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*Warning: Harry/Draco slash, if you don't like it then please leave. *Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything Harry Potter related. Also, I do not own parts of this plot and story line, parts of that which you recognize are from William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. So basically, anything you recognize is not mine. Lastly, I am not making any money off of this. *+*+*+* The young witches and wizards piled off of the scarlet train and filled Hogsmeade station within a matter of minutes. The sky was dark as the teenagers jumped into their thestral pulled carriages and the first years began their descent across the lake to start their first year ever at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The famous Gryffindor trio exited the train. The red head had grown even taller over the summer and now stood at 6'2 and had a slightly muscular build as appose to the lankier one he sported in previous years. Freckles danced over his tanned face and his blue eyes sparkled as he gazed down upon the shorter brunette girl beside him. Hermione had grown a bit over summer as well, she now stood 5'7 and she had a more curvy shape, though she still had a ways to go in that department. Her eyes were a soft honey brown and held pride as she looked around at the younger students, especially Gryffindor’s, acting accordingly and not like animals for once. Her hair was still bushy and she held a know-it-all air to her, but she was a pretty girl none the less. Last but most definitely not the least, was the messy haired boy with emerald eyes. The boy had grown a good deal and though he wasn’t as tall as his red-haired friend he stood at a respectable height of 5'11. The boy was now clad in his new school uniform and was recognizable as the boy hero, Harry Potter. His brilliant eyes were still framed in wire glasses but the once mesmerizing twinkle and spark seemed to be dying out ever so slightly. So slightly in fact that no one he had passed yet had noticed. The boy stood a bit taller and prouder now that he was with his friends than he had on platform 9 3/4, yet he still walked as if he was carrying a heavy burden. But since he was the-boy-who-lived, no one took a look past their initial hero-worshipping stare and no one had noticed the subtle body language that was screaming his inner distress to the world. No one had noticed. Not one person. Not yet. But that all changed the moment a blonde haired Slytherin set eyes on the Gryffindor trio. * + * + * + * Draco Malfoy practically floated off of the train he walked in such elegance. But his elegant stride was the only one as his overly large gorilla like goons stomped on beside him. The contrast between Draco and his followers was obvious. Draco was tall, thin and slightly muscular. He moved with the elegance of a cat and his features looked as if carved from marble. His white blonde hair was medium length and it fell loosely yet perfectly around his face as he no longer gelled it back. His eyes were an intense icy blue with sparks of silver and were quite beautiful but held a forbidding sense to them. Crabbe and Goyle on the other hand were slightly shorter than Draco and stumpy. They had more flab then muscle but their overall size and threatening exterior did more for them than muscles could. They walked stiffly and with about as much elegance as an elephant. The three Slytherin’s didn’t get far before being joined by a dark-haired girl who looked remarkably like a pug. Draco’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly in the girls presence and an unease built in his stomach. He never liked that girl very much, she was annoying and entirely too girly for his taste. She insisted on cooing at Draco in her high-pitched voice that sounded like cats being beaten, but in Pansy’s twisted mind she thought of it as seductive. He hated the way she always clung to him, it drove him insane. Her thin fingers clinging as his delicate skin, her sharp nails driving into him, poking, scratching and clawing. And her kisses. Draco had the displeasure of being snogged by the retched girl more than once, and each time it was entirely too sloppy and he felt as if he was being chocked by her tongue. Yet somehow Pansy got the impression that Draco liked her, she even went as far to telling her parents they were a couple! And of course, that news got back to Draco’s mother and made his summer a nag fest. +Flashback+ “Draco darling, I just received an owl from the Parkinson’s containing the most delightful news.” Narcissa said happily yet still held her Malfoy exterior. To say Draco was shocked at that announcement was an understatement. He was curious as to what the Parkinson’s would have to say to his mother that would involve him. Now that his father was in Azkaban they got very little owl mail from other pureblood families. The blonde racked his mind but came up blank and resided with giving his mother a questioning stare. The woman smiled down at her son and said, “They gave me news of your relationship with their daughter, Pansy.” Draco’s eyes nearly bulged from his head at that statement. Relationship? Pansy? Noo way. Narcissa chose to ignore Draco’s shocked and horrified expression and continued anyway, “This is such wonderful news Draco. Before your father was taken away, we had been talking of your marriage after school. I was going to tell you to press matters and choose a wife but now that you’re with Pansy we don’t have to worry. She’s a fine choice Draco, her family is quite respectable.” Narcissa said brightly. “I will NOT marry Pansy!” Draco all but yelled at his mother. “I know commitment makes you nervous Draco, but after graduation you must be married and keep up the family line. You don’t need to marry Pansy, any pureblood witch will do, but if you don’t plan on marrying her you had better toss her aside soon.” Narcissa told her son. “I am not marrying right out of school simply to keep up the family line mother.” Draco said angrily. Narcissa’s eyes darkened at her sons words and she took a step towards him. Her gaze was threatening but Draco was too used to it to back away. Instead, he stood his ground and held his head a bit higher. “Draco, my son, you will marry out of school. I don’t care if you love the woman or even like her, our family blood line will stay strong. You are the Malfoy heir and you will keep that name going whether you want to or not.” Narcissa said in a deadly calm tone which sent shivers up Draco’s spine. The woman turned on her heel and swiftly exited the library, leaving her son alone to think of his future and to ponder the sanity of Pansy Parkinson. +End Flashback+ Draco shuddered at the memory. He hated be treated like some kind of breeding stock, he was a person after all, it wasn’t fair that he was to be shipped off to some wretched woman. Draco didn’t even like women very much. Sure, he held some attraction for them, but it wasn’t sexual and he strongly preferred his own sex. He had experimented a lot with female’s and found his encounters less than pleasurable. Of course, his parents didn’t know this. If they did, Draco strongly doubted he’d be experimenting with anyone again, be it men or women. Oh no, his parents wanted an heir and since another man couldn’t give him that they would most definitely not accept his sexuality. But Draco hadn’t thought of his future before the summer. His mother had suddenly slammed the pressure to find a wife on him and drilled into his mind exactly what she wanted. What Draco wanted had conveniently been forgotten. Draco had spent most of his summer debating his future marriage and he came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be so bad to be married to a woman. That is, as long as he didn’t have to touch her and he could have relationships with men on the side. “Oh, look Draco it’s your favorite Gryffindorks. Potter and his friends, back from a summer of being hero worshipped.” Pansy spat bitterly. Draco’s eyes scanned the crowd and he saw the three teenagers she spoke of. Granger and Weasley were as he saw them on the train but now for the first time since last year he set his eyes on Harry Potter. He was shocked. The boy looked as if he’d lost a lot of weight and when he smiled at something Weasley had said Draco noted that it didn’t reach his eyes. The boys normally bright eyes seemed dull and he didn’t walk with as much pride as he used to. Draco noted subtle changes over the boy, changes that only someone with an observant eye like him would see, and was shocked. He had expected Potter to of had a great summer. Surely after sending away Malfoy senior and many other death eaters at the end of last term would have given Potter enough joy to last a lifetime, but apparently not. Draco felt something flitter in his stomach as tormented green eyes locked with his own stormy blue and silver ones. Draco broke eye contact immediately and was confused at his bodies reaction. Sure, he’d always thought Potter was hot and would definitely be worth a good shag, but he had just got butterflies in his stomach from meeting the boy’s glance. *Merlin, I’m becoming a love sick girl.* Draco thought in disgust. “Well?” Pansy’s expectant tone broke through Draco’s thoughts. “Well what?” Draco snapped at the girl. “Aren’t you going to tease them?” Pansy said in a slightly confused tone. Draco looked at the Gryffindor’s who were about to enter a carriage only a short distance from them and for the first time felt hesitant. He told himself that he was a Malfoy, and Malfoy’s do not hesitate or get fluttering feelings from boys, and took a step towards the golden trio. * + * + * + * “Well, if it isn’t Potter, Weasel and Granger.” A familiar yet unpleasant drawl spoke from a few feet away. Harry closed his eyes lightly and sighed, couldn’t he get any peace? Ron and Hermione turned to see Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy approaching them, all with identical smirks on their faces. The group of Slytherin’s stopped a few feet short of the Gryffindor’s who glared at the smirking intruders. “What the hell do you want Malfoy? Didn’t you get enough on the train?” Ron said rudely. Harry turned around slowly now and his eyes fell on Slytherin’s leader. My, but he had changed over those short summer months. The boy was still pale as usual and his stormy eyes shone with Slytherin pride. His hair was medium length and nearly white it was so blonde but instead of being slicked back it fell loosely around his face, a style Harry thought suited him very well. He had grown a bit over the summer and now stood about an inch taller than Harry. His frame was thin but Harry could tell he had a muscular frame behind those robes and Harry felt himself cursing the uniforms for being so large. Harry blinked in shock. Did he just subtly wish to see Malfoy, a boy, naked? Harry blinked at the thought and blamed it on being tired and hungry. “No” Malfoy said simply, “it’s just that you were about to get on my carriage and I couldn’t have that happening.” Malfoy finished and pushed past the group and toward the carriage. “Bug off Malfoy!” Ron growled and went to grab Malfoy. Hermione grabbed Ron’s arm before he could attack the Slytherin and gave them all stern looks. “Let him have it Ron, we’ll just grab the next one.” Hermione said, trying hard to avoid conflict. “That’s right, wait for the next one Weasel. It’ll be good for your friend Potter, maybe he can then realize that the world doesn’t revolve around his overly large, scarred and ugly head.” Malfoy said with a sneer. “If my heads large Malfoy, then yours is enormously inflated.” Harry shot back. For the first time since he approached Draco locked eyes with Harry. The green eyes that he had earlier perceived as dull upon closer inspection held emotions Draco couldn’t even begin to describe, but ones that stood out finely were those of self hate and sadness. Draco was over come with the urge to grab the boy and kiss his problems away, but then he remembered who he was, and who the boy before him was, and he banished those thoughts in an instant. Draco opened his mouth to argue but just as he did Hermione grabbed both of the boys and dragged them away. Draco scowled as they quickly disappeared into a carriage and followed in suit by climbing into his own. * + * + * + * Three Gryffindor’s hopped into their new carriage quickly and headed off toward the school. Ron was breathing deeply out of anger and his face was red enough to match his hair. Hermione patted his arm but it didn’t seem to be doing any good. “Can you believe him? He’s such a bloody git. Why’d you pull us away ‘Mione, I was about to kill the ferret!” Ron growled. “That’s exactly why I pulled you away Ronald. You’re a prefect, you can’t go starting two fights in one day! I don’t see why you even sink to his level, Harry doesn’t. Harry hates Malfoy as much as we do but he’s mature enough to ignore him.” Hermione said naggingly. “If you wouldn’t have pulled us away Harry would have jumped in with me, wouldn’t you of Harry?” Ron stated confidently. “Yeah.” Harry said, not too enthusiastically. Ron frowned and Hermione scolded her best friends for acting so childish. * + * + * + * A half hour later found all the Hogwarts students in the Great Hall with the first years freshly sorted into their houses. The older students welcomed the newcomers but suddenly became silent once Albus Dumbledore, the Head Master, stood up to speak. The old man looked around at his students with a proud smile on his lips and an all-knowing twinkle in his eyes. He clasped his hands together and bounced on the balls of his feet in delight at a new year begun. Dumbledore stretched his arms out wide and continued to beam around the hall, in a ringing voice he said, “To our newcomers, welcome! To our old hands, welcome back! There is a time for speech making, and this is not it. However, I would like to feed you one announcement before letting you all dig in, and that is, Hogwarts will be holding it’s first ever Masquerade ball tomorrow night. Check your house bulletin boards to find out more. Now, tuck in!” Dumbledore finished. The man clapped his hands together and immediately food appeared on the five tables. Teachers and students alike dug in quickly and the noise of students chattering filled the hall within seconds after Dumbledore finished his speech. All the students were shocked by the announcement of a Masquerade, and they were all more than eager to discuss it with their friends. Well, almost all of them were. Harry rolled his eyes at the announcement and watched as Ron loaded his plate with food and began devouring it all instantly. Harry felt slightly sick from watching that and placed a small amount of food onto his plate. Ever since summer Harry had stopped liking eating. In fact, he went days without it during summer when the Dursley’s used withholding food as one of their punishments. But little did they know that Harry had no desire to eat. He wasn’t anorexic by any means though, he ate enough to keep him alive and give him the energy to do his chores but eating had become an unenjoyable part of his daily life. He just didn’t feel compelled to eat and any amount of food made him feel nauseous. “Oh, a masquerade! It’s going to be so much fun!” Hermione said with a broad grin. Ron agreed but Harry merely shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I don’t think I’ll go.” “What? Harry mate, you’ve got to go!” Ron said as if not going was the most absurd thing he’s ever heard. “Yes Harry, you’ve got to go. It’ll be fun,” Hermione said, and added in a whisper so only Harry could hear, “and it’ll help you get over Cho.” Harry was confused and was about to ask Hermione if she’d lost her mind when he remembered the lie he told her on the train. “No, really guys, I don’t want to go.” Harry said. “If you don’t go, I won’t go.” Ron said stubbornly. Harry was about to decline again when he saw disappointment flash in Hermione’s eyes at Ron’s statement. Harry mentally sighed and caved. “Fine. I’ll go.” Harry said in a defeated tone. Ron merely beamed at Harry since his mouth was too full of food at the moment to comment. * + * + * + * At the Slytherin table Draco Malfoy was quickly losing his temper and his appetite. Pansy had been all over him since they got into the carriage and now she was hanging off of his arm. “Oh Draco! A masquerade will be so fun, we can go together!” She said happily into Draco’s ear. A look of disgust flashed through Draco’s eyes which the girl was oblivious to and he said in a dry tone, “Pansy, I believe that the masks will be enchanted like in most wizarding masquerades so you can’t tell who anyone is. It would be impossible for us to go together because we wouldn’t be able to tell one another apart from the crowd.” Pansy pouted and was about to try and reason with him when a girl beside her started chatting about something completely pointless and Pansy couldn’t resist but to dive into the conversation. Draco scowled at the back of the girls head and ate a slow pace. Actually, the idea of a masquerade greatly interested Draco and he was quite looking forward to tomorrow night. *+*+*+* Authors Note: Please review, I love to hear what you all think. This is my first story ever posted on this site, I am used to posting on another site and this one is a lot different. I'm having trouble updating, so hopefully I'll figure this all out soon, but please be patient with me until then

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