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Respect Me

A Quick Departure

Hermione had made her choice. She had sent her declining responses back to all the schools but the MDAE. That’s where she had chosen to go. They had won her over with their extensive library range and their excellent curriculum. She was going to go to the Manchester Department of Auror Education and become the best Auror she could. Harry had also gotten his information back from the Halkirk Institution of Defensive Education and Protection and he had to leave almost immediately. He had to be there by the 24th of August and it was already the 19th, so he had to leave tomorrow night. Ginny was more upset than anyone. Harry had been trying to talk to her for three days but to no avail.

Mr Weasley had also managed to get an interview for Ron with Mr Bagman yesterday, and he now had a job as an assistant to Mr Bagman. He also started in three days, just enough time for the paper work to be processed. So they were all getting ready to go head first into their careers. Hermione was now sitting in the drawing room reading her copy of 'An Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe' when Ginny came into the room carrying post.

“There’s a letter for you.” and she passed Hermione the letter. Hermione turned it over and looked at the seal.

“It’s from the MDAE!” Hermione said as she opened the letter and pulled out several pieces of parchment and read aloud . . .

“Miss Granger, we welcome you to the Manchester Department of Auror Education . . . blah blah blah . . . my name is Theodore Madley . . . Please ask for me as I’ll be your advisor . . . classes start September 1st . . . a meeting will be held for you to meet your classmates . . . blah blah blah . . . WHAT? August 22nd??? Cant be!” At this stage, Ginny had jumped up from her seat and snatched the letter from Hermione’s hand. Her eyes skimmed over the page even as Harry and Ron burst into the room

“What? What are you screaming about?” Harry asked and Ginny shoved the page under his nose.

“Hermione has to be in Manchester by Friday!” she exclaimed

“What!?” they both yelled

“I have to call the Magical Transport Department, get a train ticket for tomorrow, pack, ergh . . . tell mum and dad. I’ve got to go . . .” Hermione muttered to herself as she headed to the door.

“Hermione . . . but-” Ron stuttered but was cut off quickly.

“Look I’ll be back tomorrow but I’ve got to get going now.” and with that she walked out the door.

**The Next Day**

Hermione had rushed to the Ministry last night to get her train ticket but had spent the entire day packing at home and ringing around in Manchester to arrange accommodation. She now apparated to Grimmauld Place to say her goodbye’s to everyone. Harry and Ron were the first to meet her.

“Hermione what’s all this?” Harry asked gesturing to all her luggage.

“I’ve got to get on the train in an hour so I had to come say goodbye now and leave straight from here.” she said with a note of sadness in her voice.

“But . . .”

“Ron I’ve got to go, I can’t leave it any later” she said. They sat for a while talking things over and discussing when they would all see each other again. It was harder than she thought. How could she in one day just be expected to pack up her life as she’s known it for the last 18 years and just move on to another place where she wouldn’t know anyone or anyplace? It was hard but she had to do it. Ron starts his job tomorrow; Harry leaves for his training in the north the day after. Was there ever going to be a time when they could get together, all three of them again? Hermione looked at her watch.

“Oh damn, my train leaves in fifteen minutes, I’ve got to get going.” she could feel it coming on. The tears welling up just behind her eyes. At this stage other people were starting to come out and say their goodbyes. Mr and Mrs Weasley came and hugged her. Moody, Lupin and Tonks - who had turned her hair into bright rainbow colours just for the occasion - came and said their farewells. Fred and George just turned up in time to give her their newest type of specialty pranks basket. Ginny was the last to give Hermione a hug before it was really time to say goodbye to Ron and Harry.

“We’ll come with you to the train station; see you off the proper way!” said a sombre Harry. So they moved out into the hall and with a final wave, the three of them disapparated to the train station. Hermione Granger was gone from Grimmauld Place for the last time in maybe quite a long time.

**At the Train Station**

“. . . train to Manchester leaves in five minutes from platform 3 and six tenths . . . train to Bristol leaves . . .” boomed the voice. Hermione only had five minutes to say so much to her two best friends before she had to leave for god only knows how long. She stood on the platform beside the train of blue and gold and before she could help it the tears that had been threatening earlier finally escaped from her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, it’s so hard.” she sobbed as Harry pulled her into a comforting hug. And she hugged him back so hard.

“Shhhh, its ok `mione, we’ll see each other in no time, so don’t you worry.” he said. She pulled back from his hug and looked at Ron who suddenly seemed very interested with his shoe laces. She smiled.

“Ron?” she said quietly, bending her head to look at him. “Ron?” yet he still ignored her. So instead she reached forward and pulled him into a forced hug. He seemed shocked at first but soon enough he responded by tightening his hug, nearly squeezing the air out of her.

“It’s not fair!” he said. She pulled out of the hug and looked at him.

“Ron what do you mean?”

“It’s not fair because now both of you are going away to do bigger and better things and I’ll be left here working for the ministry with a winging Ginny because her boyfriend and best friend have gone away.” he stated sounding so snobby that it would have been an alright imitation of Malfoy. Hermione smiled and hugged Ron again and soon enough she felt Harry’s big arms around her as well. The beautiful goodbye was ruined by the sound of the whistle blowing and the train starting to move. They all ended the group hug quickly and both Ron and Harry grabbed her bags and threw them in the door. Hermione jumped in the door quickly before the train began moving too fast, she gave a final wave and then she was gone, on her way to her new life.

“Suppose we had better get back then.” said Harry to a fairly miserable looking Ron who nodded sadly and with that they disappeared from the platform and reappeared almost immediately back in the hall way of 12 Grimmauld Place. There stood the rest of the people who had come to say goodbye to Hermione.

“How’d it go?” asked Mr Weasley.

“We’ll . . . she’s gone . . .” said a saddened Harry and with this remark they all retreated to the kitchen for dinner.


Authors Note: He he he. Now things will start to get a little interesting. **Starts laughing evilly to herself** “Mwa ha ha ha ha!” Ok, I seriously think I’m losing the plot! Oh well, leave a review to tell me if you also, are losing the plot! =)


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