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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter or anything else you recognize. They belong to the truly brilliant Joanne Katherine Rowling. I ONLY own Leah Baker and other characters you do not recognize. Also, I got my main idea about the Power from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and do not claim ownership to it.
Walking down the staircase, Leah fingered the locket that bore initials that weren't her own. She walked into the kitchen, and saw Mrs. Weasley cooking dinner, though Tonks was no where to be seen. The twins, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were still at the table, playing a game of wizard's chess. Leah took a seat at the end of the table, a few seats down from everyone. Leah felt the looks she received, but shrugged them off. Hermione, who had been sitting next to Ron, walked down and sat in the chair across from Leah. "Hey Leah." "Hi Hermione." "Are you okay?" "I'm fine," Leah responded a little too impatiently. " you want to play chess with us?" "That's alright. I'm not really a fan of chess." "Neither am I," Hermione admitted, grinning. Her cheeks grew pink as she glanced down the table at Ron. "I see…" Leah said a bit louder, grinning in a mischievous way. Ron, Ginny and Harry all looked down the table at them. Leah flashed them a smile, and turned back to Hermione. " like Ron?" She asked barely above a whisper. Her cheeks grew redder. "Yes!" She squeaked. "Don't tell anyone!" She whispered. "No worries. Do you think he likes you?" Leah asked in an equally quiet voice. "I hope...I've liked him for...well, ever since 4th year." Leah raised an arched eyebrow. "Seriously? And you haven't done anything about it?" "No…" She said bashfully. Leah tsked. "HEY! FRED! GEORGE! COME HERE!" "Leah! What are you doing!?" Hermione hissed venomously. Leah smirked. "Nothing…" She said in a singsong voice. "Be right back!" She got up from where she was sitting and walked over to a corner with Fred and George. "What's up, Lee?" Fred asked while putting an arm around her shoulder. "Our little Hermione here has a crush on Ickle Ronniekins." The twins grinned evilly, and looked over at Hermione, who was blushing a shade of crimson. She had returned to Ron's side, though there was a good foot in between them. George snickered. "I say we lock them in a room together." "What?!" Leah and Fred exclaimed a little too loudly. The foursome at the table looked over to where they were sitting. "How is that going to solve anything, George?! They'll fight like there is no tomorrow!" Leah whispered. Ginny, whose curiosity had gotten the better of her, walked over. "Whatcha guys talking about?" "How to get Ronniekins and 'Mione together," George said. "About bloody time!" Ginny said. "Hey, guys, listen. Let's meet in our room after dinner so we can discuss this privately," Leah said. "Hermione will probably be in the library or something." "Good idea, Lee." The four walked back to the table casually, shooting grins in Hermione's direction. Her skin had finally returned to it's normal color. Harry, who had been playing chess with Ron the whole time, looked at them curiously. Leah shot him a glare, which he returned. As Mrs. Weasly set dinner on the table, Leah wondered just how much longer she would be stuck in this sad excuse of a house, and the blasted wizarding world… however long it may be, it will be too long, she thought contemptuously.
* * *
“Alright. Operation Matchmaker has begun,” Fred announced. Leah and George were sitting on her bed, Fred and Ginny on Ginny’s. There was a knock at the door. “Shoot! What if it’s ‘Mione!” George whispered. “I’ll check,” Leah offered. She crept over to the door and slowly opened it a crack. She sighed, but narrowed her eyes at the same time. It was Harry. “What do you want, Potter?” She asked. “Ginny told me to come here after dinner.” Leah groaned and opened the door the rest of the way. “Way to go, Gin!” “What?!” “Nothing! Come in and shut the door behind you.” Leah walked over to her bed and sat back down. Harry, after closing the door, came and sat next to Fred. “Okay, so where were we?” Ginny asked. “Well, when we were in the kitchen, we were trying to come up with ways to get Ron and ‘Mione together.” “I think my way was great! Lock them in a closet together!” “No, George!” Leah, Fred and Ginny chorused. Harry looked thoughtful. “You know, that just might work,” He said after a while. “Are you nuts?!” Fred said incredulously. “Harry, if we gave them that much space, they probably would kill each other alive before they admitted their feelings.” “Or they would have to get closer to each other for more room,” Fred trailed off, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. “FRED! THAT’S SICK!” Ginny exclaimed loudly. Leah threw a pillow at him which he dodged easily. “Bad visual! We are talking about our brother for crying out loud!” Leah and Harry started to snicker at the expressions on the twin’s faces. “I’m glad I'm an only child,” Harry commented. Leah shot a glare at the twins. “I had a sister. She was pretty cool, though.” “Lucky! I’m stuck with six brothers!” “Whoa, whoa, whoa. You ‘had’ a sister?” Fred asked. Leah scowled in Fred’s direction. “Have, had, same thing,” Leah said. Fred and George stared at her knowingly. Leah cleared her throat. “Yeah, so, throwing them in a closet together is out. Now what should we try?” “Umm…” "How about we have Ron write a poem for her! Confessing his feelings! That would be so romantic…" Ginny gushed, trailing off. "Uh, Gin, we are going to have to make him admit that those feelings even exist, first," Leah pointed out. "Oh, yeah," She responded flatly.They continued on like that for another hour or so. Suddenly, Hermione walked in. "What are you guys doing?" She asked curiously while putting her books in her trunk. "Trying to figure out a way to hook up you and Ronniekins," George said bluntly. He must have just realized his mistake as he looked at the glares he was receiving. "Ha-ha, Fred, you kidder. Good one!" Leah said quickly, covering his mistake. Hermione's expression relaxed. "Actually, these guys were just telling me some more about Hogwarts. It's quite fascinating, really. It sounds just like it did in Hogwarts: A History," Leah said. "You read that book?!" Hermione exclaimed excitedly. "Yeah…" "See guys! I told you I'm not the only one who reads it!" She said to the twins, Harry and Ginny. They nodded wearing falsely cheery smiles. "Yeah, well, we better get back to the Flat, eh Fred?" "Too right, George. Goodnight, ladies." Harry cleared his throat. "And gents," He added hastily. With two pops George and Fred apparated away. "Well, I'm going to go to bed too. Night," Harry said while walking out the door. Hermione regarded Ginny and Leah apprehensively before walking to the bathroom to brush her teeth. "That was a close one," Ginny said. "Tell me about it."
* * * Two weeks later
Somehow, Leah had managed to learn the 5 years of magic she missed in two weeks. Whether it was the fact that she studied straight for 16 hours each day, or that Tonks was helping her, she couldn't tell. “Potter, Weasel,” Leah said regarding the two boys as she walked into the library. “Shove off, Baker,” Harry snarled. “Um…” Leah feigned deep contemplation. “You know what, I don’t think I will. It is a library, and it doesn’t belong to either of you two oafs, so you can’t exactly kick me out, can you?” Leah asked. The three had been on surname terms ever since they had a big blow out the previous week. Except around Mrs. Weasley, where they preferred not to even acknowledge one another. “Don’t you have any family to go home to? You said your Dad was transferred here because of a job, but in the three weeks we’ve been here, we haven’t seen him. Or your mum,” Ron said in a bored manner. Leah grew rigid at the mention of her father. She hoped the boys didn’t notice. “Or your sister,” Potter put in. Leah could have slapped him right then and there for mentioning her deceased sister, not that Harry knew. “Why don’t you bug off and confess your undying love to Hermione, Ron. Or, here’s a shocker,” Leah said, putting on a dramatic voice, “do something productive!” She covered her mouth with her hand in mock horror. Ron now was a lovely shade of scarlet. From anger or embarrassment when Leah mentioned Hermione, she couldn’t decipher. “And Potter, why don't you go do something, and stop staring into space like you just lost every member of you family?” Leah asked. Leah recognized the look, as it was one she herself was commonly wearing these days. If only the two really knew just how contradictory her last statement was. Harry, who looked positively livid by now, glared at Leah, who flopped down on the couch across from them, resting her feet on the coffee table between the two couches. “Bite me,” He hissed. “And what about Miss Perfect Leah Baker?” Weasley asked. “What about her?” Leah said. “What do we know about her seemingly nonexistent family besides the fact that she has an older sister?” He inquired. “You know that the so called Miss Perfect Leah Baker doesn’t like to talk about her family for reasons she wishes not to disclose.” “Aw…what’s the matter, Baker? Maybe your life isn’t as perfect as you wish people to think it?” Ron asked in a taunting voice. “Frankly, Weasel, I never even insinuated that my life was perfect. In all truth, it is far from it.” Yes, quite far, Leah thought. “Oh really?” Potter asked. “How is it not perfect? Does Daddy not make enough money to satisfy the needs of Baker’s?” Leah, who had been starting to flip through the file of Naomi Riddle, looked up at them glaring. “Don’t−you−ever −say−that−again!” Leah whispered maliciously. “Aw…Ron, I think we touched a nerve.” “I’d say so, too.” “Why don’t you guys just, as Harry so eloquently put it, ‘Shove off,’ and leave me alone!” She heard the snickers of Ron and Harry as she looked at the pictures of Riddle. Hermione and Ginny just walked in, and sat down on the same couch as Leah. Closing her file to an even more acute angle, and scooting away from the girls to ensure privacy, Leah felt her blood run cold. There, was a picture of Naomi Riddle, the blasted deceased daughter of Voldemort. Only she was being hugged by a girl who was unmistakably none other then Annie Baker. “Dear god…” “Whatcha looking at, Leah?” Ginny asked. “Nothing,” Leah responded too quickly. Hermione, who had been surveying the scene, finally said, “You guys fought again, didn’t you?” “Where would you get that idea?” Ron asked sarcastically. Leah, who had ignored the exchange between the two, reached out to grab the picture of the file. However, when her trembling fingers grasped the photo, her navel was jerked as she disappeared into thin air…
* * *
The four sat in an utter state of oblivion. Where on earth had Leah gone? "She like...disappeared," Ron said. "Way to state the obvious, Ron," Ginny commented dazedly. Hermione, who seemed to snap out of the reverie they were in first, pounced on the folder, and shut it quickly. "Aw...come on, 'Mione! Let's see what's in it!" Ron said. "Absolutely not, Ronald. We need to go find Mrs. Weasley!" At least Hermione still had her common sense. The four started to run down the stairs, all at once, which wasn't exactly a smart thing to do. After almost falling down the flight of stairs, and shouting for Mrs. Weasly all while doing so, they finally made it into the kitchen, running into a very shocked Tonks. "What in the world guys!?" "Leah was looking at the file-" "Reached out for something-" "Looked really shocked-" "Disappeared into thin air!" "Almost like a-" "Portkey!" Tonks amusedly said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. One person at a time, guys." "Leah was looking at this file, and she reached out for something, then when she grabbed it she suddenly disappeared! Almost as if it were a portkey!" Tonks gently pried the file from Hermione's hands, which were gripping it to the point where her knuckles turned white. She flicked the file open, and her face lost all it's color. "You said she just disappeared?" Tonks asked in a strained voice. The four nodded simultaneously. Muttering a few choice words under her breath, Tonks departed, off in search of Mrs. Weasley, leaving the teens very confused of where on earth Leah went...

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