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Remus felt his stomach knot slightly in a strange anxiety of what he was about to see. Harry was finally going to show him most of his life in his pensieve which he had just conjured to him and for the moment the two of them were sat on his bed. Harry had just finished adding his memories to it and the bowl between them looked rather full whilst the boy to whom the memories belonged didn’t look too thrilled at the prospect of having to wander through them all again. “Ready?” Harry asked Remus who nodded with a slight uncertainly. Harry reached out his hand to him and Remus took it as Harry put his other hand into the bowl. There was a strange moment of stillness until both of them were sucked into the bowl. Remus pulled himself to his feet and looked around… There was only darkness there and little more. He strained his eyesight and looked around for Harry, realising suddenly that he was seeing things from a first person point of view in this particular memory. From downstairs there was a crash. Quick footsteps on the landing, in the room. The door was flung open and a terrible figure stood silhouetted in the doorway, quickly crossing the room to him. There was someone blocking his view of the man as he lay in the cot in the corner of the room. Lily. He knew it instinctively and his stomach gave an awful twist when he realised that he was about to see her killed… “Stand aside you silly girl.” He commanded her but Lily refused. There were screams, a flash of green and cold laughter as she fell to the ground. He looked up from inside the cot and saw the man hanging over him, his wand pointed at his head. He said something but he didn’t hear what it was. There was another flash of green and a crash as the man fell down, along with the house. The scene changed and Remus stumbled slightly and almost knocked someone smaller than him down onto the floor. “Watch it, Remus.” Harry said to him as he helped him back onto his feet. Remus could only stare at Harry with sadness filling his eyes. He watched his mother die… Ran though his mind. He reached out to Harry and pulled him into a soft embrace. Harry leant against his chest with his arms wrapped around his guardian and his guardian’s arms wrapped around him. They stayed like that for a moment or two until Harry realised that they were now inside the Dursleys’ house. He pulled away from Remus although his hand remained on his shoulder. “I didn’t mean to!” Cried a small voice and Remus’ eyes opened in fury and horror to see a five year old version of Harry lifted clean off his feet by Vernon and thrown into the cupboard under the stairs. “I don’t know how it happened!” Harry shouted through the door. “You can stay there until you learn how to behave!” Vernon yelled and bolted the door shut, leaving Harry inside. Harry glanced up at Remus whose eyes were narrowed dangerously and his grip had tightened a little on his shoulder but apart from that he was hiding his rage rather well, Harry thought. The scene stayed the same but Harry and Remus glanced up at the clock on the wall of the kitchen and saw that the hands were racing around it’s face. Six hours Harry spent inside that cupboard until Petunia came and dragged him out of it and into the kitchen where he ate a small meal whilst the rest of the family ate a much more appetising dinner and more of it. Afterwards Harry was left in the kitchen, scalding his small hands in the washing up water whilst Dudley ate more and Vernon commended him for it. “That’s not how to wash up, boy!” Petunia scolded, hitting him around the head with the tea towel, causing Harry to drop the plate he was holding onto the floor where it shattered into a hundred pieces. “Boy!” Vernon yelled and Harry whimpered and flinched away from the man who advanced on him. There was a gasp from Dudley and from Petunia as the scattered pieces of china on the tiles pulled themselves together and flew back up into Harry’s hand as a whole plate. Vernon’s eyes flashed menacingly and Harry found himself pulled straight off the chair he had been standing on to reach the sink and out into the hall. “U-uncle Vernon… I…” Harry tried but it was no use as he found himself locked back inside the cupboard and it didn’t appear that he was going to be coming out of it any time soon. “I cannot believe that man!” Remus exclaimed feeling anger coursing though him. He clenched his fist at his side and realised suddenly just how much pressure he had been putting on Harry’s shoulder. He relaxed his hand and felt Harry lean back against his chest. The room span round and soon Remus found himself outside in a playground full of laughing children with a pair of teachers stood in the doorway nursing cups of coffee in their hands. Around the edge of the playground he spotted Harry on his own and felt a pang of sympathy for him as Dudley’s gang walked towards him. Knowing that he was about to be beaten up Harry ran away as fast as he could and made to go towards the two teachers, but three of their gang had blocked him from view with their large frames and chased him around the side of the building. “Come on.” Harry said to Remus and taking his arm he led him around the side of the building after the gang which waddled after Harry. The small boy sprinted down the side of the school, desperately hoping for an escape from his pursuers. Ahead were some bins and he moved to leap behind them but something odd happened. There was a sudden crack and Harry was gone. “Where are you?” Remus asked Harry by his side and following Harry’s finger he glanced up at the top of the roof where a small, rather confused looking boy was sat on the chimney. “Harry Potter!” Barked a young teacher behind Dudley’s gang, “You get down from there right now!” The vision blurred and came back into focus in the home of the Dursleys. “Climbing the school?!” Vernon demanded of Harry in the hallway of Privet Drive. Remus folded his arms across his chest as he watched Harry cower infront of his fearsome uncle who was more than twice his size before being thrown violently into the cupboard. “I’m beginning to see a pattern…” Remus muttered darkly as he watched Vernon stalk away into the kitchen. The room blurred again but oddly enough when it came back into focus they were stood in exactly the same place in the hallway. Remus looked around him questioningly but saw only one difference: a picture in the hallway which had been of Dudley as a small fat toddler in a bobble hat was now a larger fat child playing on a computer game with his father. Remus wondered how many years had passed as Petunia walked out of the kitchen and knocked loudly on the cupboard door. “Up! Get up! Now!” She screeched through the door. She rapped on the door again before marching back into the kitchen. “Are you up yet?!” She demanded when she returned to the hallway a few moments later. "Nearly," said Harry. "Well, get a move on, I want you to look after the bacon. And don't you dare let it burn, I want everything perfect on Duddy's birthday." Harry groaned. "What did you say?" his aunt snapped through the door. "Nothing, nothing..." Harry muttered as the eleven year old left the cupboard and walked unhappily into the kitchen. Remus and Harry followed him inside where they saw the young boy watching the bacon not burning whilst the table groaned under the dozens of presents which were placed upon it. Remus made a noise of disgust as he watched the Dursleys’ fat child unwrapping all the presents and complaining at the fact that he had received less than he had the previous year. “I cannot believe these people.” Remus said as he followed them from the house. The scene changed and suddenly they were at the zoo. “What’s a zoo?” He asked Harry as they walked inside with the Dursleys, Harry and another small boy who reminded him strangely of Wormtail. “Where muggles take live animals and cage them for people like the Dursleys to look at.” Harry said coldly as they passed cages full of trapped animals. They walked into the reptile area and Remus glared at Dudley as he punched Harry hard in the stomach, knocking him down but that was forgotten and a few moments later he was utterly astounded when he heard the boa constrictor behind the glass speaking in perfect English to Harry. “This is what Parseltongue sounds like to you?!” Remus asked him as he listened to it. Harry nodded. He couldn’t hide a smile as he saw Harry vanish the glass accidentally and the snake snapped playfully at Dudley’s heel as it left. Remus grinned at the hysteria that the Dursleys were all in and Harry’s calm composure as if he spoke to snakes in the zoo all the time. They calmed down enough to hear Piers tell them that Harry had been talking to the snake and predictably enough Harry was sent straight back to his cupboard. “Go—cupboard—stay—no meals…” Vernon managed and Harry signed and walked back off into his cupboard. “I hate these people.” Remus muttered as the scene changed and Harry was fetching the mail. He smiled when he saw it in his hand: his letter from Hogwarts, written in Minerva’s extremely neat handwriting. He watched as Harry walked back into the kitchen and had the letter snatched away from him. He couldn’t hide his amusement as Vernon’s face went from pink, to red, to green and then drip white. Remus opened his mouth in indignation as Vernon suddenly tore up the letter and put the pieces in the bin, before throwing Harry and Dudley out of the room. The room span and Harry caught hold of Remus as he almost fell over in the dark. They were stood on the landing and Remus watched as the small Harry crept out of his room and proceeded down the stairs. He trod on the bottom stair and it creaked ominously and Harry flinched. The house was silent however and Harry stepped off the bottom stair onto something squishy which yelled out. There was a lot of commotion and Remus was highly amused to find that Harry had walked on Dursley’s fat face in an attempt to get the post first. What followed were many series of attempts of Harry’s to get hold of his letter from the school but all of them failed. Remus was highly entertained by the point where he was stood in the Dursley’s lounge with Harry by his side and the younger Harry handing tea to Vernon. “No post on Sundays.” Vernon smiled nastily. There was a rumbling noise coming from the chimney and suddenly dozens upon dozens of letters came flying out of the fireplace and into the room. Petunia screamed whilst Harry leapt to his feet and tried to grab hold of one of the letters and Dudley did the same. There was a small fight between Harry, Vernon and Dudley where everyone got hit with the Smeltings stick a lot and no one managed to get hold of the letter until Harry and Dudley were removed from the room by force. “So how did you get your letter?” Remus asked Harry curiously. The scene changed and Remus caught hold of Harry quickly to stop him from falling into the sea. Looking around him he noticed that it was now very late, the sun had long since vanished and a crescent moon hung high in the sky. Staring out across the sea he could make out a few glimmering lights in the distance; they were quite a long way from the land. He raised an eyebrow out of intrigue as they entered the small hut on the rock. Harry lay on the floor, drawing in the dust with his finger whilst Dudley lay sleeping on the sofa. Remus presumed that Petunia and Vernon were sleeping in a bedroom somewhere. The wind was howling outside the small house and the windows rattled as Harry watched the seconds ticking past on Dudley’s digital watch which hung on his fat wrist that hung over the edge of the sofa which groaned ominously under his immense weight. Harry quietly counted down the seconds to his birthday and as the date changed to the thirty first there were a series of blows at the door, the last of which knocked it clean off it’s hinges. Remus’ looked at Hagrid with a mildly shocked expression on his face as he listened to the giant explain everything about Voldemort and Harry’s parents to the small, lost boy on the sofa. He felt a strange feeling somewhere between anger at the Dursleys for not explaining Harry’s past to him and pity for the way in which he had lived all those years. That all dissolved as he found himself walking next to Harry and Hagrid in Diagon Alley as they wandered around the shops getting his school things. Harry had his first taste of fame in the Leaky Cauldron and it was evident that he wasn’t pleased. He also met the defence teacher and Remus’ first impressions were that he was a shaky sort of man who looked as if a good hex would send him crying and hiding in a corner somewhere. “Packed with muggles…” Molly Weasley said on the platform a memory later. Remus and Harry followed everyone through the platform and onto the other side where Harry boarded the train on his own and Fred and George excitedly told Molly who he was. Soon the first year Harry and Ron were in the queue of first years in the great hall along with the rest of the year, all of whom looked terrified. The room broke out into mutterings as Harry’s name was called and the small, frightened boy stepped forwards and sat on the stool with the hat over his eyes. Remus listened as it thought about which house to place him in, noting the way in which it lingered, considering Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff for a brief moment before pushing for Slytherin as Harry pleaded against it. “Well, if you’re sure, better be… GRYFFINDOR.” The hat announced and Harry was met with huge cheers as he left the stool and went over to Gryffindors table. The scene greyed out and soon Remus found himself witnessing the way in which people seemed to follow Harry down corridors and doubling back to get another look at him. Whispers followed him and Ron everywhere in the school. “That was way out of line!” Remus scowled as Snape took house points from Harry in his first potions lesson and commanded him to sit down. “That’s just….” He broke off and muttered something darkly under his breath. Things changed again and again and soon Remus found himself watching Harry in his first flying lesson in awe. “It’s amazing… you’d never been on a broom before and you out-flew Malfoy.” Remus smiled at Harry as they walked through the castle after Harry, Ron and Hermione who were about to meet Fluffy on the third floor corridor. “Still… doesn’t say much for your talent, it was only Malfoy, after all.” He said to him before his attention was caught by the giant three headed dog that the trio had just discovered. The five of them ran out of the corridor quickly and Remus raised an eyebrow at Harry who only smiled and left the memory. How on earth has he managed to survive that year?! Remus found himself wondering after he witnessed Harry almost thrown from his broom at a frighteningly high altitude and then he was almost smashed into pieces by a troll on Halloween, risking his neck for Hermione. He had felt terror inside himself as he walked through the woods during his detention with Malfoy after a bizarre ordeal with Norbert, Hagrid’s pet dragon. Who on earth is mad enough to try and tame a dragon?! He thought as he walked through the woods, subconsciously moving closer to Harry as they moved deeper and deeper. He watched in disbelief as Harry narrowly escaped the hooded creature drinking unicorn blood and was then rescued by a centaur who allowed him to ride on his back. He felt very thankful indeed that his own first year hadn’t held so much intrigue, mystery and over all danger, come to think of it he didn’t think that his entire school life had been filled with so many bizarre and potentially life threatening occurrences. “You’ve not seen anything yet.” Harry smiled as the scene changed once more and he witnessed Hermione hex Neville and then follow Harry and Ron from the common room onto the third floor. “How was this a good idea?” Remus asked him as Harry charmed the frightful dog into sleep and watched the three of them jump down into a dark hole. “It probably wasn’t, really.” Harry said as he jumped down through the hole. A second later Remus landed besides him and watched with amusement as Hermione panicked whilst they were slowly suffocated by Devil’s Snare. “Be careful Harry!” Hermione said as she disappeared through the flames after Snape’s barricade against the stones. Remus felt his stomach twist for Harry as he watched the eleven year old go to face who he thought was Snape in the next chamber. He was as surprised as the young boy to find that it wasn’t Snape. “Quirrel?” Remus asked, intrigued and watched in horror when he unwrapped the turban from around his head. His eyes were wide and frightened as he watched his repeated attempts on Harry’s life and soon it all faded out to show Harry in the hospital wing asking Dumbledore questions and then to the great hall where they won the house cup. “Come on.” Harry said, taking Remus’ hand. “Egredior.” He thought and the two of them were thrown out of the sieve and onto Remus’ bed. “Oh my god…” Remus murmured as he fell back onto his pillows and stared to the side of him where Harry was lying on his stomach, watching him with interest. “So you saved the world at the age of eleven…” He said, just to check what he had seen. “Yeah, that’s about right.” Harry smiled slightly. “So can I see your second year?” Remus asked. “Not tonight, it’s late and I’m exhausted.” Harry said to him. Remus glanced at the clock on his bedside table and noticed that it was past midnight; they had been in the pensieve a very long time, but then he supposed that he had just seen a condensed version of his first year at school and his time with the Dursleys, what did he expect? He rolled onto his side so that he was facing Harry and ran his eye over the extraordinary teenager who he currently had guardianship of. How had he managed to save the world at eleven? He should be dead… He didn’t realise just how tired he was as his eyelids slipped shut and his breathing deepened. Next to him Harry levitated the bowl of his memories onto the floor and curled up a little closer to Remus, not wanting to have to return to his room and explain to Ron where he had been and what he had been doing for the past few hours. He closed his own eyes and soothed by Remus’ rhythmic breathing he found himself falling asleep besides him. A/N: Well that was the first part of his past, the next part will come in a while, when I feel like putting it in basically. I'd like to know what you think about this chapter and how you think it can be improved etc. Thanks :o)

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