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“ Oy! Hermione!” Hermione turned and saw Oliver waving at her from the opposite end of the table. “ Over here!”

She turned and said good bye to Harry and Ron who reluctantly sat down as she approached Oliver.

She looked at who he was sitting with; Angelina, Katie, and Alicia. Oliver made room for her on the bench and motioned for her to sit right next to him. Hermione slid in and looked uncomfortably around the table.

“ I invited Hermione to sit with us,” Wood explained to the group.

Katie looked at him and mouthed a quite obvious, “ Why?” Hermione shifted as she was obviously not welcomed by the others.

“ Cause I wanted to alright?” Oliver replied not looking at Katie again.

Professor McGonagall came down the aisle and started to pass out schedules. Angelina handed Hermione hers. Oliver peered down at Hermione’s.

“ You’re taking Arithmacy?” he exclaimed. “ Me too, they think it’s so stupid, but I find it interesting,” he nodded towards the girls. “ Especially Katie,” he added as an afterthought.

Katie tossed her hair while Hermione laughed. “ Yeah, Harry and Ron tease me about taking so many classes, but I dropped a few this year so…”

Katie cleared her throat loudly, butting into their conversation. “ Ahem, so Oliver when does Quittich practice start again?” she asked in a sugary voice batting her long, eyelashes.

Hermione went back to her food, but not without stealing another glance at Wood. He was so handsome. He had sweet brown eyes, tan skin, and broad shoulders. She glanced back down the table at the other end where Ron and Harry were busying themselves with Lavender and Parvati and sighed. She turned to hear what Katie was saying.

“ … oh you!” Katie exclaimed. “ You’re too much Oliver, I hate you,” she said giggling and it most certainly did not seem like she hated him.

Hermione was surprised when Wood turned to face her again. “ Hey Hermione, so what do you have first?”

She looked at her schedule, “ Potions, double potions, with Slytherin,” she said glancing at the Slytherin table where Draco Malfoy was holding court with his goons.

“ Ahh,” Oliver said. “ So do you k now when the first Hogsmede trip is?” he asked cautiously. “ Nope,” Hermione said without looking up. She heard a gasp from Katie. “ Oliver,” Katie said in a tight voice throwing a look of loathing to Hermione. “ We need to talk, alone, in private,” she grabbed Oliver by the hand and led him out of the Great Hall.

Hermione looked at Alicia and Angelina and shrugged her shoulders. She went back to sit with Harry and Ron who looked up with surprise.

“ Where’s Wood?” Ron asked making room for Hermione on the bench.

“ He left,” Harry said. Suddenly Ron nudged Harry in the stomach.

“ Ow! What was that for?” Harry cried.

“ Miss Chang is coming over,” Ron said.

“ Oh, but with Cedric.” Hermione looked over Ron’s shoulder and saw the really hot Hufflepuff, Quidditch Captain, Cedric Diggory make his way over with Cho Chang in tow.

“ Hey Harry,” Cho said smiling at him with her long silly black hair tumbling down her shoulder.

“ Hey Ron, Hey Hermione.”

“ Yeah, hey you guys,” Cedric said. He looked at each one of them and his eyes raised up a little when he saw Hermione. “ Hey Hermione, you’re hair looks good.”

Hermione blushed. “ Thanks.”

“ So Harry,” Cho continued. “ I’ll see you around?”

Harry too turned red in the face. “ Yeah, sure.”

They both left.

“ I think she’s into you man,” Ron said slapping Harry on the back.

“ No way,” Harry said shaking his head. “ She’s with Cedric.”

“ Still, I think she digs you,” Ron said laughing and shaking his head. “ And Hermione, I think Cedirc has a thing for you too. Did you see the way he looked at you?”

This time it was Hermione’s turn to laugh. “ Me?” she asked incredulously. “ Ha, yeah right.”

“ Why not?” Ron asked. “ You’re pretty I guess,” he said raising his eyebrows.

“ I guess?” Hermione slapped him. “ Thanks.”

“ I was just kidding,” Ron said. “ You’re plenty pretty. But I still think he has a thing for you. And what about Oliver? He must like you too since he invited you to sit with him,” Ron gazed off. “ Really?” Hermione asked not noticing how Harry had become really quiet and had started to shift around in his seat. “ Hmm, yeah I think so,” Ron said. “ ON the other hand, I think Lavender might want to go to the Christmas Ball with me,” he said dreamily.


While Hermione went back to her dorm to get her potion books, Harry dragged Ron into a corner.

“ What, what?” Ron said shrugging Harry’s firm grip off of his arm. “ What’s so important?”

“ You really think Cedric and Wood are interested in her?” Harry asked urgently. “ I think so, why?” Ron asked suspiciously. Harry looked to the floor. “ Aaah!! I knew it,” Ron exclaimed. “ You fancy Hermione!” “ Sssh!” Harry hushed Ron looking around the corridor. “ Be quiet all right?”

“ But I thought you fancied Cho,” Ron said a bit confused. “ I never knew you fancied Hermione mate.”

“ I guess I kind of always have, in a small way,” Harry admitted. “ But she got really cute this year, you know with her hair and everything.”

“ And she’s increasing in cup size if you know what I mean,” Ron nudged Harry again winking.

“ Yeah, but I doubt she fancies me,” Harry said tilting his head sideways.

“ She did.”

“ What?” harry asked.

“ Yeah you never knew?” Ron asked surprised. “ She did in our fifth year, when you liked Cho.”

“ Oh,” Harry slumped back against the wall. “ But she doesn’t anymore. Especially if Wood and Cedric fancy her. I mean two Quidditch captains? And besides Cedric is with Cho so, ugh I don’t know.”

“ It’s ok mate,” Ron said patting Harry on the shoulder. “ She might still fancy you. Just make your move… soon.” Harry nodded and they went to the dungeons for potions.....


Hey again! I don't like the way I ended the chapter... AT ALL. o well. Sorry to cut it off there, but I've been writing all day and i can't write no more.... haha i made a new banner. I'm now going to offer a FREE BANNER SERVICE for all! Just visit my website for more detaisl. PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! . PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! . PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! . PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! . PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! . PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! I just put chapter four in.. but it didnt go through yet.. so keep posted!

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