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Chapter 10

“Ow! Peter!” Sirius whispered harshly as James stepped on his foot.

“Sorry!” Peter cried quietly as he bumped into James.

“Be quiet both of you!” James whispered harshly. “If we are heard you’ll get us into trouble.” He said squinting trying to see through his foggy glasses. “Ok we are far enough away now, Peter change and meet us at the willow, make sure you press the knot this time so Padfoot doesn’t get smacked in the head like last time.” James said and Sirius huffed from behind him.

Peter transformed and ran out from under the safety of the invisibility cloak. They watched as he scurried in the direction of the Willow. Sirius nudged James on. “This is bloody uncomfortable.” Sirius swore as him and James walked slowly towards the Willow.

“It’s only because your too tall.” James snapped, annoyed by Sirius’ constant whining about the cloak being too small. Sirius muttered something under his breath as they came upon the frozen Willow. James slipped out of the safety of the cloak and through the small door, he found Peter sitting there on the knot in his form as he slid himself down to the tunnel. He grabbed Peter as he went down and he waited for Sirius placing Peter on his shoulder. He felt someone fall into him and he almost fell over.

“Sirius! Watch it!” He cried rubbing his head, which had come in contact with the dirt wall behind him.

“Sorry Prongs.” Sirius said as he pulled off the cloak. He folded it and gently nestled it in the secret spot they kept it in. He rubbed his hands together and grinned. “So who’s in for a romp around Hogsmade?” He said, although it was more a statement than a question.

James shook his head and turned and jogged for the entrance, he turned the handle opening the door and turned into his form, a stag. He nudged open the door with his antlers and he heard a bark from behind him and Sirius weaved his way through his legs as did Peter. James closed the door with a movement of one of his hind legs.

He followed Sirius and Peter up the stairs, Peter who was on the top of Sirius’ head because there where places were Peter being small couldn’t reach. James soon took the lead, leading the other two to where he had brought Remus, Sirius then bounded ahead of him, wanting to see Remus, and Sirius stopped short at the doorway. James came up and peered in, Remus was on the floor, shaking, and pools of blood around his semi naked body. James looked away, the transformation had not completed, or even fully finished, Remus was only half transformed.

James couldn’t look at his friend anymore, it was horrifying, Sirius had walked over and nudged Remus who had growled, but it sounded more human than wolf. James looked him over again as he very carefully walked into the room. Remus lay there in the middle of the room, quivering, he had patches of brown fur around his body, a brown tail that stuck out of a spot in his trousers, it was sad really. Not pathetic sad, but horrifyingly sad. He knew Remus would not want him to pity him, but he could not help it. Remus had slightly pointed ears, his nails where covered in blood, there where longer and sharper, his legs where bent at an odd angle as if they had begun to grow to those of the wolves, his back was curved at such an angle it looked painful and he had tears streaming down his cheeks mixing with the blood that came from his mouth. He had his mouth open, panting heavily, his fangs rubbing against his lips, his teeth just slightly sharper. The two large fangs digging into his bottom lip every time he tried to move his lips. James felt himself shudder. He looked away from his friend again. “We should go…” He whispered trailing off awkwardly.

Sirius stood swiftly, his hands balled into fists at his side. “We can’t leave him like this! He’s hurt! James can’t you see he’s in pain!” Sirius screamed he looked as though he himself where going to cry over their friends condition. None of them had ever seen him like this before.

“Sirius it’s not right. Something is wrong here. He has never changed when we have had an eclipse before. I really think we should go.” James said, he was back in the doorway now, Peter was behind him grasping his sleeve and peeking out from behind him looking at Remus, Peter made a soft noise and looked away.

“I think he’s Padfoot.” Peter whispered from behind James’ arm.

“You two…do you care about our friend at all! I mean look at him! He’s a complete mess!” Sirius screamed and was about to keep on talking when Remus began to speak.

“Go…just leave…” He whispered choking on his own words he reached for a blanket that Sirius seeing his friend couldn’t reach, put it over him, Remus smiled faintly his eyes closed. His friends stared at him, they watched as he went stiff. His body began shaking and his eyes where closed tightly. “Go…” He growled. “Leave before I hurt you!” He cried out. “I don’t want you to see me like this!” he cried and Sirius had squatted down to grasp his hand when Remus’ eyes shot open. Sirius fell over and moved back swiftly in horror. His eyes where a bright glowing yellow, wolf eyes. “LEAVE!” Remus cried, it sounded more like an animal than a human. Sirius scrambled away from him towards James. James shoved Peter down the stairs, he and Sirius jumped down them three or four at a time. The could hear the howls, and the loud noises of Remus throwing himself against the walls, the wolf wanting to get out.

One loud howl made them all stop. Their faces paled, as they knew that the wolf was now out. “Transform and get to the tunnel!” James yelled at Peter and Sirius. The two of them transformed and ran for the door; James could hear the werewolf smashing around on the floor above them.

“JAMES!” Sirius screamed, James knew they where waiting for him at the door. He ran as he heard the wolf running down the stairs, he did not look behind knowing as he rounded the corner seeing Sirius’ eyes bulge. He ran and slid through the opening in the doorway Sirius had made. He heard Sirius shut it and lock all the bolts on the door and then there was a loud noise on the other side of the door and a yelp of pain. James sat there panting; Sirius leaned against the door and slid down it sighing. “Your where stupid, what in Merlin’s name where you trying to do by not transforming! Are you an idiot!” Sirius said, James could tell he was out of breath.

“I was…I don’t know really.” James said ruffling his hair. “C’mon. We should get out of here.” He said hoisting himself up and extending a hand for Sirius who took it. “Where’s Peter?” He asked looking around in the dark.

“Went to the entrance, poor bloke was scared out of his bloody mind.” Sirius whispered walking by James’ side. James patted his back.

“Thanks mate.” He said and Sirius responded by ruffling James’ hair.


Remus felt the sun in his eyes and groaned lifting a hand to cover them as he opened them. He tried to sit up but felt a jolt of pain through his whole body. He let out a yelp in pain and lay back down. He opened his eyes now, and looked around. He realized he was in the Hospital wing. He could not remember getting here. He looked to his left to see if there was a glass of water on the table. There was not. However, what he saw shocked him. He saw Hermione curled up in the chair with a blanket over her. Her one arm was stretched out so her hand lay on his bed; he realized that it was where his hand was before he moved it to cover his eyes.

He reached out and gently shook her arm. She stirred and he watched as she stretched and her eyes fluttered open. She quickly sat up seeing he was awake. “Your up.” She said smiling and she flung her arms around him. He yelped and she let go quickly. “Merlin I’m so sorry Remus.” She said and he waved his hand indicating for her to forget about it.

She helped him sit up and the blanket fell away from his chest. Hermione’s cheeks burned and he looked down realizing that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, but there where bandages around his torso. She looked away, her cheeks red, and he felt his cheeks grow warm.

“Sorry.” She mumbled.

“Er…could you hand me that shirt?” He asked pointing to the shirt that was folded neatly sitting at the end of the bed. She leaned over, grabbed it, and handed it to him without looking at him. She heard him groan in pain as he fumbled with the buttons, she looked over her shoulder and saw that he his head was down; his hair was falling in his eyes as he watched his hands do up the buttons. She felt her breath get caught in her throat. She tried to tare her eyes away from him but when he was finished, he looked up at her and their eyes met. She felt herself letting out her breath she had been holding and gasp in, Remus turned a brilliant shade of pink as he realized she had been staring at him. She quickly tore her eyes away as she realized she had been caught and his eyes where searching hers for answers.

An awkward silence followed and Hermione shifted uncomfortably and Remus stared at his hands. He finally looked up at her; he could not take the silence any longer. “So…where is everyone?” He asked in a low whisper. Hermione almost jumped at the sound of his voice.

“Oh…um…” She started and stopped. A moment later continued. “They went into Hogsmeade today.” She said quietly. Remus gave her a questioning glance.

“Holy Merlin, it’s Saturday already.” He said his eyes going wide, Hermione nodded. “So I’ve been in here all week then, I didn’t think I was that bad…” He trailed off awkwardly. Silence followed again. This time Hermione spoke up first.

“I…uh…I have your work, I came right from classes last night to see if you had woken up yet. Sirius, James and Peter have been here all week, not leaving your side. You don’t have much work since it is only the first week of classes, but I brought it anyway.” She said reaching over and grabbing her bag, she rummaged through it, and set out a few books near his legs, and grabbed a piece of parchment. She handed it to him.

He was amazed that she had gotten his work. “Thank you.” He said as he took the parchment from her and unrolled it, only four assignments, Transfiguration, Potions, Divination, and History of magic. He cocked and eyebrow when he noticed the Divination. “You didn’t have to get my work you know, and how did you get the homework from Professor Wickliff?” he asked chuckling at the thought. “He’s a little-”

“Out there.” Hermione finished for him and Remus laughed.

“Yes. So did Sirius give you the work, or-” Remus began but Hermione interrupted him.

“No I went and got it, I had a few hours free. That Professor is bonkers. Just, he’s nuttier than the Divination teacher I had.” She said laughing quietly.

Remus laughed. “Did he try to make you stay for tea?” He asked and Hermione nodded, Remus just laughed harder. “Oh he must fancy you. Does that to only a few girls. He’s done it to Lily, luckily she doesn’t take it anymore and avoids going to the tower at all costs.

“It’s not funny Remus, he was seriously trying to get me to stay. You know I almost feel bad for the poor bloke. All alone up there.” She finished off quietly.

Remus stopped laughing at this and grew serious. “Don’t feel sorry for him Hermione. He’s not as lonely as you think. He’s a psycho, he talks to himself, thinks the spirits of the stars talk to him, just promise me next time you go up to that tower, you wont go alone.” Remus said and he had grabbed her hand now. He squeezed it, and she nodded. “Going up there alone will get you into all sorts of trouble.” Remus said as if he knew. “So…why aren’t you at Hogsmeade with everyone else?” He asked, changing the subject.

“Oh I had a meeting with Dumbledore today, about, well you know.” She said, Remus nodded, and she looked down at their hands. Remus’ thumb was caressing her hand in small circles. His hand where big, and soft, and she felt as though her hand fit in his perfectly. “Uh…Remus.” She whispered and he looked down at their hands.

He took his away and looked away from her glance. “Sorry.” He mumbled. She stood up and nodded.

“Um I’m going to go back to the Common Room, freshen up, and then head down for some lunch, do you want me to get you anything?” She asked and he shook his head. “Alright.” She said, and bent down to kiss his cheek when he moved, her lips brushed against his, her eyes closed as did his. He reached a hand up and ran it through her hair. ‘She smells wonderful, like strawberries and cream. he thought as his hand moved to her neck.

She cupped his face in her hands bringing his lips closer to hers. She felt his tongue slide against her bottom lip asking permission. This is when her eyes opened. She pulled away from him, she stared into his eyes, and she saw a yellow glow to them. She gasped, he shook his head. She turned and ran towards the oak doors. As she neared them she looked to see Remus with his head in his hands. She opened the oak doors and made her way to the common room. Bringing a hand to her lips, she touched them, remembering how warm his lips where against hers.

Remus sat there shocked that he had just kissed her, and his eyes. “Damn.” He swore. “Why, why do you have to do this.” He whispered. “Why do you arouse me to the point where I can’t control the wolf.” He whispered, placing his head in his hands. Clutching his head he tried to make the voices of the wolf leave his mind.

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