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Chapter 25 Fireside Promises Okay, Okay, I know I said I’d update again on the 20th, but it’s the weekend, and I have been officially ignoring my study schedule, and just writing trying to get out A LOT of anger through all this writing. The rating on this fic has been changed to R, just to give me more room to work once we hit the even later chapters, since i'm still not too sure what the warning will be up there, so we can just refer to the R as a safety precaution. So the new year has been alright so far, except for all of this homework, and the fact that my boyfriend cheated on me, but hey like I said…creative anger letting out writing stuff. I’m feeling soothed now, like you care oh well. I’ve got myself going on the next chapter too which is already 10,000 words, and I’d bet it’s only 2/3 done, I like writing long chapters. So this is my present to you all before the 20th, you can still look to see an update on that day as well, and if I get enough reviews for this chapter, you may just be seeing a double update that could total to around 30,000 words, SO REVIEW, that means you too all of you silent readers out there. LOL I love you guys, although seriously I have so few reviews compared to the amount of reads, so please just review, it takes five seconds and the insentive this week is a double update. So just do it! I’m shutting up now, but please continue to let me know whether you want a sequel, a lily and james fic, or an idea I just came up with where Harry develops a terminal disease, again ER in the background had a major influence with that last option. ENJOY! * ** *** ** * The next two weeks went by just as smoothly. Ginny and Harry were rarely seen out of each others company, and were very happy together. The same could be said for Ron and Hermione, who left the common room late at night, every night. Brooke was now spending most of her time with Neville, Seamus, Dean, Parvati, and Lavender. After the whole ordeal between Brooke and Harry they were still friends, but it was clear they were still a bit wary of each other. Ginny had still insisted on shoving food down Harry’s throat at every chance she got, but what she didn’t realize is that after every meal Harry’s stomach would lurch and he would end up depositing his meal in the nearest open receptacle. He had tried time and time again to convince her that it was just stress and that she shouldn’t worry about him, but he knew that she didn’t believe him. Harry’s condition had actually taken a plunge for the worse after the severe lack of nutrition, along with his sleeping habits. He constantly was having nightmares now and found it hard to sleep for longer than a few hours a night before waking up clutching his head painfully and dripping with sweat. The dreams were always the same the faces of the people he loved always came first. He would be with Ron, Hermione, or Ginny just laughing and talking, but then in a mere moment the scene would change. Darken. He would find himself alone in the center of a cold dark room, slime dripping along the stone walls. Two figures as always would walk up to him, their figures shrouded by dark cloaks. They would stand and watch him, as he in turn stood to watch them. He would ask them questions, but they would never answer, until one would walk up in whisper in his ear, ‘your glory will be your doom.’ Then he would awaken drenched in cold sweat, normally being held by a worried Ginny or shaken awake by a very nervous looking Ron. Tonight was one of those nights. Harry once again woke trembling and sweating, only this time no one had awoken to try to calm him, apparently he hadn’t been screaming out in his sleep to alert anyone of his troubled presence. He gave an involuntary shudder as his mind slipped back to the dream that had just been repeated in his mind so many times. He mentally cringed as he recalled the vivid images, that was the most unnerving part, how real it all seemed, even more real than Harry’s vision, and he was positive that this time his dreams were leading to something bigger, hinting at something larger. He sat in bed numbly going over his options in his mind. He could go back to bed and try and salvage as much sleep as he could for the few remaining hours of the night. He could go and find Ginny. He could wake up Ron. He could go for a walk. He could go to a Professor. He could go to the common room…yes the common room, he finally decided. He needed to think, and he didn’t want to be the reason anyone else had to lose precious sleep either. He slowly removed himself from his bed, wrapping the scarlet and gold comforter around his slightly trembling body, and padded into the common room; only it wasn’t empty. It reminded him slightly of the night he had poured his heart to Ginny, only it wasn’t Ginny in the common room this time around, it was Brooke. He inwardly groaned. He didn’t want to have to hear her blab on about how he needed someone to talk to, but he really didn’t want to go back to his dark and silent dormitory either, so he grudgingly trudged over to the fireplace and propped himself down onto the couch across from Brooke. She snapped out of her reverie while staring at the fire and smiled to acknowledge Harry’s presence, he too smiled as he curled his legs under himself and curled up into a ball under the comforter, nestling his head into the arm of the couch. Brooke watched him, and smiled again. “Couldn’t sleep again?” She asked. “Nope.” Harry mumbled back, turning to look into the fire. “You know I hear you when you scream at night.” She said an expressionless tone to her voice. “Is that so.” He said it more as a statement than a fact. “Well it’s not hard really, you sound like you’re going to blow a lung out, it can’t be that bad, I mean you’ve faced worse than a nightmare before, right?” She said somewhat coldly, her voice dripping with a slight disdain. Harry blinked at her tone. What was with her? What had happened to her, lets talk about everything trip. Something was off. Very off. “What?” He asked incredulously. For a second a look of shock spread across Brooke’s relaxed features, as if she had just realized something important. “Well I mean, you’ve had to deal with a lot, it must have been a pretty bad nightmare for it to shake you up so much.” She said hastily, her normal tone of voice returning. “Yeah, I guess it was pretty bad,” Said Harry still disbelievingly. “Want to talk about it?” She asked. Harry gave a slight sigh, maybe nothing was wrong, and maybe she was still the same old Brooke. He mentally shook himself for all the scenarios of Brooke attacking him that he had briefly run through his head just a few seconds prior. “Well I dunno, maybe, but I don’t know if I should talk to you about it.” He blurted it out, and mentally kicked himself for his poor choice of words, trying to ignore the small look of hurt that had crept it’s way onto Brooke’s face, but it was the truth. He shouldn’t tell her, he hadn’t even told Ginny yet even though she constantly pleaded with him to just confide in her and let her help him. But then again he had just been completely insensitive towards Brooke, who he told himself had just been trying to help as well. He decided that the only way to make it up to her would to be to confide in her, he didn’t want her feeling like he didn’t trust her. “But I guess I could.” He added quickly, happy to see the small smile Brooke gave him and a gleam in her eyes. “Okay then, spill.” She said excitedly as she pulled her legs up against her chest watching Harry intently. “Well I’ve been having the same dreams about…things for a while now.” He began, before stopping not quite sure what to say next. He had never intended on letting onto the fact that he was scared by a dream, especially one that didn’t contain anything outwardly terrifying. “What type of things?” She probed. “Well, uh, well I guess it all starts out normal. Like just another dream with people I know, just doing regular everyday stuff. But then it all chances very quickly, like in a flash, and then I’m in this other room. A stone, cold, dark, dirty room, with slime dripping off the walls, like a dungeon or something.” He continued, pausing before taking a deep breath. He was just going to have to get it all out fast or he didn’t think he could, not especially wanting to relive something he was ashamed of. “Anyway, well I’m always in there alone at first but then two cloaked figures walk in, I think they’re death eaters now that I think about it actually.” Paused Harry momentarily as he thought of this idea that had just occurred to him, before resuming his story. “Well like I was saying I think they’re death eaters, and I just stand there asking them questions about their identities and what they want with me, but they never answer, they just stand there watching me, sometimes whispering to each other. Then after a while one of them, the taller of the two comes up and whispers something in my ear, it’s always the same, and then that’s when I wake up.” He finished lamely as he looked up trying to gauge a reaction out of Brooke, who’s face remained emotionless, yet her eyes were twinkling brightly against the flickering fire light. “What do they say?” She asked, looking up at him, he thought he heard a slight edge of anticipation in her voice, but just shrugged it aside, figuring he should just tell her, after all he had been very mean to her and he had already relayed everything else to her. “Your glory will be your doom.” He answered, wrapping the comforter even tighter around him. “You really like Ginny don’t you?” She asked abruptly changing the subject. “yeah.” He answered, not quite sure in the direction this conversation was heading. “How much.” She inquired. “I love her.” He said it with passion and conviction, not wanting to have her believe otherwise. “Well I kind of gathered that, but let’s just say hypothetically she was in danger, what would you do?” “First I’d make sure she was alright, then I’d probably killed the bloody bastard who hurt her in the first place and make sure he would never be able to walk again.” He whispered fiercely. “Would you, and this is all hypothetical of course, die to save her?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at him, her face expressionless. “Why do you want to know?” He asked her suspiciously. “Well, it’s just I think I’ve found someone, and I want to know what it feels like to be in love, you know just comparing my emotions to yours, since you and Ginny are so obviously smitten.” She replied. “Oh, well yeah I would die in a heartbeat. I’d trade my life for hers, sacrifice myself for her, go to her rescue, or do whatever else it took to keep her safe.” He said with an undying truth behind his words. “So if she was being attacked by a hippogriff you’d step in front of her?” “Yes.” “And if the knight bus was about to run her over you’d push her out of the way?” “Yes.” “And…let’s say that if she was taken by deatheaters, you’d go after her?” “In a second.” He replied. “Well you obviously do have the love bug, it’s kind of sweet actually.” She said as she seemed to be satisfied with Harry’s testimony of love. He nodded at her as he eyed her suspiciously. “Why all of this sudden interest in Ginny and me?” He asked her, as he knitted his eyebrows together in thought. “I already told you, I found someone and I wanted to see if it was the same thing you were feeling, sadly to say I don’t think it is.” She finished with an exaggerated sigh. “Who was it then?” He asked curiously, letting his nosy nature take hold. “I don’t really care to divulge that information.” She snapped at him. “Sorry, just trying to see if I could help, see if I knew the guy and I could put in a good word for you, no need to get snappy.” Harry said as he raised his hand in mock surrender. “And besides I already told you it wasn’t the same, so I would appreciate it if you would just let it die.” She said testily. “Whatever, sorry I tried to help, I won’t try again.” He said in frustration. He could feel the Acer Motar gently tugging at his senses, but pushed it back, using his now quite profound control on it. “Fine then.” She said, “I’m going back up to bed I need some beauty sleep, I’m absolutely beat.” She said sweetly before swooping down upon Harry and giving him a kiss on the cheek before traipsing up the stairs, leaving an irritated Harry behind her. Harry sat on the couch wrapped comfortably in his comforter completely and totally confused over Brooke. She was either having severe mood swings, or something was up, and Harry wasn’t too sure what it was all about, but he had an uneasy feeling about it all the same. He looked up to see Ginny padding down the stairs wrapped in her comforter, just like he had done a little while ago. He smiled, happy to see her, and motioned for her to come and join him on the couch. She smiled back at him, and quickened her pace laying down into Harry’s outstretched arms, dropping her quilt at the side of the couch and climbing in to join him under his. As soon as Harry had Ginny wrapped up snugly against him, he gave her a bone crushing hug, although he wasn’t quite sure why, he felt like he needed to be with her for the moment, just holding her. Ginny wasn’t sure why Harry was hugging her so tightly, but seemed not to mind as she relaxed under his tight embrace and buried her head into his shoulder. She noticed that he kept shooting nervous glances at the doors, and decided it was finally time for him to tell him what was going on. “What’s going on Harry?” Ginny’s muffled voice asked from his shoulder. “Well I had a talk with Brooke, she was down here when I came down and now I’m just plain…confused.” He admitted. “What did you talk about.” Ginny asked, curious as to what the conversation had been about. “She asked me about my nightmares and then asked if I wanted to talk about it.” “What did you tell her?” “Well I told her that I kind of wanted to talk about it, but I didn’t think I should tell her, but then I felt instantly guilty, because she was just trying to help you know?” Ginny nodded. “So I felt like the only way to make up for it was to tell her about my dream.” Ginny perked up a bit, hoping that this also meant that Harry would be telling her what it was about, and she desperately wanted to know. And he did. He told her everything from the beginning to the end of his dreams, including how they made him feel. “And you know Gin when I’m having them, they’re just so real, so frighteningly real, even more real than my visions, and I know for a fact those are real. I just have this weird feeling that these dreams aren’t just some silly nightmare, but that they’re hinting at something, that there’s an importance, or a warning, or a trap, or something behind them, I just can’t figure it out.” “Well, you have no idea what these people want, or who they are?” “None, I guess they want me and my downfall, but I can only guess that they’re death eaters.” “At the beginning of the dreams, who’s there?” “I’ve already told you lots of people like you, Hermione, Ron, Seamus, Dean, Parvarti, Lavender, um who else, oh yeah, Stallworth, your mum and dad, McGonnogal, Flitwick, Hagrid, all your other brothers, um let’s see Malfoy, Luna, Kurt, Morgan, even though she’s stopped talking to me ever since we started dating, uh even Snape sometimes, and Dumbledore even though I ignore him when he’s there.” Said Harry, ticking the names off on his fingers, as Ginny concentrated on the list she had been given. “Who’s not on that list Harry?” She asked the question like she already knew the answer, like she knew what it was, but was just challenging him to see if he knew. Something his professors always did, that annoyed him greatly. “I don’t know that’s the point of the whole conversation, but you obviously do so let’s not see if I can guess and have you just tell me.” He said growing slightly annoyed. When she looked at him with a slight scowl on her face, he gave her the saddest face he could muster “Please” She sighed slightly before relenting. “Two people who I would expect to be on that list especially if people like Luna and Dumbledore are, people who you don’t talk to all that much, and people you don’t like very much at the moment. Neville and Brooke.” “You’re right.” He said while a look of realization drew across his face. “You know it was really odd. After I told Brooke about the dream she kept asking me how much I cared about you, and I told her I loved you with all my heart.” Said Harry giving Ginny a reassuring look, as she blushed slightly at his words. “But then she asked me if I would die for you and when I said in a heart beat, she kept giving me hypothetical situations like if you were being attacked by a mad hippogriff would I step in front of you, and if you were standing in front of the knight bus would I push you out of the way, and then, well then she asked me if you were taken by a bunch of death eaters would I come after you, and of course I said yes to all, but it was still weird.” “Why did she want to know?” Asked Ginny knitting her eyebrows in confusion. “She said it was because she had found someone and she wanted to know if my feelings matched hers, like wanting to compare her feelings to someone’s in love, but I still don’t really understand why she was asking about if I would protect you with my life, she could of just asked me about how I feel when I’m around you or something, not on my willingness to die for you, I mean it’s a stupid way to judge your feelings really. I’d die for people I didn’t like, just because sometimes that’s the way life works, and I don’t think I could really sit back and watch another innocent person die when I could do something to stop them, no matter how much I disliked them. You see it’s this whole hero complex I have going.” Said Harry laughing at his own feeble joke. “Oh shut it Harry.” Said Ginny casting him a nervous glance. ‘Why?” He asked, positioning his back farther up against the couch cushions, and carefully adjusting Ginny in his lap to face him head on, a little uncertain about the way she had answered him. “I think something weird is going on. First she’s not in your dream, and like you said it’s not a normal dream, and your dreams never have been Harry I agree with you, then she was acting all weird like you said, but I don’t know why she would be doing stuff like that if something wasn’t up, Brooke is probably the sweetest person to everyone all the time, it almost seems like she never gets mad. Even after I yelled all those mean things to her at the burrow she didn’t say anything nasty back, she’s just a nice person.” Said Ginny, slightly reddening at the whole display at the recent Christmas at the burrow that had been so eventful for everyone present. “That’s what I thought too, even if I’m not all good with emotions and stuff. It was just out of character, especially for someone like Brooke, but you never know she might of just had a lousy day and needed to let out some frustration.” Harry reasoned, Ginny just sighed and gave him a sad smile. “I don’t think so, there are just so many coincidences, too many similarities that I’m not comfortable with, and I just feel uneasy about the whole thing. It may just me being childish, or worried about your safety, but I have a feeling, a strong feeling something bad is going to happen, and it’s scaring me.” She whispered, her voice desperate and shed with worry. “Ginny, I’m fine and I’m right here, I don’t think we have anything to worry about, not yet that is.” He said reassuringly, and wrapping her into a protective hug, running his hands up and down the sides of her arms whispering her words of comfort. She just nodded into his shoulder at his words, trying to push away all of the frightening scenarios involving a dead Harry out of her mind, but she still couldn’t place away the intense fear that was playing at her insides. “I don’t want you to die.” She mumbled against his chest, she said it quietly, but he caught it, and turned his head sharply to face her eyes. “I am not going to die. No one is going to die, do you hear me. Promise me you won’t think that. Promise me that no matter what happens, you’ll come to me and tell me, tell me everything. I love you Gin, and I don’t say it enough. I’m grateful for everything you do, you’re one of my best friends and you’re the love of my life all wrapped up into one giant ball, it’s like getting a shit load of Christmas presents every day I’m with you, and all I want is to protect you and to keep you happy, and there was a time when I thought I was going to die, and that I didn’t stand a chance over what I was up against, and that I should just give up and stop fighting. Remember out on the lake a few weeks ago when I told you I didn’t think I could do it, and you told me you thought I could. That was all I needed to hear. You were the only one who had to tell me that. You were the only one who could really keep me going, you saved me more than I think you know when you agreed to take a chance on some boy that had and still has so much baggage that it feels like I’m going on a worldwide expedition. But I’m getting rid of some of that now with your help, and now I have something to really hold on for and something to really fight to keep, and I can assure you that I will never leave you, no matter what happens I’ll always be here for you, whether I’m alive or not, don’t be afraid to live, but just know Gin don’t be afraid to love.” “You’re talking like you’re going to die.” She said through one of the many tears she had shed during Harry’s confession of feelings. “Don’t talk like that, don’t ever talk like that. Please.” She pleaded with him. “I’m not going to die, I just want you to know that whatever happens to me during all of this that you need to promise me not to hide away, and not to shut yourself from your family and the people that all care so much about you. And if anything happens to me Ginny don’t be afraid to lead a full life, and find someone who makes you happy, and give a whole other generation that Weasley hair, promise me that Gin, just promise, even if I’m not going to die, even if I win, I still need to face whatever I’m facing knowing that you know and understand what I just told you.” Ginny was bawling now, as she shook her head no. “Please Ginny, nothings happened and nothing probably will happen, I just need to know that you know. Please just promise me.” He beseeched her, although he knew he was lying about being fine. He knew deep down that even if he won against Voldemort he would definitely come out worse for the wear. “I promise.” Ginny muttered weakly refusing to look Harry in the eyes, as he pulled her into another hug. “You need to go back to bed.” He scolded her after awhile “You need to sleep, you have lessons tomorrow.” “I’m not leaving you alone.” She insisted. “Well you’re going to be all alone down here if you don’t go up, because I’m going to head up to bed.” He informed her knowing that she wouldn’t willingly go to bed otherwise. “But…” She began to protest. “No arguing Ginny you need sleep, and I need to go back up, you’ll be fine.” He assured her, and after seeing the look on her face added, “I’ll be fine.” She softened slightly at his words but still seemed reluctant to go. He ended up having to walk her to the girl’s dormitory steps and watched carefully to make sure she was on her way up, and that she would be okay before he turned to head to his dorm, he didn’t hear the scuffle that ensued as soon as he reached half-way up his own dormitory steps either. He passed Neville on his way up the stairs. “ ‘Lo Neville,” Said Harry with a smile suppressing a yawn. Neville shot Harry a sad look and didn’t say anything in return, but merely gave him a short nod before mumbling about forgetting something in the common room, Harry, however, said goodbye to Neville suppressing another yawn failing to realize that Neville was fully dressed. Once he made it to his bed, he took a few gulps of water from his bedside table, laid down his head on his pillow letting his mind rest briefly on the conversation he had just had with Ginny, before clearing his mind of all emotion and letting sleep wash over him. * ** *** ** * Ginny reluctantly said goodbye to Harry and climbed the girls staircase, looking behind her once more to see Harry’s figure walk towards the boys staircase. Although she knew he was alright and perfectly safe she still couldn’t shake the intense feeling that something big was happening, even if she didn’t know what, but she would swear on her life that Harry had something to do with it. He had something to do with everything. As she reached the top of the stairs and was about to turn the handle leading to her dorm she suddenly felt a hand slip over her mouth, and instantly felt ropes bind their way around her wrists and ankles. She let out a scream that was muffled due to the hand, and was met by a sharp knee in the back. She winced in pain as a cold voice whispered, “Scream, and I’ll sneak in there and cut you precious boyfriends throat while he’s sleeping.” Ginny instantly stopped struggling, her heart thudding wildly against her chest, she couldn’t let them get Harry, she had to be strong. “Good girl, I knew you’d be compliant, you’re just so in love with him, too in love if you ask me, it’s not natural.” The voice sneered. She knew that voice, her heart froze as she realized who was speaking and that another voice had occupied the first one. “I ran into him on my way down here, he looked dead tired he kept trying not to yawn, I don’t think we have to worry too much about him, but just in case I slipped a sleeping draught into the water on his bedside cabinet.” The second voice said, although Ginny noted that it sounded nervous before she froze again, she knew that voice too. How could she have been so stupid. “Hear that, it seems Harry the hero won’t know until morning, then we’ll have him where we want him, it’s perfect how things work out sometimes, don’t you think? Now we’ll be able to get Harry to come and rescue you, and you can watch him die trying just like he told me he would. Aren’t you happy it all turned out like this, now he can keep his promise, and I know how much you hate liars Ginny dearest.” The person holding her whispered in her ear. “Did you do what I told you to do?” The voice asked to the second voice again. “Yeah I made sure the coast would be clear, we can make it down to the forest, and drop her off then make it back here by morning to make it look like we had nothing to do with it.” The person holding Ginny answered, Ginny gave a nervous shiver as she began to wonder exactly what they were planning to do to Harry, although she knew she would live, and her thoughts immediately shifted to Harry laying innocently in his bed and what they had in store for him. Despite her efforts she couldn’t help but let a few tears out due to the injustice of it all. Why did it all have to happen to him? Ginny was able to compose herself before her captors noticed, thanking Merlin mentally, not wanting to know what their reactions would be to her tears. She struggled briefly against the ropes that had bound her wrists, having her ankles released so she could walk when they reached the common room. All it took to calm her though was a reminder of what they would do to Harry if she didn’t comply, and she grudgingly allowed herself to be led through the halls, not daring to step out of place. They made it through the school without running into anyone and then out to the cold nights air that whipped violently against her face, making her shudder due to a combination of cold and fear. She tensed up as they walked past Hagrid’s hut, which had one light on inside, she desperately wanted to run and have Hagrid help her, but she restrained herself thinking of Harry, and would her misbehaving would mean for the boy she loved dearly. Once they reached the edge of the forbidden forest, she had to be shoved forward, after her feet seized up, and she caught a glance of the shadowy trees, finding that she really didn’t want to enter the menacing darkness. Yet she had no choice. She was scared out of her wits the entire time she was led through the forest she whipped her head violently at any sound she heard, praying to Merlin that it wasn’t some horrible beast. Finally they reached a clearing in the middle of the forest, Ginny gasped despite herself at the scene that lay before her. The gap was the size of the Quidditch pitch if not larger. It was scattered with small tents here and there, the entire area filled with death eaters shuffling about, sending triumphant glances at Ginny and her two captors. She inwardly blanched as she heard whispers of congratulations follow them as they made their way to the center of the clearing where a large tent resided. When they reached the opening to enter, Ginny felt like her life was flashing before her eyes as she was roughly shoved in. Her eyes widened and her heart stilled as she saw the man standing before her. Voldemort. “Excellent, Vener, Longbottom, I had to admit I didn’t know if you could pull through, especially you Longbottom after you always seemed so determined to protect Potter.” Drawled Voldemort. “Y-y-yes sir,” Neville whimpered, he looked like he was on the verge of collapse. “And you Vener, I am especially pleased with you seeing as you had more to do with this success than anyone else, you chose your allegiance well.” “Yes my lord,” She murmured bowing to face the dark lord. “Very well you may go, but I have not forgotten what you have done, and Lord Voldemort always repays his followers.” “Thank you master.” Mumbled Brooke as she pulled Neville out of the tent behind her, as he looked like he couldn’t walk on his own, yet alone speak. Ginny watched apprehensively as Voldemort made his way up to her and began pacing, speaking out loud as he walked. “So you’re the one Potter is so infatuated with. I have no idea why seeing as who your family is, all the same you are what can bring him to me. It has taken me two years to learn how to break past Dumbledore’s wards and find a way to get to Harry again, find out something that would for sure bring him to his knees. You my dear are just that thing.” He said triumphantly, casting a disapproving an eye over at Ginny, who was shaking furiously. “You know I’ve always under estimated him. I am not afraid to admit it, even when he was one I over estimated him, but now, now you see nothing can go wrong for I have planned it all down to every last detail. It will all be fine, and I’ve set up wards to let me know if anyone from the school is in the proximity, no one can get to you without me knowing, but by then it will be too late, Hogwarts will be mine, and Potter will fall, like he should have seventeen years ago.” Ginny stiffened at these words, this man was planning to kill Harry, she had to do something. “Harry is one hundred times stronger than you, you have no idea.” She spat, with all the bravery she could muster trying to keep her voice from shaking as she faced her fears. “Oh I see you care for him too. How sentimental.” Voldemort said in a calm voice, dripping with venom. “Even better then, watching Potter fall may be more fun than even I had imagined. And if you are talking about this Acer Motar thing I highly doubt It is what he claims. No one has held the power since Merlin himself, besides some stupid rubbish tabloid would pick it up, and despite what others may believe there is always a truth behind their lies.” “You make me sick.” Ginny hissed. “Well then you better leave.” He smirked, and snapped his fingers as two death eaters appeared quickly in the tent. “Take the girl to the prisoner tent, guard her with your life, and alert me of anything suspicious,” He ordered. “Good Night Ms. Weasley, get some sleep, tomorrow should be quite interesting.” Voldemort said with a chuckle, as the two Death eaters grabbed Ginny roughly around the shoulders and heaved her out of the room. * ** *** ** * Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. --Lorraine Hansberry

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