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An hour later, Leah emerged from Ollivander’s with her newly bought wand, and Fred and George at either side of her. Blasted piece of wood, she thought bitterly. “So, Lee, are you excited to learn magic? If anyone bugs you, then you could just hex them into oblivion! It will be great!” Fred said while he rubbed his hands together excitedly. “So when do you want to start!?” George asked. “Well, first off, I don’t want to learn any hexes. Secondly, I don't want to learn magic. Period.” “Aw...why not Lee?! Magic is fun!” “Not for me. I have already caused enough damage without practicing spells or hexes or whatever it is you magic folk use.” “Now Lee, mind yourself. You too, whether you like it or not, and I am getting a strong feeling that you don't like it, are a witch. You are going to Hogwarts. And I think that you don’t want to be the only 6th year who doesn't know any magic.” Leah grumbled something incomprehensible. “What was that Lee?” George asked. “I guess we can start when we get back to the Order. But you two better not teach me wrong or anything that will make me look like a bigger fool then I already am.” Putting on a stage persona, Fred dramatically said, “Leah-Wait, what’s your whole name?” “Aaliyahmariebaker,” She mumbled. “What was that, Lee? You have to enunciate.” Leah slapped George’s arm. “I said, Aaliyah Marie Baker.” Fred and George tried and failed miserably to contain their laughter. “And if you two ever call me by my goddamn first name, I swear I will solve things the mugggle way,” She said on one breath. “My dad had to go and pick some stupid Jewish name…” “Well, what I was saying, is that, you, Aaliyah Marie Baker, you have been accepted into Fred and George Weasly’s Academy of Magic for Beginners through Advanced.” He emphasized the last parts of his sentence. “Oh yippee…” Leah said sarcastically. “How would you guys know ‘Advanced magic’ if you left school half way through your seventh year?” Leah asked. The twins ignored her. “Hey, Fred-” “George-” “Do you see-” “ICKLE RONNIEKINS!” They yelled simultaneously, and in Leah’s opinion, quite shrilly for two eighteen year old men. “What the heck-” Leah was cut off, however, when Fred and George latched on to Leah’s arms and started to pull her through the crowd, completely unconcerned at the stares they were receiving. “Fred! George! There are little somethings called manners and patience!” Ahead in the crowd, a tall boy who was undoubtedly related to Fred and George, turned around and turned a shade that could rival his hair. The two other people who were with him, a boy who was slightly shorter with messy black hair, and a girl who had semi-bushy brown hair started to snigger uncontrollably. The trio started to turn around and walk away briskly. “HEY! GUYS, COME ON!” Fred and George continued to inconsiderately plow through the crowd until the threesome reached the trio. Leah was apologizing profusely to the people they knocked out of the way. “Hey Ronniekins! Happy birthday, Harry!” “We have your present back at the Burrow, though it might be best if we didn’t give you it while mum is around…” The girl cleared her throat. “Hi Hermione!” The twins chorused. “Oi! George, we need to introduce them to Lee!” Fred said, again talking as if she wasn’t standing right there. “Um, guys, are you talking about Lee Jordan? We already know Lee-” “Of course! Not that Lee! The other Lee!” The trio looked confused. “This Lee!” George said, finally pointing to Leah. “Come on Fred, you git! ‘Meet Lee!’ Who the heck do you think they will think we are talking about!” “Anyway, guys, This is Leah Baker. She’s going to be a transfer to Hogwarts. Leah, this is Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and our ickle brother, Ron." "Nice you meet you," The girl said while sticking her hand out. That left Leah no choice but to shake it unless she wanted to look like a total ill mannered rude person who didn't want any friends. Part of that was true, though… "You too," Leah responded, while shaking her hand. The boys, however, just stood there awkwardly. "Ronald! Harry!" "Nice to meet you," They mumbled while staring into nothingness. "Don't mind them. So you are a transfer?" "Uh, yeah," Leah said while shooting subtle glares at the twins. "Where did you use to go?" "It was over in America." "Really? I have always wanted to go there! What state did you live in?" "North Carolina…" "Why did you move here?" Leah shot another infuriated glanced in Fred and George's direction. She certainly couldn't say that her parents died and she was living at the Order of the Phoenix headquarters because she had no family that was still alive. "My Dad's job got transferred over to England." And there I go, sinking further into my rapidly growing pool of lies, Leah thought sardonically. "Oh… I thought your accent wasn't English!" Leah put on a fake smile while she nodded her head, shooting dark looks to Fred and George. "OI! Well, we better get Lee back home, guys. See y'all soon!" They latched onto Leah again and started to pull her away. "It was nice meeting you!" Hermione called out. "You too!" Leah said over her shoulder. "Well, thanks guys!" She spat once they were out of ear shot. "What did we do?!" Fred asked incredulously. "Only tell them that I was a transfer, causing them to ask why I moved! I can't exactly say the real reason aloud, now can I?" They were silent for a moment. Good, Leah thought. I got them. "Yeah...well, you could have just made up a plainly absurd lie, and then they would notice that you didn't want to tell the truth!" "Oh, well sorry if I acted my age, unlike some people around here!" "Now Leah, do you think you would really want us to act boring, and," George's voice took on mock horror, "our age?!" "Oh yes, because you two are just so much fun to be around," Leah retorted, her voice laced with sarcasm. Fred and George mutually took the "Pick and choose your battles," phrase into perspective, and did not reply to Leah's last comment. The three walked towards the Leaky Cauldron in silence. When they passed a store named, "Weasly's Wizard Wheezes," Leah stopped. The twins who had continued to walk on, stopped and looked back at her. "Is this your guys' store!?" "Yeah…" "We would take you in for an exclusive tour, but you probably need to get back to the Order." "Oh…" Somewhat crestfallen, Leah made her way back to where the twins were and continued the walk back.
* * *
When Leah, Fred and George all tumbled out of the fireplace into the room, they were met by a very worried looking woman, that in Leah's opinion, could have easily been related to Fred and George. It turns out she was. "Hey, mum! Have you meet-" "FRED AND GEORGE WEASLY! JUST WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WITH LEAH?!" So maybe she had heard about me, Leah thought. "We took her to Diagon Ally…" "Do you have any idea how irresponsible that was!?" "Tonks said we could!" "Don't you think you would need more permission then just Nymphadora's?!" "No…" "DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU THAT LEAH COULD HAVE BEEN IN GRAVE DANGER?! YOU CAN NEVER TRUST THE FLOO NETWORK THESE DAYS, ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING LEAH'S CIRCUMSTANCES!" "Mum! We all three went at a time! She couldn't have gotten hurt!" "ALL THREE AT A TIME?! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? ONE OF YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN HURT!" Her eyes were flashing dangerously. "Leah, dear, I'm Molly Weasly. It's a pleasure to meet you." Leah was shocked at the woman's sudden change in demeanor. "You too?" Mrs. Weasly smiled and engulfed Leah in a motherly hug. "I'm s-so s-sorry everything had to happen to you!" As she pulled away, Leah could see her eyes were getting watery. Snapping out of whatever reverie she was in, Mrs. Weasly wiped her eyes. "Dinner will be done soon, dear." "Okay." Leah tromped upstairs, still getting over the shock of the woman's friendliness. She entered her room deep in thought, not noticing the other four people who were in it. She opened her trunk and threw her bags in it. When she straightened up, she froze. Two more beds had been added to the room , and on top of them were the three people she would least expect to be on them, plus one more. "What are you doing here?!"
* * *
Harry's streak of good fortune continued on through his sixteenth birthday. It was a bright and sunny day, and to top it all off, he was spending it in Diagon Ally with Ron and Hermione. Ron and Hermione had been made Prefects again, and Harry's reasoning of it all is that Dumbledore still pitied him. He remembered why the Professor hadn't made him a Prefect, just like it was yesterday. When the wise old wizard had told him of the prophecy, and how he thought that he already had enough responsibility. Gee, I dunno, the weight of the world on my shoulders is pretty heavy duty, Harry thought cynically. "So, mate, where do you want to go first?" Harry was brought back to reality when Ron spoke. "Um...I dunno. Where do you guys want to go?" "Harry, it's your birthday! And it's not everyday that you turn sixteen." He looked over to Hermione, who was in between him and Ron. Was it just Harry, or had the two of them started to develop feelings for each other… "Uh. How about we get some ice cream." "Okay." The three headed off to the ice cream parlor, weaving their way in and out of the crowd. "ICKLE RONNIEKINS!" Harry heard two, quite shrill voices yell simultaneously. Ron groaned audibly, and started to turn a shade of red that matched his hair. He turned around, and then started to walk with greater pace. Harry and Hermione now were trying desperately to contain their snickers. The two quickened their pace to keep up with Ron. “HEY! GUYS, COME ON!” Ron again groaned. They stopped, and turned around to see Fred and George. However, they weren't alone. Harry almost caught himself gawking, but quickly came to his senses. The two of them were dragging a girl who appeared to be the same age as himself. She was tan, and had long, flowing light brown hair that were in loose curls. Her gray eyes stood our brilliantly in contrast to her skin. She was apologizing to all the people who they knocked out of the way. When they finally reached Ron, Hermione, and Harry, George was the first one to talk. “Hey Ronniekins! Happy birthday, Harry!” “We have your present back at the Burrow, though it might be best if we didn’t give you it while mum is around…” Beside him, Hermione cleared her throat. “Hi Hermione!” Harry glanced back over to the girl, who looked quite uncomfortable. Her eyes were shifting around while she looked at her surroundings, and...oddly enough, they held no emotion. There was no laughter in them from the twin's bluntly oblivious reaction to the crowd around them, or anything. “Oi! George, we need to introduce them to Lee!” Fred said. “Um, guys, are you talking about Lee Jordan? We already know Lee-” Hermione started. “Of course! Not that Lee! The other Lee!” The two twins could communicate without words, but it confused other people who had no clue what they were talking about. Just like Harry, Ron and Hermione were now. “This Lee!” George said point to the girl who was in between them. She looked even more uncomfortable, if possible, now that the spotlight was directed on her. “Come on Fred, you git! ‘Meet Lee!’ Who the heck do you think they will think we are talking about!” George commented while berating his twin. “Anyway, guys, This is Leah Baker. She’s going to be a transfer to Hogwarts. Leah, this is Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and our ickle brother, Ron." Instead of the recognition that usually flickered in one's eye while they were introduced to Harry, Leah's eyes glanced at him indifferently. This partially shocked Harry, but he was also extremely grateful. "Nice you meet you," Hermione said while holding out her hand. "You too," Leah said, shaking it. Hermione glanced agitatedly at Ron and Harry, who just stood there awkwardly. "Ronald! Harry!" "Nice to meet you," The two boys muttered. "Don't mind them. So you are a transfer?" "Uh, yeah," Leah said. "Where did you use to go?" "It was over in America." "Really? I have always wanted to go there! What state did you live in?" "North Carolina…" "Why did you move here?" Harry noticed her shooting infuriated glances at the twins, who were oblivious to them. Ron and Hermione seemed to notice this too. "My Dad's job got transferred over to England." "Oh… I thought your accent wasn't English!" Leah smiled weakly. "OI! Well, we better get Lee back home, guys. See y'all soon!" The twins grabbed Leah's arms again, and took off. "It was nice meeting you!" Hermione called out after them. There was a distant "You too!" And the threesome where out of sight. "Now, either it is just me, or that girl was pretty rude." Ron commented while they started off towards the ice cream parlor. "I'd have to agree," Harry muttered. "Guys! Honestly, she probably is just shy!" "Hermione, even shy people are friendly when they are introduced to other people. That is, if they are well mannered…" "Ronald! She probably is just a little shaken up from the move over here from America! I here it is very different over there!" "Will you please not call me Ronald?! Only mum calls me that, and it is annoying!" "Hey guys, why don't we get some ice cream now?" Harry injected. He could feel a fight coming on in between the two, and back at the Burrow they had done nothing but fight. He was tired of it. "Oh! I'm sorry, I completely forgot! Let's go!" Harry glanced back over his shoulder again, partially in hopes of seeing Leah again, then trudged onward. Ron noticed this, too. "Harry," He scolded. "Uh huh." Harry could feel the heat creeping into his face again. Hermione smirked at him knowingly. "Oh, come off it guys! You two do nothing but flirt! It's sickening!" Bad choice, Harry thought, reprimanding himself. "We do not!" "Mate, that’s sick!" "Okay, okay, forget about it!" Harry tuned himself out while Hermione and Ron started to bicker, again. It was going to be a long day.
* * *
An hour or so later, Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny all trudged up the stairs of the Order of the Phoenix headquarters. Harry had been impassive ever since they entered the house. It was painful having to be in the house, and not having Sirius be there. "You okay, mate?" "I'm fine," Harry responded harshly. The three gave him sympathetic looks. When they got to the bedrooms that were across from each other, they retreated into their respective rooms. "Hey guys, come here!" Ginny shouted. Curious, the two boys walked into the girl's rooms. A third bed had been added, and at the foot of the bed, there was a trunk embossed with the initials A M B. "Who's bed is that?" "That's what we would like to know." Just then, Tonks walked past the bedrooms. "Hey, guys! What's up?" "Nothing much. Hey Tonks, who does this trunk belong to?" "You'll see soon enough!" The metamorphagous responded in a singsong voice. She left the room, leaving the four alone. "Well, why don't we wait for her," Ron said while plopping down on Ginny's bed. Harry sat next to him, and the girls sat on Hermione's bed. A few moments later, the distinct sound of Mrs. Weasly's yelling drifted up the stairs. "Sounds like Fred and George are home," Ginny said with a snicker. There were footsteps coming up the stairs, and the person least likely thought to have resided at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place entered the room. Leah Baker, not taking notice of the foursome yet, walked over to her trunk, and opened it. She placed her bags in less then careful, and straightened up. Her face's expression took on one of shock. "What are you doing here?!"

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