. “He’s going to die Hermione but I know I’ll be going down with him. Just call it karma.” Harry said in a quieter voice. Hermione moved forward giving her best friend a tight hug, “I don’t believe in karma Harry and I don’t believe you’re going to die. I’m sorry but I just cannot believe something like that.” Harry pulled away, “I don’t think you’ve ever experienced it before Hermione, but it’s like there’s this big black ball inside me that has a timer within it. I can feel it growing bigger and bigger as the timer starts going slower. Soon my time will be up Hermione and the ball will explode.” Hermione who had tears running down her cheeks by this time was sobbing, “You…you’re not going to die Harry! You’re just scared of facing Voldemort again, that’s all.” Harry gave a short hallow laugh, “I wish it was Hermione. Listen, I would never hurt you like this if it was not true. I just wanted to tell you so you can grant me my dying wish.” Hermione, though against Harry’s idea, nodded, “What is that?” “I want you to get all my money from Gringotts and give it to the Weasley.” Harry told her seriously. Hermione nodded, wiping away tears that would not stop coming, “Is…is th..that it? Harry shook his head, taking hold of Hermione’s shoulder and leaning in so he could look Hermione in the eyes, “I want you to stay with Draco.” Hermione gasped, “What! But don’t you hate him?” Harry laughed, “Of course I do. I hate him as much as he hates me. But you’re happy so that’s all that matters. You’re the best friend any guy could have and I’m so thankful that you were there for me and that goes for Ron too.” Hermione smiled, “Okay. But I still don’t believe you, I mean you’re the best wizard I’ve ever known. You can’t just die!” she began to sob again. Harry sighed, “Well it’s going to happen and if I’m wrong about dying in battle with Voldemort then it will be not long after.” Hermione put her hands over her face as she continued to bawl her eyes out. Giving her another hug, Harry tried to get her to settle down. “I don’t want your boyfriend to think I bashed you or something. Now can’t you please stop crying?” Harry begged. Hermioen tried her best to stop, but the thought of no Harry in her life was just too much to handle. It took another five minutes for the tears to stop falling and just as Draco stepped out of the room to find them, Hermione’s tears had all been wiped away so he was none the wiser. “We’ve been looking for you two! Somebody nearly got killed by Longbottem’s stunning!” Draco pulled them back into the classroom. Draco could tell Hermione was unhappy from the outside but what was going on in her distraught mind he could not tell as she was now an expert at shielding her thoughts from him. “Are you okay?” he asked her as she practiced her ‘Expelliarmus’ spell on him. “Fine.” She said forcing a smile. “Are you sure?” he asked her, not convinced by her fake smiling. “Yes.” She answered. “No I think you’re hiding something from me, what is it?” he asked “Just drop it!” she cried angrily, letting her spell his one of the bookshelves behind him. Draco turned to see a couple of books topple, then turned back to her with a raised eyebrow, “Nothing wrong eh?” he smirked like his old self. “Listen if I need a shrink I’ll let you know. Right now I’m trying to practice as Voldemort is going to try and kill us but you seem to be relaxed about it. Maybe its because you think its all a game and everyone will survive?” Hermione asked, tears starting to spring to her eyes. ‘I won’t cry, I won’t cry.’ Hermione scolded herself strongly. Draco who was very curious now as to what Harry had told her, moved away from the bookcase and closer to her. “Listen I am taking it seriously Hermione. But how can I concentrate when you’re shouting at me like I’ve done something wrong?” Draco asked angrily. “You haven’t done anything okay? It’s just nothing, so can we just practice?” she sighed, closing her eyes for a few moments to recuperate herself. “Everyone! That’s enough for tonight, we’ll practice again tomorrow!” Draco called out and everyone began to walk out. “Why’d you do that for?” Hermione snapped at him. “Because, we’ve been here long enough and I want to know why you’re in a shit mood.” Draco answered her. The door closed, leaving them alone in the room. “We should be [practicing all night. How do we know that Voldemort isn’t going to come tomorrow?” tears rolling down her cheeks. “But Hermione-” Draco tried to console her but there was no helping her. “Shut up okay? I don’t want to talk about it. I’m going to bed.” She said, rushing out of the room quickly and noisily, leaving Draco lost for words in the Room of Requirement all by himself. (A/N – Hey everyone! Thank you so very much for the uplifting reviews. I was practically grinning from ear to ear when I read them. I hope you liked this chapter. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too sure what I was going to write. Anyway, not a very lovey duvy one was it? More like A sad and unhappy one. Well Review as soon as you’ve read it. Happy New Year! Luv S4H)

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