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Respect Me
Spies From Both Sides and the Unexpected Classmate
**Grimmauld Place in the Early Hours of Friday Morning** “Sir, Harry’s settled in well and no one has recognised him yet I don’t think.” “Yes, same with Hermione, she’s settled in well and even been out shopping already. I had a scare on the train because she came into my compartment while I was asleep but I don’t think she recognised me - I had my hat down and my good coat over my clothes.” “Very good, very good. And how is Mr Weasley going? Anything out of the ordinary?” “No, I’ve been into his office quite a lot to see how he’s going and I’ve had Newly, that new kid, positioned in his office but he’s none the wiser. Too excited about the job I think.” Just then a tall, bald, black man apparated right into the middle of the meeting and greeted them all quickly. “I’m sorry but I have to make this quick. He knows I’m following him and has been trying to lose me all night. He’s still safe and doesn’t seem to be up to anything but I’ve got to get back” to this the old man with the long silver beard and the sparkling eyes nodded and the tall man disapparted. “Very good then. Best the three of you be returning to your positions. Keep me updated on what happens. Today things will get interesting for Harry and Hermione and I want them watched all the way. I don’t care how many people it takes . . . Harry, Hermione and Ron’s protection is of the upmost importance and our other subject needs to be watched, I am unsure of his actions yet. I’ve contacted the directors of both schools and they are aware of the situation at hand and they will allow both of you two access to the schools to continue surveillance.” He said this whilst gesturing to the two people who were following Harry and Hermione. “Yes headmaster!” the three spies chorused and with that they all disapparated. Soon after their departure Fawkes appeared in a burst of flames beside Dumbledore with a letter that required his attention at Hogwarts. He read the letter and then folded it back together and placed it in his pocket. “Peeves has been up to his usual start of term trouble again I see . . .” and with a tiny pop he was gone. **29 Mulberry Road, Salford - Apartment 3d** Hermione woke early that morning feeling no more refreshed from the sleep because she had been too nervous about the day to come. She showered much more quickly as she didn’t feel like a repeat of the other night. She had to be at the MDAE by 9.30 that morning and it was already 7.50 . . . actually, thinking about it . . . she didn’t even know where to go! Now dressed in some neat black trousers and a white blouse she ran to the kitchen counter and picked up the letter containing the information about their meeting this morning. She skimmed over it but there still were no directions or address. ‘What am I going to do?’ she had begun to panic. She wouldn’t make it to the meeting and then she would be immediately dismissed. ‘What do I do???’ As her panic heightened a creamy white owl pecked at her window. She turned and unlatched the window to let the owl in. It swooped through the window and landed on the chair. She walked over and untied the letter from its leg and it swooped back through the window. She read the letter to herself. ~*~ Miss Granger, Meet at the fountain in Peel Park at 9.20 to meet your advisor Theodore Madley. You will be given further instructions here. ~*~ “That’s all?” she said to no one. She finished getting ready and was ready to go. She gave Crookshanks - who seemed totally unbothered by the sudden move of home - a final scratch on his head and left out the door. The street below was very busy with fast moving traffic and she had decided to hail a cab considering she didn’t know the area well enough to try apparating. She told the cabbie where to go and was surprised to find it was only located a few streets away. Immediately she saw the fountain and walked over to it to take a seat on the bench beside it and glanced at her wrist watch. It read 9.15. Only five minutes to go and soon she notice a few people in particular hovering around the fountain. One looked familiar. The person wasn’t familiar but what they were wearing. She could have sworn that it was the same hat and coat that she saw on that strange man on the train. All of a sudden he glanced her way and noticed her staring at him and he started to walk away from the fountain very quickly. She got up to follow but he passed behind a few other people and then he was gone. ‘Must have disapparated’ she thought to herself but what she didn’t notice was the same man standing with a group of tourists behind her. Her attention was soon diverted to a tall man dressed in a light blue shirt and jeans. His hair was dark and he had a square jaw that looked like it had been cut from stone. Hermione was kind of in ‘aw’ of this handsome man until she noticed the little gold badge on his chest. She couldn’t read it from where she sat but she soon got her chance because he started walking towards her until he was standing straight in front of her. She took her chance to read his badge and inscribed into the gold metal read ‘Theodore Madley – Student Advisor’. “Miss Granger?” he asked, bending down slightly to allow him to talk face to face with the young beautiful woman. “Ah . . . ah . . . yes, yes that’s me. Are you Theodore Madley?” “Yes that’s me. Just allow me to gather up the other students . . .” and with that he walked away to a young man who was standing on the grass to her left. From here on he continued to walk around and talk to strangers until he finally called them all together in a group of no bigger than six. “Welcome, now the proper introductions will begin in a few minutes once we’re inside the Depatment. Now to get in to the Department all you have to do is use this key” At this stage he held up a tiny golden key. It looked old fashioned and battered as though it had been used too many times. “You will all get one and all you have to do is fit it into any locked door keyhole and unlock. It will open up to the entrance to the Depatment. Now here . . . all of you take a key and go find a door . . . any door will do.” So everyone took a key and walked away, heading for shops and other doors that may allow them to enter the Department. Hermione made her way to a café down the street and when standing at the closed door she slid the key into the hole and turned. ‘Wonder if the muggles will see this?’ The door clicked and opened just enough for a slither of light to shine through. She pushed the door open and walked into the atrium of a beautiful shining room. The walls were golden and shining with figures fighting in battle inscribed into them. There at her feet was written ‘The Manchester Department of Auror Education’ in silver on the black slate floor. “Congratulations now just make your way to the oak doors over there and once you and all the others have settled we will begin the introductions. I’ll return at the end of the day to show you the way home. If you don’t have any other queries I’ll be going.” Hermione noticed him turn and look in her direction and . . . ‘Did I imagine that?’ . . . he had smiled at her before disapparating? She allowed the thought to linger for a moment until she noticed all of her other classmates heading towards the doors. They opened and they were in a large hall that had about thirty chairs all facing to the front. At the front were seven seats facing towards the student chairs. Many people were already sitting down so Hermione took a seat in the back row still waiting for the meeting to start. People were talking in hushed voices amongst themselves and Hermione felt a little left out. She heard a smooth laugh come from the other side of the room just as the last of the students filled the seats. She saw a blonde girl smiling and laughing with the man beside her. She was flirting like crazy and the man beside her seemed to be enjoying it. He looked familiar though but she couldn’t tell because all she could see was the back of his head and his smooth blonde hair. Someone’s chair was knocked over and he turned around to see what had happened. Hermione heard her own gasp as she recognised who the person was. Blonde hair, black robes and eyes like blue ice. ‘No . . . no . . . it cant be . . . oh why me?’ The man was none other than Draco Malfoy. **Southern England** “Master, I have met with the girl and she is unaware of who I am.” said the servant. “Good, keep it that way. I’ve set Rabastan and Rodolphus to follow her. Now earn her trust.” The cold voice of Lord Voldemort hissed.
Authors Note: Dum dum dummmmm! Now the fun begins! Hermione_88

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