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“ Goodness,” Oliver turned around to see who he bumped into and squinted in the semi-darkness at the figure of Hermione. She was actually really pretty. Why hadn’t he noticed her before? Probably because he was busy having fun with so many other girls.

“ Sorry, oh hey Oliver,” Hermione said nervously. “ What are you doing here so late?”

“ I couldn’t sleep,” he said taking a seat next to the chair she had been sitting on. Hermione sat back down.

“ So this is your last year huh?” Hermione asked trying to start up a conversation.

“ Yea!” he replied eagerly.

“ So, do you have any idea what you are going to do after Hogwarts?” she asked. “ Quidditch?”

“ Of course,” Oliver said laughing. “ I heard that Puddlemere’s signing new players pretty soon so I’ll probably try out for them.”

“ That’s great!” Hermione said encouragingly. “ You’re bound to get in,” she said smiling up at him.

Oliver looked up. “ Thanks,” he said. “ You’re in your sixth year right?”

“ Yeah,” Hermione replied. “ Why?”

“ That good,” he said. “ Owl year is over.”

They continued chatting for another half an hour until Hermione looked at her watch and clasped a hand to her mouth.

“ One o’clock??!! Goodness,” she hastily got up. “ IT’s very late, Good night Oliver.” She made for the stairway.

“ Wait,” Oliver said stopping her in her tracks suddenly looking very uncomfertable. “ I had a good time talking tonight, would you like to sit with me tomorrow in the Great Hall for breakfast?” he asked looking nervously at her.

“ Um,” hermiome stared at her feet. “ Usually I sit with Harry and Ron, but I guess it’d be okay,” she said shifting.

“ Okay,” Wood said brightly. “ Nite!”

That evening, Hermione went to her dormiotry and fell asleep a bit confused that night.


Hermione got up the next morning and wondered why Oliver had invited her to sit with him for breakfast. IN the past years, they had seldom even acknoledged each other. She brushed her hair out and went to the mirror to put a tad bit of makeup on. Hermione carefully lined her eyes with black eyeliner and curled her eyelashes with her wand just how Lavender had taught her to do so. As she was tying her robe by the closed door, Alicia and Katie walked by talking loudly. Hermione pressed her ear to the door to hear what they were saying.

“ Yeah?”

“ Yeah, Can you believe it? I think he likes me again,” a high pitched voice that belonged to Katie said.

“ Wood, really?” Alicia asked.

ON the other side of the door, Hermione’s ears perked up.

“ Mmmm hmmm,” Katie said barreling on. “ Like we were giving each other eyes all through dinner and he was saying how much he was going to miss me as such a good chaser next year.”

“ That’s great!” Alicia squealed. “ You’ve been in love with him for like forever. I’m so happy for you guys.”

“ I know right?” Katie laughed. “ Thanks. He’ll probably ask me to Hogsmede first and then to the Christmas ball, and then…”

Hermione drew back from the door. She knew it. Oliver did not like her, he liked Katie. He was probably just being nice. Hermione finished doing her hair and then went to the common room to meet up with Harry and Ron.

“ Hey,” they both greeted her.

“ What’s wrong?” Harry asked putting a hand on her shoulder. “ You look flustered.”

“ Um, it’s nothing really,” she said looking around. “ It’s just that Wood invited me to sit with him this morning in the hall for breakfast if it’s alright with you guys.”

“ Wood?” Harry furrowed his eye brow. “ When?”

“ Last night,” Hermione said slowly. “ I hope you guys don’t mind, but it’s only breakfast. He’s just doing it to be nice ok?”

“ Yea sure,” Ron said shrugging it off. “ Come on, breakfast probably already started.”

They all trooped down to the Great Hall; and when they approached the Gryfindor table, Hermione heard her name.


Authors note: Sorry it's a little shorter than expected, I decided to make this into two different chapters. I'm going to post the next chapter within the next like 30 minutes so check back! PLEASE REVIEW!!!! I'VE ONLY GOTTEN 1 REVIEW SO FAR!!!!! haha thanks... hehe i hope you like it so far and visit my website!!!!! . PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! . PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! . PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! . PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! Thanks!!!

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