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*inhales*....*exhales* Okay guys this is my first fanfic ever and English isn't my native language - I'm originally from Vietnam. So be kind with the reviews though I'm not surprised to expect flames - LOTS OF THEM!

Disclaimer: I own everything except for the Flobberworms! *sigh* I wish. I have a great fear for lawyers and no, I don't own anything except for the plot, the new shops in Hogsmeade and the muggle girls.

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It was their sixth and second-last year at Hogwarts – the infamous trio was strolling along the streets of Hogsmeade with their arms full of Zonko’s Exploding Deck Cards, Honeydukes’ Fuming Fritters and steaming mugs of hot Butterbeer.

Hermione was the one breathing the hardest – it wasn’t too hard to see why. There were at least a half a dozen textbooks she had bought in the new bookshop, Esmeralda’s Book Bin, zipped up in a muggle bag which was dangling off her right arm, and her fat ginger cat named Crookshanks tucked under her left. Ron munched heartily on a Chocolate Frog, glaring at Crookshanks out of the corner of his eye.

‘You planning on using that time-turner of yours again to get to all your classes this year, ’Mione?’ Ron asked, smirking.
‘How did you know?’ Hermione said incredulously, almost stumbling under the weight of her textbooks.

‘Gee, I wonder why.’ Harry said with a grin. Hermione looked up at the boys and rolled her eyes.

‘What do you figure’s gonna happen to Fudge now that he almost brought down disastrous consequences on to the wizarding world by ignoring Voldemort last year?’ she changed the subject.

‘Dunno, maybe he’s getting sacked. Even better, my dad might get the position,’ Ron chuckled from the hard-attempted joke.
Hermione and Harry both gave him the look.

Ron’s ears started to tinge red, swallowing the last bit of Chocolate Frog in his hand, he continued.

‘Dad mentioned once at breakfast that some lady named Geraldine Gobstopper’s nominated Minister of Magic.’

‘Never heard of her,’ Harry said, brushing off some snow off his tousled jet black mess of hair, which was sort of staying put on his head that moment instead of sticking in multiple directions from all the wet snow.

‘I’ve heard of her!’ Hermione said eagerly, then furrowed her brow thoughtfully. ‘That’s pretty strange though, she’s a Muggle.’

‘Really?’ the boys said in unison, interested.

‘She’s the prettiest and everyone’s favorite MC for the Saturday night news, which mum and dad always watches,’ Hermione explained. ‘Harry, you know all those incidents with the owls and the Flying Ford Angelia in the last years? (Ron’s ears went red at the mention of the car) She was especially awfully interested in them, but that’s about all I know of her till now. Wonder how she ended up in the Wizarding World?’

‘Catch me, I’m going to faint,’ Ron cried and mocked a pretty convincing impression of passing out that made Harry and Hermione look back in alarm. ‘For the first time in our history together Hermione’s pondering over something she doesn’t know.’

Harry was just about to take a sip from his butterbeer when –

Ron yelped, making Harry choke on his butterbeer. Hermione gasped and almost dropped her bag of textbooks, and Crookshanks was hissing and clawing at whatever it was that had apparated right on Ron’s foot.

Ron snatched his foot away, cursing under his breath.

‘Oh jinx, out-of-plans destination,’ two familiar voices muttered in unison.

‘You two need to improve your apparating skills – for all we know, you aren’t exactly light as feathers.’

There was a devilish sort of chuckle, and the twins appeared behind a silver cloak, grinning ear to ear.

‘Hey that’s mine! Where’d you get it?’ Harry cried. He attempted to snatch it away from Fred’s hands, but George was quicker and he held it high above Harry’s reach.

‘We have our ways, you ought to realize that by now, young Potter,’ smiled Fred.

‘Sorry, Harry mate, but we’re afraid this is crucial to our next mission,’ said George.

‘And what exactly is that, aren’t you two in enough trouble all ready from taking flight last year?’ Hermione scowled, soothing and scratching a spitting Crookshanks behind the ear.

‘We can’t tell you, Hermione – ’ Fred began.

‘ – top secret this time, little bros – ’ George continued.

‘ – so that’s that,’ finished Fred.

‘Like we’d want to know,’ Ron muttered, still rubbing his foot irritably. ‘But you better keep mum out of earshot, lucky for you two Harry still hasn’t spilt anything about the Triwizard gold and the joke shop, or may heaven help you kiss goodbye to your eardrums from all the shouting you’re going to have to endure.’

‘Thanks for the tip, little bro, but we got it all covered,’ George winked. ‘Mum thinks we’re on holiday with Bill in Romania at the moment, and can’t wait till we get back so she could talk us into following dad’s footsteps and serve the Ministry.’ He screwed up his face in an incredibly accurate impression of Mrs. Weasley telling someone off.

‘But that’s four months away, yes, that’s how long she’s going to think we’re away in Romania, and no, that is not too little time for us to decide how to wiggle our way out then,’ said Fred.

‘We’re always bound to come up with something,’ said George.

Hermione simply shook her head. Ron’s eyebrows disappeared behind his fringe of bright red hair. ‘And Bill’s on your side? How can you trust him not to run up to mum?’

‘Ah, but you’ve forgotten about the consequences he might and possibly will have to face if he broke his word to us, which he unfortunately already confirmed,’ Fred said, smirking.

‘We all know that he’s going out with Fleur Delacour, who’s delighted now that oh-so-cool Bill Weasley is kindly substituting her English tutor who’s helping her to eemprove ’er eengleesh,’ said George.

‘He certainly wouldn’t be happy if mum knows about that, and nor would she for that girl is part Veela,’ said Fred. ‘So trust us, his lips are zipped, he’s even overdoing it (George sniggered) – mailing mum three times a week ensuring her how much fun we’re having in Romania skinning dragons with him,’ said Fred.

‘Anyways, the reason we apparated on your foot was partly because of a simple matter of carelessness, Ron. We were aiming for The Hog’s Head, so later!’

And with another loud CRACK they disappeared into thin air.

There was a moment of silence, and Hermione finally broke it with a tsk-tsk.

‘Something tells me they’re solemnly up to no good.’

Harry’s lips curled into a smile.

author's note: there's been seven reads already but no reviews at all! Waaaah! How tragic. Plz read and review, I need to know if to continue or not.

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