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Invoking the Secret Keeper Chapter One Grasping into the darkened night, Sirius felt for Lily’s hand. Where could she be? The darkness that had overcome the area had now fallen on Godric’s Hollow and it was impossible to see beyond arms length. Sirius quickly transformed into a dog, hoping his eyesight would be much better and he would be able to find Lily. A few paces away, he saw her, struggling against a dark clothed figure. Sirius wasted little time in attacking and soon the lone Death Eater had passed. “Sirius?” “It’s me, Lily.” Sirius turned back into his human form and steadied Lily as she got to her feet. “We’ve got to get you back to James. What were you thinking coming out here all alone? You know what’s at stake.” “But Remus” “If anyone can hold their own, it’s Remus.” Sirius laughed. “Come, the weather alone should have kept you inside when you’re with child. If you’re too stubborn for that, then the Death Eaters should have convinced you.” Wrapping his arm around her ever growing waist, Sirius guided her through the darkness back to the Potter’s home. Back to where her husband and Sirius’ best friend James Potter was waiting expectantly for their arrival. Dumbledore had warned them trouble would be coming within the next year and the time to invoke a secret keeper had come. Lily, in her customary stubborn concern for others, had gone out looking for Remus as soon as the darkness had fallen. Sirius quickened his pace, concerned not for his own safety, but that of Lily. “James will kill me if anything happens to you.” Sirius mumbled. “James loves you; he’d never do anything to you. Besides, he’s just being overprotective. Remember when all of us used to sneak into Hogsmeade? We’d stay out until dawn.” Lily smiled as she squeezed Sirius’ arm. “That was a long time ago, Lily. A different world.” Sirius’ memory flashed momentarily to a night they had spent together in Hogsmeade. Lily and Sirius had been an item then, or so he thought. James and Lily fed him fire-whiskey all night and then broke the news to him of their relationship. Luckily, they had all recovered from the childhood episode and now they could all look back on it and laugh. If only things had turned out differently. If only he was the one in trouble instead of James. Why did Lily have to face that? Not only losing James but the danger to her unborn child was un-imaginable. Dumbledore hadn’t explained everything, but his demeanor had been dark enough to let them know this was something they had never expected. It was something that even the strongest magic couldn’t prevent from happening. “Sirius?” “Sorry, Lily. Let my mind drift a little.” Sirius smiled, even though he knew she couldn’t see him in the darkness. “How long will we be in hiding, do you think?” “At least until after the child is born, I should think.” As they reached the house, Sirius took hold of Lily’s arm. “Lily, I’m going to ask something of you tonight. For once, I need you to remember who I am. Where I come from.” Sirius coughed as disgust rose in his throat. “I know the intention is to name me secret keeper, but please remember I am a Black.” “Sirius, we know who you are. That doesn’t matter.” Lily’s green eyes sparkled under the porch light. “Black or not, you’ve been beside me and James longer than anyone. We trust you with everything. We are trusting you with everything.” “And should I betray you?” Lily laughed and kissed him on the cheek, “That’s as likely as me vanquishing Voldemort.”

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