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Respect Me

Overcoming the Death of a Loved One

Hermione felt her heart plummet into her empty stomach. They’re dead . . . all of them. Harry, her parents, Ron, Ginny, and all the Weasley’s – all dead. They were cut and bloodied and their faces stuck with looks of horror. She began to shake horribly but Draco didn’t notice because before him lay his mother in her finest gown with a black shawl around her. But she wasn’t elegant anymore. There she lay in a tangled, bloody mess. Gashes across her face, her arms sliced and the left one severed and her chest sliced open showing her insides. Draco felt like he was about to heave and he felt tears welling up in his eyes and spilling over the edge, but he couldn’t force himself to look away. ‘Who had done this?’ He took a few steps forward but he heard a ‘thump’ and slowly turned to she Granger on the ground shaking madly. He couldn’t understand why she was losing it - he didn’t know what to do. So he bent down to her level on the ground to look at her. Her head was bent over and she was shaking madly.

“Granger . . . wha . . . what’s wrong?” he heard the sobs coming from her and realised she was crying. Now he was really stuck at what to do! He didn’t know how to comfort anyone . . . let alone the Mublood . . . no, just Granger. He had to call her Granger. So he tried as best as he could. He gripped her chin firmly with his two fingers and lifted her head so she was looking straight at him. Her eyes flowing with tears and a red runny nose, she looked disgusting - but he had to help. “Why are you crying?” he asked firmly, showing no emotion in his voice even as he stared her straight in her brown eyes with his grey-blue ones. She sobbed harder but she somehow managed to get her words out.

“They’re . . . they’re . . . all . . . d . . . d . . . dead!” and she broke down harder. It suddenly struck Draco what was really happening here. He picked her chin up again so she was facing him again.

“Don’t you see what’s happening . . . it’s not real! None of it’s real! It’s all a test! They – whoever they are, aren’t dead because they’re not real!” he basically yelled at her. A look of realisation slowly overcame her red and tear stained face – ‘it was another test! It couldn’t be real! Harry was at Halkirk and Ginny was at Hogwarts. She would have been told if they were missing or . . . dead!’ Draco smirked at the look on her face as she realised the truth. He got up from his kneeling position on the ground and noticed that she was still shaking a lot and finding it hard to get up so he reached down and grabbed her by her shoulders and lifted her clear off the ground into a standing position. She was still shaking madly but she managed a smile and a quiet ‘thankyou’ and together, they proceeded across the room to the door on the other side but having to dodge and walk over the bodies that they separately saw. But as Hermione was stepping over the dead form of Harry, he reached up and grabbed her ankle. She screamed and began shaking her leg madly but Draco couldn’t understand why until he saw the faint - transparent image of Harry Potter holding onto her leg. Now he realised what she must have seen that made her so upset . . . him. She was breaking down over Potter. Didn’t she realise he was probably going to end up dead because of Voldemort anyway? But right now he had to get her away from this – whatever this was. He tried to grip Potters arm and pull it off but when he did, his hand passed straight through it. This was too weird for him. Hermione was still screaming.

“Get off . . . you’re not real! I know your not!” but no matter how much she screamed and shook her leg he wouldn’t let go. So Draco did the only thing he could think of and grabbed her around her waist and pulled her away, all the way, to the door, which he opened and pushed her through. When on the other side, he put her down and stood her in front of him and looked her square in the eye.

“What you saw was not real! Get that through your head! It’s all a test and we have to finish this!” she nodded a tiny nod and then looked away. She looked a mess but Draco admired her for what courage she was showing considering she had seen her so-called best friend dead. She continued to walk down the hallway that now faced them. It was skinny – only about a meter wide, but it stretched so high that he couldn’t see the roof and it smelt, boy, did it smell!!! They continued on down the corridor in single file, with Hermione taking the lead. She still hadn’t said anything since her screaming in the last room and he was kind of frightened of her reaction. But why did he care at all? It was Granger – she was a Mudbl . . . Granger. That’s it! ‘So stop acting like you care!’ They had been walking for about ten minutes now down the straight corridor with no twists or turns and it seemed strange that they hadn’t met anything yet. But as soon as this thought sounded in Draco’s mind the walls, the floor and everything began to shake violently.

“What . . . what’s going on?” Hermione yelled from up ahead. Now rocks were starting to fall from the dark roof – if there even was one!

“I don’t know but RUN!” he yelled at her as he began to run himself. The rocks were coming down faster and harder and they were getting bigger and bigger. They were running full pelt now along the skinny hallway and Draco could only just see Hermione in front of him, she was disappearing into the darkness until he saw her falter and fall down. He stopped just behind her.

“What happened, come on, get up!” A large rock lay on the ground beside her.

“It’s ok, a rock hit me . . . on the shoulder . . . just help me up.” He got her up and pushed her a little to keep running but suddenly the shaking and the falling rocks stopped. “What happened?” she asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know but we should keep movi-” but Draco was cut off because a huge crash of something hitting the ground behind them. Something BIG! They were in total darkness. But out of the darkness came a noise. Quiet at first but steadily growing closer, not louder. It was getting closer! It sounded like . . . growling. Draco muttered the ‘lumos’ charm to get a look at what they were dealing with.

At first the light didn’t reach far enough but slowly the cause of the growling came into the light. It was a dog. A normal dog . . . but . . . it was different. Same size but it looked like it was made of rock. As soon as they had seen what it was, they tried to start moving backwards. But the dog charged them and before they could get a spell off, it grabbed hold of Draco’s leg and pulled him down, his wand falling from his reach. He was defenceless. He yelled and attempted hitting the dog but he still couldn’t get it off his leg – which was screaming out in pain. Behind him, he heard a quick word spoken and then the dog exploded into a thousand little rocks. Hermione rushed up and jumped over him to examine his leg.

“What did you do?” he asked but yelling out in pain when she touched his leg.

“Sorry . . . I used the Reductor curse, simple, lets get this bandaged.” And so she quickly said the ‘ferula’ charm and his leg was immediately splinted and bandaged so he was at least able to stand on it. She lifted him up and hung his arm over her shoulder for his support, at which moment she gasped – he was leaning on the shoulder the rock had just hit - and they continued down the hallway that was now littered with rocks. They walked (or in Draco’s case – hobbled) down the passage for another five minutes when they reached a dead end.

“NO! damn it!” she screamed.

“Do that same charm, blast a hole in the wall like you did to the dog!”

“I can’t, the wall might fall in on us! Rrrrrrrr! Think, Hermione! Think!” She leant Draco up against the wall and then began to pace in what little room she had left. Suddenly she stopped and said clearly “dissendium!” At first nothing happened . . . but then the walls began to shudder, and the bricks of the wall unfolded in a sort to reveal a door way. They stepped through and there stood Professor Lawry.

“Congratulations, you finished the test.” and with that they both fell to the ground in exhaustion.


Authors Note: I was watching a really scary movie when I was typing this so I think that might have been sort of influential – can’t actually remember the title of the movie though. Hope you liked it! Please review!


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