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    Harry, Ron and Hermione had been out of Hogwarts for two years and Ginny one year. They lived in two flats right next door to each other. Ron and Hermione married right after graduation and are now expecting a new baby. Harry and Ginny married last year after Ginny graduated and they are also expecting as well. But our story today starts like this. Hermione had tied her hair back and was looking for a bucket, because it was time for spring cleaning. Ron was still in bed hoping to be woken up by the smell of hot coffee, but instead was woken by Hermione singing to herself as she worked. So he quietly walked down the flight of stairs leading into the living area. He stood against the wall next to the door that led into the kitchen where Hermione was at. Hermione stood up with a grunt also grabbing her stomach because she had been on the floor. Ron ran in grabbing her around her waist and pulled her up. “Oh Ronald you’re so sweet to me” said Hermione sarcastically. “Well…..”Said Ron grabbing a chair behind him and gently placing Hermione in it. Now at Harry and Ginny’s flat the tables were turned Ginny was still in bed and Harry was fixing breakfast in the kitchen. Harry quietly walked up their flight of steps and stood in the doorway of their room, looking at Ginny sleeping soundly in their bed. Ginny groaned slightly and rolled over.”Sweety, honey”said Harry gently stroking her hair. “Hmmm….”Said Ginny blinking in the light. “I’ve made breakfast down stairs” said Harry. “Ooom, thank you honey” said Ginny gently grabbing Harry’s shoulder and pulling herself up. They walked down stairs and Harry was behind Ginny holding her waist. Back at Ron and Hermione’s flat Ron had taken Hermione up stairs hoping she would get some sleep. “But I have to clean, that’s what ‘spring cleaning’ means” Hermione objected. “No, we’ll clean later, but right now you need to rest” said Ron getting up and kissing her on the lips. He walked down stairs to get something to eat. He opened the fridge and grabbed the carton of milk, opened it and poured it in his mouth without even bothering to get a glass. Then Ron decided to go say hi to Harry. So he got his shoes on and walked out the door. ‘Knock, knock, knock’ went Harry’s door. “Hi, Ron” said Harry inviting Ron into the kitchen where Harry and Ginny were sitting eating breakfast. “Hi, Harry, Hermione is sleeping so I thought I’d come over and say hi” said Ron grabbing a chair next to Ginny. “Hi, Ginny how are you feeling today?” Asked Ron. “Hi, Ron I’m doing just fine my back hurts a little, but other than that I’m fine” said Ginny looking down at her belly and rubbing it. “That’s good, yea Hermione is sleeping” said Ron “hopefully” he added. “So, Ron what have you been doing this morning?” said Harry taking his breakfast dish to the sink and rinsing it off. “Oh, not much woke up to Hermione on the floor cleaning” said Ron emphasizing the floor. “I had to help her up when she went to get up she couldn’t do it, I better go and check on Hermione” said Ron getting up and heading toward the door. “Well talk to ya later Ron” said Harry getting a glass of water for Ginny. “Oh, Harry here is your Daily Prophet” said Ron handing it over to Harry. “Thanks” said Harry taking it from Ron.

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