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Wizard by Birth
Harry lifted Ginny’s weak body and began to carry her back out of the underwater pit. She wrapped both arms around his neck and buried her face under his chin. She couldn’t be happier than to be engulfed with the emotions that ran through her body. She was safe, yet again, and the man she loved was their protecting her again. Ron followed close behind Harry. He too, had opted to carry the love of his life out of the lair. Everyone hovered close ensuring the girls were okay. Mad-Eye was joined by Remus and Mr. Weasley and they all escorted the captured Malfoy’s out of the hiding place. “That was a brave thing you did back there Draco.” Neville said trying to make him feel better about what he had to do. “No, it was the right thing.” He dropped his head as he walked on and felt Neville pat his shoulder. He didn’t deserve any of the support he was receiving from all of them. If he could only turn back time. Everyone’s attention was soon on Ron and Hermione. It hadn’t taken long, they were at it again. “I’m perfectly fine. I can walk Ron.” Hermione insisted as she tried to wiggle her way to her feet. It wasn’t much of a struggle of Ron. “You are going to stay still and let me carry you if I have to put a binding curse on you.” “Is that so? Wouldn’t that make for a lovely headline? One of the Ministries top Aurors putting a binding curse on his VERY soon to be wife just minutes after her rescue from dark wizards. I should pop you square in the nose.” Draco winced. “Watch it Ron. She’s got a killer of a right. Trust me.” Ron laughed and finally gave in to Hermione. “Fine, you try to do something nice and these women don’t want you to be. Doesn’t make any sense to me.” He began to sulk. “Oh for the love of Merlin. Here…pick me up if you must.” She tried jumping into his arms. “No…it’s too late. The moment has passed.” He threw his chin in the air and crossed his arms in front of him. Ginny laughed as did the others. “Look, Ron’s feelings are hurt.” “Okay, okay, okay. Now that you all have a great laugh at my expense can we go and get some sleep. We do have a wedding tomorrow.” “Let’s go.” Ginny sprang from Harry’s arms and grabbed Hermione. They had arranged to spend the last evening of their single lives in a room together. This also allowed them to follow the tradition of not seeing the groom before the wedding. “Not so fast.” Harry protested. “If you think you two are getting out of our sight your crazy.” “But it’s tradition.” She tried reasoning with him. “That’s just to bloody bad!” Ron screamed. “Tradition or no tradition, besides it’s after midnight. Technically it is your wedding day.” “We still have a case of Firewhiskey waiting on us.” Seamus declared. “You have got to be kidding me?” Harry half laughed. “A butterbeer would knock me out right now.” “Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I ready to just relax and get married.” Hermione said as she took Ron’s hand and coming to the castle doors. ************************************************************************ Madam Pomfrey came into the common room looking about to find her patient. Just as she did so Oliver had came back into the common room from the staircase looking a bit faint. He shook his head. “I’ve never seen anything like it.” He looked at Madam Pomfrey, his eyes very glassy. “Where are they Oliver?” She tried stirring him from his zombie-like state. He pointed up the staircase. “First door on the right.” She dashed off whispering under her breath. “I tell you. Men are supposed to be so tough. Wimps I tell you.” Tonks laughed out loud at Oliver and went up stairs as well. “Watch the portrait hole, will you? I’m going up too.” “Sure thing” He sat in the first available chair. ************************************************************************ Mrs. Weasley along with Professor McGonagall tried their best to make Daisy comfortable. Cho, Angelina and Fleur stood back to let them work. “I hope Draco makes it here in time.” Daisy said through gritted teeth as a tear fell from her cheek. “Don’t you worry a bit; they’ll find the girls and be back soon enough.” Mrs. Weasley was trying to convince herself as well as Daisy. Daisy laid her head back and quickly began to think about her life before coming here. She knew she was special, although she didn’t know how special. Her parents had fled the wizarding world and swore their daughter wouldn’t live amongst the very people who had betrayed them. No one knew their secret. Not even Draco. Once she found out the truth she left her family to find out what was so horrible about the world they had left behind. Soon after leaving behind the ’muggle life’ she came across Draco. Accidentally finding out what he was she knew it was fate that had brought her to him. She knew she had found the key to her past, present, and future. She was now happier than she had ever been in her life. “Oh myyy!” Daisy’s eyes shot open as the pain came harder. “Daisy, honey, these babies are coming now. They are in quite a hurry.” Madam Pomfrey prepared the supplies for the sudden deliveries. Cho, Angelina, and Susan decided it was time for them to leave. “We’ll go to keep Oliver company and watch for Draco.” Angelina offered a quick explanation and they disappeared out the door. ************************************************************************ “Ron, would you put that wand away before you take someone’s eye out.” Hermione rolled her eyes at his formal guardsman like conduct. “We are inside the castle.” “You never know.” He defended himself. “I really think that it was only them Ron.” Draco reassured him. “If their had been more they would have been in the cave as well. Power in numbers is their motto.” Harry ad his wand out as well, as did the rest of the crowd. Ron had just made it so obvious. As they turned the corridor leading back to the Gryffindor House common room they all were startled by Crookshanks walking towards them. Ron turned knocking over the armor standing nearby. “Good going Ron.” Fred teased. “That was going to get us.” George continued the teasing of his little brother. “Do we have to remind you about your wand from second year? Every time you held it up it went limp.” The whole lot of them nearly cracked their ribs from laughter and Ron scowled at his brothers while turning beet red. “You aren’t funny” “Popular opinion says otherwise.” Fred assured him. Harry opened the portrait hole and led the group in and immediately was bombarded by voices. Oliver was the first to meet them. “I had to carry Daisy up to her room. She’s having the babies, I think.” His eyes had lost their glossy look. Draco shoved his way through the bunch of them. “Move!” He dashed up the stairs two at a time to get to his wife. “Hasn’t changed, has he?” Oliver snarled. “Actually mate, he has.” Harry and Ron sat on the sofa near the fireplace as Seamus insisted that they take the fire whiskey he offered each of them. ************************************************************************ “How is she?” Hermione asked the ladies. “She’s fine, but what about you two?” Angelina asked surprised they all acted like their disappearance was no big deal. Hermione and Ginny quickly explained what had happened just as Remus and Mr. Weasley stepped into the room. “Mad-Eye has taken care of the Azkaban’s newest residents.” Mr. Weasley announced. “He’ll be here in time for the wedding.” They all turned to the cries they heard coming from up the stairs. Professor McGonagall appeared with a wide smile that they had seldom seen on her face. “They are here. Two. One boy and one girl. Just one minute and you may all visit the proud parents.” She wiped her brow. “I’m turning in. This has been one eventful night.” As she came to the door she turned addressing them all. “Keep an eye on them two as we need them for the wedding later.” ************************************************************************ Draco sat on the edge of the bed next to his wife holding one of the babies. Daisy held the other and they both looked as happy as any two people could be. Watching the love that permeated from Draco you would never know what kind of person he had once been. He leaned into his wife and kissed her gently before kissing the baby that lay in her arms. Mrs. Weasley and Madam Pomfrey stood back as a quite knock came from the door. “Ready for visitors?” Mrs. Weasley asked before allowing the crowd to enter. “That’s up to mum here.” Draco smiled at Daisy. “Of course. We can’t keep them all to ourselves.” Mrs. Weasley opened the door wide allowing the crowd that had accumulated outside to enter. “Mind your voices.” She reminded them as well. As the babies were passed around Harry was the first to ask what everyone else was wondering. “What are their names?” Draco watched with great caution as Fred took one of the children. “Well, we’ve given that a lot of thought. First of all we decided to name our son after a strong person that doesn’t let anything get them down. And our daughter after a person that has been truly compassionate towards not only us but others.” He looked directly at Harry when he said the last sentence. “Granger and Winnie.” The room looked in awe as Hermione was for the first time in her life speechless. Daisy decided it was her turn to add to her husband’s speech. “Since coming here, you two were the first to accept us. You allowed Draco to prove who he really was and I am and will always be grateful.” Madam Pomfrey interrupted once rounds were made. “I think the babies and their mum need rest now. Everyone out…now” ************************************************************************ In the common room Hermione walked up to Ron who was holding a fresh firewhiskey and tiptoed to reach his ear. “I’m gong to bed. Are you going to join me?” It didn’t take him thinking twice. He dropped the bottle to the nearest table and quickly followed her upstairs. Ginny had the same idea. “I guess I’m going to bed too. I sure would hate to be kidnapped again.” She said louder than usual. Harry obviously got the hint and jumped to his. “I am sorry but that will not happen again.” “This party is breaking up to quickly.” Seamus protested. Lavender was, of course, listening to all and decided he wasn’t all that bad. “Seamus, dear, I’ve missed you.” Being a few sheets to the wind Seamus agreed. “Me too. I’m sorry for everything I’ve said to you.” “Give me a bloody break” Charlie laughed. “Someone save the poor man.” “Are you kidding? This could be funny.” George boomed. “These two have made life exciting. Let’s see how things go tomorrow.” Fred yawned. ************************************************************************ “Tired?” Draco asked Daisy as she laid the sleeping child into the bassinet that Mrs. Weasley conjured up for them. “Yeah, but I don’t care. It’s good to know that they are where they belong.” She smiled at the blonde children. “So are you.” Draco assured her. “Now” She included. “That’s all that matters. You were always a wizard by birth. You just had to find your way back.” He lay next to her cuddling her in his arms. Daisy closed her eyes thinking that he just didn’t know how hard it was for her to find her way back. She decided that he would have to know. Just not now. But soon. A/N I am sorry that this chapter had taken so long. I have debated over whether or not to go into great detail about Daisy. I decided against it and have decided to write a prequel just for them. I have develope a story in my head for her while writing this. When will the madness stop!!!! Enjoy. and yes the wedding is coming SOON!!! LOL

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