"Wake up!" Stokley hears a faint voice by her door. "Get up your going to be late for school!" Stokley’s mother shouts as she opens the drapes to her window. Stokley gets up and moans as she stretches in the sun light wincing at the brightness. "Come on hurry its 9:30 am!" her mother exclaims, pulling the blanket off of Stokley's legs, making sure she wont fall back asleep. As she leaves Stokely rolls her eyes and grabs some clothes she laid out the night before. Beside her clothes lays a large duffle bag with clothes and everything she'll need.

As she puts on her shirt and jeans she looks down to her best friend Salem, who begins to rub his head along one of her legs. "Hey buddy, you ready?" she smiles down at him and he meows back as she picks him up and puts him in his cage. Stokely looks to the large mirror in her room. Her long red hair still a mess and crusty tears in the corner of her eyes along with mixtures of day old eye liner and mascara. She looks around her room for her wand, no where to be seen. "Mom! Where's my wand?" she yells. "Try your pillow!" she hears down the hall. Stokley shakes her head as she pulls out her 9 1/2 inch Rosewood with Dragon Heartstring. Slight carvings of Cherry Blossoms along the handle.

Lost in her admiration for her wand, she didn't even hear her mother yelling at her in the doorway to her room. "Hurry up! It will take us some time to get there you know!" Stokely looked to her mother and nodded, taking her wand to her hair. Every strand began to even out like it was just brushed. She looked into the mirror and the sleepiness from the night before was instantly gone. She grabbed her duffle and Salem, whom of course protested at being moved, and rushed out of her room. "I made some toast with an egg and cheese on it, just how you like it." her mother explained as she herself began to grab her purse. "Thanks" Stokely stuffed the toast in her mouth and ran to the door. "Oh! I almost forgot!" Her mother ran to the fridge and handed her a small vile. "You'll need this for the train ride. We don't want another incident." Stokely took the vile, staring at it as it gleamed with a blood red tint.

She must have been staring off again because her mother began to litterally push her out the door and into the car, she had been doing that a lot this morning, staring off. This was her first day going to a new school. For many years now she had been going to a school exclusively for boys, Drumstrang. The only reason why she was the only girl ever accepted was the fact she had a special, rare gift.

"Ok now we're off!" her mother says and starts the car. As they drive for some time Stokely stares out the window, wondering what kind of school this Hogwarts will be. "Don't worry sweetie, you'll be fine. Hogwarts has a much better education. Your father and I went to Hogwarts you know!" Stokely rolls her eyes and goes back to staring off again, ignoring her mother. As the silence begins to get stale, Stokely's mother regrets pulling her out of one school into another, but knows that it's the only place left that can help her poor child.

"Whats the point of going to Hogwarts?" Stokley asks, breaking the silence. "Oh honey, I know your years at Drumstrang weren't all that great but you'll make a fresh start at Hogwarts!" her mother says. Stokley nods and stares out the window again. When they finally make it to the train station, Stokley pulls out her duffle bag and Salem and puts it out on the platform. "So which train?" she asks, looking around at all the muggles. "Oh this isn't our stop, we go over there." Her mother points between the platforms of Nine and Ten. Stokley looks to her mother in confusion. "It's all magic hun, just run into that wall." Stokely wasn't too sure about this, but she knew she could trust her mother. She took a deep breath and ran right into it and right through onto platform 9 3/4.

Tons of people walked all around her, making their way to the train ahead. She stared up at the Hogwarts express in amazment. "Okay hun, hurry and take Salem with you on board!" Stokely looked to her mother, holding back emotion. "Send me an owl every week okay?" her mother said as she embraced her with a huge hug. "Okay, okay!" Stokely pushed her away, embarassed.  "I'm going to miss you so much! Now get going!" She pushed her daughter along as the horn sounded. Stokley ran up to the train and walked inside. She thought it was crouded outside, well it was much more crouded inside. Countless kids pushed past her to their friends. More than a few flying cranes flapped around her, she was even sure one got stuck in her hair more than once.

After seeing many compartments full, she finally sees an empty one. After setting Salem down, she lets him out. He slowly walks out and stretches long and hard and then jumps on her lap. Looking out the window, Stokley sees the train begin to make it's way. She hears the door slide open and she looks to see a lady with a trolley full of food. "Anything off the trolley dear?" the lady asks. Stokley looks at the trolley and beams at the berttie botts every flavor beans and the chocolate frogs. "I’ll take about 10 bags of the beans and 5 chocolate frogs there!" she hands the lady her galions and the lady in return gives her the candy.

"Ahh quite a sweet tooth there eh?" the lady smiles at Stokley and moves on to the next compartment. Stokley looks out the window again and turns to the door as she hears Salem hiss. A tall boy with bleached blonde hair and gray-blue eyes walks in. She stares at him, his eyes hypnotizing. "Uh sorry is this compartment taken?" he asks. Stokley continues to stare, not aware of herself. After a few moments she realizes her rudness and shakes her head, making some room. "Oh, sorry for my rudness. My name is Malfoy...” the boy takes Stokley's hand and kisses it lightly "Draco Malfoy" Draco winks at Stokley and she takes her hand back.

"I’m Stokley Parker" She smiles, and Draco smiles back, "Lovely name" Stokley blushes and looks away. "You new?" Draco asks."Uh yes transferred from Drumstrag!" Stokley answers. "Ah Drumstrag, wait...Drumstrang? Aren't they a school for boys?" he asks. "Yeah, I was the only girl accepted, er special education." She explains. Draco nods his head, "Well I'm sure Hogwarts is nothing in comparison." Stokley shrugs and stays silent.

She hears the doors open again and sees 2 fat guys in the door way. "Draco! Its Potter. He says trash about you!" Stokley looks over at Draco and see he’s pretty mad. "I’ll get that Potter!" Draco gets his wand out and stands up "Oh I’m sorry I’ll be but just a minute. Stokley lets out a fake smile and nods as Draco leaves. As she looks out the window again the door opens and two red headed twins pop in. "Oh sorry is this Dracos compartment?" they ask. "I guess so?" Stokley shrugs and stares at the boys.

They seem to whisper at each other for a moment. Stokley stares at them wondering what they are talking of. Salem looks up at her and meows, thinking the same thing. They look back to Stokley, "Oh pardon us we are so rude! My name is Fred and this here is George!" Fred points to George and they smile. Stokley smiles back being confused all together. Salem shakes his head and goes back to sleep.

"We were going to lay a stink bomb in here but since such a pretty lady like yourself is in here--" Fred stops and lets George continue "We're not going to!" they smile at Stokley and she nods. "Why would you want to lay a stink bomb in here?" she asks. "Oh Malfoy, see he's a snitch and pretty annoying at times--" "plus it’s always fun to see the look on peoples faces when they smell a stink bomb!" they laugh together giving each other a high five. Stokley lets out a giggle. "Well we better be shoving off before Malfoy gets in here" Fred leaves but George stays handing her a stick of what seems to be TNT. "Here pull this string and put it into Malfoys pocket!" George whispers. "What will it do?" Stokley whispers back. "Oh don’t worry it will just shoot off temporary stinking gas!" George giggles and runs off.

Stokley looks at the stick and stares as Salem plays with the string at the end and after a few moments Draco walks into the compartment. "Damn reached Potter!" he mumbles as he walks in. Stokley remembers the stick and pulls the string as she lightly slips it into his pocket. "It should burst in a few more minutes" she thinks to herself, Salem crawls into his carry on and Stokley gets ready to cover her nose. "What is it Stokley you seem really quiet." Draco says, Stokley sees a little wisp of gas coming and she starts to giggle as she covers her nose.

"Stokley what in--" Draco sniffs the air and starts to flinch. "Ahh! WEASLY!!!" he screams. Stokley can’t help but laugh, the smoke begins to cover the whole compartment. Stokley opens the window and it all drifts away. "I swear those Weasly twins are always causing a ruckus around here! I can’t wait till they graduate out of here for good." Draco brushes himself off and Stokley can’t stop giggling, She looks outside and sees its getting dark. "Excuse me I must go change!"

Stokley grabs her robes and walks off to the bathroom to get changed. Once inside she remembers the vile and takes it out of her pocket, opening the cork and chugging it down. Once she finshes she winces at the taste and throws the vile away. Afterwards, she walks out and bumps into someone. "Oaf! Oh I’m sorry I didn't see where I was going!" Stokley looks up and sees a boy with black hair and glasses hiding the most beautiful green eyes she’s ever seen. "Oh no I’m sorry I wasn't paying attention, I’m Stokley Parker I just transferred." she lays her hand out to him and he shakes it. "Oh well I’m Harry! Harry Potter, I’m in Gryffindor" Stokley can’t help but stare at his green eyes.

"Well I must be going we'll be arriving soon! Hope you get in Gryffindor!" Harry waves at Stokley and walks to his compartment. Stokley sighs and walks to her own. As she walks into the compartment she notices the smell is gone, she lets Salem back out to walk around one more time until they arrive at hogwarts. "What house do you think you'll get sorted into?" Draco asks.

Stokley’s mother had told her about the houses, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Her mom was in Slytherin and her father was in Ravenclaw, she never knew much about her father only that he died before she was born. "Well my mum was in Slytherin when she was here and my father was in Ravenclaw, I’m not sure" Stokley stares out the window and sees dim lights of Hogsmaede ahead. Draco notices her amazement of the village, "Ahh yes Hogsmaede fantastic place, best shops anywhere." Stokley nods and remembers her mom telling her about the town outside of Hogwarts. Salem jumps on Stokley’s lap and purrs.

"I really do hope you get in Slytherin!" Draco says holding Stokley’s hands; Salem stirs and groans a little. "Really?" Stokley asks looking into his eyes. "Yes I do!" they move their faces close, Salem starts to hiss at Draco at his move. Stokley stops and sees Salem jump at Draco scratching his hand. "Ahhh!" Draco sits back on the other side of the compartment and Stokley grabs Salem as she stuffs him in the carry on.

"Oh I’m sorry he’s usually not like that!" she stares at Dracos hand as it bleeds. "It’s not a problem!"Draco says as he grabs his hankerchief, wrapping his hand in it. Stokley stares at the blood; everything starts to go mute as she licks her lips. "Stokley?" she hears Draco, she snaps back to life and stares into his eyes. "Yes draco?" she asks staring back at the blood. "What’s wrong?" "Nothing!" Stokley shakes her head and stares out the window as Draco taps his wand as the scratch and it heals.

The train finally stops and Stokley grabs Salem and heads outside. She steps on the old fashioned brick road and sees about two dozen carriages lined up in front of her. "Come on here’s an empty one!" says Draco. Stokley walks over to him and as he helps her inside she looks over to what is driving the carriage. A huge black, winged horse looking thing snorts and shakes it's head. "What is that thing?" she thinks to herself and Draco pulls her inside before she can even think about what she just saw.

As she sits down next to Draco he puts his arm around her shoulder, "I bet you'll love it here, the teachers are grand especially Snape! He teaches potions" Stokley nods her head. She looks over at Draco and sees that he’s staring at her with longing eyes. "You really are pretty you know that?" Draco asks her. Stokley blushes and lets out a smile. She stares out the window and notices that the carriage is moving. She looks ahead and sees Hogwarts approaching. She feels a pair of hands grabbing hers; she looks over and sees Draco holding her hands. Draco moves closer to her for a kiss but stops as Salem hisses.

"I guess your cat doesn't like me much" Draco laughes. Stokley nods and smiles, the carriage stops and Draco helps her out along with her cat. "Well here’s Hogwarts!" Stokley looks up the huge castle in awe. "Its magnificent!" she follows Draco inside, all the student’s cramp into the main hall, Stokley sets Salem down where all the owls and other pets are laid down.

An old woman in green walks up to Stokley. "Are you Stokley Parker?" she asks. Stokley stares at the women at first and nods. "The headmaster would like a talk with you!" "Okay..." Stokley looks over to Draco. "Go on! I'll meet up with you later!" he says and Stokley follows the green women. "This way if you may." Stokley follows the women to a huge statue of an eagle. The women in green says a password and the eagle opens to a flight of stairs. "Enter, hes waiting for you!" She motions to the stairs.

Stokley gulps and walks up the stairs into a nicely decorated office. Moving paintings are held all over and a phynix is perched on the desk. Stokley reaches her hand out to pet it but hears a deep voice up above her. "Stokley Parker?" "Yes?" Stokley answers. "I am Proffecer Dumbledore, your mother has told me all about you through owls." he says walking down some stairs. "She has?" Stokley asks. "Indeed, and she has told me about your secret." Dumbledore says. "Me being a Vampire?" She cringes at the word.

Dumbledore walks towards her, "Yes, but you are only half vampire so thats a good thing! you dont need to stay inside all the time...your not alergic to garlic--" Dumbledore is cut off as Stokley speeks. "Um, actually sir thats just a myth. Vampires cant be killed by steaks, garlic, or crosses." Stokley explains. "Ah, I see then." Dumbledore says. "But, you do have cravings for blood, and that is a problem...but we can control that." "With what?" Stokley asks. "A potion that Proffecer Snape has created" Dumbledore answers. "Here, drink this every month before you go to bed. It will help you control your cravings" "Thanks sir" Stokley takes the small vile and puts it into her pocket.

"I will have Snape send it down for you every month, he is your house leader in fact." Stokely begins to nod, but stops herself, "What?" she asks. "Your from Drumstrang, so you are a Slytherin, like your mother. You don't need to be sorted for that." Dumbledor says while he sits down at his desk. "Oh, okay sir" stokley says. "Well, get off with you! Go sit down with your house mates!" Dumbledor lightly shouts. "Okay sir thanks!" Stokley runs down the stairs and to the great hall.

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