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Invoking the Secret Keeper Chapter Two “Where have you been?” James asked, throwing open the door and pulling them both inside. “There’s word a Death Eater prowling the area looking for us. If he finds us before “ James trailed off as he noticed Sirius’ unusual behavior. “Nothing rattles you, my friend. Has something happened?” Sinking down into a chair, Sirius waved him off. “That stubborn wife of yours was out fighting your Death Eater.” “What?” James rushed to Lily’s side but, like Sirius, she waved him off. “It was nothing, James. You worry too much. If Dumbledore is right, the worst is still yet to come and I, for one, don’t plan on giving up without a fight.” Lily patted her stomach and sent the men a soft smile. “But we appreciate the chivalry. I’ll go make some hot tea and I want to read over the spell again.” “You’ve read it a hundred times, Lily.” Sirius protested. “Can’t you just sit down with us?” “And let you try and change my mind? Not going to happen, Sirius.” Lily kissed the top of his head as she walked passed. “Besides, somehow I don’t think any of us can afford for me to screw this spell up.” Sirius ran a hand through his hair as she walked away. “She’s become quite the little motherly person, hasn’t she?” “That’s Lily.” “She thinks love will save the world, you know.” “Well, we’ve always known that women aren’t entirely rational when it comes to things like this.” James winked and sank down beside Sirius. “Now what’s this about changing her mind? You’ve not gone and done something dim-witted, have you?” “Me? Have you ever known me to be reckless?” Sirius’ attempt at humor was not lost on James. “You can’t hide from me, Sirius. Making snide little comments to try and change the subject only worries me more. What have you done?” Sirius stretched his legs out in front of him and draped his arms along the back of the chair in an attempt to calm his quivering stomach. He knew if he as wrong about this, he was wasting precious time. Yet, if he was right, he knew refusing to be the Potters secret keeper would eventually save their lives. “The Blacks are some of the most loathsome, despicable and vile families around. They are purebloods and those who aren’t purebloods have been stricken from the family history. Disowned, as it was, each and every one of them.” “I’ve known all this for years, Sirius. You don’t share your family’s belief – “ “James, you know what’s coming. Voldemort will seek out all muggle borns and all half-bloods. My family will be at his right hand. They will gladly assist him in ridding the world of anyone who isn’t pureblood witch or wizard. Lily and your child will be in danger.” Sirius trailed off for a moment, unsure if he was getting through to James. They had been through so much together. Their lives, since the first day they met at Hogwarts, had been intertwined as if a higher force had pulled them together. How could he explain that the only way to save James now was to step away? “Do you remember how angry my parents were when I was sorted into Gryffindor?” “That sent letters demanding you be re-sorted. Of course, I remember.” “Twice I sat under the sorting hat and twice it placed me in Gryffindor.” Sirius smiled. “If I had been placed in Slytherin, would we be here today?” “I’d like to think so, but no, probably not.” James leaned forward, his head resting on his hands. “It’s not like you to be so talkative, Sirius. You’re the dark, quiet one, remember?” “I’m scaring you, then?” “Undoubtedly.” “Good.” Sirius stood up quickly, making James fall back in his chair. “You should be scared! You should be scared half to death that your wife and child won’t make it through this unless you take every precaution necessary.” “I am – “ James shook his head in confusion. “Then why is a Black, the soon to be right hand family of Voldemort, standing in your living room? Why are you allowing yourself to be exposed to someone that can destroy your whole world?” James moved to Sirius’ side, placing a comforting arm on his shoulder. When he finally spoke, his voice was soft. “Your last name is of no consequence, Sirius. I know who you are. I know the child you once were and the man you have become. I want you to be my child’s godfather. I want you to take care of Lily should anything ever happen to me. Of anyone I’ve ever met, I want my safety and that of my family, to be in your hands.”

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