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For those of you who like Duels, you should enjoy this chapter... :D ~Sam. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The giant squid bobbed along the surface of the vast lake, as the first rays of autumn sunshine lit the grounds. It raised it’s long, tentacle arms almost as if it were waving up at the sun, before abruptly diving back under the surface, causing the soft ripples of water to transform into harsh currents, over-flowing the lake’s boundaries. High above the grounds in Gryffindor tower, four of the five occupants in the sixth year boy’s dormitory, were snoring; dreaming of the weeks to come and all the fantastical things that a 16 year old wizard could dream of. However, the fifth occupant, was not asleep. He found it hard to these past few months. Over and over he would see things that normal 16 year olds shouldn’t; and so now he didn’t sleep, he avoided it at all costs. He would just wait until it was time to get up and then make his way down to the Great Hall for breakfast with his friends; they would be none the wiser. His name was Ron Weasley. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Harry, wake up! It’s time for breakfast!’ Ron yelled into a previously sleeping Harry’s ear. ‘Okay, okay, I’m up! Jeez Ron, do you have to shout?’ Harry asked sleepily, it was only 7:30, he could afford to sleep in until 8 at the least, but he knew how much Ron loved his food. Ron just shrugged before grabbing his bag and heading out the door down to the common room. Harry stretched and yawned before proceeding to get ready for his first day of classes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Upon entering the common room, Harry noticed that everyone seemed to be up already, which he found slightly odd but decided not to remark on it. ‘Morning Harry,’ Hermione greeted from the settee in front of the fire. ‘Morning,’ he replied, whilst heading towards her and Ron who was sat next to her. ‘I can’t wait to see what classes we have today! It’s going to be so exciting!’ Hermione squeaked enthusiastically, causing Ron and Harry to roll their eyes in synch. ‘Come on, I’m starving!’ Ron complained before heading toward the portrait hole, with Harry and Hermione following closely behind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once inside the Great Hall, Harry sat between Ron and Hermione as they each began to load their plates. Harry looked up at the staff table and noticed that Remus, as well as most of the other teachers, was already seated. Remus must have felt Harry’s gaze as he waved down at him, to which Harry returned smiling. Half way through breakfast, Professor Mcgonagall handed the trio there timetables, causing Ron to groan in annoyance and Harry to almost choke on his pumpkin juice. ‘What? What is it?’ Hermione asked, reaching for both of their timetables and examining them. Ron’s read: Monday: 9am: Diviniation 11am: Diviniation 1pm: Lunch 2pm: Care of Magical Creatures 4pm: Defence Against the Dark Arts Harry’s read: Monday: 9am: Potions 11am: Potions 1pm: Lunch 2pm: Care of Magical Creatures 4pm: Defence Against the Dark Arts Hermione’s read: Monday: 9am: Potions 11am: Potions 1pm: Lunch 2pm: Care of Magical Creatures 4pm: Defence Against the Dark Arts ‘Well, at least we have Hagrid and Remus later. Anyway, come on we have to get our books yet, and I don’t want to be late to Snape’s class,’ Hermione said before taking off, Harry and Ron trailing behind her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry and Hermione had seated themselves at the back of Snape’s classroom. Harry wasn’t surprised to see that they seemed to be the only Gryffindors in the class. There were no Hufflepuffs, five Ravenclaws, and the rest were Slytherins. Hermione explained that because years 6 and 7 were N.E.W.T level classes only, classes were mixed with all the houses, not just two, as in previous years. Apparently, it was also supposed to promote inter-house unity, although Harry thought that it was a little late where the Slytherins were concerned. Suddenly, the door clanged open as Snape entered the dungeon classroom. A sense of foreboding began to creep up on Harry as he waited silently for the potion’s master to begin, he was almost certain that Snape was going to attempt to humiliate him in front of the class because he had somehow gained an O in his O.W.L examination, something that still remained a mystery to him. ‘This is a NEWT level class, as such, I demand that each and every one of you…’ Snape began, but was abruptly cut off as the door let out a long whining creek as a late arrival slowly pushed it open. It was Gabey. ‘Um, is this sixth year Potion’s class?’ Gabey asked bravely. Snape swooped down upon her until his face was but inches from hers before he spoke in a deadly quiet voice, ‘Yes, this is sixth year potions class, and you are late! Miss?’ Snape asked. Gabey hadn’t even flinched. Harry was pretty sure if he had been in Gabey’s shoes, on his first day of school, he would have run back out of the classroom! ‘Oh, sorry! I’m Gabey, Gabey Newton,’ she replied. Snape stepped back slightly, regaining his full height. He narrowed his eyes at her, before closing the door and returning to his desk. ‘Hurry up and find a seat, Miss Newton,’ Snape snarled without so much as looking at Gabey. Quickly, Gabey approached the back of the class, before asking Harry if she could take the seat on his left that was unoccupied. Harry nodded, before returning his attention back to Snape. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meanwhile, Ron found himself in the smoky confines of the Diviniation classroom, that had been moved to the first floor for Firenze who shared the Divination position with Trelawney, but each had separate classrooms, side-by-side. At the moment he was sat in a chintz armchair around a small round table with Lavender and Pavarti. It seemed that most of the people in the room were Hufflepuffs with only two Ravenclaws and no Slytherins. Trelawney was taking the first half of the lesson until ten, when they would swap to the other classroom for their lesson with Firenze. ‘Broaden your minds… open your inner-eye…let it lead you to the astral plane…’ shrilled Trelawney for what must have been the third time in as many minutes. To say that Ron was bored would have been an understatement, he was having a hard time trying to keep his eyes open, the last thing he wanted was to fall asleep, he was afraid he might wake up screaming…again. ‘Merlin, I’m turning into Harry!’ Ron thought unhappily. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back in Potions class, Harry and Gabey were having a whispered conversation, whilst Hermione kept shooting annoyed glances at the two as if they were distracting her from brewing her engorgement potion. Snape had explained after a long winded talk about how this year would be excruciatingly painful for those who failed to be competent in brewing the potions assigned to them, how to brew the engorgement potion. With effects much like the engorgement charm, the potion allows a wizard to administer the engorgement potion to certain areas of the body, and unlike the charm, the size of the afflicted area can be controlled, through careful measuring. It was a lot harder than they had first anticipated. ‘I’ve never seen Snape allow someone into his class late before, without docking house points or a detention, Gabey. Maybe he’s ill or something?’ Harry asked himself more than Gabey. Gabey shrugged. ‘Who knows. Would you care if he was?’ Both Harry and Hermione swung round to look at her confused, ‘I mean, you’ve just told me about all the horrible things he says to you, and how he favours Slytherins over any of the other houses…’ Gabey trailed off, waiting for the others to respond. Harry sighed. ‘Yeah, I know. But still, he is acting odd…’ ‘Mr Potter, this is not a chance for you to catch up on conversation with Miss Newton,’ Harry watched how Snape’s lip curled as he said Gabey’s surname, and he didn’t miss when Gabey narrowed her eyes dangerously at Snape, ‘Get back to work! And twenty points from Gryffindor and detention tonight Mr Potter, be here at eight,’ Harry sighed. ‘Nope, he’s fine.’ Hermione rolled her eyes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was lunchtime and Harry, Hermione and Gabey had met up with Ron after their double periods and were now discussing potions class. ‘Honestly, detention on the first day of class, Harry!’ Hermione scolded. ‘Don’t remind me. Remus is going to have a fit!’ Harry replied solemnly. ‘And what would that be about?’ came a familiar voice from behind the teens. Harry turned to see Remus stood behind him, with a questioning look on his face. ‘Um… I kind of… er, got a detention from Snape this morning, for eight o’clock tonight,’ Harry replied sheepishly. ‘Er, we’ll see you inside Harry,’ Hermione said. ‘Yeah, bye mate,’ Ron said quickly before hurrying after Hermione into the Great Hall for lunch. Harry watched as his two friends entered the hall, before turning back to face Remus. ‘Harry, I-‘ Remus began, and Harry mentally prepared himself for an ‘ear bending’. However, neither had noticed that Gabey had remained until she quickly jumped to Harry’s defence. ‘Professor, it wasn’t Harry’s fault. It was mine,’ Harry looked at Gabey dumbstruck whilst Remus’ expression was unreadable as he gazed at the new girl, ‘I had asked Harry a question about the potion we were brewing, and when Professor Snape caught Harry talking, he thought that Harry was trying to distract me from my work instead,’ Gabey finished by giving Remus the most innocent look Harry had ever seen, like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. It had worked. ‘I see, well that seems like something Professor Snape would do,’ he muttered to himself, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t catch your name?’ ‘Gabey, Gabey Newton,’ she replied as she held out her hand for Remus to shake. Remus took her hand and smiled at the polite girl. 'Is she a friend of yours Harry?' Remus sent Harry through their telepathic link. 'Yes. I mean, we only met her last night, but she seems really nice,’ Harry replied. ‘And I’m Professor Lupin. However, any friend of Harry’s may call me Remus,’ Remus replied kindly. ‘Okay Professor Lupin,’ Gabey replied, causing Remus to smile at her formality. ‘Well, you best get off to lunch. I’ll see you in Defence later, Harry. Gabey,’ Remus announced with a nod of his head at the two, before entering the hall himself. Harry turned to Gabey. ‘You didn’t have to do that you know. But thanks anyway,’ Harry smiled. ‘You’re welcome. Are you and Professor Lupin related I some way?’ Gabey asked. ‘Oh! Didn’t I tell you? Remus is my Godfather, as of this summer,’ Harry explained as they entered the hall. He then went on to explain about his past, how his parents had been killed by Voldemort and Sirius last summer, although he remembered to extract bits of information that he was uncertain he should tell Gabey as of yet, even though he did surprise himself with the amount he told her, it was as if there was something about those hazel, green flecked eyes that enticed him to want to divulge everything to her. Before he knew it, it was time for Hagrid’s class, and his thoughts turned to those of wondering what Hagrid had been doing over the summer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As it turned out, Gabey didn’t have Care of Magical Creatures with the trio, instead she had Arithmancy. It was only when Harry, Ron and Hermione reached Hagrid’s hut, that they realised there were no Slytherins present and most of the class was made up of Gryffindors. Righ’ you lot. Ga’her roun’, I go’ a real good class line’ up for you today,’ Hagrid announced, causing everyone to take a step back rather than a step forward, as Hagrid revealed a large cage, it’s contents hidden behind a blanket that lay over the cage. The class watched with baited breath as Hagrid began to pull the cloth off of the cage, eventually revealing… nothing. ‘Er, Hagrid… where is it?’ Ron asked, peering into the empty cage. Hagrid gave a hearty laugh before asking the class to take a couple of steps back away from the cage, as it was obviously feeling threatened with so many eyes on it. To which the class hurriedly took steps back, not wanting to be near any animal of Hagrid’s that felt threatened. Harry listened curiously as Hagrid seemed to whisper reassuringly to the invisible creature, and then suddenly it appeared. Harry thought it looked something like a graceful ape in appearance. It’s whole body was covered with long, fine, silky, silvery hair, and it’s large, black, doleful eyes were partially hidden underneath it. ‘Class, this is a Demiguise. Now, does anyone know wha’ tha’ is?’ Hagrid asked, and to no one’s surprise Hermione’s hand shot up into the air waving frantically at Hagrid. Ron rolled his eyes as Harry suppressed a snort. Hagrid beamed. ‘Hermione?’ ‘The Demiguise is found in the Far East, though only with great difficulty, as they are able to make themselves invisible when threatened, and can be seen only by wizards skilled in its capture. It is a peaceful herbivorous beast and its pelts are highly valued as the hair may be spun into Invisibility Cloaks,’ Hermione answered. ‘Excellent! 10 points to Gryffindor!’ Hagrid awarded, ‘Now, who’d like to pet him?’ The class again took another step back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Hagrid, you said you’d speak to me about where you were over the summer,’ Harry began, consciously knowing that he didn’t have much time before DADA started. Hagrid seemed to think about what Harry said for a moment before realisation dawned on him. ‘Oh, yeah, yeah I did, didn’t I,’ Hagrid began, ‘Well, I was on a mission for the Order. I can’t say much about it now, I’ve gotta ‘nother lesson in a minute ‘Arry,’ Hagrid finished, turning away from Harry to place the Demiguise inside his hut. Harry frowned. It was obvious Hagrid wasn’t going to tell him anything more without being prodded into it, but he didn’t have time, he was going to be late to Remus’ lesson if he didn’t hurry up, and so decided to question Hagrid again when he had more time. With that thought in mind, he took off at a run back toward the castle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Welcome to Defence Against the Dark Arts. I am your Professor, Professor Lupin, and now if you’d kindly put your books away, pull out your wands and follow me, we can begin the lesson,’ Remus announced as he began to vacate the room. Harry and the others smiled at each other before quickly finding their wands and following Remus out the door and down the corridor, the rest of the class following closely behind. Harry lead the group of friends and rest of the class as he followed Remus into the Great Hall. Harry wondered what it was they’d be doing during the two hour lesson. It was obvious it was to be a practical lesson, but he didn’t understand why they had gone to the Great Hall? Once everyone was inside, Remus began to speak again. Harry noticed that the house tables had been removed somehow and the hall stood bare, but for Remus, himself and the rest of the class. ‘Today, will be a practical lesson. Since your last Professor had, shall we say, rather odd teaching methods,’ Harry snorted, odd was not the word, as he glanced at the words on the back of his right hand that read, ‘I must not tell lies’, before turning his attention back to Remus, ‘I need to see what stage all of you are at. Now, if you’d kindly find a partner to duel with, we can begin,’ Remus announced. Harry looked around at everyone else in the class. He noticed that it was a rather large class. Almost every Gryffindor sixth year was there, seven Hufflepuffs, nine Ravenclaws and five Slytherins, and unfortunately Draco Malfoy was one of them. Harry sighed, he hoped Malfoy wouldn’t ruin Remus’ first class. Harry and Ron partnered whilst Hermione partnered with Gabey. Soon everyone had a partner and Remus spoke again. ‘Now, a few rules. There are to be no use of spells that could seriously harm or injure and certainly none of the Unforgivables. I will patrol around you all, taking note of who needs to brush-up and who is competent and in what spells. After half an hour, we’ll stop and see who’s left standing, those who are will then duel each other… a contest if you will. Now, on my count, 3-2-1-,’ red sparks shot out of Remus’ wand and the duelling began. Harry and Ron smiled at each other before bowing and walking ten paces away from each other. Ron shot the first spell. ‘Expelliarmus!’ Ron called. ‘Protego!’ Harry yelled, his shield successfully absorbing Ron’s disarming spell. ‘Rictusempra!’ Harry yelled. ‘Protego!’ Ron cried, his shield absorbed Harry’s tickling curse. The two friends smiled at each other. This could be a long duel. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Impedimenta!’ Hermione cried. ‘Protego!’ Gabey called. ‘Expelliarmus!’ Gabey yelled. ‘Protego!’ Hermione hollered. ‘Stupefy!’ Hermione quick-fired. Gabey quickly side-stepped the curse which then proceeded to blast into the wall behind her. ‘Impedimenta!’ Gabey yelled, the spell hit Hermione square in the chest before her Protego spell could take full effect. Slowly, she stepped forward toward Gabey as her wand raised toward her again. ‘Expelliarmus!’ Gabey cried. A surprised Hermione’s wand shot from her wand into Gabey’s outstretched hand. ‘Stupefy!’ Gabey called again, successfully hitting a defenceless Hermione in the chest, knocking her to the ground. ‘Excellent Miss Newton!’ Remus congratulated Gabey, before muttering, ‘Enervate’ to awaken Hermione, and then moving onto another duel, furiously scribbling something onto his parchment. Gabey smiled sheepishly at Hermione, unsure of how she’d react to her winning. ‘Congratulations Gabey. You’re very good at duelling, I must say,’ Hermione complimented, ‘Come on, let’s go see how Harry and Ron are doing,’ Hermione said, dragging Gabey by the arm toward the two boys. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remus watched from a safe distance as Harry and Ron duelled each other. The duel was fast paced and the use of spells creative, especially when Ron had shot the ‘Serpentsortia’ spell at Harry who had tamed the cobra by use of his Parsel Tongue ability and then got rid of it by means of the ‘Ipera Evanesca’ spell. Yes, very creative… ‘Fernunculus!’ Harry yelled, successfully hitting Ron with the spell that causes boils on the victims face. To say that Ron’s face went as Red as his hair was understatement, Hermione and Gabey sat on the side lines of the Duel holding their sides from laughing so much. Harry smiled almost apologetically at Ron, although Remus could tell that he wasn’t that sorry about it. ‘Finite Incantatem,’ Ron spoke, whilst pointing his wand at his own face, the boils disappearing soon afterwards from his face. Also, giving Harry the chance to disarm him. ‘Expelliarmus!’ Harry called between fits of laughter, as Ron’s wand shot from his hand and into Harry’s. ‘Petrificus Totalus!’ Harry yelled, successfully placing Ron in a full body-bind. ‘Congratulations Harry! A very creative duel, both of you!’ Remus complimented, as he freed Ron from the body-bind. ‘Er, sorry about the boils mate… the spell just came to me… I didn’t mean to…’ Harry began before he was cut off by Ron who broke out into wails of laughter. ‘Er…Ron?’ Harry asked, unsure if Ron was mad at him or not. ‘Harry, it’s fine! Why would I be mad at you? That’s one of the best duels I’ve ever had, including the ones with Fred and George. Congratulations mate!’ Ron replied. Harry beamed. ‘Thanks Ron.’ Harry looked around the hall and noticed that all of the other duels had finished, apparently they had been the last to finish. ‘Well done everyone! I’ve seen some fantastic duelling from you all. Now, if those of you who won your duel could step forward and I’ll partner you off, so that we can finish the competition,’ Remus announced. Harry looked at the people who he might be paired up with next. There was: Gabey, Seamus, Malfoy, Goyle, Ernie McMillan, Pavarti, Padma, Hannah Abbot, and Neville Longbottom. Remus began to instruct who would be pairing up with whom. ‘Draco Malfoy and Gregory Goyle, Ernie McMillan and Hannah Abbot, Seamus Finnigan and Gabey Newton, Pavarti and Padma, and Harry can go with Neville.’ Harry soon found that Neville was quite the opponent these days. He successfully blocked Harry’s ‘Impedimenta’, his ‘Fernunculus’ and his ‘Rictusempra’. However, Harry finally managed to hit Neville with his, ‘Tarantallegra’ curse, causing Neville to start dancing, his legs wildly tapping beneath him, allowing Harry the chance to disarm him and then finally end the duel by yelling, ‘Stupefy!’ After Remus congratulated the two on a successful duel, Harry turned his attention to the others who were still duelling. Malfoy had obviously won his duel by using the ‘Densaugeo’ spell, as Goyle was now hosting a pair of elongated buckteeth. Pavarti and Padma were both stunned on the floor, apparently having both used the stunning charm at the same time. Hannah had just successfully placed Ernie in a full body-bind and Gabey was talking to a newly revived Seamus after Gabey had stunned him. That left Hannah, Gabey, Malfoy and Harry. ‘Okay, firstly lets have Hannah versus Gabey and then we’ll have Harry versus Draco. The winner of each faces each other in the next lesson,’ Remus announced to the class. Harry sat next to Ron and Hermione as they prepared to watch Gabey and Hannah duel. ‘Gabey is very good at duelling, don’t you think Harry?’ Hermione asked whilst watching the two bow to each other. ‘Harry nodded, his eyes glued to the scene in front of him. ‘Wands at the ready. On my count, 3-2-1-’ once again red sparks shot out of Remus’ wand, as the duel began. ‘Expelliarmus!’ called Gabey. ‘Protego!’ yelled Hannah. Harry watched as Gabey aimed her wand at Hannah’s wand arm. ‘Engorgio!’ the spell successfully hit Hannah’s right hand, her lower arm, hand and fingers enlarging ten fold. Caught surprised, Hannah dropped her wand. Gabey smiled as she called, ‘Accio Wand!’ Hannah’s wand sped toward her outstretched hand and then finally ending the duel with, ‘Locomoto Mortis’ causing Hannah’s legs to snap together and fall to the floor. A round of applause could be heard as Remus deflated Hannah’s arm by means of the ‘Reducio’ charm, and then producing a sling (‘Ferula’) for her as it would feel heavy for a while afterwards. ‘Lastly is Harry versus Draco,’ Remus announced to the class, although the pairing was against his better judgement, he didn’t think it could hurt to place the two together in a duel, it might even allow them to blow off some steam between each other? Yeah right his mind replied in spite of himself. ‘Wands at the ready. On my count, 3-2-1-’ once again red sparks shot out of Remus’ wand, as the duel began. Harry and Draco didn’t bother to bow to each other, neither wanting to loose eye contact with the other. ‘Rictusempra!’ Malfoy bellowed. ‘Protego!’ Harry cried. The shield absorbed the spell and he raised his wand ready to strike back. ‘Expelliarmus!’ ‘Protego! Stupefy!’ Malfoy yelled in quick succession, surprising Harry with his speed. Harry leapt to the left, managing to side-step the stunning spell. ‘Fernunculus!’ Harry yelled, his wand pointed at Malfoy’s face. The spell hit it’s target, successfully administering boils upon Malfoy’s pointed face. Malfoy blushed crimson in embarrassment as the class roared with laughter, before his face turned into a scowl and he raised his wand to counter the attack. ‘Diffindo!’ Harry’s eyes widened as he realised the spell was going to hit him. Striking him across his midsection the cutting spell slashed across his stomach, he could feel the blood already escaping him. ‘Stupefy!’ Harry yelled. ‘Protego!’ Malfoy answered, ‘Locomoto Mortis!’ he called quickly, once again catching Harry off guard with his quick reply. However, the spell did indeed hit Harry, he managed to stay on his feet. ‘Petrificus Totalus!’ ‘Protego! Mobilicorpus!’ Malfoy again fired. Harry was thrown from where he was previously standing, and with a flick of Malfoy’s wand found himself flying into the opposing wall. Now he was angry. The only good thing that came out of the spell, was that it seemed to undo the leg-locker curse, other than that his body was aching, and he was sure if the cut on his stomach wasn’t healed soon, his robes would be soaked crimson. Harry struggled to his feet, clutching his stomach as he rose. He looked up to see Malfoy in hysterics over what he had done to him, and it only fuelled his anger. ‘Petrificus Totalus! Rictusempra! Accio wand!’ Harry bellowed in quick, swift blows. Firstly Malfoy dropped to the ground in a full body-bind, then he was placed under a rather strong tickling charm, of which Harry was sure would hurt after a while, and then lastly his wand summoned by Harry. Applause broke out and most of the class (bar the Slytherins) swamped Harry with their congratulations and compliments. Finally, Remus announced that the class was over and that they should go back to class to get their bags and things. He approached Harry. ‘Are you alright, Harry?’ Remus asked concernedly. In that moment he noticed that Harry’s white shirt was turning red. He lifted it up slightly and suppressed a wince as he saw how deep the cut was. ‘I think you should see Madam Pomfrey, Harry. She’d be much better at healing your injuries than me,’ Remus said. Harry, being too tired to even bother to complain about being in the Infirmary on the first day of school, allowed Remus to guide him to the hospital wing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey guys! So that was the 16th chapter… sorry about the delay, but what with Xmas and Coursework I’ve been really busy. Anyway, hope you liked this chapter, tell me what you think in a review! What did you think of all the duels? I think I may have gone over the top slightly, but I’ll let you lot decide :) Don’t forget to review! Recommendation: Everyone go see Lemony Snicket’s: A series of Unfortunate Events at the cinema! I saw it the other day, and it’s brilliant, I think I might even buy it on video when it comes out… Thanks to everyone who continues to review! They are very much appreciated! :D ~Sam. PS) Happy New Year! :)

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